My Dog Answers Fan Questions

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Tucker Budzyn

14 days ago

My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
What was your favorite part?
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Jessica Munro
Jessica Munro Minute ago
What age is tucker
CantReachDaSuga :c
CantReachDaSuga :c 10 minutes ago
question for tucker: is journey annoying sometimes?
Rhonda Winn
Rhonda Winn 11 minutes ago
Sniff butts
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 13 minutes ago
How old is Tucker?
Jillian Marie Pratt
Jillian Marie Pratt 15 minutes ago
Where’s bubbles?????
Anahi Camacho
Anahi Camacho 25 minutes ago
Tucker farted on ur pillow 100 times
Toca life and roblox
Toca life and roblox 29 minutes ago
Im new and i have two questons one who is journee and do you like your house
AdamToons 50 minutes ago
Do you love Linda?
The vivian and jarrod show
The vivian and jarrod show 51 minute ago
Haha u guys are doing tucker: like little kids do lol🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😅
Minispleensworkshop Hour ago
Aanya Dewan
Aanya Dewan Hour ago
do you like your floofs?
Aanya Dewan
Aanya Dewan Hour ago
is Journee the best dog ever?
Aanya Dewan
Aanya Dewan Hour ago
is tucker handsome? i think he is
Editor Forecast
Editor Forecast Hour ago
Tucker need a hair cut
Aanya Dewan
Aanya Dewan Hour ago
for tucker if you would have to eat only one thing what will you eat?
Aanya Dewan
Aanya Dewan Hour ago
does tucker actually miss his wife
Jw and Jackson
Jw and Jackson Hour ago
1:05 did anyone see him wink? 👇
Andrei De Asis
Andrei De Asis Hour ago
0:43 You're mean! *Presses yes button*
Genesis World
Genesis World 2 hours ago
Does he like his farts😂
Susan Gonzalez
Susan Gonzalez 2 hours ago
Does tucker have a girlfriend
Sorina Dunne
Sorina Dunne 2 hours ago
Does Tucker love journey
Winter Princess
Winter Princess 2 hours ago
Evie Elvin
Evie Elvin 2 hours ago
Dose tucker llove evrythink
Evie Elvin
Evie Elvin 2 hours ago
Dose he
Salwa Azad
Salwa Azad 2 hours ago
How many friends do you have for Tucker
Anna Edens
Anna Edens 2 hours ago
I have question how old is tuker
Chickin nuggets10
Chickin nuggets10 2 hours ago
Do u like chicken nuggets.
Stormyyy Lavatai
Stormyyy Lavatai 2 hours ago
Tucker said: no Linda said: like to sniff butts Tucker said: Yup
Frances Schultz
Frances Schultz 2 hours ago
Hi I love u tucker!😍😍😍😍😍☺️😁😎😜
Laazree Sarang
Laazree Sarang 3 hours ago
Already watched 5 times still watching 👀🤣😍
Nathaniel Kearney
Nathaniel Kearney 3 hours ago
Tucker do u like dog girls
gacha gamer toy bonny x toy chicka
gacha gamer toy bonny x toy chicka 3 hours ago
Does Tucker like meat
Gene drift
Gene drift 3 hours ago
You poop?
Aviation Gamer
Aviation Gamer 3 hours ago
Gene drift what
Siddharth Gaming
Siddharth Gaming 3 hours ago
Would you like to eat flowers tucker
Ava Smith
Ava Smith 3 hours ago
this dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa McIntosh
Lisa McIntosh 3 hours ago
miranda Hunter
miranda Hunter 4 hours ago
Omg he is so funny and cute
stefan stefster
stefan stefster 4 hours ago
does tucker know that he has more than 2 mill subs?
Amy Chen
Amy Chen 4 hours ago
Aviation Gamer
Aviation Gamer 3 hours ago
Amy Chen ew what
Vang Lor
Vang Lor 4 hours ago
he love Dog Please
Kezia Silva-netto
Kezia Silva-netto 4 hours ago
AdamSmith_Bruno 4 hours ago
Do you want to come to Brazil? Yes or no?
the NOOBiE
the NOOBiE 5 hours ago
You can upload a series of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOG
the NOOBiE
the NOOBiE 5 hours ago
the NOOBiE
the NOOBiE 5 hours ago
And there will be more healthy happy pets and owners
the NOOBiE
the NOOBiE 5 hours ago
This would be really helpful
Sofia Rosales
Sofia Rosales 5 hours ago
Have you ever farted on Linda?
Sofia Rosales
Sofia Rosales 5 hours ago
Does Linda snore?
Marcdaniel Pasilona
Marcdaniel Pasilona 5 hours ago
Hi linda or i shud say courtney
Marcdaniel Pasilona
Marcdaniel Pasilona 5 hours ago
Hi Courtney
Rajani P
Rajani P 5 hours ago
Soo cute dog and he is soo smart dog💖
Marquis Nievera
Marquis Nievera 5 hours ago
Elle Tee
Elle Tee 6 hours ago
Omg, his reaction to Journey... so priceless.
Kanchan Jha
Kanchan Jha 6 hours ago
Who all likes are Tucker's fan who dislikes they hate him
Blue leaf advanced roblox #leaf jacinto
Blue leaf advanced roblox #leaf jacinto 6 hours ago
Blue leaf advanced roblox #leaf jacinto
Blue leaf advanced roblox #leaf jacinto 6 hours ago
the wolf is tucker
laura nur
laura nur 6 hours ago
Tucker is so savage I love him
alma yates
alma yates 6 hours ago
do you miss your wife journee? tucker: journee I MUST FINDS HER *CRIES*
Bhavya Shetty
Bhavya Shetty 6 hours ago
Please like everyone you are all the best 😘😘
Bhavya Shetty
Bhavya Shetty 6 hours ago
Question for Tucker... Is journee the best wife ......please answer in next video.....your the best you Linda and tucker
Jillian’s World
Jillian’s World 6 hours ago
For Tucker: do you love journey than linda? Please answer my question 😭
Nerilette Galoso
Nerilette Galoso 6 hours ago
Do you love people on the world tucker
Jordan Haifa
Jordan Haifa 6 hours ago
For tucker: Does Linda annoy you
Charlie Sun moon & stars
Charlie Sun moon & stars 6 hours ago
Is Linda stinkcy
Charlie Sun moon & stars
Charlie Sun moon & stars 6 hours ago
Is Linda anoiying Yup Is dad anoiying Yup Your mean Yup dad's me
Toni Davies
Toni Davies 7 hours ago
Mam do you like butts dog roof yep mum claps 😂😂😂. Dog weres the girl roof mum i dont know 🤣🤣. Dog help me find her mun ok
Like the vid and comment if u thing the dogs funny
Selveon Lemon
Selveon Lemon 7 hours ago
To tucker: Have you ever sleeps on parents bed or no
Aaron Diehl
Aaron Diehl 7 hours ago
i was wondering as im not 100% sure, what bread is ur doggo?
Yamini Chandra
Yamini Chandra 7 hours ago
1:25 = awwwww 😍
Nina Concepcion
Nina Concepcion 7 hours ago
He’s the cutest human-dog🥺💙💙💙💙
Beautifulii_Flawed 7 hours ago
Is Tucker handsome
Dancing Angels
Dancing Angels 8 hours ago
Question for Tuckur -- Do you love Linda ??? Reply honestly and plsss ask it to him
MrToppy54 8 hours ago
In the middle in when he was gonna answer the first i got a trump ad
Janet Hobbs
Janet Hobbs 8 hours ago
Does he or she poo a lot
Razel Belen
Razel Belen 8 hours ago
Can you do a part 2??
Emmanuel Quiambao
Emmanuel Quiambao 9 hours ago
Kicki Renberg
Kicki Renberg 9 hours ago
If all you’re frens turned into cats would you till you whit them?
Mr. Red the doggo
Mr. Red the doggo 9 hours ago
Do Tucker love His Wife
Isiah Ty
Isiah Ty 10 hours ago
I has a list: Are u cute Are u famous Do u like Linda more then treats
Alfred Jomei Santos
Alfred Jomei Santos 10 hours ago
I have question Question:what do you like most yes:chimken nuggers no:treats
Shazrin Iqbal
Shazrin Iqbal 10 hours ago
Linda I am seriously saying this I was mad at my brother because he was annoying me and I went to my room took my phone and watched tuckers USposts channel it really cured me For tucker if Linda doesn't give you chimken will start on her pillow For Linda will you ever beat him ?
davexl23 11 hours ago
Awww 🥰 Tucker loves Journey
Prenses Zuzy
Prenses Zuzy 11 hours ago
Question For Tucker Budzyn:Are you want sleep 1Mil time?
Dara Parimala
Dara Parimala 11 hours ago
Are you bad dog
princessMaddnes playsRoblox
princessMaddnes playsRoblox 12 hours ago
Anchana(Namon) Nuengjumnong
Anchana(Namon) Nuengjumnong 12 hours ago
Does Tucker want Linda to spend time with other people or just him???😁
GameStudioz 12 hours ago
the dislikes are cat fans
SoooperHERO 12 hours ago
Do you go into the toilet when linda is pooping? (I know this is a weird question to ask but plz ask him)
William afton
William afton 12 hours ago
Tucker do you love puppy’s Tucker do you want a puppy to stay for one day Tucker if you had to eat your mom and she was the last thing on earth would you eat her
AAP KI RASOI 13 hours ago
Very nice 👍👍 👌👌
Nana Kay
Nana Kay 13 hours ago
My third time watch this video. I miss tucker so much. Hop linda could upload more tucker video.
Nahum Maqsood
Nahum Maqsood 13 hours ago
Make new videos
The point is I’m gay
The point is I’m gay 13 hours ago
2:31 me and him have something in common😳
Kawaii Wild Plays
Kawaii Wild Plays 13 hours ago
Hewo Tucker!! Anyways I got 3 questions 1. Is your fav color pink? Y or N? 2. Who is ur fav parent ur mum or dad? 3. are you adorable?
Rajkumar Singh
Rajkumar Singh 13 hours ago
I want to get a golden retriever for a loNg time , and yours looks soo healthy! I wish to keep mine this healthy can you make a video about what you do to take care of him?
Tausha Montgomery
Tausha Montgomery 13 hours ago
Do you want me to come over
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 13 hours ago
1:24 Tucker Supposed To Say: Aight Imma Head Out
Neeta Deshmukh
Neeta Deshmukh 14 hours ago
Plz answer this question Do u like human
Jinger the Jindo
Jinger the Jindo 15 hours ago
Sha Gamble
Sha Gamble 15 hours ago
Do you like scratching the bed
Blueberry Muffin
Blueberry Muffin 15 hours ago
Do u like to attack Linda
Blueberry Dog
Blueberry Dog 16 hours ago
Do u like cake
Kelley Goldston
Kelley Goldston 16 hours ago
Alsoooo tucker do you like to eat
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