This Digital Art Blew My Mind

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Dr. Satisfy

Month ago

#shorts #tiktok #challange
This Digital Art Blew My Mind
video by: Jasrosalesdesigns
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ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ
ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ 15 hours ago
The crotch doesn't quite line up the way it should...
ASM _ CLC 15 hours ago
What she wearing
Jj Lindsay
Jj Lindsay 17 hours ago
What app?
Avril Arona
Avril Arona Day ago
Love all tour art it is the best
G4sh3r420 Day ago
Looks soooo shit
Ms. GachaKia
Ms. GachaKia 4 days ago
Pls tell me what app you use TvT
MLB blox
MLB blox 4 days ago
The voice message is inspirational and good but tracing just ruined it :/
MLB blox
MLB blox 4 days ago
Tracing is ok for learning BUT DON'T POST IT ON INTERNET AND CALL IT ART OML THSES PEOPLE and don't just trace try to recreate it that's how you learn
KevvEh 7 days ago
What tablet is that?
Molly Kendall
Molly Kendall 8 days ago
Did you mean to say that this tracing blew your mind?
Talkatajwka 8 days ago
What does this girl draw on and what is this program? Guys
Dilara Guleryuz
Dilara Guleryuz 9 days ago
Name aplication plssssssssssssssssssss
Amelia Dolegiewicz
Amelia Dolegiewicz 10 days ago
The music tho-
Eivile A.
Eivile A. 11 days ago
How this app called
el patron
el patron 11 days ago
Other people : nice Pic and nice story. My brain : I said She said I said She said I said She said WTF IS GOING ON
Britt 12 days ago
Nobody's gonna mention her legs being fused together lmao **this is still better than anything I could do tho**
Emma Kiwako_Chan_
Emma Kiwako_Chan_ 14 days ago
HA - 09ZZ 712366 North Park SS
HA - 09ZZ 712366 North Park SS 14 days ago
What are you using to draw, like what company is tablet
LexiPlayz GxchaLife
LexiPlayz GxchaLife 16 days ago
if only ibis paint was that easy to use
•SunFlower• •Melody•
•SunFlower• •Melody• 17 days ago
Which app
alaskanbullwormmm 18 days ago
This ain’t art
Aesthetic chill music Cute
Aesthetic chill music Cute 18 days ago
What is this app
E.P 21 day ago
Anyone know the app she’s using ?
CapnBruh 21 day ago
Selling drugs like pharmacys sell them
Sylvia Crafts
Sylvia Crafts 22 days ago
A to the MEN OM 💯!✌🏽💙
pornesian para
pornesian para 22 days ago
Some people : This is tracing !! The others : m I the only one who didn't care about drawing nd was concentrated on listening the story Meanwhile me : is that Hwasa or a lookalike
Ebstract 23 days ago
What was she saying? That art is amazing
Oscar Beltran
Oscar Beltran 24 days ago
Wow. Great job.
Cait :3
Cait :3 24 days ago
Damn just straight up tracing smh
Jocelyne 24 days ago
And lol that blew your mind? Is it meant to b a joke..
Jocelyne 24 days ago
I saw these people on tiktok And they have thousands of followers I was like how? They literaly just trace and they get paid!? Me cries cuz i draw from scratch :')
fantasize Richard
fantasize Richard 24 days ago
This is just mediocre
Kejsi Karaj
Kejsi Karaj 24 days ago
The coments are 911
Jeshiree Estuita
Jeshiree Estuita 25 days ago
I think it's still art... They didn't say it was a masterpiece. Traced or not it has the elements and principles of art.
zenisnotzenVA 25 days ago
wait having your signature as a custom brush is genius
Poggers 25 days ago
dont trace a person and add a signature, thats not art. if u do it for practice its fine. i rlly hate when people do this smh
Shinsha Lol
Shinsha Lol 25 days ago
Bruh probably took them like 20 mins to do this 💀
Elizabeth Ripka
Elizabeth Ripka 25 days ago
That was Beautiful!!!!!❤️
Among us and Roblox
Among us and Roblox 25 days ago
What app?
cheychey williams
cheychey williams 25 days ago
Super preach!!!
Hora Drakehart Gaming
Hora Drakehart Gaming 25 days ago
Spoiler: people start attacking her for being a copycat 😓
DX1 25 days ago
This is the most basic white girl conversation
Kaydence Smith
Kaydence Smith 25 days ago
What app is that
MiloTheWeeb 25 days ago
Damn I would have been so famous on TikTok when I was nine if I had just known you could just upload the things you traced 😔😔
Kayllxm 25 days ago
☠️ McDonald’s and Burger King don’t sell the same thing Burger King is better
Cheryl Armstrong
Cheryl Armstrong 25 days ago
Give credits 🙂
Lara69 25 days ago
What application??
meruuu chan
meruuu chan 25 days ago
Also listen to the words being spoken in the video. “Yours will be different if god gave you that gift” It’s a different style. Calm down.
meruuu chan
meruuu chan 25 days ago
Maybe it’s traced but it’s different style, and I don’t think there’s anything quite wrong with that. I could be wrong but was the first picture an irl picture or actual art? If it was art they should’ve credited the original creator
zuklro 26 days ago
people be calling tracing art 'masterpieces' now ig😐/lh
Hana Musabegović
Hana Musabegović 26 days ago
What art app is this?
Annie Ma
Annie Ma 26 days ago
I have a question: what is this app called
Emily NN
Emily NN 26 days ago
Oh my gosh I’ve always wanted to turn photos into simple art like this🥰
Erik RivBM
Erik RivBM 26 days ago
This is inspirational and all but plagiarist are going to use this as a defense.
Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis 26 days ago
Naruto 26 days ago
I’m interested in the talking
The Winning society
The Winning society 26 days ago
I’m starting to think this “friend” isn’t real
Speckygeek 123
Speckygeek 123 26 days ago
What is the app she is using? I *need it*.
Jake from state farm
Jake from state farm 26 days ago
Oh sorry for wanting to be original
Addy 26 days ago
Lol why do y'all even care abt it being traced or y'all think all the other artists just drew 1 thing and ✨ b a s h o w ! ✨ they suddenly developed dat art style ? 😭 lmaooo i mean like tracing ain't cool man..but they aren't going around calling that art there own " original "
D̶u̶c̶k̶i̶i̶ ̶T̶v̶T̶
D̶u̶c̶k̶i̶i̶ ̶T̶v̶T̶ 26 days ago
Wot app?
Victoria Swiatek
Victoria Swiatek 26 days ago
Heyy i wanna ask if U have to have a what iPad U have to do it can U like get it on Android or do U have to have a appel one
Sophia Villanueva
Sophia Villanueva 26 days ago
So to the people who said she's tracing Yeah she is but she traces on the reference pic Theres a name to it called vector art its kind of like photo editing Im a vector artist to and what she was doing is what we call a simple style vector. Yeah its traced but you can see she's at the beginner level, you only trace the eyes, nostrils, hair, and eyebrows but its hella hard, go try it for yourself, there are people who make tutorials on how to make vector art so maybe you guys can check it out for yourselves before laughing that she's just tracing
sn3ification 26 days ago
When you have no discernable talent
Jai King
Jai King 26 days ago
What's the art program they are using?
•Fallen__Angel• 26 days ago
Fun fact: there is a difference between traced and art.
mizuki 26 days ago
OH MY GOD THANK YOU THIS MEANT SO MUCH TO ME. this girl used to say I copied her because she introduced me to digital art and I fell in love with digital art. we would make different things but I apparently "copied her"
D. O.
D. O. 26 days ago
That's a nice approach but it's a little different, when you are already established like rihanna is. Not saying it couldn't have failed for her aswell but i feel like us non celebrities have higher changes of losing more than just money in the process, if it ain't working out.
Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl 26 days ago
She really did pull out a full on speech
Strawberry Gacha!
Strawberry Gacha! 26 days ago
What’s the app??
Brenden Heaney
Brenden Heaney 27 days ago
Yuki Mikoto
Yuki Mikoto 27 days ago
Emille Lee
Emille Lee 27 days ago
ipad users have it easy
Alyssa’s Vlog’s
Alyssa’s Vlog’s 27 days ago
What app is this I need it.
feet pics
feet pics 27 days ago
Why did she make the skin tone lighter:/
BellaPlayz 27 days ago
What’s that app called??
Fruityzz 27 days ago
Then you learn that the idea is patented
just uliana
just uliana 27 days ago
This is so good🥰😅
#random 27 days ago
What was her idea
My mind was blown by the easiest form of art anyone can do
Noora ʝк
Noora ʝк 27 days ago
The name of the drawing program 😘
Jeannia DeVore
Jeannia DeVore 27 days ago
What app is that called
Christian Santos
Christian Santos 27 days ago
You’re a lovely friend.
emma maria
emma maria 27 days ago
does anyone know what app she/he used?
Sophie Osborne-Adams
Sophie Osborne-Adams 27 days ago
What app is that??
ΦnobodyΦ 27 days ago
Can you tell me what apps is thid i want to try make animation
Harshika Drall
Harshika Drall 27 days ago
What the f was she telling
Not_PopCorn E
Not_PopCorn E 27 days ago
Link in the desc!
Jusneria Neto
Jusneria Neto 28 days ago
What is this application????
Ava gacha lover
Ava gacha lover 28 days ago
What is that game called
Azjargal Batkhishig
Azjargal Batkhishig 28 days ago
Why can’t you do it SoMbOdY AlReAdY dId It
Cassandra White
Cassandra White 28 days ago
❤️ this!!!!
Frooty Ahmed
Frooty Ahmed 28 days ago
People that edit videos, like fan edits ect also add thier watermark/sign to the peice. Here she used a picture as reference and traced over, trying an art style going over it. Yes, it's tracing but since she added her touch to it, she can add her sign. If she copied another art peice, then she shouldn't - but if she's used an art style (not her own) and used an image as reference (also not her own) as long as the art itself isn't copied - it's not wrong to add her sign.
chris 28 days ago
The drawing was lazy needa do detailss sis and eyes and all
Laboop 28 days ago
I loved what she said.
•Yᴇᴏɴᴛᴀɴ •
•Yᴇᴏɴᴛᴀɴ • 28 days ago
Eh, eu realmente n entendo americano. Só sei q é estranhos os vídeos deles
Steven Dunlap
Steven Dunlap 28 days ago
Mmm preach
Solar Polar
Solar Polar 28 days ago
People are saying stuff about her signing the drawing but like who cares she's not selling it she not claiming it to be some mona lisa and that's not what the videos about it's about the message the background is just some pretty pictures like chill
YT 28 days ago
IM an ARMY girl IN the BANGTAN world
IM an ARMY girl IN the BANGTAN world 28 days ago
Can I admit ? Being an artist I don't like digital art.... I like traditional... Digital looks less talentfull or like skilled to ME
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