Women Tell All Recap + Addressing Taylor Nolan’s Tweets

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Month ago

The Broads sit down to chat about the Women Tell All episode of Matt James’ season but first they get into a lengthy discussion about the past tweets from Taylor Nolan. They have a very raw conversation as they are currently processing and in real time mid conversation see Taylor’s most recent apology and discuss. They then begin to chat WTA including MJ and Jessenia, Queen Victoria gaslighting Ryan, the surprising conversation about Katie, Brittany in the hot seat, their thoughts for potential Bachelorette, theories on cut footage from Pieper’s interview, too much Chris Harrison, and much more.
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Amanda Mills
Amanda Mills 4 days ago
Was the podcast ever posted on this topic with Taylor?
Liz P
Liz P 22 days ago
Coming back to listen to the rest of this podcast &the part where u said you don't feel comfortable speaking about this bc u are a white woman &she's not, really threw me (aroundthe 39:00 mark). I understand _why_ u said it &that we all have diff experiences that may not speak to that of others', but your identity is JUST as valid &her being biracial or having 'internalized racism' doesn't mean you're not able to speak fully to what she did. Racism doesn't account for most of what she tweeted &even if it did, you don't have to feel inadequate to speak or silence yourself bc her identity "trumps" yours in regards to who can speak on what. By making yourself (identities, hurt, opinions, feelings, etc) small for her (or BIPOCs') "benefit" (I'd argue it's to their detriment) bc ppl believe it supposedly harmful to hear & they cant be expected to endure it- but not vice-versa - feels a lot like the "soft racism/bigotry of low expectations" or even a lil insulting. I know u mean it w/ the purest of intentions &perhaps I'm missing something, so I'm always open to alternative viewpoints. Great podcast, BTW!
Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams 28 days ago
Chelsea and Pieper are not as nice as what Bekah and Jess think... I don't see how they are nice?? They seem snarky and grumpy to me
Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams 29 days ago
We can learn information about important issues from other people. We don't need Taylor to learn.
Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams 29 days ago
How can we believe she has changed when she didn't even admit what she was changing from?? She mostly just criticizes other people- when she has done far worse than a lot of them!
Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams 29 days ago
How can we believe Taylor has changed in 5-10 years? Having that much hate and disgusting thoughts and behavior and willing to even proudly tweet it.... that's just a part of who she is on a core level.
Susie Sanderson
Susie Sanderson Month ago
Since first seeing the show, I didn’t see much of a purpose in Chris Harrison. It’s got to be the easiest hosting gig on the planet, and so many others would be more dynamic and entertaining in that role. Excited to see what the new host will bring to the table.
Heather Pead
Heather Pead Month ago
Jess, we LOVE you so much. You are a queen💙
18Mymuse Month ago
piper for bachelorette. or katie would be good =)
Grace Hightower
Grace Hightower Month ago
Bekah!!!! I didn’t even recognize you with your longer hair! You look like another person! You look beautiful then and now! ❤️❤️
Liz P
Liz P Month ago
WAS SHE 'DOING THE WORK' or using it to bash &bully ppl while using it to put herself on a pedestal?? I feel like she's always used it as a power move to get what she wants or as an "uno reverse" card. She took advantage of it being a "popular movement". Her initial response was the REAL Taylor - not the crafted narrative she got from a publicist. I hate cancel culture. So just let Taylor decide - meaning: she's insincere &should be held accountable in the same way she'd hold (has held) others accountable who did the same - or hell, did 1/2 , 1/4.. 1/10 of what she did😏
Destany Month ago
I'm upset with the small amount of tweets I've seen. What I've been doing is praying for Taylor. God can change anyone, but I agree, I think she is still fighting demons.
Shasta Fog
Shasta Fog Month ago
CLEARLY, taylor had a lot of credits in physiology (trying to figure herself out) that is got a degree in mental health. Her college money ran out, choose girl
Ty G
Ty G Month ago
wtf is the thing on the right speaking?
B J Month ago
The fact that she tried to say she was acting like a white person saying those things. Because she was uncomfortable with the black part of herself pisses me off. I’m white and I do not say horrible stuff like that. Never have. Way to deflect this back to white people Taylor.
Andrea Lauren
Andrea Lauren Month ago
The only thing I am worried about is if we don't "forgive" these people, indeed, maybe even "attack" them, then anyone else who has ever had those thoughts will think it's useless to change...? So we will never move forward. we will just keep going around in circles...b/c then we will hurt "their" feelings by "attacking" them, and then we have to apologize to them, and then we will feel angry that we had to apologize, and then they will apologize to us for making us feel like we had to apologize. and so on and so on. Let's just accept "true" apologies, maybe even praise the person for doing so and move on. Maybe we should drink for every apology we hear and celebrate another step forward...? Edit: 😜🍺🥂🍷 🥃 🍸 🍹
10113sarah Month ago
She used her own platform as an excuse for her behavior to manipulate people into making it seem like she didn’t need to be accountable... that is suspect
10113sarah Month ago
I did shitty things as a teen but i never said or did those things
10113sarah Month ago
It wasn’t a proper apology. It puts her work into question because what’s her motive behind it if when confronted with her own mistakes she crosses all of her own ideals. does she only do this work for the attention?
Tamar Fradeus
Tamar Fradeus Month ago
You guys are supporting ruining a woman's livelihood over mistakes made over a decade ago. Make it make sense...
Lesia Mahlay
Lesia Mahlay Month ago
Reading through Taylor's tweets made it painfully obvious that what she shows on social media has been performative to an audience that she has found a way to profit off of. I could picture her as a young adult in college thinking that what she was tweeting was "so funny", "a hard truth", and even "edgy", but they were straight up hateful and came from a place of deep insecurity. Now knowing that she thought and verbalized (whether online or to her college friends) those things, it has completely tainted my view of her.
Danielle -
Danielle - Month ago
as someone studying to work with patient information, tweeting about client's is a huge HIPAA violation and she should lose her license
Marielle Murphy
Marielle Murphy Month ago
This is off the topic of the podcast. However, I think that Bekah and Jess would really like the show: Odd Mom Out. It is available for free on Peacock. *** It is a funny show. One lady , "the odd Mom" is in a situation where her husband's family is very rich and judgmental.
Jerrod Kates
Jerrod Kates Month ago
The equal exclamation unexpectedly taste because elbow conservatively branch as a yellow tie. pumped, cagey shame
Diana Month ago
'That's hot' no it's not. The whole porn this is so damaging.
mark smith
mark smith Month ago
I loved Bekah M from Arie's season. Oh wait oh my god its you... whats are the odds... ^_^
Nordia NNC
Nordia NNC Month ago
Well Bekah, I remember you tweeting poorly about Arie but....I didn't feel bad for him 🤷
Christine M
Christine M Month ago
Bekahs skin tone is perfection 👏👏👏
Chris Messina
Chris Messina Month ago
Shows the power of the audience .... facts!!!!
The Baby Giraffe
The Baby Giraffe Month ago
I agree with Bekah. WTL was NOT the same without the audience.
Tatum Villanueva
Tatum Villanueva Month ago
I’m trying to figure out the spoiler
vkdee44 Month ago
That Taylor in the Tweets sounds a lot like the Taylor we saw in The Bachelor, arrogant, jealous and judgmental.
Jenna Carlton
Jenna Carlton Month ago
Thank you for being awesome!!! Love your new clothes Bekah & Jess, i have been so concious about my clothing since listening to last week's pod! Of course hoping to keep it up :D
Melissa Month ago
Why does no one think that Brittany actually is an escort and people did message Anna about it? Also, why would Anna reach out to Brittany? Sure she shouldn't have brought it up to the house but I still think she had a valid point.
EsquiredToRead Month ago
Agree with everything Bekah said about Taylor 👏👏👏👏. So sorry Jess you seemed so hurt going over this
RK S Month ago
I found Taylor's tweets horrific and her subsequent "apologies" hugely problematic. I am not a psychologist or counselor or anything of that sort, but I do have considerable background in clinical psychology and related courses at the graduate levels for the work that I am doing, and I saw a lot of huge red flags. I am from a minority group that was targeted in those tweets, as well as a survivor of so many of the issues Taylor tweeted against, so I understand how triggering the situation is. I am concerned about TN's current state, both personally and professionally. I believe that she should be held accountable professionally, and seek help personally. But, I do not believe she is deserving of all the hate she is receiving. I held that same belief with CH, RK, and RL. I guess it is because I just do not believe in countering hate with even more hate. However, I am curious to know people's thoughts about how the differences in reactions to Chris Harrison, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Taylor Nolan are playing out. What all of them did was wrong on varying levels. I personally found the CH and RK issues to be borne out of ignorance, while TN's seemed to stem from a place of hate (including a deep-seated personal hatred for herself). People keep talking about "grace" and they all deserve that, and no one deserves to be on the receiving end of hate, death threats, and bullying. But, I find it interesting to observe the differences in reactions the loudest advocates of the BN franchise have shown regarding these issues. It seems like the voices condemning CH and RK were louder and really went for the jugular, while the TN issue seems to have been given a pass. (Except for Bekah, you rock!). I was especially surprised to listen to the reaction of Van and Rachel Lindsay who have been quite harsh in their previous reactions. Then, people say it is because TN has been putting in the "work", yet from what I have seen and heard and read, I'm not quite convinced that it isn't performative on some level. As for CH and RK, too soon to tell if they will actively work towards unlearning and become true allies. I just wanted to hear more opinions as I am learning a lot from the whole situation.
RK S Month ago
@Ai Ba I hope they do not reinstate Chris just like that, without him doing the work needed to learn and grow from this. The whole franchise needs to work on racial issues. I hope Rachael K learns and grows to be a real ally. Rachel L. has been doing great work with her advocacy so I hope people will stop with the hate, but I do feel for her because she carries such a heavy load trying to educate people. As for Taylor, I believe she has deep-seated issues and I hope she gets the help and support she needs. I don't believe she should be condemned forever, but I do believe that there are relevant concerns about her license and role as a mental health professional since many of the tweets were written when she was already in school and working with clients in whatever capacity. From a professional standpoint, I do believe there should be consequences because of the nature of her work.
Ai Ba
Ai Ba Month ago
I disagree. Chris will be reinstated. People will follow Rachel but Taylor will be condemned forever for this.
Melissa Month ago
I am thinking about the people who excuse racist actions and tell them "you did nothing wrong," THIS makes my stomach turn.. along with the whole situation. So disgusted with people!!
Alora Mermaid
Alora Mermaid Month ago
Just read most of her tweets and first reaction (not calling it an apology) video. Horrific, pure evil, meanness, are understatements of her past public declarations and beliefs about REAL individuals and groups of people (which I fall under a couple). But it was her initial reaction...the audacity...well, Bekah verbalized my emotions. I was never a follower of her podcast, so thankfully my trust wasn't broken. My heart goes out to Jess. She said just words, but words are thoughts/beliefs, Hitler had public words years ago that still have reach. It MATTERS. I have looked evil in the eye and spoke on behalf of my family during his sentencing. Been "doing the work" on forgiving for years. Come a long way. But that wasn't a public figure. My honest reaction now is I could careless about her and any future "work". I won't give her podcast a listen or a like or anything remotely resembling acknowledgement. She's a nothing to me.
chrissy G
chrissy G Month ago
It’s very disappointing to think Taylor Nolan thinks she needs grace. Prove yourself worth first. The true colors showed. True colors of your podcast showed today 3/4 too. You flipped your opinions after Rachel Lindsey had her spin on this. I see through this BS. TN tweets were the most disgusting tweets I’ve ever seen. She thinks it. She speaks it. She wrote it.
chrissy G
chrissy G Month ago
I think your point with the Taylor Nolan responses as far as being safe to write isn’t accurate. I believe the bombardment of responses has been because of the multitude of them, the wide range of insults, and the pure malice. No one can defend Taylor unless that person is that evil minded.
TT Namrfur
TT Namrfur Month ago
In regards to Taylor for me it’s not about being offended even though I do meet criteria for people she attacked. I can’t even feel anything other than genuine concern because that is not just run of the mill racism. The hate & vitriol seemed to be above and beyond. Those tweets were evil & honestly psychologically unsound. For those who struggle with depression & other mood disorders you know I am not talking to you because we internalize things. I honestly feel she’s a sociopath & should not be in mental health. She has vulnerable people in her care & that’s truly scary. I don’t care about her “work.” If you’ve ever read The Sociopath Next Door you know they can say & do things to mimic what is “right” & it doesn’t mean they are ok. Also, she never identified as a BIPOC & all of the sudden when she could use it as a point of power then all of the sudden she wanted to start identifying that way. She needs help & she needs her patients taken away. I hope everyone unfollows her.
Rachel Baltes
Rachel Baltes Month ago
I was also deeply hurt by Taylor’s tweets. I have talked about my body image issues in therapy before, and if I found out that my therapist was tweeting those things, it would set me back hard. Plus she hurt so many communities. I’m working toward a degree in clinical mental health right now, and I think Taylor should either lose her license or not be able to practice for a time. I agree with bekah!
Renee Runyan
Renee Runyan Month ago
The girls on Matt’s season were the worst group of mean girls ever.
Ai Ba
Ai Ba Month ago
After reading the tweets I do want to say that she was disturbingly bigoted. You can see the self hate that she was projecting per her apology. Does it excuse it? Absolutely not. However, I’m just confused how hard in the paint bachelor nation people are going against her but silent about Rachel Lindsay being bullied off the internet, saying Hannah brown didn’t mean to say it and saying this is worse than what Rachel did. It feels super performative honestly. I just want all of us to keep the same energy always. Taylor shouldn’t be allowed to amplify her voice ever or at least until a real apology is made but I also feel like I don’t need to see other Bach nation people who have said and done egregious things being amplified either.
Lisa Read
Lisa Read Month ago
Regarding Taylor. I don’t understand why as a practicing psychologist she wouldn’t have taken those tweets down especially knowing her online presence is bigger than a lot of other people in her field. I am a classical musician a very different field where I don’t influence anyone’s wellbeing directly and I have to be carful about what I post online because it will be checked by employers. Saying that it was part of her journey and that’s why she didn’t take it down was a sad excuse for her not looking into what she’s posted when she was applying for graduate school. The contradiction between those tweets and her desired profession is just sickening. It would have been sickening coming from anyone. There is so much I don’t understand about her thinking.
Melissa C
Melissa C Month ago
Taylor has been a mean person since she was on Nick’s season. She was so malicious with corrine and tore her down the entire time while constantly bringing up her own “intelligence” and “education”. She lacked empathy and understanding which I always felt was so bizarre considering she should have experience with actively possessing those traits. I remember being livid when I watched the women tell all and she sat up on the stage and cried about how she was being bullied. It was unbelievable how she continued to see herself as the victim in a situation where she was attacking another girl for no legitimate reason. Can’t say I’m surprised to hear nasty comments made by her, it’s just wild that she was putting this on social media while actively in practice. That’s insane to me. Especially the “recommending suicide” comment, that genuinely is another level of apathy and cruelty.
simon jajenn
simon jajenn Month ago
My first time here. Bekka is great. I appreciate her honesty. Jess seems scared to have an opinion.
simon jajenn
simon jajenn Month ago
How has Taylor been "doing the damn work" as you say? What, by finding fault in others? I'm seriously confused by your statement.
TN 1983
TN 1983 Month ago
Like the work Bekah has done since she's such an woke-activism alley, the irony....
Catherine Farish
Catherine Farish Month ago
i love you broads
Ella Montoya
Ella Montoya Month ago
I don't understand how she could leave those tweets up as an active therapist for ten years....
Melissa C
Melissa C Month ago
As someone who has been in therapy on and off for years, I’d be horrified if I looked up my therapist, found her Twitter and came across these tweets.
Miranda D
Miranda D Month ago
It’s crazy because when I first heard about Taylor’s tweets I found an article and it only had 2 of them so I thought that was it. Come to find out it was way more than that...
Miranda D
Miranda D Month ago
I had similar feelings as y’all 1)WHY were the tweets still up?? In the video I watched from Taylor she said it was part of her past and didn’t wanna hide🙃 meanwhile she’s triggering people 7-10 years later because she wants to be proud of her “growth journey” 2)As a black women I HATED how she’s started the apology with “this apology is only for the BIPOC community”... sis you offended WAY more than the BIPOC community.
Gossip Gal
Gossip Gal Month ago
As a Jewish woman who has also suffered with a ED I don’t accept or believe her apology! I never liked her and now I know why!! She is disgusting!!Did she ever consider that leaving those tweets out there to resurface that they would hurt a whole new many group of people instead of thinking about her damn growth?? What kind of Bullshit is that? Oh and Bekah you ARE NOT BEING TOO HARSH!!
Maggie Lee
Maggie Lee Month ago
this WTA felt like a lonely cry in an echo chamber - a bunch of quarantined (horny) people but yet still not enough people...the empty audience, we could feel that, at home. i wonder if they felt a little silly, getting dressed up to talk about stuff that happened months earlier, but lives are changed now so i also wonder what that is like.
Marie Soricelli
Marie Soricelli Month ago
I hope you ladies agree that these ladies who we thought were friends acted like they did so their friend would not be picked the Bachelorette and...to give more drama for them to go on Paradise?
Marie Soricelli
Marie Soricelli Month ago
And...in regards to this professional...We are not perfect!
Kendall Robertson
Kendall Robertson Month ago
Taylor gave me the ick when she was on Bach, I never liked her because I hated how she went after Corinne. These were her true colours all along.
Bridget Tobin
Bridget Tobin Month ago
I'm hearing report that she may actually lose her license which honestly I'm not too surprised. I'm in school for my MSW now and was wondering if that's why she's been super quiet since her last post because she's probably dealing with actual fallout from that right now. Her tweets definitely convey things that would violate our code of ethics for Social Work and sometimes violations can result in losing one's license, but not always. It varys a lot state by state how much they enforce things too. I have been a fan of hers for a long time and hope she really tries to grow but agree with Bekah, it's just time for a step back and the 'work' will look a lot different going forward. In school we are encouraged and in some classes assigned to look deeply at our own biases so her first apology almost sounded like she thought she was in class with other students who are admitting their worst biases and trying to be accepting of each other, knowing we are all there to learn. But that's before you start practing and it's ODD to say the least to hear her talk about it like she deserves all this understanding because she's a therapist and now "giving back." I don't know any counselors who act like their work makes up for past harm to this degree, like she seems like she really went into the work for the wrong reasons if that's what's really behind it, I dunno.
Melissa C
Melissa C Month ago
One of the tweets was joking about how some client she wants to recommend suicide to ... I just don’t understand how you can be a therapist and have a part of you that even thinks those things as a joke. And then puts it on social media. I just can’t believe she was able to get away with it, it’s so insane ...
margo thera
margo thera Month ago
Bekah only cares this much because she is Mexican. When the Chris Harrison/Rachael kirkonnel, thing came out about black people, she didn't have nearly as much emotion or spend the entire episode talking about it.
lindsay Month ago
I had to turn the WTA off because the amount of editing was insane! I couldn’t handle it! Plus the girls somehow making Katie the bad guy set me off! Definitely the worst one I’ve seen!
Marlene Wulf
Marlene Wulf Month ago
I really appreciate how you discussed the Taylor Nolan tweets. The tweets are horrifying. She is so mean. And she punches down.
missknisely Month ago
WAIT Did you guys not notice they completely CUT Heather from the Women Tell All? In the wide shots from above you can literally see her sitting there next to Kit but they cut her completely out of it and skipped over the part in the beginning where they introduce everybody that's there. Wtf? I wonder what that was about
missknisely Month ago
As if she never existed at all...no face reaction shots, nothing. I wanna hear from one of the ladies that was there. If you get an interview with one of them, ask if heather got her own little moment or what they cut out!
Pineapple Hippie
Pineapple Hippie Month ago
During this episode Chris Harrison really reminded me of the host from Hunger Games 😂
Lori Whittaker
Lori Whittaker Month ago
You can show grace to someone who made A mistake and wants to learn. Chris made A mistake. Taylor makes mistakes time and time again. Chris can have Grace. Taylor can’t.
Lucyydenise Month ago
Did yall notice they cut off a blonde girl u can see her before comercials I think its heather
karen Mazzacone
karen Mazzacone Month ago
The work Taylor has done DOES NOT override the horrific tweets she sent. She got caught. Period. Can she come back from this? I don’t know...she has some deep dark emotional problems. I used to hang out with a group of psychotherapy students while studying to be a nurse and I can tell you first hand a few of them were so dark. I am BIPOC and I’m mad as hell. Not to mention I’ve been anorexic and suffer from PTSD. I’m old enough to be her mother and I wanted to smack that smirk off her face. Like I would to my own daughter. 😪😡🤦🏻‍♀️
as Month ago
Yes, Katie got the bachelorette edit, but that was four weeks ago and shit has hit the fan big time. So I guess they'll go with another token minority person. Meh.
Beatrice2 2
Beatrice2 2 Month ago
Or someone who finished higher than 11th as they usually do?
Taylor Walter
Taylor Walter Month ago
It’s one thing to say those things before going to school for counseling and have it be apart of your 💫journey💫 than to actually say some of those things as a practicing licensed counselor. It’s unacceptable period.
Paige Porter
Paige Porter Month ago
HIPAA hello??? She should lose her licenses. Bare minimum it’s disgustingly unprofessional.
Brooke B.
Brooke B. Month ago
In regards to Katie, when one of the girls was like “You were going in on Sarah the most” like YEAH Sarah was the one who interrupted Katie’s time, in my opinion she was the only one who could be rightfully mad at her in that situations !! And then they said “You changed your mind, that’s fake af,” that was after practically everyone in the house was ganging up on her and Katie went up to talk to Sarah and said “I didn’t like what happened down there.” Come onnnn guys. 🙄
18Mymuse Month ago
All I saw was that the girls were gaining up on katie cause they got in trouble. I didnt like alot of what they were saying it was weird.
Gabriele Velez
Gabriele Velez Month ago
I felt like I wanted to cry hearing that as well.
Salhi Meriem
Salhi Meriem Month ago
Jess..with peace and love, fix the eyebrows.
Piper Month ago
Are we all just going to glaze over the fact that Heather was at the women twll all and they cut her out of so many shots and didn’t give her any screen time? She’s sitting next to kit and behind Katie. Go back and watch. I was confused while seeing a shot from the back because I didn’t remember any women with long straight blonde hair. Check it out!
Abbey Grames
Abbey Grames Month ago
This will probably not get seen, but I don’t want for Taylor to monetize off of her podcast apology. I think it’s an absolute injustice. She’s refusing to address in a manner that she expects from others. I would much rather YOU recap her podcast, if she even follows through. One of those, I watched this podcast so you don’t have to, as I do not feel SAFE watching or list to Taylor ever again.
jeteaze Month ago
I hope you all realize that taylor says incredibly racist things against white people on her instagram and I also just looked on her twitter. She has been doing this regularly for the past year. She generalizes a whole group of people and she doesn't validate their hurt and struggles as being important because they are white... it is incredibly bizarre.... like it is crazy. Just look at her response to Demi and her stories that she has saved. Taylor's tweet RE: the foolishness of centering white women & white female victimhood #TheBachelor #FireChrisHarrison #KissMyBlackAss in response to Demi's tweet Bach girls always love meeting me (bc my clout n ability to entertain) WELL, I don’t want to know a single one of the people who said mean shit to heather. Heather wouldn’t condone this but I will say: Kiss my ass!!! #TheBachelor Taylor does this stuff a lot. This is just one of the many examples. Like it is super weird and it is nothing new. I mean... why would taylor even say that? It is mind boggling. It's like she doesn't have the ability to feel empathy for people. It is bizarre. Her behavior has been like this. It is not new. She isn't sane. She is deeply troubled. She wrote this stuff just a few weeks ago. She still has the same behavior she had 7 years ago. She just picked a new group of people to turn her hate towards. In a few years, it will probably another group of people. Even though her mom is white, the man that raised her is white, and she is half white. If her white and blonde mom was bullied for something, would she write tweets like "white female victimhood"? idk it just seems very insensitive to me. She seems to get obsessed with things and paranoid. She seems a bit delusional sometimes and lacks empathy. She shows a lot of signs for having Cognitive Distortions. Cognitive distortions are habitual ways of thinking that are often inaccurate and negatively biased. Cognitive distortions usually develop over time in response to adverse events. She has very Polarized Thinking and well as a lot of other cognitive distortions. If you don't know what Cognitive distortions are, I would recommend looking it up.
KarinaMalina Month ago
@jeteaze 100% agree, she just redirected her hatred towards a new group of ppl. Im just saying that a lot of people won't see it this way because all the racism talk is unidirectional these days.
jeteaze Month ago
@KarinaMalina Racist: a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. Taylor's tweet on February 15th RE: the foolishness of centering white women & white female victimhood #TheBachelor #FireChrisHarrison #KissMyBlackAss in response to Demi's tweet Bach girls always love meeting me (bc my clout n ability to entertain) WELL, I don’t want to know a single one of the people who said mean shit to heather. Heather wouldn’t condone this but I will say: Kiss my ass!!! #TheBachelor A tweet she did on the 25th of January You can say whatever you want, but best believe you still gonna have consequences. Also, the passion behind wanting to trash and demean other women is really disgusting to see...that’s not expressing yourself it’s projection and insecurity. It’s sad #thebachelor Another tweet she did on the 25th January Gotta love when a bachelor actually expresses empathy and seems to truly care about bullying and toxic behavior in the house between the women rather than rewarding it! She is a hypocrite. She is obviously is a bully and a racist based on many things she has said in the past ten years and including this year as well. She is a narcissistic jerk that likes to boss people around. if she treats a racial group like their experiences are inferior and that they are inferior because of their race then she is a racist. She is a piece of shit to everyone and has said racist things to multiple groups of people. She acts superior to other and acts like her thoughts, feelings, and experiences are more important. She is a narcissist and acts superior to groups of people and races as well. She is a racist. She as an individual is a hateful person.
KarinaMalina Month ago
Nice try, but woke mob can tell you, you can't be racist against "white people" ;) hahhaha
Gisela Rivera
Gisela Rivera Month ago
In regards of the girls ganging up on Katie; I listened to Rachel’s and Becca K’s podcast when they interviewed Abigail... and they asked her “Who was the most problematic?” or something along those lines and she said without no hesitation... Katie. Which made me think that all of these other girls like Abigail, Chelsey and Piper got the bachelorette Edit and we didn’t see them as much talking trash about other girls but they where all in fact part of the bullying shenanigans. That’s why they all hate Katie because she was the ‘snitch’. The one who told Matt about all of them being mean girls. They just hate that they got caught and that’s why they hate Katie.
Gisela Rivera
Gisela Rivera Month ago
Matt was also in that podcast, and he was asked which of the girls he can confidently say wasn’t involved in drama during the whole season and he said that Michelle was the only one that was 100% about him and their connection. The others where all a mess.
BitterSweetCoffee Month ago
Sarah was on IG live with Noah, Chasen and Spencer just one time. They invited her for like cook off after the bullying,,,etc
Annie Syfert
Annie Syfert Month ago
Wrong is wrong. Her being bi-racial (as am I) doesn't mean she's exempt from criticism and judgement from all people. Jess, you are sweet and I can tell you have a good heart and are trying not to offend. However, you shouldn't feel hesitant to speak out against what she's done because you're white. Her race is not an exemption from her actions. The tweets I saw weren't just hateful, they were evil. Taylor has no problem calling everyone else out , yet now she's playing the victim role. She clearly doesn't practice what she preaches. Although I am against cancel culture, she very much deserves to be held accountable for her actions, as her tweets have severe impact on multiple communities (as well as her profession). She refused to show grace to others who have made mistakes, yet now she is asking for that same grace to be extended to her. It's messed up. People deserve to be upset and confused by her actions. It seems like Taylor has inner demons she desperately needs to work through. Due to the hypocritical nature of her tweets versus the causes she fights for, she does not need to have a following. That being said, I still believe in showing grace and allowing others to grow, as we aim to do the same everyday.
Rachel B
Rachel B Month ago
Also Bekah, you are NOT being harsh. These are HORRIBLE tweets. She cannot have a double standard. She is being hypocritical.
Rachel B
Rachel B Month ago
If she wants CH fired, she should be fired in her position as well. Even if she uses her platform for all those affected, she cannot earn a dime from that platform
Errin Taylor
Errin Taylor Month ago
Can we all have an emergency board meeting on Victoria’s outfit? I have so many questions that need to be answered, immediately. By the way..Jess...I am currently thirst tweeting a certain celebrity that literally I want to marry in my head. I haven’t had the courage to @ him yet, but I’ve been tweeting things in hopes to attract his attention one day...I literally feel like I’m in high school again trying mindlessly to just get my crush to even notice the color of my tshirt. Girl, I hear ya.
Julie Month ago
Maria Paula Rodriguez
Maria Paula Rodriguez Month ago
I think if she wanted to keep these posts up and harp on the fact that she came a long way - they should’ve been things she constantly brought up and addressed time after time.
kateliness2 Month ago
I just didn't get a Bachelorette feel from Abigail! Maybe we just didn't see enough of her personality. Do love her though.
kateliness2 Month ago
Taylor situation is so difficult. As you said, people *are* using this and will use it to try to discredit her comments on white supremacy within the Bachelor franchise. If someone compiled all of the worst things i ever said (e.g., being very fatphobic and afraid of weight gain, and saying very rude things about celebrities' bodies and personalities), I know I would be very ashamed, and wouldn't want them associated with who I am today. But that initial reaction SUCKED. Gosh. I'm just so lost.
Madeleine Caravaggio
Madeleine Caravaggio Month ago
While I understand these tweets are very hurtful, why we need to give them the power to hurt us? Taylor seems regretful of them and you do not have to forgive her or follow her that’s within your rights but to denounce her on such an extreme level. And timing does play into this. We can evolve and learn as humans, and who we were in the past doesn’t define who we are in the present, especially if we show remorse for past behaviors. I’m a huge advocate for standing up for what’s right, holding people accountable however when is grace owed? I also believe that people who commit crimes should be allowed to reintegrate into society after rehabilitation. I believe people can change and I think Taylor’s work on Instagram has proven that. Just like I don’t agree with Taylor in how she demolishes people who have hurt others, I don’t agree with people who are now doing the same to her.
Madeleine Caravaggio
Madeleine Caravaggio Month ago
@Melissa C yeah I think it’s challenging because we both don’t know her. I also don’t follow her so I’m not one who benefited from her work but I know that being an ally can be very emotionally draining so I can’t imagine someone would choose to do that line of work for egoistic reasons because it comes with sooooo much backlash. Also when you hate yourself and when you live in a society that is ok with racism, bigotry, sexism and then you internalize it then I don’t think hate is then focused on one group. Its about projection. And I think she must have been in a lot of pain to project to that many different. Anyway, I hear where you’re coming from, but I do hope that you carry with you in life that people can change
Melissa C
Melissa C Month ago
@Madeleine Caravaggio I agree that hate for others dissolves when you stop hating yourself - but I just don’t get hating everyone. Like hating all races and also overweight people and also Jewish people and also rape victims?? There’s no theme. It’s like she checked almost every box. And I think it’s a big red flag that not only did she think it, and say it out loud, but she also tweeted it, and then didn’t delete it a day or two later. It’s like she felt no shame about those beliefs. And the way she acted on Nick’s season, which was in 2017, to me she just came off as a very malicious person who enjoyed hurting others and putting them down. I guess I just don’t believe her. To me she seems like she found a niche that people responded to positively so she ran with it. I guess I just don’t see her “work” as coming from a sincere place.
Madeleine Caravaggio
Madeleine Caravaggio Month ago
@Melissa C also I think hate for others dissolves once you stop hating yourself
Madeleine Caravaggio
Madeleine Caravaggio Month ago
@Melissa C it’s reasonable to question how people change but I think there’s a difference in changing your values and opinions and changing some very key characteristics that are apart of your nature. I think things like hate and bigotry are taught, and I question if these are apart of someone’s character. I also think there’s a difference between people who spew hate and stand by that hate, compared to people who used to spew hate and say they longer think that way. If she deleted the tweets it wouldn’t have changed what she did so I understand her logic in a sense. Look I’m not out to defend Taylor per say but I think it’s maybe good to judge people more on present behaviour, maybe take their past behaviour as a type of red flag, but if they show remorse for their past then hey, what else can you do? I’m sure we all have shameful things we’ve done that we aren’t even aware of how they impacted us. It was silly for her to put her comments on the internet like that. And her thoughts at the time are despicable. But people opinions can and do change and I will strongly stick by that idea. It gives me also hope for a better future
Melissa C
Melissa C Month ago
@Madeleine Caravaggio I get what you’re saying but there’s years of hateful tweets that she chose to publicly post - which means she most likely didn’t view these opinions and statements as being horrible things to believe about people. It’s just hard to believe that someone’s character can change this drastically in 7 years. How do you go from believing and thinking terrible things about different races, religions, rape victims, overweight people - like how does the hate she had for those people just dissolve?
Bee lee
Bee lee Month ago
Good point! It was a "long time ago" but actually NOT that long ago.
Chandler Huckeby
Chandler Huckeby Month ago
Can’t help but think about her patients. It can take multiple tries to find a therapist you vibe and feel safe with. Monday I was talking to my therapist (my third for the above reason) about the tweets and tried reading the ones that attacked groups I fall in. There was one in particular I couldn’t get through because I still have so much shame and it already was difficult to share my stories even with my therapist. Could not imagine the harm seeing your therapist not only talk about par of your identity this way and see that she was sharing parts of her patients stories to the world. Not only were her patients possibly re-traumatized reading these tweets, but then if they feel the need to find another therapist and have to retell their stories it could happen again, if they even feel comfortable to do so
rajatha prabhu
rajatha prabhu Month ago
2013 is not such a long time ago either when you think about it. This was kind of close to when she went on the bachelor. I think nick’s season was in 2016-2017. I saw some tweets as recent as 2013-14. Was the shift into an activist something she did to be relevant on social media to a wider audience? She always gave me mean vibe inspite of all the work she did. It just felt like she was someone who thrived on pointing people’s mistake. I agree with everything Bekah is saying.
Monique.T Month ago
I am completely behind all opinions and standing against all the hate, bullying and racism but making fun of someone is also a type of bullying and spreading a form of hate. We can have an opinion and also being respectable. I loved this episode but also felt uneasy with making fun of people.
Marie-Jude Grodya
Marie-Jude Grodya Month ago
The tell all was very boring but it was also very telling. The producers had an agenda. They wanted to show a season of toxicity and Katie coming as the saviour (good bachelorette edit). The climax of the house was clearly more complex that it was shown. For sure, some of the girls were mean at times but with the unseen dates, we see them all having fun so it would have not been so easy to hate them. Now we just see them as monsters. Something else that was telling was the Brittany situation. They showed a very contradictory message. "S*xwork is ok" but "this is the worst thing you can call someone". Brittany said that she was ashamed of that rumour but if you are a s*xworker it's ok. The rumour was not bad because it was not true but because Anna thought that if someone is in that business, they should be ashamed. A better respond (in my opinion) would be if Matt or Brittany saying "Even if she is or she is not that is none of your business and it would be a private conversation between the both of us". I for sure understand why she was ashamed, it is still a stigmatized industry but it showed false virtue (hypocrisy). Also, they could've easily not show what Anna said but they wanted to, so the audience would like Katie more. Futhermore, I love Abigail but she was for sure just supposed to be the "deaf girl" and not a real woman with a personality. Wonderful that the show wants more diversity but she felt like a prop.
Beatrice2 2
Beatrice2 2 Month ago
Jennifer Tsang
Jennifer Tsang Month ago
Comment on Reddit I found that explains the Taylor situation perfectly: I’m just gonna say it, Taylor has potentially caused terrible damage to the important and needed social justice movement happening both inside and outside this franchise because she co-opted it with poor, hateful intentions. It is clear that Taylor is a quintessential bully, in the truest definition of the word. She re-branded her bullying as being social justice and was smart enough to slap blackness on it just when blackness was finally starting to mean something and black voices were being elevated. I personally think that it’s very telling that she spent years punching down at SO many disenfranchised groups and not identifying as black, then she mysteriously made a shift when “PC culture” was starting to get more mainstream, at which point she switched to identifying as black and immediately started punching up. She just likes to punch. To all those who fall into a category who she denigrated with her bigotry, especially those who say Taylor as an ally, this is deeply hurtful and wounding. I’m so sorry. She is not what social justice or anti-racism is about, and her playing out a caricature of blackness and anti-racism that is hateful and exclusionary is deeply offensive to those who do that work and the BIPOC who actually fight for those causes who she is now trying to hide behind. Anti-racism is not a “fuck white people and whiteness” movement, and those ( Like Taylor) who co-opt a movement built on empathy and empowerment to gobble up attention and power it unfortunately move us a step back. There are many of us in this movement who do not weaponize our internalized racism against any and everyone we can strike out against. There are many of us that can see the white supremacy that is baked into our culture without using it as an excuse for our shitty choices and behavior. There are many of us who don’t want to endlessly punish people for their mistakes and genuinely want to create a kinder, more empathetic environment where all people are given the benefit of doubt as well as being held accountable. Social Justice is about empowerment for all, and the repercussions of white supremacy hurts all of us, white folks as well as BIPOC. The end goal here is for there to be equality and ultimately, reconciliation. Taylor may have been a part of the movement, she may have even been a part of the “work” but she was not for kindness and compassion for ANY of us and she doesn’t speak for all black folks or members of this movement. The only work Taylor did was for herself, it was not about the Social Justice movement and the fact she’s trying to shield herself using people she hurt and is hurting through her refusal to take responsibility shows this explicitly. If we are intentional and hold her accountable not with hatred but with true, loving justice, this doesn’t have to be a set-back setting each camp deeper into their beliefs, it can serve as a moment of accountability that softens rigid thinking and creates deeper empathy for everyone.
Abigail Cameron
Abigail Cameron Month ago
@Jennifer Tsang WOW! Small world 😂. Maybe I just happened to resonate with the Jamaican-ness in you 💕. I’m glad you liked the channel love
Jennifer Tsang
Jennifer Tsang Month ago
@Abigail Cameron Oh wow just checked it out and I love the channel - I'll always support my fellow Jamaicans. Wasn't born and raised there, but my Mummy is from there :)
Jennifer Tsang
Jennifer Tsang Month ago
@Abigail Cameron That sounds awesome, I will definitely check the channel out! :)
Abigail Cameron
Abigail Cameron Month ago
I recently saw a comment that you made on another channel about how it was navigating being Black and Asian and how your girlfriend made you come to a few realizations about yourself. I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experiences and point of views on these issues, and even though I don’t know you personally I truly think you are a beautiful soul 💕. If you ever want to keep in contact you should check out the channel “Coconut Critics” it’s run by four amazing black women (if I do say so myself) and we do movie, tv series and reality show reviews. We make a concerted effort to try and keep things light, given that the world can feel anything but at times. So if you’re ever in the mood for some lighthearted good times you should check us out
Beatrice2 2
Beatrice2 2 Month ago
I don't know enough about Taylor or that situation to comment on the parts that you wrote about her but I really wish that what this person is saying about social Justice in general could be given more attention. If that was Taylor's method it is important for people to know that not everyone who wants social Justice is about damning and criticising other people or calling them out or embarrassing and shaming them or trying to make them act... that's not what it's about. people who are addicted to social media and certain sites see the worst of it and they don't see the people who are really trying to go about change in a different manner.
relax Month ago
I have a conspiracy theory: Chris Harrison orchestrated the call out of Taylor to take the heat off him 😂
G J Month ago
I love that Bekah and Jess highlight Matt's unwavering kindness and grace. What a good guy.
Amanda E
Amanda E Month ago
I think it is so hard to take coming from Taylor, because imagine how hard she would come at someone if another bachelor contestant had did this.
Carla Month ago
This shows even more ( the taylor gate) how questionable the vetting on this show is. Because did they not talk about those tweets while vetting , what does that vetting even mean ? To me this season also shows that the vetting was done to make this season look off, was that about the first black man's season to not be liked or at least trying to make him look bad ? Because trying to gaslight people to dislike Katie and that she was the cause of harrasment is just to nuts to talk about. Speaking words , in the case of Taylor , does not mean you did the work on yourself.
Shar Month ago
The Taylor tweets. I'm am a fairly strong human but what I read was a painful unexpected jab that was additionally jarring that they were still up! To be perfectly honest, I dont give an eff about your "journey". Take. It. Down. To pay homage to your past, is to let it live and fester for the rest of us. It is a logical fallacy.
Linda C
Linda C Month ago
I agree completely with Bekah about Taylor Nolan, she should step back, it's all too much. She should lose her license because of her unprofessionalism and lack of ethics to say the least. How I view Taylor is as a mean-spirited person and completely sel-absorbed. She lacks the emotional intelligence she spews about. Taylor Nolan is vial and has many qualities she herslf condemns. At university she appears to have been a student who channeled her false sense of superiority and anger into social justice rage, giving a bad name to genuine activists. Taylor blah blahs her academic jargon to impress, condascend, and patronize others (like when she was on the bachelor). I had a visceral response, a bad vibe when I first saw her. I have faith in people changing but I believe that Taylor's hatred, her contempt for others, and her arrogance runs deep. Her nature is mean and evident on the Bach - as another commenter said- with Corinne. Self-inflated with a little knowledge, Taylor used the emotional intelligence thing in an attempt to crush Corrine and make her feel less than her. If she's been "working" on all this for 10 years she wouldn't have likely obsessed over Corinne and it would not have taken 3 apologies after the tweets resurfaced to "get it right." I'm sorry for rambling but I see why it is so disturbing to you, Bekah and Jess. I appreciate you both for having and sharing a very real response to all this. I think Taylor and those like her are dangerous because they are good at disguising who they really are...but only for so long. My advice to Taylor: do the extra work on your own so people aren't subjected to you playing victim and turning things around to suit you. You've purchased your PhD (a joke) so just get along now and try to be a better human. Work on your spirituality in a meaningful way. Ask for help from something higher than yourself. Is there something higher than yourself? Thank you, Bekah and Jess and love the guys too...endless hours of interesting discussion
acb 1994
acb 1994 Month ago
the bug box date was bad, but the egg date and beer date were WAY worse. i'm not a heavy drinker and there is no way i would be able to chug a beer and eat those pancakes without feeling sick to my stomach and almost definitely puking before the night portion (at the very least i would feel like shit). and if i had to take that egg shot i would have puked immediately. there shouldn't be any dates centered around needing to consume things
David Kirby
David Kirby Month ago
Christopher Nolan > Taylor Nolan
Feroza Lekota
Feroza Lekota Month ago
There was a great essay on reddit about how Taylor uses social justice and activism as a weapon. She only jumped on this bandwagon because it is trendy. She never identified as Black before and this has only been a recent thing. She definitely needs to step back and do some serious introspection and actually do the work because I really don't think she has
Irena Thompson
Irena Thompson Month ago
Stop giving Taylor Nolan grace!!!
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