Relationship Q&A!

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Hannah Brown

Month ago

Y’all have been asking, so here you go! Here’s a glimpse into my new relationship...but that’s all you get for now. ;)
Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

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Aubrey McMichael
Aubrey McMichael 17 hours ago
maybe your next video should be taking the love language quiz!
P.J. Springham
P.J. Springham 2 days ago
Mmmmm for someone whose been through DV - she describes a few things he's doing earlier as red flags to me. Cute now. But ...... Later!
Courtney C
Courtney C 4 days ago
I love four Christmases!
Gina Lobel
Gina Lobel 8 days ago
Love this and so happy you finally found the relationship you deserve! He sounds amazing.
Emily Kelley
Emily Kelley 9 days ago
What is his zodiac sign?! He sounds amazing and it shows in your smile!!
Nadia Ch
Nadia Ch 12 days ago
It's such a blessing seeing u happy 😊 😊 Finally found a man that makes u blush and so Happy May God Bless U Both ☺️☺️❤️❤️
Tru Taylor
Tru Taylor 13 days ago
When is @hannah brown going to share her journey on race and the work she started last summer?
BalletDancer26 13 days ago
Let’s meet him :)
PJ23 15 days ago
Four Christmases is an AMAZING movie!!!!!
Ariah48 16 days ago
This video makes me smile...I'm so glad you are happy 😊. Fyi, scorching hot showers are amazing
Katherine Wilson
Katherine Wilson 16 days ago
Yall should go biking somewhere fun and travel together! Maybe watch the sunset somewhere you travel to ;)
Tiffany Nunez
Tiffany Nunez 17 days ago
So happy for you to finally find someone, can't wait to hear more about him.
Sarah Muzzey
Sarah Muzzey 19 days ago
Watching this has given me the strength on not to give up on relationships or finding my person!! Seeing you happy and in love puts a big smile on my face. You deserve it girl!
OV Home
OV Home 23 days ago
Hobby: body paint each other, or sunset bike rides :) Or volunteer (post COVID) at homeless shelter
Alyssa Foltz
Alyssa Foltz 23 days ago
Where is your outfit from!! I LOVE IT!
Alyssa Foltz
Alyssa Foltz 23 days ago
Guys I think it is from Free People
Kaitlyn Reiss
Kaitlyn Reiss 24 days ago
awwww this kinda love
Julia LeBlanc
Julia LeBlanc 24 days ago
I was smiling throughout this whole video because of how happy you were. Truly gleaming
Robin McEwen
Robin McEwen 25 days ago
I’m so so happy for your to see you happy again
Mandi W
Mandi W 25 days ago
I was literally cheesing the entire video and didn’t notice til the end bc her happiness is so contagious
Perfume World
Perfume World 27 days ago
Thanks Hannah.
bisou de vie
bisou de vie 27 days ago
Hannah i think he is the one, I dont comment that often but i can see the love!!
Promi Akter
Promi Akter 27 days ago
Elaine Fallon
Elaine Fallon 28 days ago
I can understand why you want to protect ur Boyfriend and want to share him the media I was like that with my boyfriend John we are one year together we face covid-19 together and when you new relationship you want to protect that relationship I am so happy for you and ur boyfriend I am glad he make you happy and you deserve to be happy Hannah 🙂♥️
dolita windo
dolita windo 28 days ago
I've been Team Tyler since day 1 of your season of the bachelorette BUT girl this man is a keeper and im so happy that you're happy
Izzy Moeller
Izzy Moeller 29 days ago
Four Christmas’ is friggin HILARIOUS!!!!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 29 days ago
the way hannah doesn’t stop smiling once in this whole video 😭💕
Promi Akter
Promi Akter Month ago
Jennifer Cate
Jennifer Cate Month ago
I love your videos! You’re the sweetest. I’m so happy you’ve found love. You deserve it!
dolita windo
dolita windo 28 days ago
wait, so both her and Ben found their partners from liking their photos on instagram? Is this all I need to do?! just start liking cute dudes' photos?!
Deason Design Co.
Deason Design Co. Month ago
Four Christmas's is absolutely the best Christmas movie ever!!!
addali med
addali med Month ago
lol like
doire aintu
doire aintu Month ago
Make a collage and frame his answers!! Would be such a cute keepsake!
Gitty Rosenberg
Gitty Rosenberg Month ago
Love love love seeing you smiling so much!! Super cheesy and adorably cute!!❤
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 29 days ago
the way hannah doesn’t stop smiling once in this whole video 😭💕
Jackie Forte
Jackie Forte Month ago
Glad to see you so happy!
Isabel Dudek
Isabel Dudek Month ago
this is so cute!! I can tell he makes you so happy
Donna NL
Donna NL Month ago
Where did you get your little, golden, round table? Thanks
Haley Gold
Haley Gold Month ago
Where is the mug from?! Love this video too
doire aintu
doire aintu Month ago
What is your favorite Taylor Swift song? I’ve never heard of “You’re in Love”
Daniela Cruz
Daniela Cruz Month ago
I'm so happy to see her happy!
Taylor Parks
Taylor Parks Month ago
Do a video together!
Stormy Day
Stormy Day Month ago
Isn’t it nice to meet a normal, well-adjusted guy?
Kay Dub
Kay Dub Month ago
He's a Taurus man, isn't he? And you both like to eat? Cooking could be a good hobby. Learning new dishes and techniques. It is fun.
Kayla Foubister
Kayla Foubister Month ago
Can we please get a link to that outfit?! IT LOOKS SO COZYYY!!
here27 Month ago
wait, so both her and Ben found their partners from liking their photos on instagram? Is this all I need to do?! just start liking cute dudes' photos?!
Lucero Rodriguez
Lucero Rodriguez Month ago
I looked up “Adam Woolard”.. all I can say is “Bravo” 👏🏽
Margaret James
Margaret James Month ago
Puzzle making...board games.. clueless on this can you 'tell..🤔
Margaret James
Margaret James Month ago
Liked this video..😀
Margaret James
Margaret James Month ago
Do a video on your clothing selection's..the cutest outfits..👍
Margaret James
Margaret James Month ago
Are those PJ's so cute..comfy looking.. 👍👀✌️💕
Jessica Short
Jessica Short Month ago
The wait for HB love was so worth it! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ashley Mason
Ashley Mason Month ago
your smile 🥺 I love how love looks on you
Katrina Peed
Katrina Peed Month ago
What is your favorite Taylor Swift song? I’ve never heard of “You’re in Love”
Katrina Peed
Katrina Peed Month ago
@Jazmin Perez THANK YOU!!!
Jazmin Perez
Jazmin Perez Month ago
It’s from the 1989 album!
AromaDome Month ago
Sadie Hood
Sadie Hood Month ago
Luvtotalk Month ago
You're a beautiful person inside and out!! Where did you get your jammy top! I love it! I need it for cold winter nights.
Em's MOMentos
Em's MOMentos Month ago
I love seeing you this happy, it's sooo contagious!
Lisa Schweitzer
Lisa Schweitzer Month ago
Has your family met him??
Taylre Oard
Taylre Oard Month ago
You are glowing! Girl that is the look of true love. I'm so happy for you, I think he's the one!!! Look at how happy you are!! I love it ❤️ and I love, love lol
Danna Lynn
Danna Lynn Month ago
I’ve never seen you glow like you do when talking about’s magical!! ✨
Marian van Vuuren
Marian van Vuuren Month ago
I'm so happy for you. You deserve someone wonderful!
Shayna Clark
Shayna Clark Month ago
Go bowling/ have a date night with friends, Netflix and chill, go skating or to the movies
Traci Month ago
As an avid supporter of the chemistry I felt you had with Alan Bersten, I would like to see you guys together to see what the chemistry is like. We want to see him and you girl!!!
M P 16 days ago
There was a video of them on Instagram she was tagged in. A creepy pap talked about falling her around for a while and got video of them he sold. Kind of gross, but the plus is they were super cute together.
Amber Clayborn
Amber Clayborn Month ago
I’m so excited for you!! Definitely relationship goals!!! Love to see you soooo happy and in love!! ❤️❤️
اهدا وسمعني
اهدا وسمعني Month ago
Lindsay McClure
Lindsay McClure Month ago
Ok but like where is that spotted pillow from? 😍
Alexandra Cryan
Alexandra Cryan Month ago
Hate to say it but I'm still Team Tyler
Chris Atk
Chris Atk Month ago
Thanks for the update....really refreshing and congratulations on finally meeting your Prince.
Andrea Rivera
Andrea Rivera Month ago
克里斯廷克里斯廷 Month ago
jenny sanchez
jenny sanchez Month ago
too cute!
Teri Aguiar
Teri Aguiar Month ago
You are prettiest with little make up like in this video. Wish I was a natural beauty like you are. Glad you’re happy!
Sandra Quiroz
Sandra Quiroz Month ago
What’s his sign y’all?! LOL
اهدا وسمعني
اهدا وسمعني Month ago
julie westphal
julie westphal Month ago
Happy looks great on you Hannah... So happy for you
Jean Speer
Jean Speer Month ago
"What is wrong with me?! I feel so....." IN LOVE Hannah!
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn Month ago
Seeing you so giddy , so happy, and so YOU, IS SO HEARTWARMING!!!! all the prayers and love your guys way!! Xo
Lilia Castro
Lilia Castro Month ago
Your entire setup relaxed me 😅 but I loved this video ❤️
Tricia Month ago
I'll have what she's having!
Abigaïl Pudwill
Abigaïl Pudwill Month ago
you are so precious
Brittany Bowen
Brittany Bowen Month ago
It's so great to see you this happy
somerset 808
somerset 808 Month ago
perfect description: “effortlessly beautiful.” so happy that she has found her real man, not like the indecisive one who acts like an immature frat boy.
Courtney Dodson
Courtney Dodson Month ago
Girl! You deserve this!!
Barbara Roth
Barbara Roth Month ago
Go Hannah finally found the 💘 of your life who makes you smile from ear to ear; sparling and glowing with every breath/word you make; loving you unconditionally is remarkably a beautiful relationship and couple you emulate. You deserve the best life has to offer and finally found the man off your dreams. He makes your ❤ beat and I'm so happy for you. You're?a beautiful woman and I adore you always make me smile and challenge me to see a brighter light/future....Fly high...and keep smiling and the world will always be yours.
Mariah Walker
Mariah Walker Month ago
So adorable 🥰 love the love!! Where is the outfit from my dear!?
Lisa Pilkington
Lisa Pilkington 16 days ago
Free people
D W 27 days ago
Diane Goodman Wilkerson
Diane Goodman Wilkerson Month ago
So happy for you! You’re glowing!
skiyogagirl Month ago
Play tennis together!! Such a fun sport!! I learned in my 40’s & then taught my husband...we also play with our adult children...wish we would have learned when we were younger! (And then you can have all the cheesy love sayings!) 🎾 💛
Taylor Potter
Taylor Potter Month ago
Hannah is so happy 😭💓
Sami Karst
Sami Karst Month ago
How did you all meet?
Jenell Williams
Jenell Williams Month ago
My face hurts from smiling this whole video. I mean, wow. Love him....and you... together!
Madi Rowan
Madi Rowan Month ago
Okay, this is SO cute - so happy for you Hannah!!
Veronica Month ago
so cute!!! can you guys please do vlogs together?? that would be so sweet
Jessie Clark
Jessie Clark Month ago
the way hannah doesn’t stop smiling once in this whole video 😭💕
Allison F.
Allison F. Month ago
He does make you a Hannah sized smile! Although I like how you dress all on your own...! 🌸
Abby Linkous
Abby Linkous Month ago
Where is your sweater from 😍
Andrea Wolff
Andrea Wolff Month ago
Hannah im so happy for yall. U are my FAVORITE from the Batchlorette. May God bless you n Adam. And I kno Jesus still loves you. Lol
Maya Ba
Maya Ba Month ago
Hannah, you are beautiful inside and outside. I'm so happy for you! You deserve it and I hope this love would last forever🤞❤
Deanna Porter
Deanna Porter Month ago
So happy for you both!!! After exposing your heart and soul to us on national television you deserve a happy ending!!! 🥰💑👍
Rhonda Douma
Rhonda Douma Month ago
Y'all sound cute together! It sounds like you are getting to know one another in a healthy, low-stress level. I think your hobbies should include cooking, baking, hand painting, pottery. Anything to do with your hands. It's very sensual! Have fun, no matter what you decide! I love your videos! You're so cute! GOD bless! 😀💞
Sierra Sanders
Sierra Sanders Month ago
Sweet home Alabama is the best movie of all time!!!
Sherri Loyd
Sherri Loyd Month ago
You are absolutely glowing !!! Love it !!!!
Nikol Rotnáglová
Nikol Rotnáglová Month ago
You honestly look so happy, completely in love 🥰 it’s really nice to see Hannah finally find her prince charming, he sounds super sweet ❤️
Joy D
Joy D Month ago
I hope 🤞 he isn’t after the clout
jodie greeff
jodie greeff Month ago
I was smiling the whole video 🥺💗
Brianna Harrison
Brianna Harrison Month ago
Hannah you are GLOWING!!!! You are the most deserving person of this type of love ♥️
اهدا وسمعني
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