I bought $1000 worth of Bootleg merch

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Month ago

Buy dat merch. But not dat merch. I'm upset and this is how i express myself.
NOT BOOTLEG MERCH STORE- creatorink.com/collections/somethingelseyt-by-adam-ortiz
Animated by yours truly
-Thanks to my homies for being in the vid-
Zalinki: usposts.info
Circletoonshd: usposts.info
twitter ► SomethingelseYT

Instagram ► somethingelsegram?hl=en

Songs used:
Bootleg by somethingelseyt (additional mixing help from zalinki)
Where are they now (end song) by Zalinki
And a bunch of Kevin MacLeod god i love that guy

SomeThingElseYT Month ago
(Edit: Dont know if i wanna put the song on spotify and stuff just yet. Only made it cuz i was bored and thought it was funny for a video. Also i am on spotify, the way to differentiate me and the fake is that my page is verified and has my songs you see on youtube.) Original post: lesmfg;lsdmvwopds;x, kb pkrmaelf,sdflv,fvwpekfmef,mpwkrgmpwfm w
margaret lopez
margaret lopez Month ago
dream amn
dream amn Month ago
Can you ask jams to post
frogie :3
frogie :3 Month ago
good job with that exorcism ritual
Andre Baboulene
Andre Baboulene Month ago
no no no no no that just wont do lol 0:20
Rexhep Krasniqi
Rexhep Krasniqi Month ago
I love you
youssef ahmedツ
youssef ahmedツ 5 hours ago
2:26 anyone notice pewdiepie's gaming chair
Doughnut for life Doughnut
Doughnut for life Doughnut 6 hours ago
I try to buy and merch but I did are you a devil
SHADOW C.M.F 8 hours ago
You have a big talent Adam when you do a New video i said this boy are going to go so far more than he already has (postcrip) i like all your videos and continue like that ♡♡♡
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo 8 hours ago
Well thanx for all youre videos becouse Im in deprecion man and your videos help to dont have might
Cash N
Cash N 8 hours ago
Make a time line of x-men dude
Noah Cook
Noah Cook 9 hours ago
3:33 bullies in movies be like
Bernard Diaz
Bernard Diaz 10 hours ago
I miss the old adam
Stxr Alex
Stxr Alex 10 hours ago
Adam, you are my childhood. 🥺 Now I know what I what for Christmas and my birthday 🎂
Fox samurai r.e
Fox samurai r.e 10 hours ago
Have did I not get notified >=(
Sophie Animates
Sophie Animates 11 hours ago
XD this is hilarious!!!
Savannah Mccaleb
Savannah Mccaleb 14 hours ago
Love the new video
yeeticus 47
yeeticus 47 15 hours ago
Mak Šahović
Mak Šahović 15 hours ago
Imma gonna head out
Erdenechimeg Biligtbilgvvn
Erdenechimeg Biligtbilgvvn 16 hours ago
where do u live?
Tailisu 21 hour ago
fgteev been real silent since your new hit dropped
J Ritz
J Ritz 22 hours ago
Why did he cus so much
Orion Gabriel Derez
Orion Gabriel Derez 23 hours ago
5:26 me at 1 am after finding out that shirts are demons from a random website
Tikboy Animation
Tikboy Animation 23 hours ago
I want to be like you sir🤘🤘
Sarah Monaghan
Sarah Monaghan Day ago
he got 4000 subs in a month.... come on guys we can do so much better
martonios polus
martonios polus Day ago
I read online what your song help was about are you overwhelmed of your fans because that’s what it said
liquify Day ago
Robbers be like 4:14
Shadowc1121 Z
Shadowc1121 Z Day ago
Burn them. BuRn ThEm ? BURN THEM!
Alex Morales
Alex Morales Day ago
How dare they
Elizabeth SandovalDuarte
Elizabeth SandovalDuarte Day ago
qwerty mcnugget
qwerty mcnugget Day ago
Well, the bird in the beginning weren't as positive as we think.
Kleinblatt Day ago
Adam: *sings the song* The subtitle: *Trash*
Josiah Fredericks
Josiah Fredericks Day ago
3:16 Don’t mind me I’m just saving this for myself
Blake Bricker
Blake Bricker Day ago
꧁aesthetics Gacha꧂
꧁aesthetics Gacha꧂ Day ago
While he was buying all the merch I was drinking his Chocky milk
blank blank
blank blank Day ago
Do you play fortnite
Pog -_-
Pog -_- Day ago
Funny thing is: Go on Amazon and search something else yt merch, and people still are doing it Clearly, people haven’t gotten the message
Hannah D
Hannah D Day ago
Why are you cursing so much
Voxxie Day ago
0:36 That animation is beautiful
Crystal Gaming
Crystal Gaming Day ago
You sound like swaggersouls
RobotXpert Gamer
RobotXpert Gamer Day ago
Hola buenas :D me gustan tus vídeos aunque no sepa ingles
Echo Productions
Echo Productions Day ago
The first cavemen to discover fire at 5:18
andaman 14
andaman 14 Day ago
I had never heard you swear
ron zanni
ron zanni 2 days ago
can you make a common sense blanket or plush?
Diego Luna
Diego Luna 2 days ago
When I first saw your face I thought u reminded me of some other USposts who though it was Markiplier are you his twin
KingDeadly 2 days ago
Finally back to 2011 like ive always wanted
Cesar Andrés Ramos
Cesar Andrés Ramos 2 days ago
Really Adam are you okay dude?
05_Light_Guardian 2 days ago
USposts: *inhale* Adam: yeah i know... demonetized.... =/
Ken Kaneiki
Ken Kaneiki 2 days ago
Why you swear?
Paw Ko
Paw Ko 2 days ago
Hey can you make another music please?
Scott Cline
Scott Cline 2 days ago
booty sniff
booty sniff 2 days ago
The hell
KakashiUchia 2 days ago
This was an unusual video
we bored
we bored 2 days ago
His hair really got long- we love it :)
CL4WZZ YT 2 days ago
I genuinely want to animate like you do.
y0kiAn 2 days ago
adam u ok
Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi
Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi 3 days ago
"cuz if I find you doing it. Im gonna stab you with a fucking knife." So you're saying if I make bootleg merch, you'll stab me without hesitation. Cool I don't have to hired anyone.
Daniela Lokar
Daniela Lokar 3 days ago
You are so feat
Timothy beryl sibuea
Timothy beryl sibuea 3 days ago
It's a small parody
Foxy Black
Foxy Black 3 days ago
Bro I recommend that You put subtitles in Spanish so that more people cam see you Y hola creo que escribi bien nose espero que se cumpla :>
AweStr1ke 3 days ago
2:14 just looked at your shoppingcart. exelent choices
Shibtember 3 days ago
i like it more when you only animate
Malcolm Fernandez
Malcolm Fernandez 3 days ago
Tanya Montgomery
Tanya Montgomery 3 days ago
Get new merch
Alexis Mack
Alexis Mack 3 days ago
“NO SUSAN!” Eddsworld :D
MyRanDa LuZz
MyRanDa LuZz 3 days ago
Can you bring back your plush somethingelseyt thanks.
Skid Pump
Skid Pump 3 days ago
upload more.
Col10 Raws
Col10 Raws 3 days ago
Is he actually retiring
Miranda Varela
Miranda Varela 3 days ago
Can You bring back Your plush somethingelseyt thanks .
Tiny_fighter_ 3 days ago
What did I just watch
Rose Pedal
Rose Pedal 3 days ago
I don’t know whether to laugh or scream
Rose Pedal
Rose Pedal 3 days ago
The singing is immaculate The insanity is growing inside us all
Святослав Вернмьёв
Святослав Вернмьёв 3 days ago
Jedd Langlands
Jedd Langlands 4 days ago
The people who disliked the video sells bootleg merch
Caleb Betker
Caleb Betker 4 days ago
Marval recap 3?
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 4 days ago
Adam dancing outside Me looking outside my window and seeing the fire AY YPO WHAT THE FUC--
Dimi Oficial
Dimi Oficial 4 days ago
Merch 😎🤑👍
Rose Pedal
Rose Pedal 4 days ago
I’m so scared
Opg Alpha ツ
Opg Alpha ツ 4 days ago
5:17 and that kids is a definition of a happy man
Krypton Argon
Krypton Argon 4 days ago
long hair Adam = my future hairstyle
Krypton Argon
Krypton Argon 4 days ago
man sounds sick like sore throat Adam is the man god my brain hurts
Bach Ngo
Bach Ngo 4 days ago
SPOILIER ALERT the ending is similar to The Imitation Game, some person in power commands people to burn some work
Cristianimation 4 days ago
You look like markiplier
Grace Cummings
Grace Cummings 4 days ago
I love your videos. Sense when do you have long hair I like it
Sangar Hasan
Sangar Hasan 4 days ago
I'm so sad for that video
Sr poop _
Sr poop _ 4 days ago
00:20 old somethingelseyt
ASMR CardGame
ASMR CardGame 5 days ago
0:44 Oklahoma is typing...
Jodie Martinez
Jodie Martinez 5 days ago
your the best
BoomBoomKoopa Gaming
BoomBoomKoopa Gaming 5 days ago
Ah yes I love it when this man gets high on crack
Xzavier Playzz
Xzavier Playzz 5 days ago
You haven't posted in a month and I've finished all you vids
sketch fan
sketch fan 5 days ago
Can i hqve the knife
Rellim 101
Rellim 101 5 days ago
O yeah I forgot about you
KorbloxStudios_XD 5 days ago
We have found an Adam comment on American bullfrog protects his tadpoles
The golden Ennard
The golden Ennard 5 days ago
Some thing elseyt: kid friendly channel Adam: says F word and stick the middle finger Me none yr old: “0”
violetsvxx 5 days ago
Welp time to go shopping
Adrie Nelson
Adrie Nelson 5 days ago
Customer unsatisfactory. We get them all the time. But that people steal your work?! It's a crime in humanity! A crime of fine art!
shadow. bearz
shadow. bearz 5 days ago
the notification sound legit made me think my friend sent me a message
《Softpaw66》 5 days ago
Why does Adam look like fgteev-
Jim Cor
Jim Cor 5 days ago
Circle cartoons!!!!!!
Nikol 5 days ago
i think adam is losing his sanity here..........im scared
مورليكس Morlex
مورليكس Morlex 5 days ago
Gui Franca
Gui Franca 5 days ago
Uau vídeo incrível
Joleimy Callejas
Joleimy Callejas 5 days ago
im on my mom account
Joleimy Callejas
Joleimy Callejas 5 days ago
i love your vids
Hello Neghibor
Hello Neghibor 5 days ago
Why do you have horns
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