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Alexa Rivera

Month ago

This was way harder than it looked, but was fun at the same time. Thank you guys so much for watching and don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!
@Lexi Hensler
@Andrew Davila
@Brent Rivera
If you see this comment if you'd go out on a boat and to where! Love you guys :)

Zane Uys
Zane Uys 59 minutes ago
Jou ar my favrit
Creeper Crew By Charles
Creeper Crew By Charles 2 hours ago
kathleen kipolas
kathleen kipolas 5 hours ago
I liked it
Shotu Playz
Shotu Playz 8 hours ago
I’ll tell you guys the definition of simp simp means Super Intense Minecraft Player
Joseph Jandoh
Joseph Jandoh 11 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that her thumbnail says 14 hours instead of 24. Lmao
River C
River C 15 hours ago
Molly-Mae Fassett
Molly-Mae Fassett 16 hours ago
Lexi -is hungry and bored : calls andrew 😂
Alisha Bhatkunde
Alisha Bhatkunde 21 hour ago
I know right
Ray's Necroz
Ray's Necroz Day ago
OmgI’m going on a boat I am but when you think about it for 24 hours and then you expose him to your mother and
Bilal Nisar
Bilal Nisar Day ago
Happy 6 million
Ava Burns
Ava Burns Day ago
Yay you just hit 6million on the spot :D congratulations!
Emma Walcker
Emma Walcker Day ago
Love it Lexi!
Gabbriella Avery
Gabbriella Avery Day ago
Andrew and Alexa are so quite to gather 🥰🥰🥰
Dadriana Edwards
Dadriana Edwards Day ago
How did you wake up with your makeup perfect 🤩 wish I could do that
moktadir hasan
moktadir hasan Day ago
Hey guys welcome back to my USposts channel................ Love your speech Channel.......
Emma and Me
Emma and Me Day ago
Why dose Lexi always call Andrew for food
Eva Jereb
Eva Jereb 2 days ago
Lola Williams
Lola Williams 2 days ago
Lexi and Andrew need to become official
Mr. Nobita
Mr. Nobita 2 days ago
Jazmine Gutierrez
Jazmine Gutierrez 2 days ago
Lexi were do you live
EvelynBohn 2 days ago
Me:*Sees the thumbnail* says 14 hrs Lexi:24 hrs in a boat challenge
Zambales-Tuppil Quehune D.
Zambales-Tuppil Quehune D. 3 days ago
I still want bexi ouch my heart😢
Potter head here obviously
Potter head here obviously 3 days ago
Thumbnail 14 hours title 24 hours
KookooII Crazy
KookooII Crazy 3 days ago
I love how out of all the people she could call she called Andrew for food 😂😅
Iang hlei Sung
Iang hlei Sung 3 days ago
The fact that landrew is truly real
Art Mind
Art Mind 3 days ago
I swear Andrew is definitely crushing on Lexi lol
Jenniffer Nicole
Jenniffer Nicole 3 days ago
Y siguiendo boat You Bilbao o que es un paso❤️
Mags Walsh Cronin
Mags Walsh Cronin 4 days ago
Lexi please do a music video please🥺🥺🥺
lapl dhsh
lapl dhsh 4 days ago
i did this for 2 days suck it up princess
Samir Ben Ayed /F KHERRIDINE BEN AYED 4 days ago
Why are you copying Mrbeast
Osman nathanael
Osman nathanael 4 days ago
How much likes this gets is how much Lexi like Andrew 👇🏼
Yasmin Barragan
Yasmin Barragan 4 days ago
I seaweed Lexi hates Ben
amanda worboys
amanda worboys 4 days ago
I get your joke Lexi r and when Ben said are you on stet for pirates and the crabin
amanda worboys
amanda worboys 4 days ago
I can spell that good
KITTY_CORN 111 4 days ago
Hmm i smell somethin fishy she calls andrew every time maybe its to show hey love Hmmm
Hi bro skies!
Hi bro skies! 4 days ago
That seemed like an easy challenge
Marit Westdorp
Marit Westdorp 4 days ago
it took me like 3 seconds ( five minutes ) to get the cra-zy joke at the beginning it was really funny
Star Fairy
Star Fairy 5 days ago
She always gets Andrew to get the food!!😅
Little Miss Misery
Little Miss Misery 5 days ago
Ahoy! Fellow Meerkats!
Little Miss Misery
Little Miss Misery 5 days ago
Ahoy! Fellow meerkats!
Kiana Perry-Wilson
Kiana Perry-Wilson 5 days ago
Brent and Andrew jousted 😂
Kiana Perry-Wilson
Kiana Perry-Wilson 5 days ago
It's goldfish crackers 😂
Kiana Perry-Wilson
Kiana Perry-Wilson 6 days ago
Hi Lexi 🥰😁
Avarie Jackson
Avarie Jackson 6 days ago
Why is your bro look like he's crying why umm lexi
Aden Beltran
Aden Beltran 6 days ago
Aden Beltran
Aden Beltran 6 days ago
I think I like landers Lexi+andrew❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
your girl HANNA
your girl HANNA 6 days ago
i like her jokes: this is cray-sea how a-boat 😂😂😂
Colette Graham
Colette Graham 7 days ago
I got it
Kaliyahs vlogs 101
Kaliyahs vlogs 101 7 days ago
Did anyone realize that Lexi called Andrew a her
Lixsi Reyes
Lixsi Reyes 7 days ago
Do you have food and do you have a bathroom
C00KI3 7 days ago
This isn't rlly stranded bc stranded is when you have no way out and they could easily say video over and then go home and I bet they have a ton of luxurious stuff in that boat
enhypen stan
enhypen stan 8 days ago
Lexi: Andrew I painted herrr!!!! Nails Andrew: hmmmm🤣🤣🤣
kim sayuri
kim sayuri 9 days ago
Andrew is like JIMIN from BTS
Natelie Ditomaso
Natelie Ditomaso 9 days ago
She is always calling Andrew to get her food so cute😍😍😍😻😻😘
Speedsoft Australia Creators
Speedsoft Australia Creators 9 days ago
I think ANDREW has a crunch on lexi
Abdulrehman Amir
Abdulrehman Amir 9 days ago
This was more luxury than ur home so this isn't a challnege
Morgan Shears
Morgan Shears 9 days ago
In the beginning When Lexi said cra sea it took me like 10 mins to get it. Then I started dieing 😂😂😂
romulo meneses
romulo meneses 9 days ago
lexi pls watch this:Backstage With Carmen Sanchez of The Sanchez Family ✨ America's Most Musical Family) and try to spot ben.
Haleanne Smith
Haleanne Smith 9 days ago
Hiiiii Lexa I love your vids 😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😆😆😆
Victoria_Videos _9358
Victoria_Videos _9358 9 days ago
brilliant video!
Sugar Plum Diys
Sugar Plum Diys 9 days ago
Guys do you think she completes the whole 24 HOUR CHALLENGE?😂
Selvije Jusufi
Selvije Jusufi 9 days ago
Okay we all know you don't need to swear
Priyamvada Tyagi
Priyamvada Tyagi 9 days ago
Why do I feel that after Ben and Lexi it's gonna be Andrew and Lexi....
Rob Kimpel
Rob Kimpel 9 days ago
Lexi:This day is gonna be CRAZ SEA! No no no one oh ok🥺 Me:I’m sorry 🥺🥺
Classic Freak
Classic Freak 10 days ago
Me just focusing on her reflection in the intro
nancy Hart’s
nancy Hart’s 10 days ago
Are you and Andrew dating in 2021
Bella_Blushes 10 days ago
Who’s boat was it? And why was it only you staying on the boat for 24 hours?
Melissa Grindstaff
Melissa Grindstaff 10 days ago
3:12 Lexs Twins
outdoor days
outdoor days 10 days ago
Why Andrew? why not prison who's closer
Tiffany Paiz
Tiffany Paiz 10 days ago
4:58 she asked Andrew
Karen 10 days ago
Graham Ellis
Graham Ellis 10 days ago
Lexi R: We have fishing poles and we’re gonna fish Lexi H: I thought we were going out for a nice brunch LOL
Hazel Hoard
Hazel Hoard 10 days ago
new ship i ship jermey and lexi rivara
AirMoonRose 11 days ago
Andrew likes Lexi even Brent likes ur 🥺
natnjaywebb 11 days ago
Ever since Ben and Lexi have broken up Ben has been a bit mean🥺😡
Lisa Sara Zverinskaia
Lisa Sara Zverinskaia 11 days ago
Why did you go on a boat and then stayed in the port? You didn't go anywhere! and the boat was weirdly empty as if you stole it or something
Triveni Bai
Triveni Bai 12 days ago
Wait where is Andrew?
Han Seojun
Han Seojun 12 days ago
Image when you fish at the sea then find a bottle with their messages
Bunny hope Fun
Bunny hope Fun 12 days ago
Luv this
Chloe Dabriel
Chloe Dabriel 12 days ago
I get it
AlexSR /AllySR
AlexSR /AllySR 12 days ago
The sea pun is amazing your so good at puns😁
Noel Robey
Noel Robey 12 days ago
I swear I think Lexi and Andrew like each other
emmy djiworedjo
emmy djiworedjo 12 days ago
i love when lexi ask andrew to by food and he says yes hes kind
Uriel Sabeche Perez
Uriel Sabeche Perez 12 days ago
I think that Lexi is a bit disrespectful to her friends she literally called her friend to bring food without saying please or thank you if I was ur friend I would not be ur friend
Amira :3
Amira :3 13 days ago
did i just saw a android emoji
Aliyah Baez
Aliyah Baez 13 days ago
Honestly, (NO OFFENSE LEXI I ADORE UR VIDS AND YOU!!) but I think Andrew and Lexi could've been a better couple than Bexi Like if u agree
Meleine Seulmot
Meleine Seulmot 13 days ago
Psych you're not ugly you guys are beautiful you smell like roses and flour
Meleine Seulmot
Meleine Seulmot 13 days ago
I wasn't roasting you Lexie I was roasting your ugly brother
Meleine Seulmot
Meleine Seulmot 13 days ago
your outfits are walking easily copy fighting skills up cuz of y'all get body put your hands up or not going to fight cuz every video about to hit amen dislikes
Meleine Seulmot
Meleine Seulmot 13 days ago
I got a rapping on hear it
Meleine Seulmot
Meleine Seulmot 13 days ago
And you need some vitamin seeds
Meleine Seulmot
Meleine Seulmot 13 days ago
You need some milk 🍼
novem denila
novem denila 13 days ago
i love the joke craz sea
SHIVANSH Pradhan 13 days ago
everyone: Andrew is so kind..... Me: thumbnail problem (14) instead of 24 hrs
jabu khoza
jabu khoza 13 days ago
I miss bexi alot
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards 14 days ago
Y couldn't Andrew stay with Lexi🤣
Addie Roewe
Addie Roewe 14 days ago
Soooo true lol
I love you romance
I love you romance 14 days ago
I love you romance
I love you romance 14 days ago
I love you romance
I love you romance 14 days ago
Aileen Germond
Aileen Germond 14 days ago
I love watching these videos and all but they had to have gone off the bout to get dressed into the pirate outfits
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