Update: On Moving Forward

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14 days ago

サン月 36 minutes ago
nova Hour ago
5 years ago
5 years ago 3 hours ago
ok it's been two weeks come back
Dennis Osayi
Dennis Osayi 3 hours ago
Nairo where you at mythra and pyra are out. OK listen I'm actually not going to watch any other youtuber that plays this charcater unless I see you play them first period.
G-unit 3 hours ago
Nairo please comeback to the community
Duvie 3 hours ago
Hoping to see a pyra and mythra vid from you soon :)
pewsorich 3 hours ago
Chiweweman 4 hours ago
We gettin a MythPyra video? I'm so eager to see your videos again!
Lyrahs 5 hours ago
Hey man! I hope you know we are all happy to see you come back and we are ready to not just watch you move forward but to help you move forward. If Twitch doesn't unban you should consider streaming here; we will watch you either way and we've got your back. Take your time but know that we are all excited to see you again.
Task Magician
Task Magician 5 hours ago
If you bashed this mans name, then stay the fuck away from him, apologize and don’t come in his community. Nairo deserves better.
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 6 hours ago
This guy’s gonna swim in the cash if he comes back. I’m not loaded but I got 10 subs headed you way man.
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 6 hours ago
I’ve watched this like 20 times.
fek wilson
fek wilson 9 hours ago
Was hoping you'd be back for Pyra and Mythra. Where are you, dude? Leh go
Taylor Million
Taylor Million 10 hours ago
I can’t believe you didn’t go to jail. BS!
John Deehan
John Deehan 7 hours ago
Trying to bait?
Classic Thorne
Classic Thorne 8 hours ago
U good?
Brian Ramsingh
Brian Ramsingh 10 hours ago
Bro u are human, not expected to be perfect, not irredeemable. Life is not promised, not everlasting, nor replayable. Do whatever u want, to try to regain any happiness. In not particularly a fan of you, not do I dislike you but my opinion should mean nothing in your view. Live for yourself and those you love. Disregard the rest and pursue joy. Dont let this cancle culture toxicity overtake your joy again 🤷🏽‍♂️ but do whatever u wanna do ✌🏽
DaddyEntei Productions
DaddyEntei Productions 10 hours ago
I Want to see again the guy Who inspired me to main Ganondorf on Twitch, I believe in you bro 🖤🖤🖤🖤
iplayrf 10 hours ago
no clue who you are, got recommended somehow. I'm rooting for you though man, glad that the therapy has been impactful and I hope that you get unbanned on twitch.
Corey Bloxham
Corey Bloxham 15 hours ago
I hope you can turn it around bud
Carson 16 hours ago
Can’t wait to see your pyra/mythra game play 😁
???XZ 16 hours ago
I just got my palu into elite smash
TheRUUK 17 hours ago
Aye man, I think we waiting for the streams! And thought on ours and mythra
Citrussock awn
Citrussock awn 17 hours ago
So many content creators are here. Nairo these people are here because you are an inspiration. You did what no man ever could which was actually survive cancel culture. You may not be thriving or are hanging on by a thread but we're all ready to comeback and we will help you rebuild your kingdom.
Cake on the Nose
Cake on the Nose 17 hours ago
i wish you the best. i fully support your comeback!
ORAcular AnthraCITE
ORAcular AnthraCITE 18 hours ago
So great to hear his voice again. Crossing my fingers that twitch gets their head out of their ass and makes things right. Regardless, the community is coming around to the truth, which is the most important thing. Knowing Capt. Zack's history, I'm astounded that everyone jumped on the cancel Nairo train so quickly. A damn shame. I'll watch you wherever you stream Nairo, welcome back.
Riku Watanabe
Riku Watanabe 18 hours ago
I got caught up on everything, Nairo my guy take as much time as you need. I'm proud that you've gotten through this. We welcome you with open arms.
Brandon Bunch
Brandon Bunch 18 hours ago
I just hope Nairo comes back, every time a new character got announced I always wished Nairo could've been there to react to it and play it on release. Obviously in the beginning the news was shocking but the more information I learned the more I felt like Nairo wasn't in wrong. If all the legal side finishes and proves his innocence I would just want him to be happy again honestly.
indig0 18 hours ago
Big pog moment 🤗
it really be like that doe
it really be like that doe 20 hours ago
Lets go man i just wanna say welcome back already man! come back to us
love to see you back ive never watched you but i love the smash community and know you have a huge impact on a whole lot of peoples lives but glad to have you back and finally started feeling better
Trev 21 hour ago
This is my swamp
Graydon Ganske
Graydon Ganske 22 hours ago
Are you going to at least upload soon
Might Be Rigbone
Might Be Rigbone Day ago
He bold for having comments on
pripriprintpri 19 hours ago
@Hocus Pocus 55 hi, i vaguely remember hearing something about nairo a while back and you seem like you know so uh. can you please explain what happened cuz i'm kinda lost
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 19 hours ago
Nah the people who keep comments off keep them off so that people dont ask "What happened". Because people will answer telling his uninformed subs what he did. It's damage control With Nairo the damage was already done with Zack's lies. Leaving comments open is good because when people ask "What happened", they can get the truth about what happened and Nairo's innocence. So it's not bold. It just shows that he isnt trying to hide things.
Might Be Rigbone
Might Be Rigbone 19 hours ago
Hes gonna get some type of backlash
Tami 21 hour ago
Xenox Day ago
what happened to zack ?
Ejector Air Coasters
Ejector Air Coasters Day ago
Blew your chance the first time REALLy hard... only get 1 more, don't blow it again
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez Day ago
Han-Wen Liu
Han-Wen Liu Day ago
I did think this shit goes much harder than I thought, would be happy if Nairo has chance to keep streaming again. However, I think it is also his choice of returning back to the competitive scenes or not. Personally, I hope not, despite on how many comments from smash fans shit on Nairo when the event comes out.
Adrian Horta
Adrian Horta Day ago
I’ve never been regular watcher of you, but your fans can see your hurting and trying to come back to where you were before, I feel for you Nairo, keep going, I want to see you succeed.
Dante Collins
Dante Collins Day ago
PLEASE BRO i NEEED your takes on new characters. I miss that. I used to sit in your streams and just chill while we all played the new character. Hopefully you can stream on youtube for the pyra mythra stuff tonight. If not thats cool i know you need time but just voicing how much i would love that.
So Nairo, Pyra and Mythra. I personally prefer Mythra because she's fast and cool like Meta Knight. I just want to leave this comment to just ask your opinion and hope you have a fantastic day, I know I am. MK b meta and hopefully goes even or gets buffed
Cade Gerardy
Cade Gerardy Day ago
you are good man still one of my favorite youtubers
SoulEaterB_ Day ago
Why didnt u react to pyra and MYTHRA???
kosmosrebell Day ago
Kaw18 Kaw18
Kaw18 Kaw18 Day ago
BlueBearNinja -
BlueBearNinja - Day ago
glad to see your doing better man
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Day ago
When’s the comeback stream tho 👀
Kenneth Mao
Kenneth Mao Day ago
I haven't watched a Smash video since you left. Welcome back.
Liam O'Hara
Liam O'Hara Day ago
but zero is under the bus. lmao
Jhin Day ago
Zero wasn't assaulted, he dated a minor and presumably is still dating her.
aspasiz Day ago
Best of luck man, you got my support
Star Day ago
Since he is still banned from twitch, why not temporarily stream on yt for now. Just until if nairo get unbanned
Submarine Sailor
Submarine Sailor Day ago
I never believed the bullshit zack said.
Nasuma Day ago
Let’s goo!!!! I would love to see some content again.
pachirisu31 Day ago
Nairo looking pretty rough...
on jah
on jah Day ago
Franku Day ago
you got my support man keep striving dude we got ur back im so happy so see you again can't wait to see your content again
David C
David C Day ago
I feel your pain Nairo I'm glad your moving forward
Marci25 Plaz
Marci25 Plaz 2 days ago
i'm very happy to see you back
T Korde
T Korde 2 days ago
DerpuChan 2 days ago
This is the prime reason why I keep a neutral stance when I see any sort of drama starting online. There's always more than one side to a story. Glad you're doing ok!
WhiteFlame 2 days ago
I’m glad that you’re moving forward, I’m hoping that you get unbanned, I am glad you’re ready to bounce back!
BlueSpeed 2 days ago
I'm so glad the like ratio destroys the dislike ratio
PiMo 2 days ago
I missed you man, been a fan since smash 4 zss.
raranth does mc
raranth does mc 2 days ago
We love ya man keep doing you!
Leo Oel
Leo Oel 2 days ago
Everyone came for your throat so quick to judge.
flynn windlan
flynn windlan 2 days ago
we need the truth
Niño Lyle Advent Fernandez
Niño Lyle Advent Fernandez 2 days ago
yuuki 2 days ago
Supporting your recovery all the way! :D
Seginus 2 days ago
Seginus 2 days ago
Love you nairo ive kept it ob my oage the whole tome Dc
Seginus 2 days ago
Jesus Menjibar
Jesus Menjibar 2 days ago
We all deserve a second chance :)
Connor Barth
Connor Barth 2 days ago
It makes me incredibly happy seeing you in my recommended again and hopefully seeing more of you again here on out, but bro, we gotta get your cut right
Gabe Indyk
Gabe Indyk 2 days ago
Evan Emerson
Evan Emerson 2 days ago
My birthday is also November 7th
Johnny Scorea
Johnny Scorea 2 days ago
Bro wish you the best man never give up!
Eddi O
Eddi O 2 days ago
I'd love to see you compete again!
DayQuil23 2 days ago
prod. RSonthetrack
prod. RSonthetrack 2 days ago
that reverse 3-0 with ganon still the best set i have ever witnessed
Brian Orellana
Brian Orellana 3 days ago
I’m glad to see you come back smash is just not the same with out you I can’t wait for you to come back and continue the amazing work you do your streams have helped me out through some of the hardest times I’ve ever experienced this is amazing I can’t wait to see what you do I believe in you and so many others do too! You got this
Un Yaourt Pongiste
Un Yaourt Pongiste 3 days ago
Let's goo my boy is back
Erick Hasbun
Erick Hasbun 3 days ago
Nairo do youtube streams if twitch dosent let you stream anymore.
Kaptain Krunch
Kaptain Krunch 3 days ago
Bro just sue twitch.
Jhin Day ago
Why not just stream on YT? Suing Twitch is the same thing as suing Amazon. If he doesn't have any kind of connection to get unbanned it's just more trouble than it's worth.
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie 2 days ago
Juancitø 3 days ago
Damn. He’s back, learned from his fuck up. I hope to see you more often from now on, man. Missed you.
Conceptzer0 3 days ago
I always knew you were innocent, you were too kind of a person and a lot of people doubted you anyways because it was the popular thing to do... think for yourself people, not just parrot what everyone else says. take this as a lesson, to just shut ur mouth and wait for the proof before claiming someone is guilty... Love ya Nairo!
Lofi Vibes
Lofi Vibes 3 days ago
Nothing but positive vibes. I hope to see nothing but good things happen. I hope to see you in tournaments again. Hoping the you and the family stay safe as well during the pandemic situation 🙏
Phoenix Prue
Phoenix Prue 3 days ago
Zeco117 3 days ago
Nah dude gtfoh. You’re a kid diddler.
Jhin Day ago
@Minishark while it's obvious from any angle that Nairo is not a pedo, he hasn't been criminally charged and never will be, so he'll never "be found innocent." From what I can tell his court case against Zack is a civil case, likely slander. So even in that case he won't be found innocent, per se.
Verve 2 days ago
Minishark 2 days ago
You think he would be here if he was found guilty or something?
Ritesh Poddar
Ritesh Poddar 2 days ago
So, this leads me to believe that you have no idea what the hell exactly happened to nairo. Read up about it and then feel free to comment. Until then, i shall join darthy, and call you a vulgar singular pronoun. Stinky.
Darthy 3 days ago
Nario is innocent and this has been proven. This concludes me saying vulgar nicknames. 🖕
Jun Ira
Jun Ira 3 days ago
Welcome back, Nairo
BigTurtlesSlam 3 days ago
I am glad to see that your coming back, A part of the community died when you left. Its time to rebuild!
Plaguexe 3 days ago
Victor Hugo Bello García
Victor Hugo Bello García 3 days ago
Probably gonna have a lot of dislikes and complains. You said moving forward... Then why don't try to do something else? How can you say that moving forward is going back to streaming with the same people, the same fanbase... To be honest, it sounds like someone trying to come back to make more money since he noticed it was the easiest path for him but since he messed up he needed to say something that makes people super agree( and he probably talked and got support mostly from people that also make money the same way he did) No one knows what really happened on the Nairo-zack incident except both of them. No matter how hard you guys try to defend one or another, you don't really know, we only know the statements. And Nairo innocent, guilty, panicked, depressed whatsoever, he admitted his guilt. Then after a while he said legal stuff and changed his statement. Sorry if I don't want you to come back to the scene and want you to do what you say. Sorry if I prefer you to move forward and find a job outside that past that is gonna leave a mark in you forever. You guys can choose to follow him and pay him money to come back to the scene if you want. Just remember that he eventually have to move forward (for real) and you guys choosing to support him to come back after all that happened is not really going to help him discover the person he needs to be. That is only going to give him comfortable money making him stay the same before till he has to face himself and his reality in the bad way. I hope you move forward, try something else, and get a real sequel (and not a patch) of the game that has your name.
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 3 days ago
I dont jibe with your words of Nairo having to "face himself" and his reality. If anything he would be facing the reality that lies can destroy an innocent man's life. Not himself And that is a shame on us, not on him.
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 3 days ago
I think it's a measure of due diligence and critical thinking. The more you line up the details, the more clear the picture becomes. Just yesterday we had Salem (the person who was in conversation with Zack in the screenshots used to expose Nairo)... chiming in with a Twitlonger where he says that Zack would fantasize to him about being able to "control the whole Smash community". We will get more details eventually but Ive read everything multiple times now and followed all the details as this case unfolded. The evidence is absolutely damning of Zack. Alpharad is publically endorsing Nairo's innocence, and says he viewed the court documents under NDA. It cant be talked about now by either party, but do you think Alpharad is in the business of making up BS for pedos? Because I don't
Quintyn Parker
Quintyn Parker 3 days ago
I get where you're coming from, but I feel as if you are looking at this from only one possible perspective. And although I have to acknowledge that making money is definitely a motive of him coming back, there are other outcomes of which as to why he'd even come back in the way that he is. I don't personally know the guy, but I feel as if you shouldn't let past discrepancies disuade you from what you're passionate about. As he even mentions it in the video that, he genuinely enjoyed being around his fans for his birthday, which motivated him to come back. Let's say a musician was put into the same position as Nairo, unjustly accused of rape, shuned by their respective community for a time, only for newfound eveidence over time to suggest that the artist was innocent. Should that artist never draw again? Should that artist just never make any more money doing what they love rather than some random job? Idk man, but to me probably not, especially if he just genuinely loves to draw. As outsiders, we don't know what truly happened legally between Nairo and Zack, since we don't know them. However due to the new statement, and a lot of Nairo's friends openly supporting him (including the one's who openly shunned him at the time) I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. You never really know someone via their youtube/twitch persona anyways. TLDR: He could be doing it strictly for the money like you said. But he could just wanna do what he loves again with the people he loves to do it more. Yeah he gets payed either way, but that's his job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kyre 3 days ago
Welcome back
Cstrange 3 days ago
Whoever set up that discord birthday party is one of the greatest friends I've ever heard of. That's someone who is a true friend, one that everybody needs in their life.
Rowell Ramos
Rowell Ramos 3 days ago
I missed you so much man. Glad to hear that you're going to try to move forward. Honestly so inspirational.
Nitish Saravanakumar
Nitish Saravanakumar 3 days ago
when are you coming back bro?
XBrightFoxX 3 days ago
This video just makes me so mad. How can Nairo say that he's coming back but he doesn't say when smh
XBrightFoxX 2 days ago
Gawd damn for a bunch of nairo fans you guys really don't understand sarcasm
The Awkward Guy
The Awkward Guy 2 days ago
Dude he is probably gonna get harassed when he comes back and he told us he will possibly come back give him some time
Minishark 2 days ago
My man, he's still banned in twitch
Bri’ish Goku
Bri’ish Goku 3 days ago
Because he doesn’t know when. He uploaded this to say that he is ok.
Kyrillos Abdelshaheed
Kyrillos Abdelshaheed 3 days ago
Eren Yeager keep moving forward.
Kyrillos Abdelshaheed
Kyrillos Abdelshaheed Day ago
Jhin Day ago
@Kishotto That's what they're spelling in Japanese. It only has a Y because it was translated phonetically
Kishotto Day ago
@Jhin lol he’s taking about AOT
Jhin Day ago
Jaeger is a German word
Game Boss
Game Boss 3 days ago
Can someone explain what happened to me? I'm currently a bit confused
Kaí 2 days ago
So nairo was accused of grooming captain zack and it turns out captain zack was sexualy assulting him then black mailing him to get what he wanted so nairo is innocent
Steve Aguilar
Steve Aguilar 3 days ago
Nairo I wanna say it’s good to see you back. I’m sorry to say I didn’t believe you when this all started but as things came out I can’t imagine what it is you’ve been through. Will do my best to support you buddy. Keep doing you and much love.
Cameron Yates
Cameron Yates 3 days ago
Astonishing will power to keep moving forward through your circumstances.. You have inspired me today
SanicSpeed 3 days ago
Always believed in my man
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