Desert Eagle 50cal Destroying my Steel! #shorts

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Month ago

A little Desert Eagle Love! The .50AE packs a punch, and I love it!
#shorts #MrBigKid

You Trash
You Trash 6 hours ago
Enes Yılmaz
Enes Yılmaz 11 hours ago
Amazing mechanic
MistyFurball1 11 hours ago
The deagle looks so damn clean. Imagine if it was scratched
Nicholas Schofield
Nicholas Schofield Day ago
Well God damn, that's some fine ass aim.
MrBigKid Day ago
Haha thanks brother
Chrysler 300
Chrysler 300 Day ago
*50. AE
Voo Duu
Voo Duu Day ago
Kind of expecting a bigger bang ...thanks Hollywood. Good to see it's a normal weapon and things dont explode when hit with it. Nice weapon and even better shooting. You're a BOSS!
Cameron C
Cameron C 2 days ago
I'd love to live out there
Capta Crunch
Capta Crunch 2 days ago
Still tho, he’s doin it one-handed which cant be easy.
N3ÜRØ 2 days ago
One hand👊
ShAhid 2 days ago
ItzJJ Here
ItzJJ Here 2 days ago
His hand is in the perfect position that it looks like a video game
Brandon McGill
Brandon McGill 2 days ago
Must be nice to live in a country where your communist government doesn’t control your firearms like here in Canada.
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 2 days ago
When I see a desert eagle shot one handed first thing that always comes to mind is “Bullet-Tooth Tony” from “Snatch”
Kevin Conklin
Kevin Conklin 3 days ago
Not cal idiot
Synd1cate 3 days ago
Yes, it is "cal" because caliber is a measurement and is not restricted to specifically .50 BMG Look at 9x19, 9x21, and 9x39. They are all different rounds, but have the same _caliber_ bullet. The usage of "cal" or caliber is completely valid
First name Last name
First name Last name 3 days ago
Man what a gun!
Jd stark
Jd stark 3 days ago
Really impressive shooting honestly
ThatSoto 3 days ago
These one handed gun videos are so fucking awkward. Like. Nothing about the load was cool, my guy.
Synd1cate 3 days ago
Beach Bomber
Beach Bomber 3 days ago
Agent Smith OMG!?
Paulin Dos Vídeo Manero
Paulin Dos Vídeo Manero 3 days ago
ballistichydrant 3 days ago
Try holding it properly
Tomioka 3 days ago
this man already is a legend by shooting an desert eagle singlehanded
Payton G
Payton G 3 days ago
“Awe man :/“
Gordon Tigno
Gordon Tigno 3 days ago
I want one for school.
Crew 3 days ago
Imagine having that aim skill in one hand
GW Res
GW Res 4 days ago
Apsey ._.
Apsey ._. 4 days ago
The recoil on desert eagle is bad yes But have you one hand shot M240 before and emptied an entire mag?
kenmo6 4 days ago
I shot one of these at a range, all the others were in a league shooting 22s. One of the guys saw the 50 cal and yelled "COVER YOUR EARS! "
Erma Y
Erma Y 4 days ago
almeloney 4 days ago
Wow I didn't know that round sounded like such a p****
ImErRoR404[NameNotFound] 4 days ago
The way he handles the recoil with one hand 😳😳
NoVa Devildog
NoVa Devildog 4 days ago
Hell yeah brother! You one handed that like a man!
19silver95 4 days ago
Ah yes,, for when you hate your wrists and your life long goal is getting carpal tunnel
Hunter Goodall
Hunter Goodall 4 days ago
I need one
GREED504 4 days ago
beautiful gun.
Tbbt 4 days ago
That camera focus was great
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox 5 days ago
Must be a pain to the wrist.
Atiqur Rahman
Atiqur Rahman 5 days ago
Imagine if someone shot this gun at someone
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 5 days ago
Mans didn't even aim and still hit them 3 times. Hacks.
Yen 5 days ago
Wait there's a 50cal handgun?damn
Gen Gen
Gen Gen 5 days ago
Nice shot.
Austin Knight
Austin Knight 5 days ago
Okay clearly that wasnt a .50 cal at all. Stop lying to these people. Thats a .45 where did you get a 50 cal DE? And shot it with one hand? Okay John wick.
Synd1cate 3 days ago
You can even see the ".50 AE" engraving on the slide 🤣 I sure wish they made one in .45, they only come in .50 AE, .44 Mag and .357 Mag as far as I know
MrBigKid 5 days ago
Desert Eagle does not make a 45... Watch any one of my dozen other videos clearly showing it’s a 50.
brakaner 5 days ago
Destroying your hand rather
Tanjiro Doge
Tanjiro Doge 5 days ago
Awww, Lil man thinks hes scary with a lil ol desert eagle? Yes. He is scary as hell.
Tanjiro Doge
Tanjiro Doge 5 days ago
@MrBigKid You make us people who want guns look stupid. Lots of us can read. You an the other hand, Maybe go back to 1st grade...
Tanjiro Doge
Tanjiro Doge 5 days ago
@MrBigKid Honestly i make a joke and you feel like being an ass. What the hell bro, maybe learn how to read and you will see that I LITERALLY SAID "Yes. He is scary as hell."
Tanjiro Doge
Tanjiro Doge 5 days ago
@MrBigKid Im actually not :)
MrBigKid 5 days ago
Aww lil man thumbing up his own comment
WindowsNotActivated 6 days ago
is that a real gun?
WindowsNotActivated 5 days ago
@Greg can I touch it?
Greg 5 days ago
Виктор Давиденко
Виктор Давиденко 6 days ago
Прадаш буть человеком
Pues menos mal que dicen que tiene poca precisión la Desert Eagle... no?
Bengi Landoe
Bengi Landoe 6 days ago
I’m just wondering why it’s so quiet and I see no silencer
Synd1cate 3 days ago
Lots of mics on cameras will try to balance out the sound, so making loud sounds quieter and vice versa
Greg 6 days ago
I’m guessing it’s so loud the camera can’t even pick it up
UnnamedBunny 6 days ago
He got a really strong arm to use a deagle whit one hand... so quarentine affected you arm no?
Achilles 6 days ago
"Destroys my steel".......that round.....was meant to disable ENGINES....
Tony 6 days ago
Uhh. Am I deaf or is this gun on silent mode? 👀
Dan Traverse
Dan Traverse 6 days ago
Least this 50cal didnt explode...
Harry Cojones
Harry Cojones 6 days ago
Is this a .22 ?
Игорь Кот
Игорь Кот 6 days ago
moxxie helluva boss
moxxie helluva boss 7 days ago
Nice fucking aiming
RIFTYFISH 7 days ago
raystrashcan 7 days ago
Leaked game files from Hitman 7
En Ay
En Ay 7 days ago
It's so quiet, I'm surprised
JJJenther 7 days ago
CrazyBacon 7 days ago
Gta 6
emir peynirci
emir peynirci 7 days ago
I hate this gun sooo much!! The recoil is super high and in video games I never buy it like csgo or critical ops
vinvincg124 7 days ago
Wow the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2030 is cool
Aidan Warren
Aidan Warren 7 days ago
Maybe this isnt the type of video to be filming one handed lol
MrBigKid 7 days ago
Why’s that? I nailed all 3 shots :)
PaleRider 7 days ago
For when you want to put a hole in the intruder the wall behind him and the front door.
Derik 7 days ago
Celene Sahoo
Celene Sahoo 7 days ago
MrBigKid 7 days ago
BigBooga Papa
BigBooga Papa 7 days ago
No way someone who can actually hit something one handed on this shorts platform
MrBigKid 7 days ago
Trent Swinkunas
Trent Swinkunas 7 days ago
50 ae is a aqua caliber
Sea Dog
Sea Dog 7 days ago
Mmmmm it do be lookin' smooth
Halycon444 8 days ago
Desert Eagle in the desert? Surprising. What's not surprising? How much money you save by switching to GEICO.
Halycon444 7 days ago
@MrBigKid Yes, sir Sad part is is that you would waste 15 minutes of your life. But for a great low rate you can get online, go to the General and save some time. GEICO is out of wack, son
MrBigKid 8 days ago
15 minutes could save me 15% or more?
Kash Man
Kash Man 8 days ago
bro got aim
that_dude898 8 days ago
Btw if you’re using ANY type of pistol make sure to use both of your hands, as you can see the guy that as using one hand and every time he shot the gun went everywhere
Greg 7 days ago
He hit his shots didn’t he?
Jwardhooper22 8 days ago
The recoil is crazy😳
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 8 days ago
my man just one handed a deagle and hit his shots
Smokin Deez Nuts
Smokin Deez Nuts 8 days ago
Everyone Talking about the desert eagle while iam talking about how well his aim while holding the camera
Draugr 9 days ago
When the target false down you can hear his disappointment in his aww mann!
space trend Inc taking your breath away
space trend Inc taking your breath away 9 days ago
Look at the power and the smoothness of them shot so I love the desert eagle 🦅
matthew simpson
matthew simpson 9 days ago
Looks pretty nice to shoot
Thoo Qi Wei
Thoo Qi Wei 9 days ago
Desert eagle uses the .45 acp not .50 cal
Synd1cate 3 days ago
They come in .357, .44, and .50 AE, there is no .45 model lul
MrBigKid 9 days ago
... please tell me you are joking... rofl
Bladeluxe 9 days ago
As I always say, “You’re not American if you’ve never shot a gun.”
MrBigKid 9 days ago
Whisper Afk
Whisper Afk 9 days ago
Desert eagle 50ae eco round don’t mean nothing to me
Whisper Afk
Whisper Afk 9 days ago
@MrBigKid it was just a meme
MrBigKid 9 days ago
The eco round that blew the steel target apart?
William Gonzalaez
William Gonzalaez 9 days ago
Desert eagle..... over rated
MrBigKid 9 days ago
Disagree, it’s incredible
Popoyour pants
Popoyour pants 9 days ago
Imagine this dude in a zombie apocalypse....
Ryan Genovesi
Ryan Genovesi 9 days ago
Last time I checked 50Cal was shot out of snipers like the Barret.😂 Correct me if I'm wrong.
Greg 9 days ago
This is a smaller, pistol version kinda. It’s still gigantic tho. If you want to look it up it’s just .50 AE
maximumvette 9 days ago
Priming guns are so satisfying especially the deagle 🤤
Josh Spontak
Josh Spontak 9 days ago
For how much punch that things packing, it doesn’t sound loud at all!
david johnson
david johnson 10 days ago
The gun with no practical use at all.
Nero 33
Nero 33 10 days ago
Holy, the recoil on that thing is insane!!!
Tankman 10 days ago
I did not know this was a video showcasing the new american back to school equipment
Mooshkajoe !
Mooshkajoe ! 10 days ago
Shooting a .50 AE with one hand. Jesus christ.
Cap 10 days ago
Nice shots
Tacoman4k 10 days ago
Man you have to be strong to hold that one handed
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 10 days ago
Say no more
SPHΞX 11 days ago
How in the hell did that guy just hit it
Luis Lebron
Luis Lebron 11 days ago
Cool, show and tell gun, thats about it
Fromulus 11 days ago
I thought guns were supposed to go boom?
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker 11 days ago
Good shot
gg123 pgg123
gg123 pgg123 11 days ago
She is beautiful
Aidan Verdon
Aidan Verdon 11 days ago
Best Way To use a Desert Eagle 50 Cal is To use 50 Cal ammunition
MrBigKid 11 days ago
Yeah, that is the only way...
Handle On The Fridge
Handle On The Fridge 11 days ago
Silencers in video games be like:
IuePlay 11 days ago
Wow... Never seen a desert eagle in real life
reapers42o 11 days ago
1 handed like a champ
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