32 Kills with My NO RECOIL Kilo Class Setup! 😮 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

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2 months ago

32 Kill with My NO RECOIL Kilo Class Setup! 😮 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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High 35
High 35 Day ago
qlixd 5 days ago
Shahruq Sarfaraz
Shahruq Sarfaraz 5 days ago
Gave it a try today and this build is awesome. Thanks Nick!
DiverseEagle 9 days ago
Whats the class?
It's ocealuna
It's ocealuna 11 days ago
2020 Deluxe
2020 Deluxe 28 days ago
niccckkk looking thiccccc
Austin Griff
Austin Griff Month ago
No one is gonna shout out that the Randoms username is Marcus Latrell the navy seal from lone survivor? No idea if it’s actually him or not but still pretty cool
ChrisFish247 Month ago
Who is the Bernie guy and how the hell does he make into the same lobby so often?
ChrisFish247 Month ago
What the heck is the robot voice in all the videos?
George Washington
George Washington Month ago
What’s his setup
Sam & Hugh
Sam & Hugh Month ago
Sorry nick im new but do you have a neck?
itZHornet Month ago
Neck is on SWOLE MODE
E U Month ago
I love your vids man! I have a question I try to improve and I get mostly around 10-15 kills and had once 24 kills but I want to get consistantly 20+ kills. Any tips? Never had a 30+ kill game
Beethoven is awesome
Beethoven is awesome Month ago
Cheeeeee forehead cam is insane
Richard Forthon
Richard Forthon Month ago
T Month ago
Do you ever play multiplayer??
რეზი თორია
რეზი თორია Month ago
fortnite sucks
Bow Nhur
Bow Nhur Month ago
This (all of yours) thumbnail = You taking a fat one down the throat, and/or taking an ever fatter one up the chilly ring.
Jeremy Kistler
Jeremy Kistler Month ago
No one is going to acknowledge the fact the randoms name was a play on Marcus Luttrell?? The American Hero and Navy Seal from Lone Survivor? No one sees an issue with that?
Amna Masood
Amna Masood Month ago
AWWW u killed lil birdy :(
Ec-Rxftz Month ago
when do you get on cause if i play with you i’m going off my record is 34
Tony Reynoso
Tony Reynoso Month ago
Gift and a Curse
Gift and a Curse Month ago
That “LIKE THE VIDEO “ really makes me do it 🤣🤣🤣
nitin kushwaha
nitin kushwaha Month ago
Which headfone are you using.
KidonChrome Month ago
Can't build the gun my kilo is lvl 61 this thing needs lvl 68
Caydengoat Perez
Caydengoat Perez Month ago
Dam nick
D3TH geezy
D3TH geezy Month ago
Nick mega cap trust me on this one commando grip sucks put tactical grip is better trust me
Pedro Viana
Pedro Viana Month ago
that is the class I've been telling my friends to use. in my opinion best gun in the game
TALIB Month ago
Kilo is my favorite weapon, it is really strong. A very good game! Greetings from Poland!!! ;)
Wacky Wizard
Wacky Wizard Month ago
I have that gun it’s so good
bryson gaming
bryson gaming Month ago
thick sholders and i have canser but i beat it
Zak Hentaigod
Zak Hentaigod Month ago
Lmaooo the fu king comments were funny as fuck💀💀 “My sister is pregnant, I’m so excited to be a DAD!!!”
Kelp Month ago
Bro nick... I can’t even have fun on warzone because of this class my guy
The Motodude
The Motodude Month ago
Flushable Wet wipes > bidet
Brandon Glatz
Brandon Glatz Month ago
Try my loadout it has less recoil and can shred better here is the build 19.8 singaurd barrel, mono suppreser, ranger foregrip, tac laser, and 60 round mags
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Month ago
"this kilo is insane!" gets 90% of his kills with a fire shotty
Jesse Sparks
Jesse Sparks Month ago
Not going to lie the kilo hits different just starting using it after my brother showed me how good it was
Colin Gustus
Colin Gustus Month ago
i fucking love this video. Keep the donations up
trubeleafer Month ago
Hey man. Could we get a volume boost? I got my computer maxed and it's still not that loud. And a channel like this NEEDS the volume. How else do I know when to LIKE THE VIDEO? Love the content though. I love what you're doing. Cheers!
islandboii6 _YT
islandboii6 _YT Month ago
10:07 lmaoo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Duos Trios with friends fortnite and roblox
Duos Trios with friends fortnite and roblox Month ago
I wannna see nick 1v1 swagg with swags Cheeto hair🤣
Not FaZe D3ath
Not FaZe D3ath Month ago
Bruh the camo on the thumbnail of the video isn’t even a camo lol
Kirko Bangz
Kirko Bangz Month ago
11:01 !!!! How do you know where both of them are lol? Like there’s no way there was no pings, you can’t tell me footsteps I’m Been convinced he’s cheating. Prove me wrong
islandboii6 _YT
islandboii6 _YT Month ago
His teammate was knocked lol
Luci himself
Luci himself Month ago
Hey man; let me get back to you in a few days with a kilo class with no recoil. That one looks like fire my guy but it looks bouncy as long as you can control it thats what counts, actually ill have 2 classes but i know you have a lot of comments and might not see this.
Brennon Knight
Brennon Knight Month ago
Drop the class
Angel F.T.P
Angel F.T.P Month ago
Chat was weird
Kamiikazeplays Month ago
The voice is annoying asf
Nultic Month ago
Where does Nick get his music for the gun intros?
P Nut
P Nut Month ago
How does he have 6 attachments? 👀
NinjaStarzHD Month ago
You gained like 100 pounds wtf
Miles Muentener
Miles Muentener Month ago
Hey Nick and chat I just started a USposts channel of Warzone edits it would be great if you would come join in subscribe
Miles Muentener
Miles Muentener Month ago
@jay thx jay good tip hey wanna sub and watch my edits ?
jay Month ago
Here’s a tip , don’t turn comments off.
Jason Nunez
Jason Nunez Month ago
I was watching this live and I didn’t even hear “ I put fire flies in my butthole to make my farts glow” from the Donation💀
Pleasepassthepancakes Month ago
One attachment challenge any class you want just both your primary and secondary can only have 1 attachment
bøäqâ Month ago
Carter Ross
Carter Ross Month ago
It’s one shot and has a better fire rate than the r9
Carter Ross
Carter Ross Month ago
Plz try the vlk loadout with the dragon breathe rounds
x 9ine
x 9ine Month ago
I’d rather fight 1000 duck sized horses then a horse sized duck 😂😁
Horton Hears A Jew
Horton Hears A Jew Month ago
The kilo shmigilo Nickmercs 2020
TrendSettaRico Month ago
I wish you were able to interact with buddy more. I understand why it was hard but for most regular folks, getting a chance to play with streamers like you be so epic for us. GGs
Tho Is cool
Tho Is cool Month ago
The twitch chat 🤣🤣🤣I’m dead
Captain Inadequate
Captain Inadequate Month ago
Blue dot Corp combat holo or vlk?
Meloo Mee-Low
Meloo Mee-Low Month ago
Lemme just say i keep coming back to this video for the beginning beat, geez that shit makes me smile
Meloo Mee-Low
Meloo Mee-Low Month ago
“Peace and love baby” boom and there we were, nodding our heads and getting ready to see a legend do his work 🙏🏽 I’ll remember that for a while
pt281708 Month ago
Text chat is hilarious 😂
Ryan Month ago
Fortnite is good
Jaxon Seiter
Jaxon Seiter 2 months ago
Do another army video:)
Jaxon Seiter
Jaxon Seiter 2 months ago
Please do more warzone army videos!!!! Those are so entertaining and you guys can be more creative with how it plays out
Thrash R
Thrash R 2 months ago
Cronus zen? I think so buddy
Justin Tak
Justin Tak 2 months ago
Idk about everyone else but can you not put the text to speech from twitch in your USposts videos. They’re really annoying to hear when watching your gameplay.
Hey Dewjie
Hey Dewjie 2 months ago
Camdin Steele
Camdin Steele 2 months ago
Where his neck at?😭
bob lep0nge
bob lep0nge 2 months ago
5:42 video game or not that's a one shoot kill ether way, brutal!
No Name
No Name 2 months ago
“My NO RECOIL Kilo Setup” uses a setup that literally everyone uses
goldenchildtheater Month ago
I just commented about this. Tired of seeing streamers make posts with the “new class setup! No recoil! Max damage!” And it’s the same shit everyone uses on every gun
tristan misa
tristan misa 2 months ago
you da G.O.A.T alongside wit another king of the game tfue
RulerZ Reflex
RulerZ Reflex 2 months ago
it’s the gaming chair not nick.. it’s just the chair
ceoRestAssured 2 months ago
Was looking forward to a new map but Nicky hinted at that not happening.
ken regan
ken regan 2 months ago
bro lay off the shoulder shrugs lol.
Holla Daze
Holla Daze 2 months ago
I literally just got my 16th win 5 min ago using the kilo. Only difference I put the 100 round drum on mine. Also it was a solo win. The kilo shreds with the dragon breath shotty as a secondary, you can't go wrong!! Pew Pew
Vincent Bosco
Vincent Bosco 2 months ago
What is your r9 Loudout plz
Beasty fortnite Mobile
Beasty fortnite Mobile 2 months ago
In tryna watch the vid but these ads bro
NoticiaMund2 2 months ago
Take note Timmy
Payton Myers
Payton Myers 2 months ago
"this kilo is insane!" *gets 90% of his kills with a fire shotty*
Romello James
Romello James 2 months ago
5:45 was nasty as fuck.
Nick 2 months ago
Nick try hunt showdown
Ayayron Balakay
Ayayron Balakay 2 months ago
Whoever said the Seahawks play well against teams they just played, knows what's up. 👍 easy money.
Bryan Gp
Bryan Gp 2 months ago
Nick: New NO RECOIL me: ok, so, basically hit everything but the person stepping 3 feet in front of you. Also me: why😭😭😭
thearmhunter 2 months ago
Alex Milardo
Alex Milardo 2 months ago
what happened to this mans neck bro lol
Big Boi
Big Boi 2 months ago
Hello mr nick
Luis Quinones
Luis Quinones 2 months ago
literally the same loadout as always
DIRSKY 2 months ago
Do you even have a neck even more
Ezclaps_ overflow
Ezclaps_ overflow 2 months ago
Nick becoming thicc no cap
TheKrustyBear 2 months ago
As much as I like the commando foregrip on the kilo shmagilo, ranger foregrip is the way to go.
Zachary Lehechka
Zachary Lehechka 2 months ago
Nick looking a little thick
Brandonnn -_-
Brandonnn -_- 2 months ago
stop posting this shit bro , its the same class setup
Martin james
Martin james 2 months ago
Bs recoil on every weapon
Anel Kovacevic
Anel Kovacevic 2 months ago
I personally like the ranger forgrip
TJ whofishy
TJ whofishy 2 months ago
Nickmercs: gets a 32 bomb. Me: gets a 3 bomb and dies by a guy in the gulag.
Wian Gaming
Wian Gaming 2 months ago
His camera angle is not showing his face cause his hiding his laugh because of the comments
PBJBone 2 months ago
Lol Chat was getting stupid
Kevin Mark
Kevin Mark 2 months ago
At 5:55 I don’t understand why you put the stopping rounds into your Kilo instead of into your R9... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Doomzyy 2 months ago
Man I wish I was this good so I didn’t have to work hahaha