Stephen A. reacts to Kyrie Irving's press conference explaining his Nets absence | Stephen A's World

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Month ago

On Stephen A's World, Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kyrie Irving's press conference explaining his absence from the Brooklyn Nets, with Stephen A. saying he has no problem with Kyrie's explanation, only that he did not tell teammates and others during his absence.
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Hellraiser 707
Hellraiser 707 19 days ago
Everyone goes through things and Everyone handles things differently i dont feel like he has to explain anything to anyone. We die alone.
RemyDaFool 20 days ago
He got grey hairs on his head or I’m trippin?
Nicholas Ikwueme
Nicholas Ikwueme 22 days ago
Deanhtay Coleman
Deanhtay Coleman 25 days ago
5:25 ball
NYC BADone 28 days ago
As a man you dont owe ANYONE an explanation. Kyrie you DONT OWE ANYONE AN EXPLANATION. im just a fan of the basketball magician known as kyrie irving. And if you have something you need time off for then by all means you take that time and ill wait fir you to come back and be that magician that i love to watch!
Bobby Meadows
Bobby Meadows 28 days ago
5:18 - JUST BALL
Streets and Peaks
Streets and Peaks 29 days ago
Meanwhile Kai drops 39 in tonight’s win over the best team in the league. Stephen A could shut up now ... but he won’t because he owes Kyrie a pay back for paying his bills as the Enquirer of the NBA. No respect for SAS - just doing his job for ESPN is disrespectful. Stop on Kyrie already.
Briany Villagomez
Briany Villagomez Month ago
he looks depressed and people mad because he left for days without an explanation? mental health is so much more important.
fiacreativity1991 Month ago
From 2:17 to 2:42 🤣😂🤣😂 am i the only one?
Tivo Kenevil
Tivo Kenevil Month ago
I think kyrie may be bi polar
Dr. No Money
Dr. No Money Month ago
Good ol’ anger Watkins
Prod. Jahel
Prod. Jahel Month ago
Kyries doing that thing when you’re depressed and ghost everything for a while to see what happens and who reacts then adjusts to life after that
mark hudson
mark hudson Month ago
Why does he have to tell the public? It's a personal issue. That's final.
kenkarma Month ago
Just another extravert telling an introvert to talk. Where is the empathy Stephen A?
Jaeden Favors
Jaeden Favors Month ago
Stephen A he just told you. Now that you have your explanation. MOVE ON.
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez Month ago
Man is struggling with something tough, doesn't take much to see it. I hope he pulls through and also becomes a bit more mature along the way.
Mofax Zulu
Mofax Zulu Month ago
My 2 cents. Go figure yourself out Kyrie. You are not as important as you think you are. Play or don’t play, the world keeps balling around the sun
911 FitClub
911 FitClub Month ago
Honestly though. Who fxxkn cares what Stephen a has to say about anything??? 🤔🤔🤔 I’m just curious
BJK Month ago
Irving, like all of America, was traumatized by the events of January 6.
Ice Box
Ice Box Month ago
Amen! Kyrie is officially leading the way of being the biggest drama queen in the NBA surpassing LBJ 🧐
mike lopez
mike lopez Month ago
mental health is something wrong tho , idc if he plays , if bro needs his mental health right first then i can respect that . i aint like all these other fans that just want to see you ball . i respect kyrie for whatever his dealing with personal stuff because at the end of the day it aint my business!
Greg Jerralds
Greg Jerralds Month ago
Bro go to work
Johnny Shipula
Johnny Shipula Month ago
Kyrie Irving doesn’t owe you a explanation!
hnoah 2006
hnoah 2006 Month ago
Anybody that is dealing with something personal don’t have to go go work or tell their boss why(your logic)
Selim _Shady
Selim _Shady Month ago
This looks like a set from TMZ 😂
Jon Luebbe
Jon Luebbe Month ago
Kyrie is a douche. Thinks he better than someone!
Whizz Month ago
It’s always where’s Kyrie never how’s kyrie 😔
Korey Money
Korey Money Month ago
paul jordan
paul jordan Month ago
Time to explain = Kyrie turning that white voice on immediately & gonna talk his way out 😂😂😂😂😂
Ev Sa
Ev Sa Month ago
SAS lost me with this one. Kyrie doesn't owe anyone a detailed explanation as to where he was or why. Yes he gets paid millions to play basketball, but he's a human who clearly deals with some mental health issues. That trumps everything, even Stephen a Smith's plea for an explanation. You're turning into Jason Whitlock dude
Ev Sa
Ev Sa Month ago
@hnoah 2006 he did tell them he was going to be gone, but he doesn’t have to give them details. Especially if it’s something dealing with his mental health. That’s private and it’s protected. Furthermore, the nba isn’t a typical job.
hnoah 2006
hnoah 2006 Month ago
So I guess anybody with a job can miss multiple days and not tell their boss right,stop it
Nothumbs12 Gaming
Nothumbs12 Gaming Month ago
Kyrie, I listened,,, i listened again,, then i listened again,,still don't know what you said,, ?????
Keith Hunter
Keith Hunter Month ago
Chronic is too strong today
poetrhode don
poetrhode don Month ago
stephen a smith shut up.
Jonathan London
Jonathan London Month ago
Stephen a has some personal problems. This beef will be the destruction of his career. Will take kyries side any day, the bullying because he missed some games is low IQ af
hnoah 2006
hnoah 2006 Month ago
So anybody can miss multiple days of work and not tell their boss why right,stop it
Jonathan London
Jonathan London Month ago
I applaud kyrie for being man enough to focus on real issues and progress over basketball.
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill Month ago
My boy definitely been smokin’ blunts
William Hill
William Hill Month ago
Kyrie aint worried about money man! He aint worried about hooping! He got overstanding of off the court issues! Social an the beauracracy of the nba an who runs things! What they stand for! The status quo!
William Hill
William Hill Month ago
Worse thing happened to kyrie! He hit the shot for clev!
Robert Carroll
Robert Carroll Month ago
This dude is about as deep as a cup of water
K M Month ago
How stupid do you feel now stephen A
D J Month ago
Who gives zero fucks what Stephen A Smith thinks
CtG_Different Month ago
The team itself literally had him absent as personal reasons... all the info you needed
Ken K
Ken K Month ago
His mental issues includes arrogance. And sit up straight. Boo hoo I make millions and get to take time off. Whatever dude. So out of touch with reality.
Anabolic Steroid
Anabolic Steroid Month ago
Ok, but how is virtual pic of Kyrie reflected on table?
Jared B
Jared B Month ago
Kyrie jus back from his time storming the senate
Jared B
Jared B Month ago
Wait did he really say so just ball? What happened to the whole lebron shut up and dribble thing?
wwjack215 Month ago
He tryies to hard to seem cryptic and bigger then basketball it's childishly annoying, dude your a part time basketball player. The reason you can pay for floyd's families new house is because of basketball. And you can barely do that....
Parkman G
Parkman G Month ago
He ball out last night
Juan Morales
Juan Morales Month ago
What pisses me off is that he doesn't stand up straight with his shoulders behind his back. Like have some respect for yourself pose like a man.
FE Grace
FE Grace Month ago
If the man was dealing with mental health issues then put your blow horn away and get off of his back! What if he was depressed or suicidal? Stephen A. has the emotional intelligence and empathy of a donkey! Also he should know that sometimes when a person is going through they might shutdown and they may have been literally unable to communicate. I hope Kyrie gets help and support from people that care more about him over their own ego!
El Snack
El Snack Month ago
Can’t handle the pressure of the big cities it happened to deron Williams when he went to nets, he was playing good ,but the media was riding him so much he cracked minus injuries
Jared Potts
Jared Potts Month ago
He looks really unhappy with life in general
Kunjiklub _
Kunjiklub _ Month ago
No injury No play No pay
Kunjiklub _
Kunjiklub _ Month ago
No “I”s in team but 3 “I”s in Kyrie Irving
Oto Bobe
Oto Bobe Month ago
BLACK NAP0LE0N Month ago
What a child w his head down at the mic like a 10 year old receiving a lecture. Sit up and address who you are talking to w some respect, and it has nothing to do w whether or not you respect the media... read between the lines, Kyrie. The Earth isn't flat, son.
Jay Samuels
Jay Samuels Month ago
Trade Kyrie , he's a drama queen
T B Month ago
S-A wife bet not an I mean bet not take off and don’t let him know about where she at & come back! Like nothing happened? because he’s going to go off🤣🤣🤣
Me !
Me ! Month ago
Cocaine is hellavu drug 👃
Bradley Mikon
Bradley Mikon Month ago
I’m a huge fan of Stephen A but at first he says there’s no problem with Kyrie having to sort mental issues out. Then he switches to “everything will be ok if you just BALL.” Sounds like doublespeak to me, Stephen A.
Greg Rhymes With Bible
Greg Rhymes With Bible Month ago
Stephen A., give him some grace.
5cent27 Month ago
Kinda sounds like “shut up a dribble”.
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Month ago
I understand that dude but you gotta at least let people know dude. Stephen A is right on - you get paid a lot dude and need to at least show respect to your team who would let us know you need some help and your time
Lyndell Robinson
Lyndell Robinson Month ago
Dr Martin Luther King Jr. 2021 annual celebration and via star communications
Steve Kwan
Steve Kwan Month ago
This is why I do not follow nba. Magic, larry bird payed it all on the line on the court
VGR G Month ago
Kyrie. Look at it this way. This is your job. Look at it as a job and you're getting paid for it. You're a fricken millionaire. Stephan A. is right. If this were the military kyrie would be section a. Spoiled. I get what Stephen a is sayin. Just ball! No body cares about your personal problems!
Cumar Mohamed
Cumar Mohamed Month ago
I really hope kyrie’s fam gather around him n help him mentally
ht Capone
ht Capone Month ago
Stephen a shut up I bet you can't make a lay up lol
Richard Prado
Richard Prado Month ago
Everyone is returning to this style of news room. Stephen A. Is probably home lol
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty Month ago
That flat earth rabbit hole he got himself into got him fkd up.
Perry LaHaie
Perry LaHaie Month ago
He's a human being. Sometimes you struggle and you can't make sense of what you're going through. It's doesn't matter if he's a superstar athlete with a multi-million dollar contract, he's a human being first. Give him some grace. I think he's really struggling.
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen Month ago
Look at those grey hairs.
Anthony F
Anthony F Month ago
Did Lebron bail on his team
Anthony F
Anthony F Month ago
Fritz Surpris
Fritz Surpris Month ago
Stephen A your team should have been the Spurs because you are carrying all the abbreviations of the team. S- An. S- Tephen A- Antonio A- Nthony S- Purs. S- Mith
CJ Month ago
It the NETS had a problem w what he did, they would fire him. Since they didn't, why y'all mad?
Cesc VR
Cesc VR Month ago
You can be a NBA super star and have the same problems like everyboy else
gg chan
gg chan Month ago
this clown here is talking abt professional ethics while abusing his power as a superstar, imagine a role player didn't show up at work without informing anyone he probably got fired alrdy
Judah tunes
Judah tunes Month ago
Some of guess it Kyrie but you starting to take it too far
incarnation studios
incarnation studios Month ago
Stephen A must be miserable constantly criticizing people, what a thankless, annoying, joyless job.
Duan Mason
Duan Mason Month ago
Why are grown men mad that another grown man wanted time to do other things in life especially the good he does in the community. It’s more than basketball and I love to watch the game but if none of the players decided they didn’t want to play cause they wanted to be helping hands to the people then I fully support that. Everybody say “Kyrie crazy, this that and etc” but hardly mentions the good that he does. Literally everybody is saying “stop doing good and shut up and dribble”
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett Month ago
Stephan A. 👍🏾
Hayes TV
Hayes TV Month ago
They need a new sound engineer. That reverb is annoying. Stephen A. yelling and screaming is one thing but cut the reverb lol
Evalyn Elston
Evalyn Elston Month ago
Kyrie is a head case.
demetrious alex
demetrious alex Month ago
They trynna drive Kyrie insane bro!😪 ion really agree with Stephen A. Ion know man
Charles Nowell
Charles Nowell Month ago
Because he didn’t have an explanation in the moment. You’re wack AF Smith
Sublime Music Channel
Sublime Music Channel Month ago
You can bet ticket prices will reflect what he's getting paid--whether he shows up to work or not. Now THERE'S a promise, from Kyrie to you, the fan! He's sub-.500 as a human being, is the problem.
Pharaoh KT
Pharaoh KT Month ago
Its a tough love message to Kyrie and everyone if you listen. SAS got haters and life problems but he still comes through clutch and annoys exceptionally. We all get it. Just do it. Embrace the challenges that are necessary for/comes with, evolution.
Brian Powell
Brian Powell Month ago
Stephen A. Is totally wrong on this matter... Whats going on in Kyrie's life, his personal issues are his alone, and he don't owe the public no kind of explanation whatsoever... What's eating Stephen A. Is "he don't know"... Let that man live his life
The Bronx Boglehead
The Bronx Boglehead Month ago
Kyrie man all it takes is communication. Sure he doesn’t owe anybody explanations. But you can avoid so much drama if you just communicate.
kevin jones
kevin jones Month ago
Kryrie is just one long run-on sentence.
Frederick A. Furman Sr.
Frederick A. Furman Sr. Month ago
People with mental will do stuff like this. Mr Smith in out of touch. He needs to shut up and do some research. I've gone through the same.
Jay Company
Jay Company Month ago
I don't know u....but since u came back nets having won a game, I know that
Aaron Ngui
Aaron Ngui Month ago
What was that body posture? Disrespectful, absolutely rude.
gabriel hurricane villaverde
gabriel hurricane villaverde Month ago
First time that I agree with you
Joe Gomez
Joe Gomez Month ago
Maybe he didn’t want anyone to know his business. Maybe he said and people said they didn’t know to keep his privacy. In reality he owns nothing to anyone but himself. You just are looking to report something and say nothing .
H Month ago
I can't believe Stephen A has another show. I swear this dude is on like 5 shows
Maurice Scott
Maurice Scott Month ago
He talk too much word up!!!!!
Adonnis Moore
Adonnis Moore Month ago
You can tell Stephen A has bad blood with Kyrie...
Irvin Looking like a little chow lying on the floor when no one home.😁
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson Month ago
Stephen a Smith has shown exactly what america problem is which is self entitlement. Kyrie is not obligated to tell ANYONE what decisions he wants to make . Also he is not obligated to go into details pertaining to his personal issues that he is working on . People feel like bc players are paid so much they have to allow the viewers to know what's going on in their life . Nah . Kyrie you do whats best for you . The media mad cuz they need a story and you aint giving them one 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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