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Dayna Anderson Hepler
Dayna Anderson Hepler 3 hours ago
the peanuts/candy corn mix is the 💣
Sylina Williams
Sylina Williams 7 hours ago
Love you 😘 your glowing!
Anne Martino
Anne Martino 7 hours ago
I can’t agree with you more about candle scents lol I love candles that make the whole room smell amazing ! Bath and body works candles def pick up the best scent just don’t burn for long !
PASSION FOR MUSIC 14 hours ago
Love the lipstick
Janette Sainz
Janette Sainz 16 hours ago
Yes I break out with mask so I order some soon thanks 😊
Annie C.
Annie C. 19 hours ago
J! I know you probably will NEVER see this but plz plz plz tell me HOW we could ever get a highlighter palette from u again (The Flash Palette specifically)? I realize they were limited but will u ever release them again!? I can't find one and would love to be able to purchase one from u! I think it's STUNNING and so many ppl (every day ppl and celebrities alike) agree it's one of the best ever! Plz let us spend our $ on ur beautiful product! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Emily Moses
Emily Moses 22 hours ago
Love you Jaclyn !! Are you having your annual Halloween party?
free dom
free dom 23 hours ago
Omg im obsessed with her shirt, where can i get ittt please
PuttingontheGlitz124 Day ago
I’m sorry. What do you mean you can’t do pale pink nudes anymore????? Excuse me
Morgan Bruce
Morgan Bruce Day ago
Did you buy a tester foundation 😂 do that all the time 🤦🏼
Corryn Viens
Corryn Viens Day ago
still out here waiting for your favorite dips video :)
Shelby Johnson
Shelby Johnson Day ago
Please make a video on the best fine hair products!!!
Rahman Binfaisal
Rahman Binfaisal Day ago
ood works deserves good recommendation, I appreciate the effort of (Prince) Kinetic investment for helping me work from home despite being quarantined. Profits been made weekly as he promised, i invested €700 and now making €17,200 weekly, All thanks to him, wouldn’t have been easy during this lock down he made me and my Family smile, Send him Email and Thank ALLAH not me
Andrea's Beauty Life
Andrea's Beauty Life Day ago
I absolutely love 💕 how your hair looks 🤩❤️
Jacque Bridgmon
Jacque Bridgmon Day ago
I love you from one Jacqueline to another. I’ve watched you for years and you are amazing in every way
Melissa Worthy
Melissa Worthy Day ago
I love you and these vids!!
TheJmm112 Day ago
That Skims bra is everything!! I have 3 because of your IG story
Emily Guzman
Emily Guzman Day ago
Ok but what’s the name of the beer
Kira Havird
Kira Havird Day ago
OKAY....I've got my Jac snacks and I'm ready to watch!
Lindsey Frost
Lindsey Frost Day ago
Yessss the scrunchie!!! Lol every time I use a scrunchie I can’t not think about Carrie 😂
Diana Flores
Diana Flores Day ago
Missed these!!
HelloKittySam Day ago
Jaclyn, Ive been watching you since you started USposts and I get so much nostalgia watching these past videos D: I wish I knew you in person! and be best friends!
haley mcmillian
haley mcmillian 2 days ago
Omg! Where did u get the big pumpkins??
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 2 days ago
Wood wick candles are absolutely amazing!!! The sound is my favorite!!!!!
Tammy Betts
Tammy Betts 2 days ago
Girl I absolutely love you and I'm getting ready to use your first mini pallet and it's my favorite of course lol but also I had to tell you that my mom use to drink beer a little bit just regular beer and she always put salt in it 2 so I couldn't believe that someone else does that which I know that you do it pumpkin beer but anyways lol your awesome girl I would love for you to come back to youtube more and you can do like life style videos if you don't want to do makeup all the time
Genesis Ruiz
Genesis Ruiz 2 days ago
Have you ever talked about what product you use to keep your baby hairs back??? I know you’ve mentioned the toothbrush 🥵
Marygoroun 2 days ago
Girl, you look beautiful! What is that lip color your wearing?!
Kayleigh Stork_
Kayleigh Stork_ 2 days ago
I need a Amazon Favorites video !!!!
Melissa Rescigno
Melissa Rescigno 2 days ago
Omg low sodium turkey breast lmao I died
Jacquelynn Orona
Jacquelynn Orona 2 days ago
I love your voice!!! Thank you for your videos been watching for so long!
Katie Bryant
Katie Bryant 2 days ago
You need to try sand and fog candles! They sell them at tj max!
Jacquelynn Orona
Jacquelynn Orona 2 days ago
I love you sista!!! Love the video. God bless
Jacquie Kendall
Jacquie Kendall 2 days ago
Teni 2 days ago
Pleasseeeee do a skincare video!!!!
Kueen Kay
Kueen Kay 2 days ago
Who else has been here since her first YT video? 🖤🖤🖤
Rosa Cisneros-Arana
Rosa Cisneros-Arana 2 days ago
*Smacks Berger on head* “A scrunchie!!”
doseofdarlene 2 days ago
Bought the Skims bra you recommended and WOW!!! SO SOFT AND COMFY I want to buy more 🤩
Ash 2 days ago
i feel like Jaclyn is the type of person that when you say you like something of hers she just tells you to take and then buys herself another one 😂❤️
TINArryes XOXO 3 days ago
I love candy corn 🍭🌽
TINArryes XOXO 3 days ago
Shes obsessed! Lol 😂
Janessa Matos
Janessa Matos 3 days ago
Lmao "low sodium turkey" instantly brought me to the deli department in publix with their low sodium turkey lmao.. love your video!. Definitely will be trying the candy corn and peanut duo. Sounds yummy.
Lora H
Lora H 3 days ago
Your palette is my dream but I can't buy it
Ashley Brady
Ashley Brady 3 days ago
My favorite videos! I don’t drink but I do want to try that pumpkin beer! And love me some Sex and the city..... Scrunchies 😂
Lisa Loperfido
Lisa Loperfido 3 days ago
Jaclyn has major cool Aunt vibes 💖
Nicole Lavithi
Nicole Lavithi 3 days ago
Omg!!! Scrunchies -> Mr. Burger 😂😂 I thought I was the only one I think of satc every time I hear the word “scrunchie”😂😂
Sweet Corrine's Makeup
Sweet Corrine's Makeup 3 days ago
Loved this video!!! Also, what lip color do you have on!?
Lina Henriquez
Lina Henriquez 3 days ago
Hi Jaclyn, I would love to know if your cosmetics line will be coming back with products. I have been dying to get my hands on the highlighter palette and some of the loose pigments. Please please please stock up soon. Love ya xoxo 😘
McKenna G
McKenna G 3 days ago
I do the same with the beer :)
McKenna G
McKenna G 3 days ago
What NY girl would be caught dead wearing a scrunchie?! And burger got all butt hurt.
McKenna G
McKenna G 3 days ago
I don’t need a boulder holder. I have pebbles 🤣
michelle bohman
michelle bohman 3 days ago
Love your Halloween decor and ❤️ You too! You seriously have such great energy!
Caitlin Batye
Caitlin Batye 3 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks she's pregnant
Suzanne Carr
Suzanne Carr 3 days ago
Oh yes. The crunchy episode with Carrie and burger... And the lady from Atlanta!!!!!
Simple Nail Designs
Simple Nail Designs 3 days ago
Your makeup🥰💖
Ashlie 3 days ago
Someone please help! Do the skims bras work well for women with a large bust because I need a good sports bra!!!
lizjennyjenny 3 days ago
Sis more vids please!!!!!!!! I love putting your vids on while I get ready. You’re the GOAT
Takara Oneá
Takara Oneá 3 days ago
I bet you’re watching this video with your legs crossed! 😂💖
Abby Pulido
Abby Pulido 2 days ago
Do you comment this in every video? I feel like I see your comment everywhere 😂
Deanna Diaz
Deanna Diaz 3 days ago
This makeup is EVERYTHING!! tutorial please! 🖤🖤
Cristina Ramos
Cristina Ramos 3 days ago
Yankee Candles are not good. Bath & Body works is the only way to go!!
JandT Furman
JandT Furman 3 days ago
Yasss the scrunchy episode of SATC! Bet Carrie never thought they’d make a comeback!
Chelsea Jade Conroy
Chelsea Jade Conroy 4 days ago
Jaclyn ...what is the 10pm palette?
RachelElizabeth 4 days ago
I LOVE YOU JACLYN ! Xo thanks for this video and being so cute and funny and always coming through for us with the best reviews!
ninaax 4 days ago
i never usually watch jaclyn but these down to earth videos and organizing I'm living for itttt, yes queeeen
Roberta Jacquier
Roberta Jacquier 4 days ago
Only if ur comfortable doing it of course!!😉😉
Roberta Jacquier
Roberta Jacquier 4 days ago
Jaclyyyyyyyn!! Could you you please film a Jewlery collection videoooo?? I’m obsessed with all of your jewelry 🥰🥰🥰
Katie Hunter
Katie Hunter 4 days ago
Fast forwards past all the makeup since I haven't worn it since March lollll thanks Rona
Gianna M
Gianna M 4 days ago
Hahaha yesss, NY girls only wear scrunchies when their washing their faces! 😂
Kaitlyn Allred
Kaitlyn Allred 4 days ago
Loved this video!!! Could you do a video about ur jewelry and how to layer them and how to properly put silver and golds together. I love ur aesthetic 😍❤️❤️🤤. Love you!!!!
InaneFlattery 4 days ago
she was wearing... a SCRUNCHIE!
Damian Cordioli
Damian Cordioli 4 days ago
This is a really good video/channel as well!
Sam Sanders
Sam Sanders 4 days ago
The sex and the city scrunchie episode where they see the girl with the scrunchie in her hair and they make fun of her for wearing it in public 😂😂 and they think she might be from somewhere else because she was wearing a scrunchie out 😂
Blushing Bookworm
Blushing Bookworm 4 days ago
Hahaha, yes. I think of the episode everytime one of my girls asks me to grab them a scrunchie!
Princess Tay
Princess Tay 4 days ago
You should review niki tutorials palette it’s so beautiful
Barbara Arias
Barbara Arias 4 days ago
Jackie...loving this video.clothes,makeup, a little of everything. Thank you
Destiny Rae
Destiny Rae 4 days ago
Jac when u put ur candle out, instead of blowing it out, and having that smoke lingering around u and u have to swing ur arm around,.. instead of doing that, just use the lid it comes with, while the candle is on, put the lid on, and it will immediately light out ur candle, plus, u don’t have that smoke lingering around u, it won’t burn the lid at all, ... the fire goes out ASAP cause it has no air in it,... just a little FYI, seen ur face after u blew out that candle lol... my instant thought “should’ve just put the lid back on to put it out, so no smoke is in ur face”
Simple Nail Designs
Simple Nail Designs 3 days ago
Great tip - will try that! 💖🙌🏽
Jacynda Macaraig
Jacynda Macaraig 4 days ago
Anyone know where to find Pumking beer in LA 😭😭
CynFlo2010 4 days ago
YALL that perfume is $425 for the small size... wtf.. I wanted to try it but damn not anymore lmao! PS. All those candles she mentioned are bomb af, 10/10 would recommend!
Simple Nail Designs
Simple Nail Designs 3 days ago
Yes, just saw the price on the Nordstrom site 😳😭
chelsea williams
chelsea williams 4 days ago
Yass here for the sex and the city reference!
Kayla Dingus
Kayla Dingus 4 days ago
Guys HOW can I get Jaclyn to notice me?! I’ve been DMing her for FOUR years or so!
Kayla Dingus
Kayla Dingus 2 days ago
Nikki because I love her!
TINArryes XOXO 3 days ago
Nikki 3 days ago
For what????
Kayla Dingus
Kayla Dingus 4 days ago
PLEASE boost this comment so she will see it! My ig handle is kaylabaker2. I REALLY want to get her attention. 🥺
Sarah Palmer
Sarah Palmer 5 days ago
The pumpkin beer is made in my area of NY😍
irina arstamyan
irina arstamyan 5 days ago
my favorite sent ever! its my signature sent and i only wear it when i go out.
cece722 5 days ago
Literally every single time I wear a scrunchie in my hair or on my wrist I think about that sex in the city scene😂😂😂
Whitney Durrett
Whitney Durrett 5 days ago
Your fall favorites aka what you received in P.R. 🙄
Lauren Aguirre
Lauren Aguirre 5 days ago
Burger doesn’t know women in NYC 🍔
Maddy Overbaugh
Maddy Overbaugh 5 days ago
I must know what color you are wearing on your lips!!
La ra
La ra 5 days ago
Would you like to film a declutter Video for us? I Would love to See That from you :)
SMDOS 5 days ago
Terrible person
Alexia 4 days ago
Yes you are
Sana Ghanchi
Sana Ghanchi 5 days ago
I got a pallette from u and written thiss pallete is dedicated to all my loving subscribers thanks
Mackenzi Galla-Rini
Mackenzi Galla-Rini 5 days ago
You NEED to buy “Cedar Magnolia” candle from Joanna Ganes’ line at target. It’s INCREDIBLE!! Buy it if you find it in stock!!😍
Isabel Lopez
Isabel Lopez 2 days ago
The sandlewood vanilla from thrm is fuckin dank
Rhonda Gets Fit
Rhonda Gets Fit 5 days ago
Ok, you NEEEEEEED to do a tutorial on that eye look! Period. End of discussion, Cause you look amazing.
Too Short
Too Short 5 days ago
Could you do a tutorial for you makeup and hair???
Yuliya 5 days ago
Love to see you back ! Your fall decor is awesome on the background!
Kasey Smith
Kasey Smith 5 days ago
What’s wrong with her face??
Alexia 4 days ago
That’s rude to ask
Melissa Benson
Melissa Benson 5 days ago
I've been with you since your second video 😍💖 can you please find us dupes for your favorite high end lashes?? We always mix peanuts with m&m
La Hustler
La Hustler 5 days ago
A. A.
A. A. 5 days ago
Avoid sugar honey
Takeisha 6 days ago
House tour
Emma Haines
Emma Haines 6 days ago
Can you please do an updated tanning routine?
Helen Biggers
Helen Biggers 5 days ago
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas 6 days ago
I love these videos 🖤🍂
Ashley Amber
Ashley Amber 6 days ago
The sex and the city episode about scrunchies. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! I heart the word SCRUNCHIE
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