AK-50 UPDATE - February 2021

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Brandon Herrera

Month ago

What's up guys! Time for an AK-50 update!
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About Me
My name is Brandon Herrera. I'm the owner and operator of The AK Guy Inc, a 07 Firearm Manufacturer based out of Fayetteville, NC. I also co-own Stark Media Group, and designed the rifle known as the AK-50.
I've started to dedicate this USposts channel above all to have fun, but also as a way to document my entrepreneurial journey for the next few years as I try to grow my companies. Hopefully, people can learn from my example, successes, and failures.
Either way, I'm having a lot of fun with it so far, and I hope it's just as fun to follow along!
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Brandon Herrera
Brandon Herrera Month ago
Thanks for watching! This video was actually supposed to come out a week ago, but we're currently fighting USposts strikes that physically prevent us from posting for another week. We managed to upload this before our appeal was denied. But you can follow to B-Channel for new videos here while we sort that out! usposts.info/level/NB4XPkbXxdqQTmxWzJ9w1g.html Acre Gold: getacregold.com/akguy Twitch: www.twitch.tv/therealbrandonherrera Merch: www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/ak-guy
Foxie 28
Foxie 28 Month ago
wait i thought you already made and shot an ak50?am i losing it?
A D Month ago
usposts.info/vision/iq_az7TSnpJ6gqI/video this is how I feel about your AK-50
Logan Tyson
Logan Tyson Month ago
I wonder if you used a telescopic recoil spring assembly if it would reduce binding
Robin de Roos
Robin de Roos Month ago
@Brandon so when do we get another AK50 update?
Chilly Canuck
Chilly Canuck Month ago
Here me out bullpup p90
Code 3 With Talon
Code 3 With Talon 21 hour ago
aK5o uPdATe WhEN
Janis Ghale
Janis Ghale Day ago
Make a krinkov in 50BMG .
Day ago
Dear Brandon Herrera, hear me out: MAKE A STECHKIN aka the Makarov’s Full Auto big brother!!!
Grayson Day ago
Weird to think that In 70 years this gun is actual gonna be used by everyone
Figrin D'an
Figrin D'an Day ago
What will be finished first: Brandon's AK-50 or Rob Dahms 4rotor RX7
John Taylor Gorski
John Taylor Gorski 3 days ago
@BrandonHerrera Will you take orders on this when she’s all done? Asking so I can start to save up money for one! Stay classy. God bless.
Mishka Piska
Mishka Piska 4 days ago
Soooo.... you have access to computer aided design and libraries of engineering specifications, materials science, metallurgy, and over 75 years of history of the AK-47. What’s taking you so long to getting to proof of concept phase and refining the prototype? You are not inventing the wheel - just a better (hopefully) iteration. Stop dicking around and get it done!!!!
eTanium 5 days ago
I love the Nikita Soon Soon TM reference.
Sam 6 days ago
Maybe ya should break out the gun mats when showing off🤣
Alex Ehlers
Alex Ehlers 6 days ago
*SEXEE USposts MOTHER LOVERS* We want a smoothbore AK 47
charlie hanshaw
charlie hanshaw 7 days ago
You should call the bolt carrier "fat bastard" cause it's dead sexy.
Gardner !
Gardner ! 7 days ago
more ak 50 you !
Andrew Kincaid
Andrew Kincaid 7 days ago
We need a collab between Brandon Herrera and Life of Boris!
Angel Arredondo
Angel Arredondo 7 days ago
So i was recently introduced to the Ak-107. Is it too much to dream of the AK 50 being a literal recoiless rifle we could call it the AK-214 (107 x 2) or the AK-157 (107+50)
Elias Kühnert
Elias Kühnert 8 days ago
I want ak50 to go brrr :c
Jahn-Lonegoat Vamlo
Jahn-Lonegoat Vamlo 9 days ago
All those billet parts are giving me a weird chub..
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts 10 days ago
Brandon: "Fine, here's your update" Internet: *Happy Ape Noises*
Diego Ibañez
Diego Ibañez 11 days ago
Just One question, why 50?
swaggeregg 12 days ago
“WheRe’s ThE Ak-50 UpdAtE”
yunus emre Şahin
yunus emre Şahin 14 days ago
hey man, l think you dont need to continue with ak 50 , l finished that gun l even made it ak 60 ak 70 , it was lost
Nathan B
Nathan B 14 days ago
It’s still gonna be selectfire right?
Nathan B
Nathan B 14 days ago
Just joking ofc love the videos and updates
Nathan B
Nathan B 14 days ago
@Brandon Herrera perhaps it ought to be
Brandon Herrera
Brandon Herrera 14 days ago
No, it never was
Clueless 16 days ago
Anyone else nut a little bit at 9:06?
Reuben Oaks
Reuben Oaks 17 days ago
Awesome work Brandon. Cannot wait to see this come together.
Juan Ríos Pérez
Juan Ríos Pérez 17 days ago
9mm AK-50 conversion kit
Blarg Blarg
Blarg Blarg 19 days ago
..... you make a channel like this then move to San Antonio? Good luck with that.
Lord ofNosgoth
Lord ofNosgoth 19 days ago
It's amazing to me that anyone could have so much love for such a shitty weapons platform. Watching you repeatedly attempt to justify such insanity is the only reason to watch your channel. When you grow up and learn to love better weapons, maybe we can be friends.
Max Smith
Max Smith 21 day ago
Can confirm... NC blows.
Grayson Potter
Grayson Potter 22 days ago
Anti-Tank Kalashnikov gets a helpful update
American HotShot
American HotShot 23 days ago
where my Ak 50. Brandon
Fallcool Guy
Fallcool Guy 24 days ago
Lance Seifert
Lance Seifert 25 days ago
I’ll give you 2 dollars for a duplicate ak-50
Jacob Bunch
Jacob Bunch 25 days ago
Yes we're satisfied.
Lord Tubby
Lord Tubby 25 days ago
You should get Gun Jesus Ian Mcullum to review your gun. That would be sick as to see
Antonio Lawson
Antonio Lawson 26 days ago
What happened to gun life ?
Turtle Central
Turtle Central 27 days ago
2D 29 days ago
well. we got him boys!
Tennessee Boi
Tennessee Boi 29 days ago
The ak 60 we’ll be done before the ak 50
Fry Reviews
Fry Reviews 29 days ago
I can’t wait to see this thing finally looking like what it will.
Iron_Pi 29 days ago
This will be so badass! Beautiful work!
McCrispy Creamy
McCrispy Creamy Month ago
At least make a 50. AE
sixbero Month ago
It's called the AK50 because that's the year it will be finished in and not because its 50 BMG
Thunder Craft Gamer
Thunder Craft Gamer Month ago
What furniture are yall thinking about for it I think it would look bad ass with some darker wood furniture
T - S - unami
T - S - unami Month ago
Someone is making memes of the AK-50 on forgotten weapons now - you better get to AKing
yeah yuhhh
yeah yuhhh Month ago
Bully bully bully ,hurry up buddy .
Nathen Croskey
Nathen Croskey Month ago
Will the third hole be drilled?
Boondoggle Month ago
About fucking time
Akis V.
Akis V. Month ago
I dont like you Herrera, i dont know why i just dont but the AK50 is an excellent idea, something we all needed, hope it goes well.
Stephen Alley
Stephen Alley Month ago
I feel like you're cheating on the AK-50 with other handheld freedom devices.
Valiant Noob
Valiant Noob Month ago
What if a manufacturer said "fuck it! let's beat him to the punch 3-4 years later" and made one by the end of this year lmao
Thekid22167 Month ago
Hey when's the next ak50 update ?
The Fatty McGee
The Fatty McGee Month ago
Am I watching Ben Shapiro?
Jacob Gaines
Jacob Gaines Month ago
We need Myth Busters, Ghost Busters and a Psychic on the next AK50 video 😂
Bill Bercik
Bill Bercik Month ago
When will the ak50 be available to purchase
Mark Barta
Mark Barta Month ago
Brandon : AK 50 is finished Russia : i'll buy your whole stock
Hayden Cress
Hayden Cress Month ago
Can we have an automatic AK-50?
Pickle Nik
Pickle Nik Month ago
New Bill gets proposed that might make all .50 cal illegal. AK-50: well fuck me I guess
Joel Stait
Joel Stait Month ago
Looking forward to the AK50 2.0 be good to see you guys make a working AN/M2 1919 Stinger.
Scorpion mk2
Scorpion mk2 Month ago
when you arent apart of the bulli campaign to get ak 50 updates but is glad to see slow but sure progress because progress in the right direction is better than all progress
Tuvia Nesher
Tuvia Nesher Month ago
Gotta cast and mass produce this beast
D Rodriguez
D Rodriguez Month ago
Wow luv it
No Name
No Name Month ago
Speaking of quality machinists I just interviewed to be a machinist at Luepold making scopes anyone want to send me some good luck or good vibes please do, I really want to break into firearms manufacturing eventually become a gunsmith but I need metal machining experience so wish me luck y'all.
Josh Gervais
Josh Gervais Month ago
Shit dude what if he hits 1 mil by the time the ak50's done
Adrian Huang
Adrian Huang Month ago
gold is a shit asset i garantee u brandon invests in gamestop and amc nice sponsor
marcustheboxman Month ago
Take a shot everytime he says trunion
Khean Mikkelson
Khean Mikkelson Month ago
Makarov in .454 casull?
Andy Stampfli
Andy Stampfli Month ago
Wait... Ak jesus can just will it to be... 🤯
Andy Stampfli
Andy Stampfli Month ago
... but we're going to find out... 😂😂😂 Better your face than mine... But sign me up for... The second one
Indoor Kite
Indoor Kite Month ago
adam morgan
adam morgan Month ago
Machinist here thats sexy
Sadaygamer 2076
Sadaygamer 2076 Month ago
How about double section recoil spring?
Sheila Silva
Sheila Silva Month ago
Michael Costello
Michael Costello Month ago
please let cod put the ak 50 in a game
Lynx of Light
Lynx of Light Month ago
best of luck with this version of the ak50
Wyatt H.J.
Wyatt H.J. Month ago
Fuuuuck. He’s building it to have headspace and timing...... I CANT BE THE ONLY DUDE WHO KNOWS WHY IM COMPLAINING ABOUT THSO EITHER
Tsuari Rindoku
Tsuari Rindoku Month ago
AK50 is cool but if you want the most Russian things. AK152 will be nice. Basically AK with 152mm gun
John Boyd
John Boyd Month ago
show me ak50 brandon
puffin tuff
puffin tuff Month ago
So it's March 11th now. When are we getting another AK-50 Update?
Noah Hastings
Noah Hastings Month ago
AK6.5 update when?
The Last Wymsi
The Last Wymsi Month ago
Would you ever do tours of your workshop once the move is finished? Because that'd be cool as hell and I live close enough I could actually go.
The Last Wymsi
The Last Wymsi Month ago
One day a cnc specialist is gonna join the AK crew and y'all are going to break guntube.
Better World Project
Better World Project Month ago
we are happy. stop cutting yourself we need ak 50
jegergladformad86 Month ago
wtf i can only like this video once. but i loved it lots!
B Kain
B Kain Month ago
Can't wait to see it brotha. Doing the lords work over there.
inekei a
inekei a Month ago
Классное видео
Will Dupe
Will Dupe Month ago
0:19 :D
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee Month ago
This old tony should machine your ak50 parts
Alejandro Ayora
Alejandro Ayora Month ago
sooo when the killdozer video?
DaTweaks Month ago
I wish that in the future I can get an disarmed version of the AK-50 so I can have it in ma room here in Sweden
Breakfast Withtrees
Breakfast Withtrees Month ago
Jesus Loves You
Outdoors Tyson
Outdoors Tyson Month ago
Dummy thic
Trent Morrison
Trent Morrison Month ago
Yo brandon, try and do a barrels sleve collar like on the mk12 spr, that collar allows the suppressor to be aligned to prevent impact shift and possibly shrink groupings.
Zan Kelley
Zan Kelley Month ago
just buy a cnc engineer and machine. and keep him in the basement until he finishes the gun...in hindsight it sounds like kidnapping...but yea...do that.
CZane Month ago
The final video about the ak-50 should be Ian doing a forgotten weapons video on it
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis Month ago
Kalashni-Bren Mk2: AK chambered in .303 British that takes standard Bren magazines
224rebels Month ago
Is the goal to make a single AK50 for personal use? Or to make it reproducible and do a production run?
Johnny Gaming
Johnny Gaming Month ago
When’s the next 50 update? 😂 jk
dj jay sky
dj jay sky Month ago
to do the rivets you will a 500 ton air over hydraulic press or any high pressure air over hydraulic press will give you best control
Nathan H
Nathan H Month ago
Awesome, keep up the great work!
James Kratos6684
James Kratos6684 Month ago
So when is the next AK50 update?
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