Coming 2 America - Angry Movie Review & Rant!

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Month ago

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the unasked for sequel 33 years later to one of their favorite comedies of all time? How bad is it? Find out in our Hour Long Rant & Spoilers Discussion!
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Jon. Day ago
Isn't it only "free" with prime?
Jon. Day ago
The barbershop scene was my favorite by far.
Sir Speaks Alot
Sir Speaks Alot Day ago
30:44 if anyone had any doubts that his anger is just exaggerated, this moment right here should prove that it's not lmao
Mr. Mondo Macho
Mr. Mondo Macho Day ago
Make a classic “Fly off to the right and explode!” Shirt 😂
Katya L
Katya L Day ago
As far as I know, there's no Subsaharan country that doesn't let women own businesses, so it misrepresents Africans. And I hate when movies let small young women beat strong experienced men. Just stop. It doesn't empower anyone or prove a point. It just panders to insecure women and makes the rest of us look pathetic.
Wardawg Day ago
This movie wasn't supposed to be funny because the first one wasn't. I loved the movie bc it stuck to the original while bringing something new to the story.
jhon adams
jhon adams 3 days ago
you are pushing for that 10min ad revenue
R vLion
R vLion 3 days ago
The whole movie industry has gone WOKE... This is the reason that most movies are shit, you guys just are not woke enough.
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 days ago
Angry drunk man breaks his chair yelling about queefs. Bruh.
Hey, that's pretty good!
Hey, that's pretty good! 3 days ago
Oh I expect the movie to be like the first one but nope. It’s like they tried to make a black version of the crazy rich asians but failed.
Triston Dula
Triston Dula 3 days ago
I really love the legend of akeem scene, made me get that emotional feeling
Nolas 4 days ago
I watched 5 min and tuned in to a different movie. The first movie worked so well because it wasn't crammed full of politically correct bullshit.
Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
Vayos ReaperoftheVoid 4 days ago
Leslie Jones is approaching the Akeem, The Akeem is losing consciousness. XD
chris 4 days ago
joe bro you gotta let the other guys talk too you speak way to much and cut them off sometimes it's funny but you do it all the time. Big cringe
DarkCode 5 days ago
Wesley snipes is so talented. True point Alex.
DarkCode 5 days ago
🤣 lmfao. Alex had the funniest bit here, BUT.. those member berries are real sweet 😂😆. Lets just call them dingle betties Alex lmao Second Harvest ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can never undo that from my memory 🤣
Steveyp 6 days ago
It was stupid af
Elliot 8 days ago
The Anger is strong with one 30:50
Yo, I'm GONE!
Yo, I'm GONE! 10 days ago
Alex: "stop making excuses for companies making terrible products. Have some respect for yourself as the consumer" Also Alex: "this movie is bad but if youre drunk, turn your brain off, lower your expectations, dont compare it to the original its below average and kind of fun" You leftists are so pathetic...
na7ur3 11 days ago
Lol, unfortunately Joe this is not only in the movies anymore. Welcome to your new world order. Enjoy the crumbs of the past.
Dylan Barnett
Dylan Barnett 11 days ago
I want a fuggin blue, flat bill
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari 13 days ago
Lets just hope this one gets a Snyder cut
Grimmbow 14 days ago
Leslie Jones has now helped ruin two of my favorite franchises. First Ghostbusters, now Coming to America. SMH.
Dylan Tomaino
Dylan Tomaino 14 days ago
The only part that got me was the return of sexual chocolate 🍫🤣🤣
Elmafusa69 14 days ago
The simple answer is stop shoving fake political agendas and they shove feminism and blm type of agenda... make movies great again.
Pablo Vilarnovo
Pablo Vilarnovo 15 days ago
It seems they are hiring pop songs videos directors to write and direct these films. So bad....
Dario 15 days ago
Nextdoria?! Nextdoria. Nextdoria! Next-doria.... If I made a country or a character with similar name in my books everyone would ruin me. But I guess it's ok.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 15 days ago
Movie so bad, people left Earth to get away from it...really...…. away from it!!!!! Thank You Nasa. I hope this is received soon for people on Earth.... signing off from...…. The Moon!!!!
SKYRULE-49 15 days ago
SJW ruined this movie as well as all movies nowadays. I knew the ending before the movie started and boy was I Right! I didn't care for the sjw daughter's, Akeem was drugged and raped, and plot was slow. Wesley Snipes stole the show for me. 5/10 for me.
The Ghost
The Ghost 16 days ago
Hey man lay off the booze... Good content otherwise:)
Erick Avila
Erick Avila 16 days ago
I never saw the OG but I guess its the curse of Leslie Jones. Every flick she's in and especially those that have a hardcore fan base she just ruins it. She's not built to be in these legendary franchises.
Eli Woods
Eli Woods 17 days ago
I hated the scene where the son is applying for a job and they immediately get racial. Shaun King must have been a script writer. Telling black families there’s no need for a father in the house. I’m so sick of the far lefts propaganda with dividing everyone. Like if you agree 👍
Gustavo Deloisa
Gustavo Deloisa 19 days ago
Plot twist: Neil Druckman has a whirl at this sequel. The movie starts out with Wesley Snipe's character assassinating Akeem. The movie then focuses on Wesley Snipes for the rest of the film. Expectations subverted. Oooooooooo 😯
ash072 19 days ago
I liked it for what it was... a nostalgic trip
Ashhh 20 days ago
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez 22 days ago
I think Eddie just needs to get back in STAND UP! Maybe he needs to be reminded what comedy is....
LanTech 22 days ago
He broke his chair taking about p.ssy farts lmao
LanTech 22 days ago
This is way better then the actual movie. I made it about 20 min. Couldn't do it no more. Are you out of your mind!!!!!!????
BUBBA 22 days ago
This movie looks cringe
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 22 days ago
leslie jones ruins every movie. i wouldnt watch this movie even if it were 7/10 otherwise, because shes in it.
Bartosz Pociej
Bartosz Pociej 23 days ago
For me Coming 2 america feels unneaceassery and for me this movie doesn't exist. the first Coming to america exists X)
Allen Smith
Allen Smith 24 days ago
This is the paragon of what PC culture does to comedy.
SAW 24 days ago
I felt like I was watching a comedy movie written by a group of comrades in a suppressed communist regime.
5StarFilmz 24 days ago
I thought it was a great movie. Not the original but good film in its own right. I love how they compare the times from 30 years ago and attempt to give this mix of Black American and African culture throughout the film. I think this film will become more appreciated with time. Great job Edddie. 4 STARS
masoprid3 24 days ago
i wanted this movie to be good so bad but sadly it wasn't :(... at least the original is a gem
URBN CTRL 24 days ago
Hahaha this movie is funny. Haters gonna white
DestroyEraseImprove ;
DestroyEraseImprove ; 24 days ago
It was "woke" garbage as are most modern American movies.
Monkey Robots Inc.
Monkey Robots Inc. 24 days ago
sounds like they pulled a last of us
Monkey Robots Inc.
Monkey Robots Inc. 24 days ago
its made by present day hollywood. who in their right mind would subject themselves to this. just watch the original again. and ONLY watch old movies. pay nothing for them (you know how). let hollywood die.
Charlie Lemus
Charlie Lemus 25 days ago
I couldnt really finish it. It was so cringey it really did a deservice to the original. It was just a cash grab. All my favorite actors in a subpar to a classic
I P 25 days ago
Why you scream so much! You sound just like Lesley Jones...
David Wolfish • 12 years ago
David Wolfish • 12 years ago 25 days ago
Is it just me, or is Leslie Jones kind of a problematic actor? Isn't she just reinforcing racist stereotypes, with her endless shouting? How has she not been cancelled yet?
BrandonLee 25 days ago
I watched the first one for the first time recently and both are great films, yes the comedy is really bad lol
Hail Kalb
Hail Kalb 25 days ago
Could you please address the fact that Ethiopian traditional clothes, various types of authentic Ethiopian church crosses and the Ethiopian alphabet was used throughout the movie - everything written in this movie that's not English, is amharic (an Ethiopian language) All the reviews I see talk about costume design and designers when they've directly taken so many original things without even modifying them. And then they talk about designs taken from Nigeria and India but no one says anything about Ethiopia???!!! Why is it they don't want to give Ethiopia the credit she deserves? I've even not seen any credit to Ethiopia at the end of the movie when so many things were blatantly shown throughout the movie. I think it's a shame and the movie makers should be sued for theft and plagiarism!
Zeto Kaiba
Zeto Kaiba 25 days ago
No one cares.... Nigeria and Ethiopia are in the same country anyway go cry on twitter about it if you want a mob to harass them to credit Ethiopia. 🤷‍♂️
Spacious Wheat
Spacious Wheat 25 days ago
Im glad im not the only one that thinks Leslie Jones is annoying as fuck
moeakaaka 25 days ago
That angry strength 🤣
DeadShred9 25 days ago
It was OK and it had few , but it had it's moments but mostly it was recycled Jokes . The Barbershop and Sexual Chocolate at the end were great scenes but scene's don't make a great Sequel !!! Oh well as far as Eddie Murphy goes he's still got it but hasn't shown his Talent since Bowfinger ...
Dabarawah Jacob
Dabarawah Jacob 26 days ago
I could have written and directed a better script and sequel. This was just bad, I've tried to finish it 3 times but I just can't.
kieran mcnamara
kieran mcnamara 26 days ago
Not once did akeem ask for a dna test despite the fact he was raped by a woman who admits to having done it alot to other dudes back in the day and then he doesnt get her charged.
Daniel rogers
Daniel rogers 27 days ago
could they make this movie any more outlandish?
liriodelosvalles 27 days ago
I can't watch you guys with all these screaming! Jesus Christ! Stop the screamingggggg.
Jeremiah Craft
Jeremiah Craft 27 days ago
"We are family. I got Sexual Chocolate with me."
N.V. Neyrinck
N.V. Neyrinck 28 days ago
Once again another case of the trailers being better than the movies! SMH.
Akinokaze Haruichiban
Akinokaze Haruichiban 29 days ago
10:20 This is american psycho 2. Sorry Joe, gotta totally disagree with you here. I don't have the skills to do it myself, but I think American Psycho 2 could actually be re-edited into a decent [maybe even good] film. This can't, this is an insult to American Psycho 2 XD
Akinokaze Haruichiban
Akinokaze Haruichiban 29 days ago
Written June 20th, 2017 after watching American Psycho 2: American Psycho 2 alt cut idea. SPOILER WARNING, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE GONNA WATCH THE FILM, [Unless you wanna compare what I say ;3] It starts 6 years before the films present day, the main character and her babysitter tied up and bateman killing the babysitter. Main character breaks loose unnoticed and kills him.] ========== CUT THIS WHOLE PIECE TO USE LATER ========== Next it's her in college with a goal to be TA for a professor [so she will be almost guaranteed to get to quantico] and talking about her competition. [maybe adjust the naration, not sure] Stuff happens.... later one of her competition is in an argument with a councellor or something and makes threats, she sees her next and they argue. Councellor is killed in her own home by someone in a hoody [you can't tell who. Which currently goes to waste cause you know the main character is a killer.] It then cuts to the guy vising the main characters dorm room dressed in the same hoody and asking her out plus saying some stuff that hints at him being the killer [what a waste.] After dinner he comes back to her room and is killed by someone in a hoody strangling him with a condom. She then takes off the hood and says "ribbed for her pleasure" ========== CUT THE REVEAL FOR USE LATER. ========== There's a discussion in class about a serial killed, there's conflict between her and the other over insite into them. Both seem suspicious and there is foreshadowing to the ending. She then follows them to the library and kills them. ========== CUT THE KILL FOR LATER.========== More stuff.... she's at a party where she learns gets into an argument with someone and then finds out the TA position is going to her roommate. She is pleased for her and says they should go somewhere to celebrate and hugs her, which then transistions into her ending the hug taking a necklace off her hanging body. ========== GOOD TRANSITION.... COULD KEEP THIS THERE AS A TONAL SHIFT OR CUT IT DURING THE HUG FOR LATER. ========== More stuff and here's where the edits pay off. There's two points now where things are revealed. First to the professior just before she kills him. [THIS IS WHERE I'D PUT THE OPENING SEQUENCE AS IT ALREADY PARTLY FLASHES BACK TO IT.] Then there's a few kills in a row as she seems to spiral out of control. ========== CHANGE THE FUCKING MUSIC HERE... IT'S LIKE BULK AND SKULL SHOWED UP FFS. ========== Then cut to two years later at quantico and she reveals herself to someone from the college time and this is probably where I'd used all the kill clips I cut.
Ozymandias 29 days ago
The angry Joe has absolutely right in everything. He understands how a movie has to be. But the guy with the black t-shirt has no idea. For him a movie is ok when the old characters appear. Ah wow, the father of akim....oh wow, the fat guy from mcdowells...oh wow, akim's wife.....oh wow, the barber wow so funny. OH MAN, your bar is really very low. The movie is a catastrophe and if someone don't see this then I'm so sorry for that person
Unkown Figure
Unkown Figure Month ago
I have no faith at all in space jam 2 🤦🏽‍♂️
J J Month ago
Says leave if you don't want to see us rant me gets more snug in my chair.
A G Month ago
Leslie Jones is a terrible actor.
D M Month ago
Agreed. This movie was a big disappointment. Even The Breakfast Club couldn’t co-sign this movie. And I don’t know how Leslie Jones has gotten so far in the entertainment business, she’s not funny and acts the same way in everything. She must have some dirt on a celeb or executive.
klabkebash Month ago
Stop saying Queens!: It's a Tyler Perry Studio in Atlanta version of what Queens & NYC is suppose to be 🤪
Colin D
Colin D Month ago
Red Letter Media: "Remember the barber shop????"
Becky Ross
Becky Ross Month ago
I blame blm and all the shit that's gone on last few years black panther was the same tried to hard to appeal to the black audience having a full black cast but they forget to write a good story this movie tried to be black panther for some reason it was wierd anyway both were shite
Becky Ross
Becky Ross Month ago
No words describe how bad this movie was
Jordie Jordan
Jordie Jordan Month ago
*Angry Joe can you come out with a shirt that says your famous line “THE GAME IS ONLY 4 HOURS!”*
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg Month ago
I was a bad movie.
Unlikelyspore 1
Unlikelyspore 1 Month ago
I will never leave, make me.
Dessert Ranger
Dessert Ranger Month ago
Another movie where Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan are playing the exact same characters.
TheGREAT Blatthope
TheGREAT Blatthope Month ago
When Alex tries to pander to the blacks it's cringy af. Smh.
Immortal Dream Entertainment
Immortal Dream Entertainment Month ago
After careful consideration, I think I may actually give this movie a try. As in the original movie, not the sequel.
TheGREAT Blatthope
TheGREAT Blatthope Month ago
Spoiler alert: 9 times out of 10 a movie with an all black cast is going to suck and be cringy. Just sayin....
Shogun Joseph
Shogun Joseph Month ago
A movie is always bad if it ends with an electric slide
Chris T
Chris T Month ago
With the whole Cancel culture, No good eighties movie can get remade or have a sequel
Thanks Other Joe for explaining the difference between Bill and Ted and this movie, because I seriously wanted to know.
c20ux Month ago
If this movie got 2/10 then Cosmic Sin should have got -10/10...Get real AJ.
Daniel Pulido
Daniel Pulido Month ago
Leslie jones shouldnt even be near a studio its like people put her in movies because they feel so bad at how poop she is ..
Klaymonkey Month ago
I never liked TV variety hour.
Shep normandy
Shep normandy Month ago
Leslie Jones is absolute Trash
Braxton Walden
Braxton Walden Month ago
Alex... I love you bud, but... “salt and pepper”?! It’s Salt-N-Pepa!
saqtah Month ago
1 hour to watch a movie review? Dude, I would rather watch the movie instead. Still love you angry joe lol.
GrimShock Month ago
Honestly I liked the movie. It had great performances and some good jokes. It isn’t the same as the original, but hey we don’t want Ghostbusters 2
Carlos Juarez
Carlos Juarez Month ago
I loved how awkard and fearful they are when joe threatens to choke people to death!!! 😂😂😂
Alex Furry
Alex Furry Month ago
WutTheDeuce Month ago
judging by how many actors they have here, it seems to me like this was more of a "we have to get all of these people in at least one scene of the movie" and it completely ruined the story of it.
VulKus Month ago
Intro starts playing Me: turns volume up Joe: *ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??* Me: quickly turns down
Dominic Matich
Dominic Matich Month ago
Let's be honest, they made it a black movie like Medina, or Friday 3. Coming to America and Friday are CLASSIC movies that aren't JUST for black people, the Coming to America and Friday 3 are the exact opposite
Shama Town
Shama Town Month ago
It suppose to be a playing a president story
Shama Town
Shama Town Month ago
They should have done some research in africa about African president
Kai Huang
Kai Huang Month ago
Leslie Jones: I'm gonna tear you apart, and your friend too.
sicario bonesaw
sicario bonesaw Month ago
It was a horrible movie but come on it didn't ruin the original. U can still watch the original
Lunaticious Official
Lunaticious Official Month ago
What most people DONT REALIZE. Everything you consume has PURPOSE. It is called "preemptive programming." Entertainment has been infiltrated long time ago to brainwash you and put you into a political direction. Its sad but true.
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