Setup Wars Episode 235 - Budget Edition

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▶Setup Wars Season 5 Intro contest:
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▶Collin A◀
Gear List
Desk: IKEA linnmon table top
Chair: Just a black and white gaming chair from Amazon
Monitors: my main monitor is the Sceptre IPS 24" 165hz gaming monitor and my secondary is A LG 27"
Monitor Mount: I don't know about the monitor mount, my uncle gave it to me alongside the desk and LG monitor.
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman mini Mercury White with Linear switch's
Mouse: Razer Mercury White Basilisk
Mousepad: a RGB mouse pad from Amazon. I plan on getting the Goliathus in White soon
Speakers: Logitech Z200
Headphones: TurtleBeach Recon 200.
Gear List
Desk:Ikea Adil Legs x12, 71 inch Linnmon Desktop, 47 inch Linmon Desktop
Chair:SMUGDESK, Mesh, Ergonomic Office Desk Computer Task Chair, Gray
Monitors:Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch x2
Monitor Mount:N/A
Keyboard:Corsair K55
Mouse:Razer Mamba TE
Mousepad:LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Large
Headphones:Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless, Backup: Steel Series Arctis Pros
Microphone:mxl bcd-1 Mic
DAC/AMP: Focusrite Scarlet Solo
Desk: custom made
Chair: Informa Juan chair
Monitors: Aoc 27b1h -
Keyboard: vortex series vx 7
Keycaps: taihao double shots pbt keycaps; 2 sets pink and blue combined (with some custom made stickers there) -
Mouse: exo elite from tecware
Mousepad: sades meteor -
Speakers: sonic gear Titan 2
Headphones: dareu EH925
Desk: Black Prima Frene
Monitor: Aoc c32g1 -
Monitor: Samsung s27f350fhl -
Monitor Mount: Arctic Z1 Basic -
Keyboard: Logitech G915 Lightspeed -
Mouse: MX Master 2s -
Mousepad: Corsair MM350 -
Headphones: Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless -
Microphone: Hyperx Quadcast -
▶Name: Louie Contreras◀
Monitors: sceptre 20 in 75hz -
sceptre 25 in 165hz -
Keyboard: rk61 -
Mouse: model d -
Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker -
arctis 3 wired headphones -
blue yeti snowball mic -
fuzzy filter -
Boom arm -
Monitor - LG 29WK600 ultrawide -
Keyboard: Logitech G810 Orion -
Mouse: Logitech G602 -
Speakers: Razer Nommo -
Headphones: Logitech G231 -
Steelseries mouse mat -

Desk: Ikea linnmon top on sit/stand base
Chair: Monster DXRacer
Monitors: Lenovo 23-inch 1080p 75hz
Monitor Mount: stock stand
Keyboard: TOMOKO Mechanical Blue switches
Mouse: Logitech MX Master
Mousepad: Corsair mousepad
Speakers: n/a
Headphones: Audio Technica
Microphone: Antlion ModMic 4.0
DAC/AMP: stock motherboard audio

Desk: ikea linmon tabletop, 2 alex drawers and two wallshelves mounted on the alexdrawers
Chair: I don’t know
Monitors: benq zowie xl2411p
Monitor Mount: stock
Keyboard: GXT 830 trust avonn
Mouse: maxxter gaming mouse
Mousepad: maxxter mouse pad
Speakers: google nest mini
Headphones: hyperx cloud alpha
Microphone: headphone

TechSource Month ago
Download Opera GX for free here:
MGPlayz 4 days ago
@Kringey same
Kidophile 5 days ago
And yes I have been using it for 9 months now feel free to join the discord community
Kidophile 5 days ago
Him asking us why we didn’t tell him about it Me: Cause of Linus tech tips of course.
Kringey 6 days ago
Already had it Lol
foxys theory nate
foxys theory nate 9 days ago
@InnerDrusT maybe in my basement? lemmy check
78 16 hours ago
I’m so glad he had 2 Linmon tables cause I’m getting them and now I see how big they are
mSa 19 hours ago
Already using Opera GX ;)
x V3N0MP00L x
x V3N0MP00L x Day ago
3:41 my guy over clocking with a stock cooler
mia_klauk Day ago
3:02 Yeah there are more Gamers and Cubers out there1
Kuttz Millz
Kuttz Millz 2 days ago
Isaacs is my favourite im going to copy him. Kemals looks really cool too
Yank 2 days ago
Trying to save money for a PC and that juicy 250$ is just😢😢😢😢😢 edit i’m going to send my set up and you get to talk trash about it
H H 3 days ago
Are we gonna ignore the flogger? 2:30
The Dolphin
The Dolphin 3 days ago
Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 40 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy
werter 2 days ago
Yeah imagine... Now shut the fuck up
Jeremy colon
Jeremy colon 4 days ago
I have been using it for a few months sorry I didn't tell you
Aariv Goyal
Aariv Goyal 4 days ago
Macaroni 4 days ago
poke main
Frosty zeno
Frosty zeno 4 days ago
How much did the 1st gaming setup cost and how much fps can it run on fortnite
letsfisch • vor 10 Jahren
letsfisch • vor 10 Jahren 4 days ago
Imagine play fortnite
Declan Bachner
Declan Bachner 4 days ago
Opera gx gave me a virus i was just playing my free minecraft then thought of it and was like why not download it and try it out, after a day of using it, it bricked my pc.
eU_GodzHand 5 days ago
i gotta cheated on ebay for a 1060 ti and i never got it for a entry level build i would love a 2080 or 70but the lowest is a 1660 or up but i can give u the money if u would lik to build it for me. i understand if nor or u cant at the moment. i have a setup but no PC
eU_GodzHand 5 days ago
can u build me a budget set up if i give u the money?
noobmaster69 5 days ago
i watch these videos on mute
ArzaHelkilporo GABUT
ArzaHelkilporo GABUT 5 days ago
1:09 actually normal toilet it's the best gaming chair ever for all mobile gamers
Elljay_PLAYZ 6 days ago
I can only afford a £300 gaming setup because im 13 and i have to pay for my setup😕
Memes4kris Day ago
I’m 13 too bro I have £1100 I’m soon getting another £400 I’m not rich , my parents are immigrants so it’s just how you get the money
Epzy. 6 days ago
its funny how sooo many people say pokemon instead of poki mane
DarrenTheDog223 6 days ago
I just watched your roasting video and i just think of roasts and everything u say i am just waiting for one LOL
Pignoy God
Pignoy God 6 days ago
Collin's link for his keyboard is the link for table.
Kezify 6 days ago
Nahum Solomon
Nahum Solomon 6 days ago
"budget setup" he said. "dual 144hz moniter" he said.
Pärtel Nugin
Pärtel Nugin 8 days ago
I think louie is the best
Alvinz30 9 days ago
TankFN 9 days ago
why do you need a whip though
liam estevez
liam estevez 9 days ago
how do you join
Prasad Surapanani
Prasad Surapanani 10 days ago
4:54 oml stfu kid why do you care about every single thing -_-
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 11 days ago
I heard you cables weren’t managed 🔫👈😑
Jonno 11 days ago
If I had 2000 to spend on a setup i could get everything I wanted
Luap Ahcor
Luap Ahcor 11 days ago
what's up with the shortage of Alex drawers, it's rediculous all you can buy are the white ones on Amazon, and there 300.00 for one
E4ace 11 days ago
i love how he still call pokimane ''pokimon'' :), or at least that is what i hear when he mention that name XD.
SgtSnowballs 12 days ago
Love it how all of them are 17 and under pretty much. Must be nice having parents who can buy all that for you 😀
cornzi 10 days ago
@SgtSnowballs i earn 5 pounds an hour im 14 say i do 5 days and 4 hours each day thats 100 pounds at the end of the week
SgtSnowballs 10 days ago
@cornzi definitely won’t be earning that much at that age
cornzi 10 days ago
I think they work.
Jhusgus 12 days ago
I watch these to try and improve my laptop setup
Kirill Totar
Kirill Totar 12 days ago
how the hell do these setups have anything to do with budget?
BreninGaming 12 days ago
That first guy is so spoiled kinda sad tbh.
Micaela Nienaber
Micaela Nienaber 13 days ago
i feel like nothing is going to top that intro.
Flurry Hearts
Flurry Hearts 13 days ago
Jödlz 13 days ago
5:04 no one is talking about the nintendo switch
careyedd. 14 days ago
XhamzaX 14 days ago
someday I'm gonna enter this competition...someday...
Sanjit Kadam
Sanjit Kadam 15 days ago
$2000 is not much of a tight budget
Dani Barral
Dani Barral 15 days ago
Oh demss
Oh demss 16 days ago
Who knows what the wallpaper that jospeh used is called?
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 16 days ago
When budget edition is still over my budget
Its DRAKO 16 days ago
Samreet is the winnet
CODEContinuum 16 days ago
Its not letting me join the discord. Can someone please help me
Vision YT
Vision YT 17 days ago
Omg how did you make you monitors like that
Bailey 18 days ago
Pokimane is pronounced Pokee Main
Morgan Schaefer
Morgan Schaefer 18 days ago
ive been using opera for like 2 months
Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic 18 days ago
So setup makeover for me 😀
Amaze Games
Amaze Games 19 days ago
Collins was the best
Rl pulls
Rl pulls 19 days ago
Ed: setup wars budget edition Me: has a low profile pc with a mini tv as a monitor
Mercyy 19 days ago
If this is budget then i fear for my setup
Mansour Rahman
Mansour Rahman 20 days ago
FUN Fact But It’s Not FUN:This video was uploaded on my birthday and I’m watching it 2 weeks later 🤭🤭🤭
皇帝カイ 21 day ago
Ok I know this is late but in the ad that's 100% The Verge.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 21 day ago
In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:
Ben Stafford
Ben Stafford 21 day ago
Me realizing these are somehow budget: 😮
FM Editz
FM Editz 22 days ago
me a Louie have the exact same pc specs and we both have the same headphones and keyboard
Reichenne Bayani
Reichenne Bayani 23 days ago
ive been using opera gx for 2 years
shyry 23 days ago
With the first one he should have moved his desk a little bit forward because seeing those individual LED lights on the RGB strip is kinda taking away from the aesthetic in my opinion.
DessertWolf 24 days ago
DIY Light diffuser : Baking paper rap that around is cheap and easy : )
PommesPatrik 24 days ago
Phoenix 24 days ago
Aura Oreos
Aura Oreos 24 days ago
I want to learn how to build a pc so bad so I can end up on this show
BLUDxYT 24 days ago
I know there is a gaming browser but I didn't knew there is gaming toilet
Impact 25 days ago
I love how he spelt linnmon wrong XD. He wrote linmon
Arnotarus 25 days ago
When these setups are too cool u have to have no eyes
Brutal squad
Brutal squad 26 days ago
He forgoted about his another sponser amazon
Bhavya12Singhal 26 days ago
I want to know that do we have to pay you for setup makeover
Ghoul Xen
Ghoul Xen 26 days ago
Been using it for a year. Big brain move
Roland Ko
Roland Ko 26 days ago
The chilly cotton proximally haunt because gasoline macroscopically guarantee including a valuable cereal. big, xenophobic bobcat
Luke Ballin
Luke Ballin 26 days ago
The "extension" in Joseph's pc appears to be an adaptor from a 24 pin atx cable and a smaller pin count connector for a proprietary board
Mikey 26 days ago
Hey! I really love your videos but I hate your use of the term "OCD". You often use it just to describe people being neat when that's not what OCD is. OCD is obsessive-compulsive disorder, many people deal with it and it can be a real fucking burden to them. It is not just "being neat" or "wanting this tidy" it is doing something over and over again because your brain tells you to and convinces you that if you don't do that thing you will die or get hurt or someone you care about will be hurt. I know you aren't ever gonna see this comment but I'd really like to get this out there. I'd really like to see the misuse of the term OCD be stopped. yes being neat can play into OCD but that's not what it is completely, so it should not be chalked up as just that. It's a mental disorder, not just being a tidy person and wanting everything to look neat. I'm not trying to cancel you or anything like that, because I do really love your content but I'd just like for you to stop using that term in your videos when just talking about just being neat because it is spreading misinformation about what OCD is.
Memes4kris Day ago
Chill the fuck out mate
beacon 27 days ago
this was posted on my bday also I want to join but I know for sure my setup sucks so ill submit when I improve, wait to be amazed :D
Shylo-0rb1t 27 days ago
i like how ive had opera gx for 1 year and a half and you only advertise it now 🤣
SORAH 27 days ago
Colin had the best setup just cause of the kingdom hearts wallpaper
Skinny ASSC
Skinny ASSC 27 days ago
9:51 its a bit too fine. its the cleanest one of all of this tryhard things. ed is aint so minimalistic. i feel like u r a bit childish to me lol
Hanunija 28 days ago
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive and love one another! Live holy! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ! Don't take the c-vaccine! Don't use Make-Up! Do not worship "saints" statues! Don't listen to worldy music!
Flav Lil Demon
Flav Lil Demon 28 days ago
9:47 wtf is wrong with you?! that setup looks super clean and pretty
Zonic6625 _
Zonic6625 _ 28 days ago
O.T Genasis [AMV]
O.T Genasis [AMV] 28 days ago
6:45 his motherboard for some reason has a 10 pin setup
mc_094 Clark
mc_094 Clark 28 days ago
We just ganna ignore the whip he was ganna buy?
Tommaso Omodei
Tommaso Omodei 28 days ago
i am watching this on Opra XD
ah yes
ah yes 28 days ago
"Oh poki, when will you notice me"
Josue Aguilar
Josue Aguilar 28 days ago
We need to get him to 5 million subs!!!
ultivibes 29 days ago
i have been using this browser for like 2 years...
Teenage Vlogs
Teenage Vlogs 29 days ago
Your body style just bothers me 🤣
Pat pat
Pat pat 29 days ago
Isaac or kemal won
number 9
number 9 29 days ago
My budget was like 1125
Ht10 29 days ago
Bro I got the best setup I got a IPhone XS and a ps 4 controller
Seamus Carney
Seamus Carney 29 days ago
Brave is better browser
Liam Till
Liam Till 29 days ago
I wish I can get a room like them
B 29 days ago
The alcoholic meteorology historically ban because greek pharmacologically unpack near a wiggly children. befitting, juvenile sycamore
Cracked Sam
Cracked Sam 29 days ago
I wanna enter how do I? I wanna show my budget setup
sashvat seksaria
sashvat seksaria Month ago
ZerKy Ziggy
ZerKy Ziggy Month ago
Pokimanes knew name is Pokemon
Mihail Hristozov
Mihail Hristozov Month ago
2:22 SIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gaming Dog
Gaming Dog Month ago
I love how Ed keeps calling Pokimane “Pokémon”
Reyna Santos
Reyna Santos Month ago
perhaps because her first name, Imane, is pronounced like émon
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