Teardown Makes Me ANGRY (Teardown Gameplay)

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Month ago

No Fridge = No Happiness
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What is Teardown?:
Prepare the perfect heist in this simulated and fully destructible voxel world. Tear down walls with vehicles or explosives to create shortcuts. Stack objects to reach higher. Use the environment to your advantage in the most creative way you can think of.

Caleb Fox
Caleb Fox 10 hours ago
Smii7y could you not have broken the part of the car where the alarm was attached off and not set off the alarm
Jett Pod
Jett Pod 11 hours ago
Why donโ€™t you remove the gate then quick save!!
IshyaBoyBoge 2 days ago
Im actually getting fucking heated watching him NOT REMOVE THE GODDAMN GATE BEFORE HAND..
Jason Oneil
Jason Oneil 2 days ago
you know you can just put the cars in the pools its not just the ocean
Andrรฉ Monteirinho
Andrรฉ Monteirinho 2 days ago
0:31 does anyone know the name of that sound effect?
Supernova Gaming
Supernova Gaming 3 days ago
I just got rickrolled by a chip commercial
Estlast Gaimer
Estlast Gaimer 3 days ago
I like how he doesnโ€™t even know that there are pools to throw cars into and a lake
Reed Smith
Reed Smith 5 days ago
hey SMii7Y you know you can cut off parts of cars that are attached to the alarm to make the alarm not go off
DILIFRร–DER03 6 days ago
There are so many missed opportunities for sponsorships in these videos. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜…
Cole Reynolds
Cole Reynolds 9 days ago
He said he was doing it with his eyes closed and then he said look at that
Lex Chiver
Lex Chiver 9 days ago
Treadmill: **exists** Smi77Y: *your free pass of living has expired*
Me4 10 days ago
I ripped out my ear hair while watching this
E Larson
E Larson 11 days ago
I wonder if you just back the truck with car on it in the water if it would trigger the alarm.
WolfyBanG e
WolfyBanG e 11 days ago
I thought you were graystillplays lol
Greg Price
Greg Price 12 days ago
This was painful to watch...
suprised seal
suprised seal 14 days ago
That thing where he clicks randomly I call it gamer terrets I have it to
Noah Navin
Noah Navin 14 days ago
I feel like you could have backed the tow truck into the water without setting off the alarm
Zackary Mlynek
Zackary Mlynek 15 days ago
if he had just ran the green car thru the gate and into the ocean after that he would have been done first try
Ethan Norris
Ethan Norris 15 days ago
Its funny
Ethan Norris
Ethan Norris 15 days ago
At 19:25 min in the video he breaks
Kyle Hat
Kyle Hat 15 days ago
I love how he hate the treadmill
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore 17 days ago
19:18 how my mom taught me to swim
Thony Hughes
Thony Hughes 17 days ago
i did a hack to get all gear that all i need
COCOADOGE 12 18 days ago
How fast smitty eats his words with that gate XD
Death Bunny
Death Bunny 18 days ago
i got teardown but once i went in a map it breaks and crush so i deleted the game form my computer ๐Ÿ˜„
Trappster 48
Trappster 48 19 days ago
U can use any piece of wood as a Harry Potter broom
Adam Midderigh
Adam Midderigh 20 days ago
why didnt you destroy the gate during prep rather than getting stuck on it repeatedly? ;)
Valek 22 days ago
i was wondering couldn't he just drive the truck carrying the car into the water? and also break the part where the alarm is connected so when he drive the car the wire would just stuck to the broken part and no alarm would be tripped?
Dxck Swinger
Dxck Swinger 23 days ago
SMII7YYYYY JUST BE PATIENT AT THE GATE HOLY SHIT edit: he waited for the gate thank fuck
KittenTune 101
KittenTune 101 24 days ago
I want to watch him play this while high...
Louis Bryant
Louis Bryant 26 days ago
Why!! You use the door you have a hammer for a reason
Jackie Kraus
Jackie Kraus 27 days ago
The flagrant diaphragm sporadically count because skiing epidemiologically shelter into a deadpan sugar. imported, living ronald
Seth Parker
Seth Parker 28 days ago
His Canadian really came out in this video
The Last Knight
The Last Knight 28 days ago
Dispatch: "911 what's your emergency?" Me: "Yeah, hi. There is a man at a local Planet Fitness. He's just beating the sh*t out of the treadmills! Please send help!" Dispatch: "OK, can you describe the man?" Me: "Sure. He's a milk bag with a propeller hat. That's it, please send help! He's got a gun!" Dispatch: "Don't worry, sir. Help is on the way."
Mist McHaven
Mist McHaven 29 days ago
Team Woo more like Team POO!
meatball 29 days ago
"To do it this long without getting caught *starts clapping*" Answer: He's rich.
Jackabox Miller
Jackabox Miller 29 days ago
Part 22:59 is so lol
Christine Cochran
Christine Cochran Month ago
Gate: karma
Inari Month ago
smii7y's content is so amazing, its so nice to see how far hes come from 1 mil
New fridge: can't move Smii7ty: it illegal you cant do this to me
Uzi Month ago
7:55 its the spawn on raid from bo2
MR.REDSTONE 127! Month ago
Iโ€™m not going to destroy the house moments later destroyed the house ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
Barry Aillen
Barry Aillen Month ago
Please make more it makes my day much better
ok storm
ok storm Month ago
funny fridge man destroys bossโ€™s house
ChaosMiles07 Month ago
16:50 Top 10 BRUH Moments in Gaming
Luke Stump
Luke Stump Month ago
SMii7Y: [Does a flawless run] Also SMii7Y: "Wait... what are the optional ones?"
DoZy EdItss
DoZy EdItss Month ago
22:55 Depression ladies and gentlemen
Domonkos Ludvig
Domonkos Ludvig Month ago
This game takes itself very unseriuosly. It knows you are a player and not a roleplayer! Love it!
Abrian Cartagena
Abrian Cartagena Month ago
Just rewatching it again itโ€™s so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Foxyct idk why I make videos
Foxyct idk why I make videos Month ago
Smitty after ropping a bank and running from the police, "did I forget something?"
Stagea Month ago
The suv can crash trough the window
Carson Kiddy
Carson Kiddy Month ago
a add just Jick-rolled me
Oscar Forsman
Oscar Forsman Month ago
(6:18) is that a fridge, in the bathroom!? (10:55) a tv in the bathroom!
CappedBeef7954 Month ago
10 fucking minutes of me screaming at smitty to break the fucking gate
puldetrig Month ago
Anyone else frustrated by the fact he wouldn't just break the gate and move the truck before starting the timer?
Ding Rui Huang
Ding Rui Huang Month ago
drive the first car into the swimming pool thats what i did
BarneySaysHi Month ago
It looks like you keep driving past a pool over and over. Isn't there water in a pool?
Wonwoo Lee
Wonwoo Lee Month ago
why would u repeat the same thing that u know u will fail again lmao smh
Nรฃo Sei 2.0
Nรฃo Sei 2.0 Month ago
Juan GarciaHernandezLopezHerreraVazquezSanchezAvila
Juan GarciaHernandezLopezHerreraVazquezSanchezAvila Month ago
0:57 xxxtentacion
ZanTheMan Month ago
Craving more Teardown
SnowyOwlZz Month ago
I did all cars with 4 seconds to spare. Needless to say, it took me 3 hours or so to figure it out
TheTrueRekker1 Month ago
This is giving me Ferris Bueller's Day Off vibes
Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams Month ago
You can just burn it off the car
domonator5000 Month ago
7:35 โ€œ*APPollOgies*โ€ lmfao
Robin Henriksson
Robin Henriksson Month ago
Hahahahhhaa im fucking dying at the failed escapes xD
Legendary T-Fox
Legendary T-Fox Month ago
17:59 18:30 18:46 Milkbag eats his words in real time.
Gabriel Velasquez
Gabriel Velasquez Month ago
seeing smii7y pass by a pond he can put the 1st car into for what feels like hours causes me pain
Liones Black
Liones Black Month ago
Smii7y destroying the treadmill is the equivalent to Wozenz punching his camera
Rorschach Month ago
Is somebody gonna tell him you can use the cutter to just cut out the alarm boxes on the cars so you donโ€™t need to worry about the time?
Ositrain Month ago
game: u now have 1763$ smii7y: i HaVe 17k!
Alicia Cagey
Alicia Cagey Month ago
Smii7y good thing I have a shot gun
Abigail Moran
Abigail Moran Month ago
On the car
Abigail Moran
Abigail Moran Month ago
Smitty distroy the ting the has the alarm
Bee Moon
Bee Moon Month ago
I was so worried he wasn't going to quick save
Sly Panda
Sly Panda Month ago
Why didnt u edit your route to destroy the obstacles before trying again๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ you coulda made more content
O Greblhaw
O Greblhaw Month ago
More teardown!!!
iiAnrkey Month ago
Weekly Teardown?
Peanut Snap
Peanut Snap Month ago
The thumbnail looks like Minecraft with chisel mod ngl
WickedWater Tv
WickedWater Tv Month ago
You should destroy a treadmill IRL
turtle_neck Month ago
Hey smi7 did you not see the hot tub right indront of the car you hated lol
JamieJay Month ago
Joastry Month ago
p3rsvrance _
p3rsvrance _ Month ago
Still waiting...
KDODJFK Month ago
KDODJFK Month ago
This... This is beautiful
Sensei Shorty
Sensei Shorty Month ago
make another episode
Alaina Arnold
Alaina Arnold Month ago
who else legit got excited to see another one of these videos? Just me?
Heather Young
Heather Young Month ago
*Everything including whole building is destroyed* SMii7Y: I think I broke something
Nicholas Bozeman
Nicholas Bozeman Month ago
This game is to much you gotta play again ๐Ÿ˜‚
Lord Pasta
Lord Pasta Month ago
Witchdocter1321 Month ago
you really need to play sandbox smitty
Kangaroo :D
Kangaroo :D Month ago
*Only Due to poor frame rate because of high physics simulation per update BUT Brick Rigs > Tear Down. (Then again, both games were created for different experiences and purpose.) Also feel like Brick rigs doesnt get enough exposure, considering it is also created by one person but has mutiplayer and the ability to create workshop content in game.
TheDualDuetists Month ago
To get all 6 cars in one mission, apparently on some of the cars you can literally just (carefully.) blowtorch cut out the part of the car that has the alarm on it without triggering it (not breaking the few bits its on)
isack07 Month ago
If you go to the computer and press tools then you can upgrade your items
Matei Vitalaru-Moruz
Matei Vitalaru-Moruz Month ago
The absorbed ash lally pour because respect topically blot modulo a simple ethiopia. waggish, charming moon
Tyce Whitis
Tyce Whitis Month ago
Under the video there was a Treadmill add
fredric anderson
fredric anderson Month ago
sooo when u putin out next episode dawg
CatzHoek Month ago
Jesus what is wrong with this guy. Is all this screaming appealing?
Anders Peterson
Anders Peterson Month ago
I got this game after watching your videos and one of my favorite things to do is put bombs in the elevators and send them up or down a floor.
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