MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

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17 days ago

MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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I am Smad
I am Smad 19 minutes ago
Jeśli jesteś z Polski ta piosenka uderza jeszcze bardziej ❤️⚡🇵🇱
CloudyDaze007 21 minute ago
3.3K dislikes wanna live in a mans world
LittleDreamer 33 minutes ago
"You thought I was a witch centuries ago, now you just call me a bitch" Damn this line gave me goosebumps.
TEAM NO SLEEP 34 minutes ago
Dey kno
Vins Love
Vins Love 53 minutes ago
Marina, as you don't wanna live in a man's world, should we all move to Chromatica?
Cole Winters
Cole Winters Hour ago
Marina Honey, you really make a statement with this I wish my late Mother could see this and appreciate it, love you girl. I raise my lashes to heaven for you :)
Mark Raimer
Mark Raimer Hour ago
Queen 👑
Koke Hdz
Koke Hdz Hour ago
“Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? I’m happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband” and then she did... QUEEN
Koke Hdz
Koke Hdz Hour ago
Honestly me neither lol
MalvadoChefe 2 hours ago
I love this song.
Gabriela 2 hours ago
muito boa pqp
Mu Ma
Mu Ma 4 hours ago
TurtleNugget 4 hours ago
it's eva
it's eva 5 hours ago
now why am i cryin. this is beautiful
itsdakota 5 hours ago
Her music aleays gives me the feels I got when I first started listening to her shes timeless omg I love her
Barbara Emanuele
Barbara Emanuele 6 hours ago
I MEAN, GUYS SHE'S NOT BLAMING MEN AS A GENDER. SEARCH FOR THE IMPACTS PATRIARCHY HAS ON ENVIRONMENT FASCISM AND YOU WILL SEE. It's about how a society that gives authority only to men in power to decide every f*cking thing on this planet would be a lot better if they change the perspective and give voice to women, lgbtq+ etc.
Enrico S
Enrico S 7 hours ago
I love Marina, I think this song is beautiful and still, as a gay man and part of a minority i really can't appreciate the lyrics "man's world". Basically the song is reassuming all-bad-things-in-the-world with the word "man". I'm sorry to hear that, this is not what real men are like. I mean, this is truly mankind, but nothing to do with men as a gender (I'm thinking to Savages and To Be Human). I personally believe, live and fight for equality without aiming to a useless gender's war; so i cannot ignore the fact that the lyrics sound pretty abusive against men. Always spread love and not hate ♥️ I'm sure Marina meant the same.
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 8 hours ago
Marina, I too don't want to live in a man's world anymore.
Tara Carmelina
Tara Carmelina 8 hours ago
The concept that “manly” means brave and strong is so disgusting, when femininity is associated with weakness. I mean, just look at the Harry Styles situation, people were telling him he’s not “manly” just for indulging in something feminine, and saying that makes him weak. The point of legally blonde was to show that feminine women’s interests does not make them dumb. And after living in a world where music videos like “stupid girls” by Pink is the norm. I’m glad we got something to empower femininity because if we don’t put femininity and masculinity on the same level then careers associated with females like nursing and teaching will remain underpaid.
Vincent Escolano
Vincent Escolano 2 hours ago
Really well said
Indra Yudha Kusuma
Indra Yudha Kusuma 10 hours ago
Eww feminazis
Rollagher 11 hours ago
Here's my Christmas Gift for you:
Nozuki _:3
Nozuki _:3 12 hours ago
She have 35 years old!!!!!!!😵😵😵😲😲😲😲💅💅💅💅💅
Stef R
Stef R 12 hours ago
Stef R
Stef R 12 hours ago
Love you so much, Marina.
Giannis Pap
Giannis Pap 12 hours ago
Vidisha Das
Vidisha Das 13 hours ago
Love love love ❤️ each an every music sound and words and lyrics .. everything !!!
pomp0us 13 hours ago
this is beautiful.
Eddi Mateus
Eddi Mateus 14 hours ago
Maravilhosa, entregou tudo
Stephen Key
Stephen Key 15 hours ago
She's alot like Jessie ware....they should collaborate...they're both underrated and dynamite
Lizzy Grant
Lizzy Grant 15 hours ago
I'm sorry but she looks anorexic here :/ I've been a fan since she was Marina and the Diamonds years ago, but then she looked healthy. She looks like she's been getting thinner and thinner to the point where she looks sick now
Brigitte Vidal
Brigitte Vidal 3 minutes ago
Girl she's just healthy. Do you wanna be 35 and look fat? I mean, that's not good lmao.
Reaper Coded
Reaper Coded 15 hours ago
Feminist drivel. Comments are full of what's to be expected as well. Masculinity is toxic and patriarchy is oppressing us, yada yada. Good tune tho. And it's interesting to hear/read different and wrong opinions.
Achillobator Droamae
Achillobator Droamae 15 hours ago
This is so comforting.
Mateus Silva
Mateus Silva 16 hours ago
Jonathan G
Jonathan G 16 hours ago
What happen to diamonds?
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira 17 hours ago
moon 17 hours ago
I fucking love her
smallypuppy22 17 hours ago
I LOVE this aesthetic, they all look like celestial beings dancing in La Toscana
Deirdre Ginley
Deirdre Ginley 19 hours ago
Divine feminine goddess in the flesh. Ushering in the new paradigm!
Traficante De Batatas
Traficante De Batatas 19 hours ago
if you get offended by this then you are exactly what she's criticizing ;)
_D_o_g_g_o _
_D_o_g_g_o _ 20 hours ago
2012 : how to be an heartbreaker 2020: *I don't live in men's world anymore*
Chris plays
Chris plays 21 hour ago
Dont like it live on a island some people are bad we all have to live with it nothing is going to change
Cam Dias
Cam Dias 23 hours ago
This song is perfect! Does anyone know the chords??
Catty Kitten
Catty Kitten Day ago
богиня королева лучшая женщина я не могу как же сильно я ее люблю :(((((
Traficante De Batatas
Traficante De Batatas 19 hours ago
English pls?
Hannah Leboeuf
Hannah Leboeuf Day ago
Leanora Premeau
Leanora Premeau Day ago
I love this so much!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
liaalixx Day ago
Im a man and i love it. I would like to dance there with you
Ara chan
Ara chan Day ago
I know it's probably a minor detail , but I sorta love how when aligning all the people in the video, Marina ISN'T the center piece.... they have an uneven number of people which means usually a person will be the center one. Majority of artists always place THEMSELVES in the middle , to point out the center of attention should be on THEM. Marina however isn't .
LittleDreamer 4 minutes ago
Noticed this too, a nice detail!
Skinniest Kween
Skinniest Kween Day ago
cj wins
cj wins Day ago
Her music is so soothing 😌
Cristian Null
Cristian Null Day ago
Not only the feminist message is important. You look very unhealthy. Lost too much weight
Cristian Null
Cristian Null Day ago
Marina, please EAT!!!!!... you look terribly unhealthy
Dorjee Day ago
I don't want to live in a man's world too. I think all women can resonate with that sentiment.❤️
GINGERGREEN 'returns Day ago
this album hasnt even come out yet and i know for a fact its going to be the aoty
anissa yumeko
anissa yumeko Day ago
♡ legend
Iancharles Flores
Iancharles Flores Day ago
can't wait for the album can't wait for the album can't wait for the album can't wait for the album take ur time MARINA WE LOVEEEEEE U
beans beans
beans beans Day ago
I tell myself I got a hold on it every time I hear this song but NOPE im sobbing by the end 😂💖 Thank you Marina🦋💎🔥
LittleBrain BigHeart
LittleBrain BigHeart Day ago
Share this video and let's finally spread awareness of toxic masculinity ✨✊💗 Also congratulations to Marina for being such a positive role model💖
littlekiwinelson Day ago
I don’t want to!
Aga Fan.tasti.que'
Aga Fan.tasti.que' Day ago
omg this is so gorgeous, every single detail about this is gorgeous, i've teared up bc she's right AND she uses her voice - literally and figuratively. Marina is *chef's kiss*
Butty Object
Butty Object Day ago
Ça fait plaisir de la revoir J'attends ce moment depuis longtemps ❤️
Eazy ezechiel
Eazy ezechiel Day ago
Urarenze mwana
Devishi Raina
Devishi Raina Day ago
Shez the prettiest trust me❤️
Evan A1
Evan A1 Day ago
still waiting for Lana + Marina collab 👁👄👁
Kristi Anna
Kristi Anna Day ago
The lyrics speak volumes 🗣❤️
Sérgio Felipe
Sérgio Felipe Day ago
Como sempre um conteúdo lírico impecável e profundo e que produção linda, que fotografia linda!
Andrew H
Andrew H Day ago
How many gay men has she turned straight for a night?
Andrew H
Andrew H 16 hours ago
@Traficante De Batatas Lots and lots of gay men jokingly say that Marina turned them straight for a night. Just go to one of her shows - its like all gay men, and her beauty is undeniable and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging it.
Traficante De Batatas
Traficante De Batatas 19 hours ago
that is exactly what is being criticized here
Traficante De Batatas
Traficante De Batatas 19 hours ago
why would you post that
EnvyBunnie Day ago
ucbo452 Day ago
Nobody writes about these subject matters anymore and that makes Marina so different.
StomBear Beatz
StomBear Beatz Day ago
I am sooo Excited for album 5 and i wish that she keeps doing what she loves
Valentina Rodrigues
Valentina Rodrigues Day ago
This is such a meaningful song, but can we please talk about how gorgeous Marina looks? These outfits too so beautiful
Lana Rose
Lana Rose Day ago
*I don’t think marina is underrated, she’s definitely under appreciated*
Juliana Beatriz
Juliana Beatriz Day ago
Flawless. Love you ;*
Stendhal Official
Stendhal Official Day ago
I will sing that song live.
Armen Naing
Armen Naing Day ago
Can we all agree that the girl in light blue is ICONIC
Rudy edward
Rudy edward Day ago
what a pile of political trite shit.
Rudy edward
Rudy edward Day ago
@* Jess * I suppose.
* Jess *
* Jess * Day ago
Aww your mysogyny is showing!
Kawily Cabral
Kawily Cabral Day ago
she is art herself
•White Roses•
•White Roses• Day ago
*I'm just waiting for musikenna*
Jaloria Thomas-Dinelt
Jaloria Thomas-Dinelt Day ago
I want in on this toga party.
Nadine Nichols
Nadine Nichols Day ago
The masks although necessary add a nice touch to this
Die Wahrheit
Die Wahrheit Day ago
Nice Gender Mainstream Music... Me Too!
Erin Fitch
Erin Fitch Day ago
It would be a powerful message if during live performances one of the lines of, "Nobody's keeping score" was sang, "My body's keeping score", as a nod to the best selling book on emotional trauma, "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.: Love your work, Marina. Keep on shining!
Elena Bogdanova
Elena Bogdanova Day ago
дивной красоты звук и видео. абсолютное да!
Luis Gustavo Pires
Luis Gustavo Pires Day ago
Mano, que instrumental perfeito! 😍😍😍😍😍
Faron Woods
Faron Woods Day ago
Marina and Lotta lundgren looks similar, google Lotta lundgren for a reference
Raúl Llavaneras
Raúl Llavaneras Day ago
Love this song, can’t wait for my wife and I go see you live again. Some time in the future. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Black Shade
Black Shade 2 days ago
Why does the start look like a nestle fruita vitals advert?
Josefa Armesto
Josefa Armesto 2 days ago
Lyrics Man World's Marina Mother nature's dying الطبيعة الأم تحتضر Altbiat alam tahatdar Nobody's keeping score لا أحد يحتفظ بالنتيجة La ahad yihatfadh balnatika I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore لا أريد العيش في عالم جنتل بعد الآن La arid alaish fi alam jantal ba'ad ala'an If you have a mother, daughter or a friend لو كان لديك أم، ابنة أو صديقة Law kan ladik ama, abnu awa sadia Maybe it is time, time you comprehend ربما حان الوقت ، الوقت لك تدركه Rabama hama aluat, aluat lik tadarka The world that you live in العالم اذا تعيش فيه Al'alam isa taish fie Ain't the same one as them ليس نفس الشيء مثلهم Lis nafsi alshia maslahum So don't punish me 'cause I'm not a man لذا لا تعاقبني لأنني لست رجلاً Lasa la ta'aabni la'ani lasati rajla 'Cause I'm not a man لأنني لست رجلاً×٢ La'ani lasati rajla×2
Sol Prado
Sol Prado 2 days ago
watching this again made me notice one GREAT thing: everyone is respecting social distance or wearing facemasks.
neko sands
neko sands 2 days ago
guys we gotta keep this one safe from tik tok
John Vidler
John Vidler 2 days ago
Your toxic femininity is repugnant
Traficante De Batatas
Traficante De Batatas 19 hours ago
how ironic of you to say that
remington rat
remington rat Day ago
Thank you John
judykiny _
judykiny _ Day ago
Historical Women
Historical Women Day ago
How is this toxic femininity??
Sérgio Felipe
Sérgio Felipe 2 days ago
Queria estar com as amigas enfileirado mexendo o quadril e bebendo champagne de cereja
Flower Power
Flower Power 2 days ago
Marina is getting better and better. The lyrics are amazing and i love the vibe of the whole song. Very haunting but also very strong. Love the visuals also. Hopefully will love the album when it comes out!
aaron ZRH
aaron ZRH 2 days ago
Now even masks in music videos ?
aaron ZRH
aaron ZRH 20 hours ago
@HecclingHeccles I hate facemaks. Never use one.
HecclingHeccles 20 hours ago
just shows how much marina cares for people. what a queen 😌
Saoirse Raboteau
Saoirse Raboteau 2 days ago
This eloquently describes what needs to change.
virginia verneau
virginia verneau 2 days ago
my real mother.
virginia verneau
virginia verneau 2 days ago
Sarah Toussaint
Sarah Toussaint 2 days ago
Same, Marina, same. Sometimes, I wish humanity never existed.
Somnus System
Somnus System 2 days ago
I love this song so so so much 😭😭😭
Joanna 2 days ago
Marina this is so powerful i love everything about this song and this video!!!!!! Thank you for creating 💚💚
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