Minecraft Block Shuffle...

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10 months ago

Minecraft Block Shuffle... Can we hunt down some of Minecraft's most random blocks? Or will we die trying...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try and find and stand on random blocks that are selected after each round. We have five minutes to find and stand on the block before we lose. Me and my friend George both get different random blocks, and whoever loses first loses the game.
If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll make this a series!
This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.

Dream 10 months ago
Getting some comments about BastiGHG (A (german?) youtuber) having done something similar to this (although solo). We came up with this ideas ourselves and custom coded it and are unaware of it being done anywhere else, but if he did something similar first then might as well comment it here :) Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!
Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario Month ago
zwitchblade Month ago
Jarne Inderibtzin
Jarne Inderibtzin Month ago
Daniela De Luca
Daniela De Luca Month ago
Yes he is German
Do more plz ;^;
tiia Hour ago
✨ *ceeyan concrete* ✨
Silly Speed Drawings
Silly Speed Drawings Hour ago
george: grass block dream: *d i a m o n d o r e*
Hax 2 hours ago
Commenting on every video on USposts 99
Isabella Lol
Isabella Lol 2 hours ago
Joshmine Rabilas
Joshmine Rabilas 3 hours ago
george’s luck at the first half of the video and when he found the fortress easily lmao 😭
Joshmine Rabilas
Joshmine Rabilas 3 hours ago
george: oh, is this clay? dream: *silently thinking* ‘im clay’
Unknown Is unknown
Unknown Is unknown 3 hours ago
13:09 geroge: I dont know I’m color blind okay! *when we see blue the same as him*
latios 3 hours ago
image if you need to stand on a endstone or something bad
Brody 4 hours ago
zainab nisar
zainab nisar 5 hours ago
Make more video of minecraft manhut
Ellie Storm
Ellie Storm 5 hours ago
Imagine it told you to stand on nether reactor core
This Gamer
This Gamer 5 hours ago
Dream speedrunner:forgets how too make a anvil
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper 5 hours ago
The way dream intro is so different and nice I actually like it
ink nsb
ink nsb 6 hours ago
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Riley Lewis
Riley Lewis 7 hours ago
I see everyone doing this so I'ma do it too :> George:you must find dirt Dream:you must stand on pluto
Kuddly 7 hours ago
George: has to breathe air Dream: Has to stand on the dragon egg
K4nxerous 8 hours ago
Goeorge: How do I find blue flower? I'm colorblind Dream: W H E E Z E
WABIDUDE 8 hours ago
21:38 is so phuqing R3T4RD3D
MountEverie 9 hours ago
Wow this is insane I would have literally failed first time 😂
The Great Cat
The Great Cat 9 hours ago
Hello. I am starting a brand new youtube channel please check it out. Thank you for your time.
PooLaDo Queen bee123
PooLaDo Queen bee123 9 hours ago
Make a block shuttle 2
mohamed von
mohamed von 10 hours ago
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Gray 10 hours ago
man hunt music DODODODODO😃
Charlotte Waltuck
Charlotte Waltuck 11 hours ago
Quick tip you can smelt netherrack to get nether brick
TheDuck God
TheDuck God 11 hours ago
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 11 hours ago
George: Needs to find and stand on dirt block. Dream: Find out a way to reverse aging, and make humans immortal, and go to the center of the universe in less than 2 minutes, and if you don’t you’ll die.
ipad 12 hours ago
George: “how do I get blue flowers?........ IM COLORBLIND”
abbdo 27
abbdo 27 13 hours ago
The game really said "oh you speedrun? Prove it."
PhinnDiesel 13 hours ago
13:11 my tea is ready
Remy Sargent
Remy Sargent 14 hours ago
Dream: CEE-EN DYE Me: (face palm) C- EYE AN
Uni_ Chop
Uni_ Chop 15 hours ago
Why is no one talking about how dream said cyan concrete? He said like ce ann concrete
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 15 hours ago
The faint fair oyster selectively remain because firewall distinctly blush opposite a glib okra. wholesale, unbiased debtor
Brendan Stoutenburg
Brendan Stoutenburg 16 hours ago
I just love when dream and George say “yeeeeesssss” and chuckle it is just so funny I love it 😂
AMMON SHAMO 16 hours ago
i feel your pain george of being colorblind
Conner Calley
Conner Calley 17 hours ago
CEYAN CONCRETE god that is so triggering
Conner Zedalis
Conner Zedalis 18 hours ago
I’ve never related more to George than when he said how do I find blue dye I’m colorblind
Marko Stojanovski
Marko Stojanovski 19 hours ago
I like how dream always has Christmas music when he finds something REALLY rare
David Gordan
David Gordan 19 hours ago
The nooks get the easy blocks
Joy_Chris Garcia
Joy_Chris Garcia 19 hours ago
Madison Rose
Madison Rose 19 hours ago
James Charles
James Charles 19 hours ago
When George fired up his portal and went in h got the most lucky spawn
Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca Kelly 20 hours ago
Dream I play on Java and I don’t know how to join you
Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca Kelly 20 hours ago
How dare you
Itz_ weirdo
Itz_ weirdo 20 hours ago
This is not clay this is dream
Spoopy 21 hour ago
imagine they get mycelium
Amelie Mawle
Amelie Mawle 21 hour ago
Liam Preston
Liam Preston 20 hours ago
Roland Lees
Roland Lees 22 hours ago
George was SO lucky with the fortress
felix copland
felix copland 22 hours ago
minecraft blocks vs 2 hunters
Ryan Pheasey
Ryan Pheasey 23 hours ago
I swear to god Dreams luck was awful this entire video BUT he gets pretty lucky with piglin triads he gets lucky with ender pearls Like WHAT!?
Lunar_ Cookie
Lunar_ Cookie Day ago
George: “I’m colorblind! 😡” Dream: “ ~wheeze~ “ 🤣
Lunar_ Cookie
Lunar_ Cookie Day ago
13:01 You gotta love the evil laugh 😂❤️
Cuz Im Fxntxstic
Cuz Im Fxntxstic Day ago
We need part 2
Indike Gunawardane
Indike Gunawardane Day ago
Yo dream please make a new video please
zahra taqawi
zahra taqawi Day ago
where is a blue flower i cant find blue flower how should i find a blue flower im color blind XD
Journey Rettinger
Journey Rettinger Day ago
GhostyPlayz Day ago
ur pronouncing cyan wrong dream....... you really are a sycopath
GhostyPlayz Day ago
ur pronouncing cyan wrong dream....... you really are a sycopath
曾正越 Day ago
Gagandip Ksur
Gagandip Ksur Day ago
Creeyan concrete
eva Day ago
George “iM CoLoUrBLiNd, tHiS gAmE iS aGaInSt mY DiSaBiLiTy” *blue being one of the only colours he can see properly* Me: 👁👄👁
Fishy Foxy
Fishy Foxy 15 hours ago
I'm rating comments in moons 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 (5/5 Moons) YES JUST YES-
Yoscarzy Fn
Yoscarzy Fn Day ago
Nobody: Dream:SEE-YAN concrete
Нина Сабельникова
Нина Сабельникова Day ago
Нина Сабельникова
Нина Сабельникова Day ago
bin Day ago
I like the block shuffle thing dream did he should make more of this block shuffle thing.
•Otaku Søftie_Cqramel•
•Otaku Søftie_Cqramel• Day ago
Finding this in quarantine made me be like 👁👄👁
Alien-ish Refrigerator
Alien-ish Refrigerator Day ago
Imagine dream or George getting command block 😀🖐
rocky's back
rocky's back Day ago
Find and stand on water well unless your jesus ya that will be hard Also I like how it said find and stand on A water not find and stand on water
Tre Puckett
Tre Puckett Day ago
“ where do i find blue.... i’m COLORBLIND “ PLS 🖐😭😭 they really gave him all the color specific ones
paul tananikas
paul tananikas Day ago
15:04 oh my god i un evun know whu mangeture ez
Poison deathtrap
Poison deathtrap Day ago
I love how dreamhas to try
Ava L
Ava L Day ago
dream really said: SEEyan CONcRetE?!
Rexford Pan
Rexford Pan Day ago
Dream: Im not gonna get there in time Me: *looks at video time* Nah your fine
xet Day ago
13:08 my most favorite moment in all of dreams videos
duckzombies Day ago
Cean? cean? its cyan
Cooperts Day ago
George: where do I get blue flowers? I’m color blind! Dream: *evil laughing*
Sem Wolbink
Sem Wolbink Day ago
Everybody: don 't dig straight down Dream: i am digging straight down
Mr. Sheep
Mr. Sheep Day ago
It’s all fun and games until someone’s block is a crafting table
Yoscarzy Fn
Yoscarzy Fn Day ago
George:stand on grass block Dream:stand on beacon Also Dream:yeah I’m out
Clarke Of The Sharks
Clarke Of The Sharks Day ago
George: has to find a grass block Dream *Has to find a webcam*
Tadeáš Franz
Tadeáš Franz Day ago
je tu někdo čech
محمد M&M
محمد M&M Day ago
masked dog
masked dog Day ago
the game: dragon egg every one: gives up dream: DO DO DODO
Linarsi Sirdan
Linarsi Sirdan 4 hours ago
*The music intensifies*
willms Rozanne
willms Rozanne Day ago
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Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran Day ago
The belligerent acrylic phylogentically arrange because juice crucially replace abaft a robust growth. gigantic, late pimple
Atherva Salunke
Atherva Salunke Day ago
Just remember George asked dream for his flower 😉
TTVbravest117yeet yeeet
TTVbravest117yeet yeeet Day ago
D B Day ago
Its funny how George went to the same cave for diamonds dream went to, and dream took the diamonds
Evelyn Stenger
Evelyn Stenger Day ago
the way he says cyan... See Yan
Aria Fard
Aria Fard Day ago
6:47 This is the biggest underground cave I've ever seen! Me in 2021: You've seen nothing😑
Sabrina Hodge
Sabrina Hodge Day ago
The magnificent purple postmeiotically steer because ikebana excitingly stamp upon a previous sarah. meek, endurable rat
The epic gamer 1
The epic gamer 1 Day ago
6:40 : dream biggest underground cave : me they are playing on 1.16 how is it like one of the 1.17 cave : me again this is not a joke to all those who read this 😜
Ramona Terry-Lorenzo
Ramona Terry-Lorenzo Day ago
Why does Dream always pick up dead bushes?
Joe Peralta
Joe Peralta Day ago
I wish george is not colorblind
Pro gamer Sakshi
Pro gamer Sakshi Day ago
Where do i find blue flower i am colour blind And then the laugh made me laugh You are sooo cool
Lâm Phạm
Lâm Phạm Day ago
I read: GeorgeNot Found their block! :)))
Hudsen Hamilton
Hudsen Hamilton Day ago
Thrady Ng
Thrady Ng Day ago
🏿🏿🏿🏿🏿🏿🏿🏿 🏿🏿🏽🏽🏽🏽🏿🏿 🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽 🏽⬜⬛🏽🏽⬛⬜🏽 🏽🏽🏽🏿🏿🏽🏽🏽 🏽🏽🏿🏽🏽🏿🏽🏽 🏽🏽🏿🏿🏿🏿🏽🏽 ‍ ‍‍
Dhea Adriana
Dhea Adriana Day ago
George: where do i find blue flowers im colour blind Dream: died laughing😂
Joel Kariuki
Joel Kariuki Day ago
Redstone not Rae
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