I Painted My Entire Room With Musou Black-The World's Blackest Paint

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The Action Lab

14 days ago

In this video I paint my entire room with Musou Black to see what it looks like when the walls around you absorb over 99% of the light in the room. What happens when you turn on a light in the room?
Musou Black: www.ko-pro.black/product/musou-black-paint/
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The Action Lab
The Action Lab 14 days ago
I only ran into the wall once! Extra points for anyone who can spot the cell phone flashlight I accidently left on in my pocket...
Arctic Fire
Arctic Fire 9 hours ago
I was at the part when I read it lol
DARKCAVE 16 hours ago
Oh yeah and hiding seek
DARKCAVE 16 hours ago
How about this you paint everything except your head and go in the room
Daya McCarthy
Daya McCarthy Day ago
Your intro was perfect 😂😂
Ahmed Aljbury
Ahmed Aljbury Day ago
The funny thing that while i was reading the comment the clip where the flash light was turned on in it in his pocket showed up so it was perfect timing 😂
Dinnerbone 4 minutes ago
You missed a spot
LAGMASTER2000 26 minutes ago
if my room looked like this i would constantly be bumping the wall just looking for the door
LAGMASTER2000 29 minutes ago
"I lost my black friend in the darkness"
Lemonade 29 minutes ago
This room has so much potential for art installations with cool optical illusions and play with light.
LoweLyfe XO
LoweLyfe XO 32 minutes ago
If you told them you were painting an entire room the fabric may have been for the window. If it's big enough you should make a T-shirt, that would be trippy.
G F 32 minutes ago
How I imagined "The Ways" were in the wheel of time novels.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 34 minutes ago
Now you just need to try it with vantablack. You might need to sue Anish Kapoor first, though.
Kafaloto Feao
Kafaloto Feao Hour ago
When u turned the light on I instantly thought Bohemian rhapsody lol
Raytheon Nublinski
Raytheon Nublinski Hour ago
OLED TVs playing this video: *my destiny has finally been revealed to me*
Dr No No No
Dr No No No Hour ago
now stick tiny glow in the dark stars all over, turn light on for a second and then turn off.
This can make a great studio
Geoffrey W
Geoffrey W Hour ago
what I want to see is a room painted with Mosou Black and then use the brightest lumens flashlight and shine it into the room with objects in the darkness. Curious what kind of visual effects can be generated using those two opposing forces
LakeVermilionDreams Hour ago
I've been half a mile underground in the absence of light. In fact, after COVID, I'm going back there! Soudan Underground Mine, northern Minnesota!
Artemis Ameretsu
Artemis Ameretsu Hour ago
Funny thing, if you stayed in that room long enough you could get a free acid trip 👌 might lose some braincells in the process but there's no concrete evidence on that. Weird thing about morality and ethics and such.
Bryce Ledet
Bryce Ledet Hour ago
i want to see markiplier come in with the worlds brightest flashlight and see what happens
Emmanuel Rayas
Emmanuel Rayas Hour ago
youtube algoritm did it again
Stuckin Myhead
Stuckin Myhead Hour ago
Combine this with the worlds most quiet room
Spider Fox
Spider Fox Hour ago
Guys this is what g-man did
Johanna Hour ago
I wanted to buy some paint but its all sold out 😭 plus I want that fabric sample!!
Nick1 2 hours ago
That is kindda scary
Ronald Hudson
Ronald Hudson 2 hours ago
Eating mushrooms in there will make you have the best trip of your life
Иван Лавриненко
Иван Лавриненко 2 hours ago
Sapphire Sharma
Sapphire Sharma 2 hours ago
I just found my new favourite color, the older one was just not black enough
FallT 2 hours ago
now you buy the brightest flash light on the world and uses in the darkest room
Artsray 3 hours ago
5:36 made in heaven universe reset
UPG 76
UPG 76 3 hours ago
Minecraft infinite rooms be like
Madelaine Stearn
Madelaine Stearn 3 hours ago
Every boogieman just teleported into that room
Fredward 3 hours ago
It's the Abyss from Dark Souls
Conrad Hjhshjshs
Conrad Hjhshjshs 3 hours ago
why don't you try to use infrared light in that room that would be interesting and film it using a camera specialized for it
Im Finé
Im Finé 3 hours ago
I wonder how he got out when the door was closed
Cyphen Rozulus
Cyphen Rozulus 4 hours ago
It's so black that it causes this effect on my eyes that it's emeging from my screen
kenneth tatola
kenneth tatola 4 hours ago
You should do a video of you staying in the room for 30 days
Wheelsmcdeals ace
Wheelsmcdeals ace 4 hours ago
should of primed it first so you dont use up all of your black
Emerson B
Emerson B 4 hours ago
Looks like a relaxing place to hang. Sound proof it, give me a comfy chair, and I’ll see ya when I get hungry.
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee 4 hours ago
I thought vanta black was the darkest color?
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin 4 hours ago
5:44 There is no war in Ba Sing Se.
Esteban Osorio
Esteban Osorio 5 hours ago
Know... Do it but in a room full of mirrors.
itsxGrey 5 hours ago
Ah yes the void
Tsz hei Leung
Tsz hei Leung 5 hours ago
Alt title: building rooms in minecraft without using torch
MN Thrift Finds
MN Thrift Finds 5 hours ago
You won't see a black guy do this video. Literally.
MaskHero Zo
MaskHero Zo 5 hours ago
This give me anxiety. Spooky and fun at the same time.
TheRealK_ man
TheRealK_ man 6 hours ago
You already know he locking up prisoonser in that room lmao
Highlight 6 hours ago
you walk in, close the door and immediately hear your thoughts
Thap Thop Theep
Thap Thop Theep 6 hours ago
What colour did you say it was again?
Thap Thop Theep
Thap Thop Theep 6 hours ago
What's that paint called again?
sten beetlex
sten beetlex 7 hours ago
Would look nice as aquarium background. The black would make the colours of fish pop out. Black backdrop with sandy bottom
[LeafDuski]• 7 hours ago
Just wait until someone animates bad apple with this
Dylan Mijer
Dylan Mijer 7 hours ago
I would sleep in ther😍❤️😍❤️
SDA developer
SDA developer 7 hours ago
Use night vision camera
Master Cricket
Master Cricket 7 hours ago
How many lumens is that bulb?
Irene S
Irene S 7 hours ago
Very cool. This proves that a "black hole" is a large mass and not an actual hole.
Nicole Arguelles
Nicole Arguelles 8 hours ago
Would have been cool if you brought a model of the moon, and talked about the phases we see form earth! Even though I've accepted this fact since I was a kid, it's like something clicked when I saw your spinning around under the light
Resilient 1996
Resilient 1996 8 hours ago
Reminds me of biblical hell, just add fire and sulfur and worms and the scream of billions of people and infinite time... Better repent and seek the Lord.
OrcLurtz 8 hours ago
Soo the Camera is not capturing the black paint and what we are seeing is the camera black not the real black you painted. Get me?
David Lillecrapp
David Lillecrapp 8 hours ago
ICYISLIT 8 hours ago
You have nerves of steel to be standing in that dark room alone with just a camera😳
A 9 hours ago
Curious to see the world's brightest light inside that room
Szabó Csaba
Szabó Csaba 9 hours ago
Imagine a musou black car moving on the streets at night time.
Night Fox
Night Fox 9 hours ago
I want a musou black shirt...
VanDeBoom 15
VanDeBoom 15 10 hours ago
"it's like black ink" me: uh... it IS black ink.
SquattingDog 10 hours ago
Yeah now paint the room as the terestial night sky
YO TENGO 10 hours ago
is this what racism looks like
Tanishq Patil • 70 years ago
Tanishq Patil • 70 years ago 10 hours ago
"Well this is next level green screen but the only exception is it is black"
I am Jhon.b
I am Jhon.b 10 hours ago
You should do the brightest room😎
R.B. Aldridge
R.B. Aldridge 10 hours ago
Before God said let there be light
Sam Lemieux
Sam Lemieux 11 hours ago
The dislikes were people who thought the room was a mansion and thought he was showing off
Bloodmoon Angel
Bloodmoon Angel 12 hours ago
Blacker than the blackest black times infinity
ChronoSquare 12 hours ago
I have no idea if your read comments, but: What was it like trying to see inside the room without a light on? Did your eyes "see" anything differently, than how we otherwise seem to have random faint color-noise interspersed throughout the "black"? (like when you close your eyes at night to sleep but you're not actually "seeing" blackness... idk if this is actually a thing, if it has a name, is it just me, etc)
Acey 12 hours ago
I've never been more surprised at the chillness of the comments jokes
hugo bregou
hugo bregou 12 hours ago
He looks like he's just used a green screen and incrusted himself on a black background.
The.rmfl. Industry
The.rmfl. Industry 13 hours ago
So are you fr he has A BIGGER BLACK HOLE
Girish Nair
Girish Nair 13 hours ago
Wish u had the world's brightest flashlight
WretchedKnight 13 hours ago
3:35 for those who wanna go right into the meat of the video I gotcha
DeliveryManBoy 13 hours ago
I wasted a bunch of expensive paint on some cheap insulation. Should be the title of this video
growfin 14 hours ago
5:06 It was at this point I wanted to see the actual light bulb on in he black room. But it never happened.
Akamibo Baby
Akamibo Baby 14 hours ago
Me in the hood
TraceReaper 14 hours ago
Smoke dmt in there
Edisa Kuroki
Edisa Kuroki 15 hours ago
It looks like he's floating
TheDolphinNator 15 hours ago
New type of green screen
Marsh Walker
Marsh Walker 15 hours ago
3:44 look edited😂
Angel GCP
Angel GCP 15 hours ago
Men are so feminine now 😒 she said you arent painting in the room and that ended that idea 🙄
Maril Wade
Maril Wade 15 hours ago
Honestly, that would be so awesome to film stuff in. Like interrogation scenes in movies, Or magic tricks!
Phil 16 hours ago
Ending with a faint sound of boss music ?
RitchiesRule 16 hours ago
Now it's the 4 kings
Daniel Covington
Daniel Covington 16 hours ago
3:38 has *immense* meme potential
Blue Marbel
Blue Marbel 16 hours ago
Paint a starry sky using fluorescent paint using different colors so it would look like a planetarium.
Tuqa Bader
Tuqa Bader 17 hours ago
It looks like green screen 😂
Christian Brother
Christian Brother 17 hours ago
But somehow the astronauts were illuminated in the back and front with 1 light source, only a fooled person still thinks we walked on the moon
•Piggy Princess•
•Piggy Princess• 17 hours ago
Oh gosh-
Samantha 17 hours ago
Paint an anechoic chamber this color and see how long someone can stay in it.
blockshift 758
blockshift 758 18 hours ago
looks like an action movie
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 18 hours ago
It ALMOST looks like really good quality green screen at 6:38
Robigan 06
Robigan 06 18 hours ago
Every great youtuber scientist/experimentists (Yes I made a word but it should make sense and sounds cooler) has a wife to keep then in check
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 18 hours ago
Why it's gonna be black!?? Lol jk
henrique sena
henrique sena 18 hours ago
Feels like you deleted the background with a green screen
Camibb_3 18 hours ago
When u Make a black concrete Minecraft room:
Serge Mi
Serge Mi 19 hours ago
just incase y'all forgot, its the blackest room
wolvix '
wolvix ' 19 hours ago
Next make a maze like that
Monaca Towa
Monaca Towa 20 hours ago
5:18 when you forgot to save last time you play animal crossing new leaf
I wore Rock Lee's leg Weights for TWO WEEKS, did I get faster???
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