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GONE, GONE / THANK YOU · Tyler, The Creator
℗ 2019 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment, as exclusive licensee
Released on: 2019-05-17
Composer, Lyricist: Tyler Okonma
Composer, Lyricist: Cullen Omori
Recording Engineer: Vic Wainstein
Recording Engineer: Kingston Callaway
Composer, Lyricist: Tatsuro Yamashita
Assistant Engineer: Thomas Cullison
Mixing Engineer: NealHPogue
Composer, Lyricist: Alan O'Day
Assistant Engineer: Zachary Acosta
Assistant Engineer: MeMiceElfani
Mastering Engineer: Mike Bozzi
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Adalia Reyna
Adalia Reyna Hour ago
4:33 that part is so epic
Blacn Wite
Blacn Wite 4 hours ago
I know your secrets niqqa
Meme memes Kids
Meme memes Kids 4 hours ago
One month ago this song was a vibe Now this song is a reminder that she's gone and that I don't wanna fall in love again.
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 5 hours ago
I remember the hype when the album came out
Salami 18 hours ago
Can’t believe someone as homophobic as CeeLo Green was secretly featured on an album about a gay breakup 💀💀💀💀💀
M. Fox
M. Fox 19 hours ago
Tyler, you freakin Mimic of a clone 4:45 here, and 10:10 there usposts.info/vision/aLm-zdW3gW6JfKI/video.
Shirley Jojoking
Shirley Jojoking 21 hour ago
I remember when this album dropped, I was still getting over a breakup that happened fours ago (we only dated for 3 years so I do not why it took me so long to get over them). Every since then, I would listen to the album almost everyday because of how closely I can relate to Igor (minus the murderous intent lol). Especially with lines like 'Like magic, like magic; gone' 'This 60/40 isn't working, I want 100 of your time' and the entirety of this song. Each song really is an experience of each stage you feel when you fall in love and then out when the other person does not reciprocate your feelings. I recently fell in love again and now I'm back on my bullshit.. Seeing over again the stages I am going through. I am currently feeling like New Magic Wand where I want the person I love to give me all their time and attention even though they don't share the same feelings as me. I am hoping to get over this person soon and reach the I Don't Love You Anymore stage so I won't walk around with my head down like I got beat up. I don't know why I wrote this but I hope yall have better luck in your endeavors.
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish 21 hour ago
alyssa adeline
alyssa adeline 22 hours ago
Giovanni Orozco
Giovanni Orozco 22 hours ago
So he doesn't start singing untill 3:25
linor davidov
linor davidov 23 hours ago
this song gives me euphoria vibes
keira layne
keira layne 23 hours ago
4:30 and till the end hits different
keira layne
keira layne 23 hours ago
alright as soon as it got near the end memories came up and I cried over all I love this song, thank you
Kwazi M
Kwazi M Day ago
To my best friend, Thank you for the love, but my love for you is gone❤ Thank you for the joy, but my joy for you is gone❤ Love you loser. :)
Lord ToshiMitsu!
Lord ToshiMitsu! Day ago
''I'm not cute don't lie'' lmao
jazmin Day ago
how tf tyler only have 2.84M subscribers..
Xx Ben xX
Xx Ben xX Day ago
Amirah Khan
Amirah Khan Day ago
-turner Day ago
This won a Grammy?
Mélchi 19 hours ago
ye. i hated this album at first but it grew on me
Malena Day ago
this song belongs in euphoria
Andrea Heredia Ramirez
Andrea Heredia Ramirez Day ago
Jola Join
Jola Join Day ago
The song is Straight up good but I almost cried from this
Jola Join
Jola Join Day ago
Thank you Tyler
burnt chickennuggets
burnt chickennuggets Day ago
@ my "friend" who I will expose tehee 3:54 (im black chill)
Lily Day ago
We need a longer version of the outro omg
heart Day ago
thx ig
sushji Day ago
This is my favourite song. No other song makes me feel this happy.
McKenna H
McKenna H Day ago
4:30 the voice is just so soothing and that part is so magical to me
ise エロイス
ise エロイス Day ago
the people who disliked have no taste... sorry but its true
Nicol. Day ago
4:00 ignore,,👍🏻
garazi arandia
garazi arandia 2 days ago
tommaso miozzi
tommaso miozzi 2 days ago
The ending of this song got me like 😃😄😀😕🙁☹️😖😫😭
Mar Casalle
Mar Casalle 2 days ago
letra en Español (parte final) : usposts.info/vision/mbPTta_WpKiRjNA/video
drifting 2 days ago
I'll whoop yo ass
Leo the weeb
Leo the weeb 2 days ago
I feel sorry for my partner, they asked for love that i can't give. I don't love them back and they know that, but they still love me. I never really did fall in love but i can feel sorry, i am still thinking why are they whit me. They are really nice person, they need someone better and who really cares. I can't give them that, but they are still whit me. It's been two months, they are still here... I don't know how to help or what to do.
Cade 2 days ago
4:30 is where thank you starts
christina 2 days ago
@Cerf_Joint right
Cerf_Joint 2 days ago
imagine coming just for that part.
Leboshwade 2 days ago
Lay Z
Lay Z 2 days ago
ive been carrying this shit for very long now
Lay Z
Lay Z 2 days ago
fuck it
Lay Z
Lay Z 2 days ago
im sad help
Lay Z
Lay Z 2 days ago
now im scarred for life pretending that i dont care pretending that my love is gone i cant even lie ive been lonely
Lay Z
Lay Z 2 days ago
im pretending that my love's gone im sad cant even lie fuck this imma listen to this til my ears bleed fuck her
yaya lang
yaya lang 2 days ago
4:30 where my favorite part starts
Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen 2 days ago
Jordan 2 days ago
Maria Luiza
Maria Luiza 2 days ago
O final e perfeito ❤
Elellta Feleke
Elellta Feleke 3 days ago
"i hate wasted potential" that line is completely changing my life
Elellta Feleke
Elellta Feleke 3 days ago
@Jola Join huh??
Jola Join
Jola Join 3 days ago
Ines Ketmi
Ines Ketmi 3 days ago
who listens in November 2020 👇🏽
Ines Ketmi
Ines Ketmi 3 days ago
sophie 3 days ago
not the tiktok kids searching up "thank you for the love" 😬😬
petergriffinhaha 2 days ago
I don’t want to be a gatekeeper but they are pretty annoying
ziqry 3 days ago
Flaviu Mihai
Flaviu Mihai 3 days ago
gone gone is literally old quackity wtf
Evelyn Diaz
Evelyn Diaz 3 days ago
the boi is here
the boi is here 3 days ago
This part got me omg it's so good 4:45
I_Sell_Lemons UwU
I_Sell_Lemons UwU 3 days ago
Listening this weeks after my bf broke up with me
Danny •
Danny • 2 days ago
listening to this but 10 months after bc i’m kind of a loser
Myauri bentom
Myauri bentom 3 days ago
“ thank you for the love , thank you for the joy , but I will never fall in love again , “ this man is describing our life problems Right here.
karelys oyuela
karelys oyuela 3 days ago
Ok but Tyler’s music is good asf -
Destiny Nguyen
Destiny Nguyen 4 days ago
the ending of this song tho>>>>
the boi is here
the boi is here 3 days ago
It made me cry
El Dogartz
El Dogartz 4 days ago
we all know why you're here......
Esther Cupcakes
Esther Cupcakes 4 days ago
I want to commit with this song.
Lucio 4 days ago
Fuck bro i'm crying
ณัฐภูมิ 4 days ago
Comparing scars before dinner Jump off the booth into the mirror Felt like summer To my December Was it my August? Shit, I don't remember (Two, three, go) I know my temperature was set You finally flew south The bird gon' leave the nest, it's so comedic At least I had it (uh) Instead of never Or maybe I'm too dramatic (Two, three, go) Whether it's rain or shine, I know I'm fine for now My love's gone, my love's gone My love's gone, oh, gone (two, three, go) Or maybe it's just a dream that I can't seem to wake up from My love's gone, my love's gone My love's gone, gone Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone I know love is all I got I just hope to God she got good taste Could put you on some shit you never seen Could play a couple songs that you could dance to I hope you know she can't compete with me Whether it's rain or shine, I know I'm fine for now My love's gone, my love's gone My love's gone, oh, gone Or maybe it's just a dream that I can't seem to wake up from My love's gone, my love's gone My love's gone, gone Kept it going, the Band-Aid is falling off now (Keep) Kept it going, the Band-Aid is falling off now (Keep) Keep it going, the Band-Aid is falling off now (Going) And now I'm scarred for life My love is gone (Gone), my love is gone (Gone) My love is gone (It's gone), my love is gone Ayo, there's poison in that gumbo Emotion for Dumbo Ask me where my luck go That bitch walked outside the front door Knock, knock, knock, knock I'm not shocked, I brought this on me It's my fault, you gon' leave Lesser talk, see the Weatherman told me it wasn't raining My stupid ass brought an umbrellas I got a glimpse of your cloud and feel better Now it's ninety degrees, and all the tricks up my sleeve Is drenched in sweat and illusion because I jet to conclusion You got your thing, I got nothing, but memories I know your secrets, nigga I'm not bitter or nothing, I understand that Everybody making a choice according to plan and We had two different blueprints, but understood her fluent She opened up early on, I thought I had a permit You started building a bridge and turned it into a fence Then my building got tore down all because of your new tenant I'll just buy up some new shit, never down with a lease You never lived in your truth, I'm just happy I lived in it But I finally found peace, so peace Lemme do it over (Where? Everything) I hate wasted potential, that shit crushes your spirit It really does, it crushes your soul Thank you for the love, thank you for the joy But I will never want to fall in love again Thank you for the time, thank you for your mind, oh But I don't ever want to fall in love again I said go, go Thank you for the love, thank you for the joy But I will never want to fall in love again (Again) Thank you for the time, thank you for your mind, oh But I don't ever want to fall in love again Again, again Again, again, again, again, again, again (Got my eye)
Frankie Jay
Frankie Jay 4 days ago
Drewski Don
Drewski Don 4 days ago
Naruto listened to this when Sakura told him she loved Sasuke😭
yeet dawg
yeet dawg 4 days ago
kinda gay
the boi is here
the boi is here 2 days ago
@leon true
leon 3 days ago
the gays must be doing something right cuz this smacks
the boi is here
the boi is here 3 days ago
You dumb ass
Wyatt K.
Wyatt K. 4 days ago
Bro this really is the best quarantine song to vibe to
Jolyne Cujoh
Jolyne Cujoh 5 days ago
after getting the real meaning of both the first and second part of this song, always hearing it scares the shit out of me like youtube was on autoplay and I was deadass just listening to Roman Holiday
Donovan Haasch
Donovan Haasch 5 days ago
the music seems happy but hes really sad
Brianna R.
Brianna R. 5 days ago
This song was dedicated to my dog that past away. I had him for 15 years and I cried like a baby, this song described how I felt about him being gone all the way to I didn’t want to love another dog lol
LOOLAACA 5 days ago
Darius Domaradzki
Darius Domaradzki 5 days ago
This shit is fire
Tank CityQueen
Tank CityQueen 5 days ago
I got sent here by a tarot reader lol
Zane Ropski
Zane Ropski 6 days ago
just know this dude made yonkers
iqurtx 6 days ago
Yazid Montoya Esquivel
Yazid Montoya Esquivel 6 days ago
Why it still raining I did what I suposed to
Luke Whitten
Luke Whitten 7 days ago
I can relate
Jaime Andrews
Jaime Andrews 7 days ago
Why does this make me think of remember the titans
Jaime Andrews
Jaime Andrews 7 days ago
What Chaka pizza said
Jaime Andrews
Jaime Andrews 7 days ago
Me hate bad rap this is not bad rap well if you can even call it rap
hello kitty
hello kitty 7 days ago
this shit just fucks me up so bad these days bro
Zoe baron
Zoe baron 7 days ago
Fabito 7 days ago
2:56 best part anyone? :D
ko. 7 days ago
4:29 but also 0:00
petergriffinhaha 2 days ago
Ik, I don’t know who in their right mind would skip to THANK YOU, like it’s a great song but listen to the entire thing please
Purple Galaxy girl
Purple Galaxy girl 7 days ago
Clouds Drama
Clouds Drama 7 days ago
4:27 that better be played on my wedding.
lil miracle
lil miracle 7 days ago
its fragile by tatsuro yamoshita :)
Gloomy 18
Gloomy 18 7 days ago
The ending was beautiful
Thatgirlcecilia 8 days ago
4:36 has my heart.
Jennifer Takai
Jennifer Takai 8 days ago
Billy Blade
Billy Blade 8 days ago
scooby snacc
scooby snacc 8 days ago
4:48 I picture a kid running away from home and there parents call the cops so they're running from the cops too and then they just hide in a Bush till they loose them
Marietta Pimenidou
Marietta Pimenidou 8 days ago
obaby nation
obaby nation 9 days ago
This song feels like a Friday
elle ee
elle ee 6 days ago
it reminds me of a thursday after u get home from sports practice and don’t have school the next day and ur eating pizza loll
Rayan Salmi
Rayan Salmi 9 days ago
i love the last parttt
JERE 456
JERE 456 9 days ago
Limón con aceite 😎
SewerRvt 9 days ago
Lol song to AOT S4
a n d r y a
a n d r y a 9 days ago
a n d r y a
a n d r y a 9 days ago
yan008 9 days ago
Right when I discovered this song, my ex dumped me
shadai j. givens
shadai j. givens 9 days ago
me crying to this song because my brain has tied it to banana fish💔💔
Aaron Osornio
Aaron Osornio 10 days ago
Dude seeing all these people who commented that tried commiting just shows you the true side of the internet what happens in everyday life
BK* 10 days ago
Gone, Gone 0:00 Thank You 4:36
saved2serve 9 days ago
wait I just noticed that-
izzy dolman
izzy dolman 10 days ago
4:30 needs to be in euphoria
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