Eddie Jones once did a finger-roll from one step inside the 3-point line | The Jump

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Month ago

Eddie Jones once did a finger-roll from one step inside the 3-point line | The Jump
Rachel Nichols, Robert Horry and David Fizdale play "Make or Miss," covering moves from Devin Booker, Danuel House Jr., Luguentz Dort, Stephen Curry, and a selection of players with legendary finger-rolls.
0:00 Devin Booker's assist shows why he's an All-Star.
0:44 Danuel House Jr. dunks on JaVale McGee.
1:24 Luguentz Dort puts the Spurs in the "Dorture Chamber."
2:03 Stephen Curry finger-rolls over Myles Turner.
2:51 The Jump runs back the most absurd finger-rolls ever, including Tracy McGrady, Michael Jordan, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler and Eddie Jones.
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NBA on ESPN Month ago
0:00​ Devin Booker's assist shows why he's an All-Star. 0:44​ Danuel House Jr. dunks on JaVale McGee. 1:24​ Luguentz Dort puts the Spurs in the "Dorture Chamber." 2:03​ Stephen Curry finger-rolls over Myles Turner. 2:51​ The Jump runs back the most absurd finger-rolls ever, including Tracy McGrady, Michael Jordan, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler and Eddie Jones.
ApolloSol Month ago
Eddie played a full career tho, Horry.
Nate88 Month ago
IceMan gets no love
Babs Ifeoluwa
Babs Ifeoluwa Month ago
I expected Ja Morant's finger roll from FT line to be there
Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA
Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA Month ago
just me Blac
just me Blac Month ago
U the real Mvp
gotthemgoing 14 hours ago
These guys are Clearly walking !!
Big G
Big G 2 days ago
Why am I watching a four minute plus video for one finger roll?
Jae Millstone777
Jae Millstone777 3 days ago
I think people really underestimated how good EJ really was on the wood.
J Black84
J Black84 3 days ago
Finger rolls are the sauciest plays in basketball. You can get real fancy with them
J M 5 days ago
The finger rolls tho. 👍
iamteamyou 7 days ago
BOL BOL will complete the 3pt layup a few times in his career💯
Abando Soul
Abando Soul 7 days ago
I did a fingeroll in my dreams and nobody cares.....nobody cares
Repunza 7 days ago
Clyde Drexler's finger roll was NASTY! Ice man is the king of it...
kingX777 8 days ago
This video has been in my recommended for like a month now lol
BLaMeBLM*916* 8 days ago
Eddie was kobe....until kobe
Matteo 8 days ago
Eddie should be on the all time lakers in NBA2k as backup SG
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera 9 days ago
T Greg
T Greg 9 days ago
The wall smacked Rachel she aging by the day
Opinion Guy
Opinion Guy 9 days ago
Yes traveling and carrying , and double dribble had to be removed from the game to keep it exciting cuz that's all I see in the game
Myron Peyton
Myron Peyton 10 days ago
My favorite laker ever
Ryo Fujiwara
Ryo Fujiwara 10 days ago
Three of the greatest finger rolls happened in The Forum.
EJ 25
EJ 25 11 days ago
EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! Back in the days....He still is my favorite. Missed the old days
Randall 11 days ago
That one the other night with Tatum vs. the Knicks is deserving of this list.
Ray Cade
Ray Cade 12 days ago
Definitely the first kobe
Dee Jayy
Dee Jayy 12 days ago
Horry 🐐
ChoochTheOne Productions
ChoochTheOne Productions 12 days ago
The was NBA Jam styled for sure
Dee Jayy
Dee Jayy 12 days ago
Hornet my guy!
antwan1357 12 days ago
When Koby Bryant first got in the league and before Eddie Jones went to Charlotte Eddie used to do all sorts of things to increase his trade value instead of playing it safe . Like I saw Eddie Jones take one step on the free throw line stepping in from three and just dunked it Sooo fast if you blinked you would have missed it.
Big Alex
Big Alex 12 days ago
eddie jones learned that move from the NBA JAM arcade game
L.E. Watkins
L.E. Watkins 12 days ago
Eddie Jones was nice. In 2K on Dreamcast he was unstoppable.
SAGA ONE 13 days ago
George Gervin is the OG of the jelly moves.
Albert Lopez
Albert Lopez 13 days ago
The swing man... Eddie Jones. Lakers days
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb 13 days ago
who here use to get jones and kobe mixed up cuz they look a like in 97
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb 13 days ago
imagine dunking from that distance.. 😳😳😳
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb 13 days ago
4:05 what you came for eddie jones
Differential Education
Differential Education 13 days ago
Tarek Aoudeh
Tarek Aoudeh 13 days ago
Eddie Jones finger roll was an animation that was in NBA JAM. Doesn't get more classic than that.
GraveDiggerPop718 13 days ago
Eddie Jones was a beast back then he was the man at one point
ryan tilford
ryan tilford 13 days ago
Love Eddie Jones he should of got a ring with our lake show.
Dsm0424 14 days ago
Fun fact: Eddie Jones has more win shares (100.56) than Chris Webber, Allen Iverson, Grant Hill, Dennis Rodman, Alonzo Mourning, Tracy Mcgrady, Glenn Rice, Isaiah Thomas, Chris Mullin, and Shawn Kemp.
Dye Slo
Dye Slo 14 days ago
Eddie Jones....Temple university finest!!!
Mr. William
Mr. William 14 days ago
Always jarring to see that baby 97 three point line when they moved it in.
Van Gloriousness
Van Gloriousness 14 days ago
Ive seen Eddie Jones do at Temple more once.
Jahiii Uno
Jahiii Uno 15 days ago
My mom got me the ej butters when they first came out i was fly
Jahiii Uno
Jahiii Uno 15 days ago
My favorite player!!!!! Eddie jones forrr 333333333 at the great western forum!!
Adrian Ortiz
Adrian Ortiz 16 days ago
I can do a much better *Finger* roll hahahahaha
Meckka Tupper
Meckka Tupper 16 days ago
That brotha threw off the glass while a man was checking him tight and dunk. Very impressive and creative. Whoever said that must not played ball.
JJ 16 days ago
Imagine doing a finger roll at the local ball park from one step past the half court line. That’s what EJ did - completely absurd!
Bob 16 days ago
红色杰弗雷德 16 days ago
J Chandler
J Chandler 17 days ago
We used to practice them as a bail out shot called you guessed it the 3 point finger roll.
TheQuestion3 17 days ago
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! My favorite player.
The Culture & Anarchy Podcast
The Culture & Anarchy Podcast 18 days ago
Can’t watch ESPN now that they’ve sabotaged their platform. But it’s great to see Horry in the seat. That man was a beast in crunch time. Never forget those Rocket days, bro.
SpaceTimeManipulator STM
SpaceTimeManipulator STM 18 days ago
Eddie Jones was my favorite on NBA Live.
begcoins 18 days ago
George Gervin best finger roller ever, then Clyde. I wanted to finger roll like Clyde as a kid.
J. Baldwin
J. Baldwin 19 days ago
Nah, Gervin was the meanest. When I was at Eastern Michigan in the 1990s they had the prettiest picture of him when you walked into the basketball arena finger rolling between two guys.
Guy Rebman
Guy Rebman 20 days ago
I like Eddie!! Temple 🦉
DReckless1 21 day ago
1:01 look at Draymond "Greatest Defender of ALL time" Green in action....
Mark W
Mark W 23 days ago
Get the communist woman off of espn
SDS Overfiend
SDS Overfiend 23 days ago
4:07 - The “Butter Roll”
Keith Dudley -
Keith Dudley - 25 days ago
This is NBA light. Boring. Showboat. I need some 90's rules.
Javier Alarcon
Javier Alarcon 27 days ago
Eddie was good
Damn Homie
Damn Homie 27 days ago
D Ramsey
D Ramsey 27 days ago
I forgot all about Eddie Jones
Teddy Brukshot
Teddy Brukshot 28 days ago
Oh yes the greatest days of hoops Eddie and van axel ,that has not been done to this day
Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion 28 days ago
Clyde shot the furthest finger roll to the hoop
Apollo Fontane
Apollo Fontane 29 days ago
Eddie Jones was just a smooth cat man. You can tell Kobe learned a lot from his swagger.
SaintClair DMV
SaintClair DMV 29 days ago
How Robert Horry a clutch shooter but don’t recognize a shooting shirt from a jersey? 😂😂😂 that ICE was🔥🔥🔥 tho
MrKydaman Month ago
Eddie Jones was a great player. He had potential to be superstar.
ProdByYasuke Month ago
On God if that Eddie Jones lay up would’ve happened to me in 2k I’d snap my controller 😂😂😂😂
Eddie is half brother of Kobe
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Month ago
Eddie dunked from the free throw line on a bucks player once.
D10 Month ago
It's a make or miss league..that's annoying already
nasem jemia
nasem jemia Month ago
The exultant scooter annually connect because chocolate outstandingly bolt abaft a useful select. smooth, wicked samurai
By Any Means Necessary
By Any Means Necessary Month ago
This woman is so annoying. Americans, man. Smh.
Rob Frost
Rob Frost Month ago
Eddie Jones, the most electric player to ever wear #6 for the Lakers/Heat.
John Dough
John Dough Month ago
No Dr.J? That’s how Iknow they are uncultured in the ball community...
Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history
Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history Month ago
These young NBA guys don't compare to Dr.J!!
It's Poker Not Pity Pat
It's Poker Not Pity Pat Month ago
I remember watching this game i think in around 96 I believe!!
ali ali
ali ali Month ago
The Eddie Jones era - the last good laker jersey
Tchadli Santos
Tchadli Santos Month ago
Dream cast was nice too
Luis Cepeda
Luis Cepeda Month ago
Edie was the up comer. Till kobe bryant happended . he took us somewhere!! Loved black mamba forever.
campcleveland Month ago
eddie Jones with the nba jam finger roll
Nirvezz Month ago
4:08 eddie jones clip
Noah Markman
Noah Markman Month ago
The right chronometer mechanically fire because editor fittingly milk to a messy radar. naughty, slimy cause
Paul Tommy
Paul Tommy Month ago
I liked Eddie Jones but not above gorege gervin and Clyde Drexler was the best finger roll
Michael Huebner
Michael Huebner Month ago
Temple legend Eddie Jones!!
MAA MU Month ago
Jelly montage...magnifique!
Jiu Jester
Jiu Jester Month ago
I cant wait until people will start doing the 3pt lay up!
Lok* Records
Lok* Records Month ago
Lol ! Man the NBA has had great players every player is great from Will Purdue to Spud Webb to Kevin McHale to rod Strickland and throw in some random name like steve kerr Eddie Jones that dude tractor trailer from houston to Scott skiles bro all of them are great freaking ballers shot out to the super greats like Ginobili, Jordan , Kobe, Shaq , Bird , and Oscar Robertson and James both of all of em
ZelB84 Month ago
That eddie jones one was ridiculous
Nice looking shot... Hit me back when you can win a ring shooting 7 of those per night 😐 --Kareem Abdul Jabaar
D Coop
D Coop Month ago
eddie jones was fire on nba live 95. he had some great layup moves and seemed a better shot than most of the guards on that game.
Patrick Sobb
Patrick Sobb Month ago
Wow these hosts make TNT look good.
n n
n n Month ago
glad to see this play finally get some attention. One of my favorite plays from my favorite Laker by far at that time.
Brooklyn Thomkins
Brooklyn Thomkins Month ago
Nobody i mean nobody could finger roll like the iceman44
krlm2280 Month ago
Michael Cooper in 3 and 2
krlm2280 Month ago
Ej was a beast and was man enough to mentor his soon to be replacement kobe
Joel Month ago
The "Hawk" Connie Hawkins was the best I saw with the finger-roll, but your film probably doesn't go back that far
deuceforty Month ago
eddie was legit.
gsmusic2009 Month ago
Eddie was Freaky should have been a HOF player
ryan banaag
ryan banaag Month ago
My dad was a nurse for Eddie Jones’ mom when he became a Laker. Said he and his fam were nice.
Siisay Ako
Siisay Ako Month ago
eddie jones was good but in this clip, the lane was open and he wasn't closely guarded, unlike those in the other clips.
TheDistrict644 Month ago
Ice was the best to have done it. Poetry in motion!
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