The Home Camera for Beginners | Wyze Cam Pan Review

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4 months ago

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Steve reviews the new Wyze Pan Camera. He covers the setup features, unboxing, the Wyze app, and subscription plan. He also gives a demonstration of the camera and pan quality. In Steve's opinion, this is a camera that covers basic home security needs and is a good option for a first camera.
0:00 Intro
1:36 Unboxing
2:33 Set up
3:18 App Features
7:42 Demo
9:34 Pros & Cons
12:07 App Subscription
13:10 Final Verdict and Wrap Up
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Noah Zork
Noah Zork 3 days ago
Love the video however, most wyze cam videos do not elaborate on the exact functionality that you get when you insert an SD card. Do you have to remove the card to view the footage? Does the card automatically begin to write over its self once it becomes full? I know the answers to these questions but many of your viewers do not. These are some of the most important details people want to know you should include them in the video. PS: No, and Yes respectively
Coin a-DIG-tion
Coin a-DIG-tion 16 days ago
I think the pan and tilt may not be smooth but it IS following the potential "intruder" in the home to see what they're up to and possibly what they steal. I wonder if it's any better in 2021. ??
CUTTIN' THE BOBO 18 days ago
Can I put a wyze cam in my vacation home and watch, real time, at my residence 1000 miles away?
Donald Jayne
Donald Jayne 11 days ago
*real time* +-5 seconds yes
luhrenloup Month ago
Hi Folks, I just bought this Wyze Cam pan. I bought the camera because my landlord enters my apartment when I'm not at home. All I'm interested in is getting a snap of her entering my small (500 sq. ft. main room,) apartment. Will this camera do the trick? I would appreciate any advice you offer, set-up, distance, height. Thanks, Luhren
SeaJay 3 days ago
4:12 he literally shows you can take a picture but why watch the relatively short video you're commenting on when you can comment and wait a month for one response?
MinJua jua
MinJua jua 2 months ago
Yeah if it will connect, which it doesn’t!😡
jeannie cheramie
jeannie cheramie 2 months ago
Does this run on your homes Internet or can you just run it off the Wi-Fi through your phone
Minh Lac
Minh Lac 2 months ago
Yeah auto sucks need update for sure
The Tango
The Tango 4 months ago
Wyze products are all pretty much JUNK! The pan cam is at the top of the list for being a waste of money (I threw the two I had away). Eufy is the best for bang for buck - they have sales all the time. Just stay away from WYZE - the "Sense" product line haven't worked for months (last time I looked they weren't even for sale any more.
SeaJay 3 days ago
Bwahahahahaha this camera has thousands of positive reviews so either they're ALL paid shills or you are! Jeez, I wonder what's more likely? 🙄
Wild South Australia
Wild South Australia 2 months ago
The Tango someone sending you $ ?
WxJohn 4 months ago
I have several Wyze cameras and they function pretty well, especially considering the price. I'm getting increasingly disturbed with the company itself though. I have orders with them dating back almost three weeks and they still haven't even been picked for shipment. I asked to cancel the order and was told they couldn't cancel it because it was being "processed" for shipment (for three weeks). Check their BBB rating (google 'BBB Wyze"). These guys aren't very responsive to customer problems. I don't think I want to get too deep into their product line considering their current reputation.
WxJohn 3 months ago
@Corona Cure Two were preorders, the v3 camera and the new watch. The third was for light bulbs which were in stock. They said it was "impossible" to cancel the light bulb order until I mentioned going to the BBB to get my money back. It was suddenly possible to cancel the order. I'm not knocking their products...I've got three of the V2 cameras and a pan cam and I like them. Like you, I'll only purchase through amazon so I have recourse if I get a dud but my experience with their customer service makes me a bit shy about purchasing any of their products altogether.
Corona Cure
Corona Cure 3 months ago
Is this for a preorder? Mine just eventually showed up. They seem bad on customer service.. I'm just buying from amazon in the future instead of trying to preorder from them...
Scott Hollis
Scott Hollis 4 months ago
Can't wait for the Wyze outdoor review. Thanks!
Wyze Cam Pan - unbox and setup
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