Wyze Robot Vacuum and Wyze Sprinkler Controller - everything you need to know!

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Andrew Camm

4 months ago

Wyze just keeps rolling our new products. The latest is the Wyze Robot Vacuum and Wyze Sprinkler Controller. In this video I will break down everything you need to know about these new devices and why, again, Wyze is separating themselves with an incredible value of feature rich tech for the money.
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πŸ›’Here is the Wyze device lineup:
Wyze Watch: bit.ly/WyzeWatch
Wyze Home Monitoring Service: bit.ly/Wyze_HMS
Wyze Band: bit.ly/WyzeBand
Wyze Scale: bit.ly/WyzeScale
Wyze Bulbs: bit.ly/WyzeBulb
Wyze Outlets: bit.ly/WyzePlug
Wyze Sprinkler Controller: bit.ly/WyzeSprinklerController
Wyze Robot Vacuum: bit.ly/WyzeRobotVacuum
Wyze Cam V3: bit.ly/WyzeCamv3
Wyze Cam Outdoor: bit.ly/WyzeCamOutdoor
Wyze Cam Pan: bit.ly/WyzeCam_Pan
Wyze Thermostat: bit.ly/WyzeThermostat
Wyze Smart Lock: bit.ly/WyzeLock
Wyze Noise Cancelling Headphones: bit.ly/WyzeHeadphones
Wyze Video Doorbell: bit.ly/WyzeDoorbell
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0:00 Intro
0:41 Wyze Robot Vacuum
1:29 Wyze Robot Vacuum Features
4:36 Wyze Sprinkler Controller
5:27 Wyze Sprinkler Plus
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Boats n Hoes
Boats n Hoes Month ago
Too bad you didn't review the sprinkler, you read the ad about the sprinkler.
sdavrider 2 months ago
It works fantastic. Having difficulty finding spare parts.
Andrew Camm
Andrew Camm Month ago
Cool, I assume the vacuum??
Bill Schnell
Bill Schnell 3 months ago
Great info. Even greater hat!!! #gobills !!!!!
Andrew Camm
Andrew Camm 3 months ago
Thanks!! Go Bills!
Zheng Chen
Zheng Chen 3 months ago
2:57 this robot vaccum really sucks lol
hulkhatepunybanner 3 months ago
*We are all trapped in our homes. Of course, watching vacuums and sprinklers is exciting.*
Andrew Camm
Andrew Camm 3 months ago
Ain't that the truth...
Emilio Caballero upNYlawn
Emilio Caballero upNYlawn 3 months ago
Great video! Looking forward to get the sprinkler for the house we just bought here in Buffalo. I already have other Wyze devices and I'm sure this one will work well. I'll be getting the thermostat too, which I believe will also do the job perfectly. Best regards and keep up the great videos! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 #goBills
Andrew Camm
Andrew Camm 3 months ago
Thank you! Go Bills!
Brandon Carraway
Brandon Carraway 4 months ago
I preordered the vac - I can't wait to get it. I've been on the fence with buying a robovac for the last few months (I have hard surface floors), and almost bought a Roomba weeks prior to the announcement of the Wyze Vac - I'm glad I held off!
B9 M3
B9 M3 3 months ago
I think most if not all of their products are rebadged hardware from real manufacturers / brands that they then integrate with their app.
Andrew Camm
Andrew Camm 4 months ago
Awesome! Wyze makes great products, I'm sure you won't be disappointed
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