Lil Durk and Lil Baby Run Into Da Baby at Icebox While Filming 'Finesse Out The Gang Way'

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15 days ago

Lil Durk and Lil Baby link up at Icebox with Jerry Productions to film a segment of the video for 'Finesse Out The Gang Way' off Durk's new album, "The Voice: Deluxe"!
While filming, Charlotte artist and superstar, Da Baby, stops by the Icebox showroom and chops it up with Lil Durk and Lil Baby!
Watch as these three mega-artists hang out with each other at Icebox!
*Music in this video is altered due to copyright protection*
'Finesse Out The Gang Way' Official Music Video Here:

Instagram!!! www. Icebox
Icebox Diamonds & Watches
3255 Peachtree Road NE
Suite #2
Atlanta, GA 30306
#LilDurk #LilBaby #DaBaby

Jerry Production
Jerry Production 14 days ago
Cutthroat Louie
Cutthroat Louie 4 days ago
Why nobody saying nothing about the music sound wtf
Marcellus cox
Marcellus cox 6 days ago
Record the part where it reversed and reverse it
2K Swish
2K Swish 10 days ago
Ay take a break from these mainstream rappers, check my recent music shit underrated FIRE
600 is Squad
600 is Squad 11 days ago
@Misa misa You dont know shit bout nothin
Ivan Natureal
Ivan Natureal 12 days ago
*Durk was in on Von $acrafice. The ones that seen the subliminal messages know what I'm talking about*
Jai'Den Hill
Jai'Den Hill 3 hours ago
Get them to 1million subs now‼️‼️‼️‼️
Hanat Hassan
Hanat Hassan 4 hours ago
i saw dababy in the clip for a sec
cluubz 4 hours ago
lil baby really came out the closet
Tags 5
Tags 5 5 hours ago
BB rayan L
BB rayan L 6 hours ago
7:54 man said there family don’t eat there they above that like wtf 😬
Ernest Hughes
Ernest Hughes 6 hours ago
Why his assistant look like srt bree
Ernest Hughes
Ernest Hughes 6 hours ago
If I’m dropping $100k ima eat whenever I want
Keizo The Goat
Keizo The Goat 6 hours ago
Golf balls - Quavo
Ernest Hughes
Ernest Hughes 6 hours ago
If I was a rapper I swear I’d just rent the jewelry I’d have the craziest driveway though lol
Wertyperty Senior
Wertyperty Senior 17 hours ago
when they started playing the lyrics to the song 3:03 lmaoo
Alpraz 18 hours ago
I'm waiting for the meme "why lil Durk look scared at icebox with lil baby"
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 18 hours ago
I love Durk face. Them puppy eyes get me err time.
A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel 20 hours ago
He look so nervous in the beginning of the video
voltronGG 21 hour ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Me: what if lil durk and da baby had a baby?
Cobra Content
Cobra Content 20 hours ago
Da lil baby !!
Zach Oquerab
Zach Oquerab 21 hour ago
6:28 h20 delirous
CHIEF SOSA 22 hours ago
“He gotta meet me at the next spot, I been here too long” durk moving like a real gangster 💯 smart asl
Foster Bogard
Foster Bogard Day ago
Durk still gonna rise, sad to see von can’t be there for it
Mariarmy Day ago
Imagine the stress of piercing lil durks ear and hoping not to hurt the man 😂😂😂
Brokeher_Iv Day ago
Da baby with the infinite phone stack
Mariam Akinwole
Mariam Akinwole Day ago
They cool together
Get It
Get It Day ago
Durk with the pole in hes waist
The Los
The Los Day ago
8:18 there is always that salty goon in the group
Kyle Forbes
Kyle Forbes Day ago
That jackets sick
FunnyKillstreak Day ago
Did that dude just ignore dababy´s fistbump? 8:18
Layla Ahmed
Layla Ahmed 2 days ago
At 2:40 durkioo looks like simba or am I tripping
Maluca Patel
Maluca Patel 2 days ago
he got so gassed when Lil baby said he was gon be on the video
Maluca Patel
Maluca Patel 2 days ago
Maluca Patel
Maluca Patel 2 days ago
Maluca Patel
Maluca Patel 2 days ago
Maluca Patel
Maluca Patel 2 days ago
g g
Jay D
Jay D 2 days ago
Peep Rich Dunk inna back 🙏🏾
Khalil 2 days ago
Did Jerry take the top off?
Dyno 2 days ago
bunch of successful dudes. Why hate 😭 & god damn that vette sexy as fu** in the end.
Boyzee yt
Boyzee yt 2 days ago
Nex episode: lil baby works a 9-5 at icebox 💎
Reggie2 Colb
Reggie2 Colb 2 days ago
Did he just put Lil Baby above his own family 🥴
14kMontee 2 days ago
Beat called?
Ashley Barrow
Ashley Barrow 2 days ago
Dark don’t even trust the safe...been through it!
Lukas R
Lukas R 2 days ago
you already know some producer took the song audio n reversed it to hear the song how its supposed to sound
Keesmusic Official
Keesmusic Official 2 days ago
Everybody runs into lil baby in icebox does he live there🤣❄
Mamadou Jallow
Mamadou Jallow 3 days ago
Baby like so much icebox😂
Daebandz 3 days ago
Music video gon be hard
Daebandz 3 days ago
How the song still go dumb 🤦🏽‍♂️
Anthony Hewitt
Anthony Hewitt 3 days ago
when they meet dababy: 8:02
A15sennseriolll 3 days ago
9:50 hotboii and marshawn lynch is there
L M 3 days ago
8:19 did dababy dirty
IRUAMAK 3 days ago
This song hard
Kyle Osinloye
Kyle Osinloye 3 days ago
Can’t wait to get rich and shop at icebox
Jaysoddfutr 3 days ago
Who else gon reverse tha reversed rap parts lmao
Just Me
Just Me 3 days ago
Only lil baby will go to ice box to shoot a music video!!!!
Koos 3 days ago
Didn’t lil baby make a song with quando🤔
Michael vera
Michael vera 3 days ago
Lil baby look 53 years old lol
Marley 6300
Marley 6300 3 days ago
11:23 booka tries to say something but no one acknowledged him and u can see him kinda hunker down... I felt that pain
Fyb2x 11 hours ago
😂😂😂 I peeped that
T W 3 days ago
6:02 Durk not playing he said y’all ain’t closing baby in there 😂😭
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 days ago
“my family dont even eat here...but you’re above that” mane wtf💀💀
BB rayan L
BB rayan L 6 hours ago
Same shit I said
Certified Temz
Certified Temz Day ago
Abrahan Leon
Abrahan Leon 2 days ago
Loneboy._ 3 days ago
Andre Sims
Andre Sims 4 days ago
Said lul baby above family 😂lorddddd
Elie 4 days ago
Have a good day god love y’all
Bigga L Rc Car FPV
Bigga L Rc Car FPV 4 days ago
This was stage 😂😂😂😂
Sawyer Cascone
Sawyer Cascone 4 days ago
The illustrious gray intracellularly trouble because frame respectively bump afore a worthless polo. watery, efficacious daughter
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 days ago
Vinu Pk
Vinu Pk 4 days ago
Finesse out of the gang way
zDeeeee 4 days ago
The elegant particle disturbingly fix because ukrainian electronically crush beneath a guarded geese. hoc, hissing advertisement
Pablo Rosa
Pablo Rosa 4 days ago
Lil baby durk dababy and meek would be fire asf tho
Jeppe b
Jeppe b 4 days ago
this is the first time I see dababy actually interested
zDeeeee 4 days ago
The penitent talk partly tow because radish generically retire among a whole kenya. dull, helpful pansy
Eazy Shadez
Eazy Shadez 4 days ago
later they met THE actual baby and tha durk in the lobby
Code Gaming_YT
Code Gaming_YT 4 days ago
These dudes is ballin just hold somethin at low interest!!!
borromorro 4 days ago
I thought the title was a joke. Are all these rappers really that unoriginal with their artist name?
KrypStrumentals 314
KrypStrumentals 314 5 days ago
The backwards music could’ve least been a different song or muted 🤦🏽‍♂️
SaltyKage 5 days ago
Tbh if yu want to meet yo favorite rapper just go to icebox
Gunner Alan Lindbloom
Gunner Alan Lindbloom 5 days ago
Yo, we should link.
Frenchies And Stuff
Frenchies And Stuff 5 days ago
I convinced this they only customer
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 5 days ago
I love how Dababy greets people lowkey, he chill asl but lit when he needs to be.
Xsjx7 Wc54
Xsjx7 Wc54 5 days ago
The hideous high beauty marginally fade because centimeter extragingivally hop concerning a puny domain. gullible gusty, unbecoming multi-hop
Barney Washbourne
Barney Washbourne 5 days ago
Legend has it lil baby has a bed in ice box
Garvin Boateng
Garvin Boateng 5 days ago
Watch from 2:53 , when the guy said lil Durk could’ve bled.. notice how he shits him self loool
Ayomide Salami
Ayomide Salami 5 days ago
there song was lit af
FrankMNL 5 days ago
it's so funny when baby worrying about the vault get locked hahaha
Sofian Faria
Sofian Faria 5 days ago
Lil baby aint trust no one, he had to make sure the safe dose not lock 😂😂
Future Rainn
Future Rainn 5 days ago
what's the beat in 11:36
Botan 5 days ago
why them man all masked up ?
Redmanlad 5 days ago
truuuuuust if Boris saw this many people in a room atm he'd have a heart attack
Tee Boppin
Tee Boppin 5 days ago
Da 3 Dem Be fireee🔥 IN THE BOOTH!!!!
OXLLM-TOPIC 5 days ago
To people can rewind that stuff🤐
Propain Flamez
Propain Flamez 5 days ago
Love to see unity between rapper good look
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs 6 days ago
You guys couldn’t get permission to play the actually song? Sheesh
Shayla Holifield
Shayla Holifield 6 days ago
Lil baby go to ice box more then i go to my grandma house lol
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 6 days ago
I love how Dababy greets people lowkey, he chill asl but lit when he needs to be.
Jackie Mwaahh
Jackie Mwaahh 6 days ago
That’s why lil baby looked funny when he came out the safe 😭😭😭😭 the jacket fucked it up the way he was looking , he should’ve never closed his jacket
Aiden Arias
Aiden Arias 6 days ago
Da baby is wearing the mask heather wrong way😂
Lola Thicke
Lola Thicke 6 days ago
We got Lil Baby, Da baby, already. Next rappers can be: NGB (Never Going Broke) Baby, Young Baby 😂
Skuddie 6 days ago
Dababy be moving out there
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 6 days ago
Lmao u can see durks gun
bpvliltiny 6 days ago
Lil baby the 🐐
Karen Petel
Karen Petel 6 days ago
Rip King Von!
aaaereel Azis
aaaereel Azis 6 days ago
Robin Masama
Robin Masama 6 days ago
Whats that intro song?
Victor Chinonso
Victor Chinonso 6 days ago
Lil baby will soon by icebox ✊🏼
K1LL-3VER Fox 6 days ago
Aye, that's sum big respect to lil baby for kickin' it an assumably working with him, that shows that he got weight on his name an he cares bout the city enough to keep things on the level around it so it doesn't also become a warzone ✊🏻 that's that bigger picture type shit
Julian D
Julian D 6 days ago
I'm happy baby tested that vault first hell nah you ain't finna just close me up in there
Cringee Vibezz
Cringee Vibezz 6 days ago
so errbody gon skip da fact dat we seen von ..😔😔🤟🏾
Niyah_playz123 6 days ago
6:20 lil baby face 😂
JEMS 96 6 days ago
2:38 nobody talking about durk having pink painted nails??
M T 6 days ago
New Episode Title: Icebox workers run into Lil Baby at Icebox
Whatever My name is
Whatever My name is 5 days ago
Aerial Aced
Aerial Aced 7 days ago
Da Baby is like a wolf around dogs lol no one on that dudes mindset
Paul Dieme
Paul Dieme 7 days ago
How I love ❤️ looking at rappers that don’t fight this is how they all need to be. They need to be friends do be there for each other not like fighting shooting one another killing one another you feel me