The Problem with Cheetahs

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Khaullan Fiddiyoso
Khaullan Fiddiyoso 22 minutes ago
Can you talk a bit about monster hunter? Everyone loves Deviljho
Trash Bag
Trash Bag Hour ago
Loved the video! Small question. Are you ever going to make a tier list on diseases (Bacteria support classes or diseases like viruses, pests with high kill counts etc)?
K.sensei K.sensei
K.sensei K.sensei Hour ago
3:04 Kid just wanted to skip around on a hot sunny day😩
Vipan Khatri
Vipan Khatri 3 hours ago
Codm music in background op
WOW 3 hours ago
Imagine if a animal had max of every thing
Clayton Plaia
Clayton Plaia 9 hours ago
I just need this man to release a video so we can see CURI go to the moon Edit: also great content is another reason why I wanna see a new vid
Fadlin Wilter
Fadlin Wilter 9 hours ago
Im still being a cheetah this wont change my mind
Martin Wildey
Martin Wildey 12 hours ago
So if Cheetahs evolve a bit and learn to role in packs seems like theyll be a force to be reckon with. Lets see what happens, hopefully my favorite animal stays around either way.
Aaron Skinner
Aaron Skinner 14 hours ago
Is this a game or could you make it into a game I would definitely play it your content is just so cool. My personal favourites are the fish.
Itzyeaboi Chips ahoy
Itzyeaboi Chips ahoy 16 hours ago
I wanna download the game he’s talking about
Fico Plays
Fico Plays 16 hours ago
Just like Scott from tf2
Fico Plays
Fico Plays 16 hours ago
I Still thing that the Cheesta is the best
Meez G
Meez G 17 hours ago
Bruh its the mmo aspect lol players
Jackson Wells
Jackson Wells 19 hours ago
I hate how the cheetah looks at the cameras for a second and losses his concentration, fucking camera men.
baltazar Samra
baltazar Samra 20 hours ago
4:23 🤣🤣🤣
Martin Clausen
Martin Clausen 20 hours ago
Walking with dinosaurs is not on curiosity 🥲
Nikki white
Nikki white 21 hour ago
Hey would a fungi Tier list be up your alley?
Pug-Z 21 hour ago
could you make a video similar to optimizing the stealth build but on defense
Shiva chaudhary
Shiva chaudhary 21 hour ago
I know it may sound off topic but please do a tier Ranking of all the monsters from Monsterverse #kaiju #monsterverse
Harry Rowland
Harry Rowland Day ago
Luv how he used adrenaline from bo2
AceNINJA _CUT Day ago
Ok just a quick question if anyone will answer but i im a new snake build player, what build should i put my stats into And what skill tree should I use to be most effective
James willemsen
James willemsen Day ago
Can someone please help, what is the background music in the first portion of the video? Its driving me crazy
James willemsen
James willemsen Day ago
@Harry Rowland thank you but I was meaning the one before that song
Harry Rowland
Harry Rowland Day ago
Adrenaline from call of duty black ops 2, the main them for multiplayer, bruh I’m an og cod player, anyways there you go
Grey Solace
Grey Solace Day ago
Cheetahs need a buff like a strength buff and a size
The cheetah is worse than the mw aug in warzone💀
Moonlandingisreal Day ago
do somethin on the giganotosaurus
dovah lich
dovah lich Day ago
Is it possible to do a teir list of salamanders
Kevin Anand
Kevin Anand Day ago
Anyone else think someone should actually make a game based off this channel idea? Nature, the MMO.
AbnersThings Day ago
If only humans used the intelligence stat they have and stopped causing debuffs to the entire meta
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja Day ago
Rip my favorite animal
A M Day ago
If you were to make a creature to counter humans what would it be like?
Jogeta Day ago
Since I love your content and I get a nice dose of laughter every time, I was thinking! Since I'm a new youtuber, do you have any suggestions on how to succeed? :D
Aamod BK
Aamod BK Day ago
Hey TZ I have a very important question for you. In a hypothetical scenario, where godzilla and kong actually exist, who do you think would win in a fight?
Kameron Clack
Kameron Clack Day ago
I'm kinda confused. Is this a game or real life? And if it is a game what is it called?
Lil Pump's Retarded Cousin
Lil Pump's Retarded Cousin Day ago
Its real life and hes explaining it as if it was a game, "The Game Of Life"
This is real life lol
IMMortal Legend
IMMortal Legend Day ago
I just want to know why dragons were in the game files but were never added.... maybe the devs thought they would be too OP? P.S: plz make a video related to that
Mohanned Suleiman
Mohanned Suleiman Day ago
I'm a cheetah player 😥
Артём Дубравин
Артём Дубравин Day ago
God damn dude, I remember randomly finding your channel a few years ago. Back then it had like 1000 views, I had a few good laughs and forgot about it and now I get recommended again and you're the exact same guy but now millions of views and subs and the tier trend from a while back was also your fault wasn't it? Hot damn you grew!!! Conglaturation!
Kojo Day ago
Jafar Day ago
Octane cat Octane cat
The kraken squad
The kraken squad Day ago
You should make a video about what would make a certain build overpowered like if you max out the defense on a snake or strength on a ray or something like that I would love that
Berserk Panda
Berserk Panda Day ago
I would love to see a tier list for plants, like what trees are top tier or low tier and why. Would be interesting to understand what plants have evolved and which have stayed some what the same thru out the ages.
Chandler Carrier
Chandler Carrier Day ago
Are you going to do a deep sea creature tier list? 👀
Kogasengaha Hishoshi
Kogasengaha Hishoshi Day ago
All of their stats is in Speed and Agility. So they are technically a little underwhelming.
Mohammed Abdou
Mohammed Abdou Day ago
Even this so called weakness does have some role in keeping balance for sure. No mistakes were done 😉
Don_Yusuf Day ago
Can you make an apex predator teir list? Like who is the best of the best
Jj O
Jj O Day ago
Rat Lord, Lord Of Rats
Rat Lord, Lord Of Rats Day ago
background music is too loud just saying
Brodie Hunter
Brodie Hunter Day ago
can you please cover Sphenodon and their Rhynchocephalia relitives theyre almost all ded but itd be cool to give them some luv
FAKEF4TE Day ago
What game is he talking about. Is he talking about rl
Drae Brazy
Drae Brazy Day ago
Yes lmao
Adam The Alien
Adam The Alien 2 days ago
Where is our video about power creep? you said you would talk about it soon 2 years ago.
Mayborn Music Beatz
Mayborn Music Beatz 2 days ago
So basically a cheetah is James Harden
Tang MengTit
Tang MengTit 2 days ago
The narrator of the world
Dexter Ryder91
Dexter Ryder91 2 days ago
None: Cheetah:Mozambique... here!!
nazar En
nazar En 2 days ago
Кловий батил
nazar En
nazar En 2 days ago
Spencer Layne
Spencer Layne 2 days ago
You should make a Video about the Dating/Relationships meta. Dive into the different types of male and female play styles and rank what the current social meta is.
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez 2 days ago
Everybody gangsta till the devs release the ‘’nuclear server restart”
999九九九999 2 days ago
The problem with them is that they cheat
cim888 2 days ago
haha love the final fantasy bgm
Danielle Sam
Danielle Sam 2 days ago
Tier list on dragons
Braylon G.
Braylon G. 2 days ago
I'd love to see this man do a tier list on Monsterverse™️ kaiju...
ERIKA with a K
ERIKA with a K 2 days ago
Do one about lions
KingXshadow X_Dark_x_Dragon_X
KingXshadow X_Dark_x_Dragon_X 2 days ago
Do you think the indominus-rex could be effective in real life
ZION WARD 2 days ago
that bo2 loading lobby theme hit different 🥺
KillerT_77 2 days ago
Eh. I’d still move the cheetahs up to D tier. They may have a lot of flaws, but still being able to chase down basically everything is a good advantage to have.
Drae Brazy
Drae Brazy Day ago
Until they turn around and your scared shit less
William Lee
William Lee 2 days ago
So like... 1 billion lions vs 1 of Every Pokemon next?
IGORMSH 2 days ago
I would LOVE to see some references to ''Evo - Search for Eden'' in your videos, it is basically your channel in a game, but not many people know.
Limit Breaker
Limit Breaker 2 days ago
Used the apex sound effects I’m dying
wingwalker007 2 days ago
I’d like to see where the immortal jellyfish ranks
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 2 days ago
Please do a tardigrades video...
Draco 2 days ago
pls do are goats op
xTigerx777 2 days ago
there are monkeys online listening to this like "mmm, interesting"
Philosiraptor Jr
Philosiraptor Jr 2 days ago
Hey TZ? Are you planning to release more playthroughs on Nebula? I watched your 2 vids on the Deinocheirus and Mantidfly and they were great to watch and I can’t wait for more of them.
TierZoo 2 days ago
I'm working on another right now :)
Imagine Imaginating
Imagine Imaginating 2 days ago
The cheeto is indeed a interesting animal
Austin Mcgovern
Austin Mcgovern 2 days ago
Hey Tier, have you heard of Alien Biospheres by Biblardion?
David Kamau
David Kamau 2 days ago
@ 6:27 I burst out laughing
Thomas the tarbosaurus
Thomas the tarbosaurus 2 days ago
Plot twist Cheetahs are getting faster with stronger bites with heavier body Defying laws of physics Life finds a way
sajjad kazi
sajjad kazi 2 days ago
very cool
Shad0w Hawk
Shad0w Hawk 2 days ago
Hey you should do a creepypasta tier list
Farang Heng
Farang Heng 2 days ago
The maniacal scent orally bolt because mall neuroanatomically tumble against a soft inventory. marvelous, yellow locket
BlackPumaGaming 2 days ago
And when the world needed him most he vanished
nathaniel magbitang
nathaniel magbitang 3 days ago
Are you not posting anymore ?
IronLion219 3 days ago
Quit saying "meta," it's autistic af. Say "stategy"
Lays Chip's
Lays Chip's 3 days ago
Lmao the Bo2 Adrenaline theme
friedbowlrice 3 days ago
Hey can someone that’s elephant class join my pack? I need to cross this river but there’s a pack of lions on the other side. I’m playing as a lvl 37 Zebra. Please guys this is my best run I have 2 offspring
James Greaves
James Greaves 3 days ago
MUDSKIPPERS ARE BROKEN They have access to land and water, can jump very heigh for their size, can climb, etc.
dreimann 3 days ago
FYI - cheetahs claws can retract and protract like other cats, but don't have sheaths that cover them when retracted:
ziinyd 3 days ago
Directly above this vid was a community post about how male cheetahs have a bark that makes female cheetahs ovulate on comand
Anita Fan
Anita Fan 3 days ago
lmao at this point cheetahs should just evolve to be fast zooming pet cats
Nobudy gamer / Ethanfan922
Nobudy gamer / Ethanfan922 3 days ago
plz do how to play penguin i can never find out how to get the s rank! even at 45 fish eaten!
Anita Fan
Anita Fan 3 days ago
cheetahs are basically assassin players with tank dmg
X pl0rer
X pl0rer 3 days ago
Would a bacteria-tier-list too niece?(Maybe just human pathogens?) Or maybe you could look into a Domain/Kingdom tierlist
Cause 3 days ago
Anyone else notice the black ops 2 music lmao
Kale Weissenberger
Kale Weissenberger 3 days ago
is the outside game metaphorical or is it an actual game
Karna Gauchan
Karna Gauchan 3 days ago
You are a runescape player, aren't you? 😊😊
Cleo LeBlanc
Cleo LeBlanc 3 days ago
Cheetahs are the Ninjask of cats.
Chisel 3 days ago
I hope the devs add other planets servers with more builds on them just so we get a tierzoo vid on them
Chisel 3 days ago
Cheetahs are just the dark souls of feline builds
Bálint Lévai
Bálint Lévai 3 days ago
mawuot mailth
mawuot mailth 3 days ago
Call of duty black ops 2 background music 😂😂😂
Mateus Liz
Mateus Liz 3 days ago
I would like to know the new 2020-2021 corona meta update I am having truble as a human main
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