He hated it! #shorts

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Liana Jade

Month ago

Verónica Burgos
Verónica Burgos Day ago
That looks beautiful
Natasa Milenovic
Natasa Milenovic Day ago
You look like sinderela
marlowe whitsel
marlowe whitsel 2 days ago
i was gonna ask the same thing why does she have a color thing on her face
Emilie Dyson
Emilie Dyson 2 days ago
You look so pretty
Shahnaz Shaikh
Shahnaz Shaikh 3 days ago
Y that color on ur cheek dear??
Kaylee Lahman
Kaylee Lahman 4 days ago
Love this song! Know what it us?
shannon sims
shannon sims 5 days ago
Why does she always have the paint thing on her face is it a colour code or something tell meeeeeeeeeeeee
shannon sims
shannon sims 5 days ago
Love it
Kailah12 7 days ago
Why do you put lines on your face
Akshita Bharadwaj
Akshita Bharadwaj 8 days ago
anyone else thinks she looks kinda like susan from chronicles of narnia lolol
Pazely’s Alvarado
Pazely’s Alvarado 12 days ago
Can somebody please answer my question why does it seem like she always has like a color mark on her face like it’s blue in this video but why
《Trøggy Frøggy》
《Trøggy Frøggy》 12 days ago
Madeline Wade
Madeline Wade 13 days ago
If this is a personal thing but no need to share but I’m curious what the little color swatches on your Cheek are
Layla 14 days ago
Wow you look so good like that😍 Although you do always look amazing!
Ava Nicole Guerrero
Ava Nicole Guerrero 15 days ago
You should do a hippie look ✌️☮️
Evé Kritzunger
Evé Kritzunger 17 days ago
Why do u do that colored streak on ur face
Lazy- Alpha
Lazy- Alpha 17 days ago
مَلَګهِ بِجِمَأّلَيِّ تّرګيِّهِ
مَلَګهِ بِجِمَأّلَيِّ تّرګيِّهِ 18 days ago
🤣🤣🤣😅Love the musicHello…
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 18 days ago
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 18 days ago
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 18 days ago
Love it wats that stripe
Orla Corcoran
Orla Corcoran 18 days ago
Is it just me wondering why she always has a coloured stripe on her face????
edz thee ann
edz thee ann 19 days ago
If Cinderella was real she will be Cinderalla
Roseanne 19 days ago
This is so random but liana why do u always have colour on ur face?
No-gender -human
No-gender -human 20 days ago
Doesn’t....Babi mean dad/daddy? If not I’m sorry butttttttttt
Jorja Spangler
Jorja Spangler 20 days ago
She is definitely an undercover Disney princess
Emihle Sishuba
Emihle Sishuba 20 days ago
Mow your lawn
Evie’s journey
Evie’s journey 21 day ago
What’s that pink thing on your face L
MERMAIDGIRL31 21 day ago
You look like a princess in that outfit you look so pretty
Reagan 1230
Reagan 1230 21 day ago
Reagan 1230
Reagan 1230 21 day ago
All the tine
Reagan 1230
Reagan 1230 21 day ago
Why is there pink stuff on her face
Caroline Rothwell
Caroline Rothwell 22 days ago
shes beautiful
Lola Conner
Lola Conner 22 days ago
Where did you get the dress it’s so pretty
Royale Adorii
Royale Adorii 22 days ago
Why does liana have the colour thing on her face??????
Annabella Lynn
Annabella Lynn 23 days ago
Oh girl u are a princess.
issyxoxo 24 days ago
You always look like a Disney princess 😍👸❤️❤️
Ivan Ivan
Ivan Ivan 24 days ago
Why does your boyfriend lowkey look like Draco Malfoy is it only me who see it likeeeee.
Lulu Swenson
Lulu Swenson 24 days ago
She looked like Cinderella live auction movie
Dayana Hobu
Dayana Hobu 24 days ago
Whats that green thing on your face tho ? 🤔
Sathvik 24 days ago
A Disney princess having a IPhone 11
Rayne Bailey
Rayne Bailey 25 days ago
Her: I feel like a Disney Princess! Me: bruh you look like Wanda in the first wandavision episode 😂
Kiwi Art
Kiwi Art 25 days ago
Dem color stripes
Maria Mandiwana
Maria Mandiwana 25 days ago
I don't see the E-gril one
Manisha Kale
Manisha Kale 25 days ago
Aww so cute
Mae Antoinnette
Mae Antoinnette 26 days ago
Y do people like the 50s so much that time fing sucked
Eni Supiyatun
Eni Supiyatun 26 days ago
What's up with the audio?? 🤔👂
Kerrigan Pickering
Kerrigan Pickering 27 days ago
U do look like a princess u look beautiful
Jay and the Dog
Jay and the Dog 28 days ago
So cute!
Kimberly Marcus
Kimberly Marcus 28 days ago
What is that white mark in her face
Willy Nilly Lilly
Willy Nilly Lilly 28 days ago
Girl. You always be looking like a disney princess. Only difference is you're a queen 👑
Lisette Littuma
Lisette Littuma 28 days ago
Does this Not remind anyone of that one Gilmore girls episode where Rory dressed up as a movie character to see if Dean Forrester liked it or not?
Kian Beswick
Kian Beswick 29 days ago
Yo hi
William Rogers
William Rogers 29 days ago
Oh my gosh. He's a lucky man. She's beautiful 🥰. He ,I hope he treats THIS beauty like a queen, because he's lucky man. 👍.
Jaelynn Jefferson
Jaelynn Jefferson 29 days ago
You look like a model
Shay Fox
Shay Fox 29 days ago
She looked so cute🤍
Shivam Kant Prasad
Shivam Kant Prasad Month ago
Man almost always like cloth that are practical. That is the reason he hated it.
Makinzee Cole
Makinzee Cole Month ago
What is on her face the color strip is cool but why
•creative_ friends•
•creative_ friends• Month ago
You look sooo cute!
Noel_Kberg89 Month ago
The hair is more 40s but, all right. A lot of people get it confused 😂
Bigred Month ago
Yer lawn could do with a few good cuts!
Jim Maher
Jim Maher Month ago
She looks so cute
Xanathau Howard
Xanathau Howard Month ago
What is the spot on ur face
johnplays Month ago
I saw a wig in the background when he was wearing the dress
Sia Str
Sia Str Month ago
Does he ever say anything nice to you?:( He doesn't notice you, no valentine's gifts and he's indifferent whenever you dress up?
Sia Str
Sia Str Month ago
@Levi Williams I really hope so
Levi Williams
Levi Williams Month ago
Let me tell you, their life is wayyyyyyy more different behind the camera
Brooklyn Month ago
Is that Jake paul Like I'm actually asking
flaneadra friend8
flaneadra friend8 Month ago
Ewwwwwww that is disgusting who wants to where that!!!😷😷😷😷😷
Katie Carpenter
Katie Carpenter Month ago
Goth pls and see what he does 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Cassy T.B.
Cassy T.B. Month ago
Where did you get that dressss??
megan christensen
megan christensen Month ago
Dude you DO look like a Disney Princess!
glitching_game Month ago
Youre lips will get a rash
Pauline Canning
Pauline Canning Month ago
U are a princesses
Bernie Thompson
Bernie Thompson Month ago
What is that color on your face
Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn Wilson Month ago
What's the music called???
Rachel Rogers
Rachel Rogers Month ago
Why do you have something purple and blue on your cheek
Isabel Williams
Isabel Williams Month ago
Just realised that dress is almost the same as this emoji 👗
Miller Ketcham
Miller Ketcham Month ago
You look beautiful
skyvsmags Month ago
Anshuman Ghossd
Anshuman Ghossd Month ago
You definitely don't look like a princess more like a hag
Kayleigh Club
Kayleigh Club Month ago
I promise i am not lying it looks Georgouse
Ellie Jadexo
Ellie Jadexo Month ago
For everyone asking about the stripe on her face. It’s literally for her to get more comments asking about it. It means absolutely nothing and ya just for attention and more comments
Kaylee Braun
Kaylee Braun Month ago
She could play a Disney princess
Patrycja Jedrzejak
Patrycja Jedrzejak Month ago
Why do u always have a paint park on your face. It's cute btw
Someone İn le corner
Someone İn le corner Month ago
Omg you look BEAUTİFUL queen👑 👀
Jadyn Moss
Jadyn Moss Month ago
I think it looks good
Cactus Isabel
Cactus Isabel Month ago
What is with the face stripe
Adria Watson
Adria Watson Month ago
Why does thier grass look so perfect
Yadier Marte
Yadier Marte Month ago
She forgets the most important thing, THE EYELINER OMGODNESD
Amanda Bright
Amanda Bright Month ago
You look really good like that
MsFunk Month ago
She looks like she came from the dead from the 50’s
•sᴛxᴀʀɪɪs •
•sᴛxᴀʀɪɪs • Month ago
moon_wolf333 Month ago
Vijaya Dharshani
Vijaya Dharshani Month ago
I loved it though the inly thing with made it bad was tye stroke along her face
Sophia Banbury
Sophia Banbury Month ago
What is on her face
Aurora C-S
Aurora C-S Month ago
Am I the only one who loves the dress ?😂😂😂
stan food
stan food Month ago
Matos Hernandez
Matos Hernandez Month ago
I know this was a week but you look pretty
Falyn R.
Falyn R. Month ago
Whats that thing on her face?
Jgurl Rules
Jgurl Rules Month ago
That dude is rlly toxic ngl 🙄
Ashley Fields
Ashley Fields Month ago
Do I need help? Probably #shorts
He had no idea!... #shorts
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