Wyze Vacuum - 1 Month Review | Is It Worth The Price?

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Steve DOES

2 months ago

Being one of the first to receive the Wyze Vacuum, i really wanted to put it to the test and see what it offered. With so much competition in the Robot Vacuum space, is this vacuum was worth the price?
►Wyze Robot Vacuum - bit.ly/3qAvrSa
0:00 Intro
0:53 Features
2:55 Hardware
4:15 Testing
6:04 Multi Floor
6:43 The Issues
9:14 Is It Worth It?
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Harley Miles
Harley Miles 3 days ago
I have the WYZE vacuum. What I don’t like is I can not Split the rooms the way I want. Hoping for an update from WYZE .
TheOnlyGHOST1015 11 days ago
Nice review But what about for pets like Dog 💩 that might be a nightmare lol
deleyt 17 days ago
It's not available, anywhere...
digiboy2k 22 days ago
Wyze is just pushing Xiaomi products to the American market. Looks like a rebranded/re-colored Xiaomi Robot Vacuum.
Colby 24 days ago
I kinda felt bad for your other robot 6:40 as im sure he's feeling a little jelly to be replaced lol
GpD79 29 days ago
Does anyone know if this is a sealed system with HEPA filters?
jokeurmnd Month ago
I know I'm getting old when I ask about the floors. That said, What kinds of floor is that?
Kevy Kev
Kevy Kev Month ago
Have nearly every Wyze product except for this. Maybe one day
Kermit Month ago
A home security company coming out with a home vacuum with a liDAR scanner and room mapping system on it.... $100 says they sell that information, just like Simply Safe and Alexa do.
Aju Mathew
Aju Mathew Month ago
What is the input voltage range? Does it accept 220v?
Dwayne Hendrickson
Dwayne Hendrickson Month ago
Noticed the Split an Area feature only works with drawing a line between two points on an exterior wall. You can’t place a point on an interior location
brckh Month ago
I'm impressed it seems to handle your high pile shag rug. My Roborock can handle it (if I switch it to manual mode and put it on the carpet), but it really doesn't want to do it otherwise. Pretty much my only issue with it.
dmaxwell10686 Month ago
Have a roomba now but soon to have 3 floors and not sure I want to spend the money on 2 more units. This might be an option.....though I hate it doesn’t empty itself in a bin.
Outdoors with Dale
Outdoors with Dale Month ago
I have a robot vacuum and I would not pick this up based on your review. It's to loud and it's missing features.
FloridaClay Month ago
I have one of these and IMHO it is a good value for the money. Yes, I'd like one with some more features--especially self-emptying--but a full featured vac like that can be up to 4 times the price. I have a mix of hard and soft surface floors and have found that it cleans fairly well. The only real issue I've had so far is that the vac does not do all that good a job at estimating the head clearance it needs to go under low objects and therefore goes under a few low objects where it is too tight a fit where it gets stuck and needs to be rescued. This is a new machine and hopefully that bug will get fixed.
Bill Kline
Bill Kline Month ago
that "headroom" issue scares me a little too. i need to block off on the map the one area it goes under where that is an issue. last thing i need is that LIDAR sensor jacked up because it went under a low clearance
Albert Vela
Albert Vela Month ago
Nice I did skip out on this Wyze product didn't want to wait that long to get it. And I my search I bought a Coredy 550 which I am happy with. Does not have lidar feature. I do like the spot clean and 2 function speed. At the time I got it on Black Friday Special for $99. Couldn't resist. Been happy with it so far. Either way good review maybe I'll get it down the road. Thanks.
Bruce Stevenson
Bruce Stevenson Month ago
Great review. I pre ordered one myself and have been very impressed with it. It amazes me by how smart it is and much it picks up even after running three times a week. I’ve recommended it to several of my friends.
Brian Hanifin
Brian Hanifin Month ago
Thank you for the useful review. I didn't realize until I just rewatched this review that I could manually run the vacuum in the room two steps down without losing the map. I got mine last week and we find the volume reasonable enough we ran it while watching TV recently. Of course our teenage boys were pretty loud in the other room while playing online games, so the vacuum was mild background noise at that point. :) We have two small dogs, one of them is a short hair shedder. We are blown away every day at how much hair and other debris it picks up off of our laminate plank floor. Even though it can just squeeze under our sofa chair, it doesn't like the drooping material under the large sofa. If I can successfully get the material out of the way, and raise it up 1/4 - 1/2 an inch we will be absolutely in love with it!
Brian Hanifin
Brian Hanifin Month ago
@Keith Kolomichuk I love it to that Room and push one of the buttons (power?) and it goes. It saves the main map so I just set it back in the charger when it is done.
Keith Kolomichuk
Keith Kolomichuk Month ago
How do you do the two step thing?
susan Herman
susan Herman Month ago
Can you tell me how it reacts to fringe on the rug edge?
4score1957 Month ago
I don't have a robot vac yet. I was curious about the dust/dirt carrier. Is it large enough to clean a large area (with dog fur) before filling up? Also, does it alarm or stop when it needs to be emptied?
Michael Bechtel
Michael Bechtel Month ago
Any idea how this does with dog hair and long hair as well? I have two dogs and a wife that all shed like crazy!
Julie Ricketts
Julie Ricketts 9 days ago
You beat me to it. I'd like to know this answer, as well. We have a scruffy dog and a hound dog ... both shed differently. The roller brush on my Shark robovac is constantly get clogged up with dog hair.
LRX Month ago
This is a rebranded Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop P
adventuristnw Month ago
Different firmware thought isn't it?
Aziz Khoshaba
Aziz Khoshaba Month ago
We run it on quiet at night. With an infant and toddler sleeping. No issues.
Ded Ede
Ded Ede Month ago
Yeah they charge for a new features. So the initial purchase is cheap or fairly priced but additional features could end up costing more with the subscriptions cost. 😒
Crash Creeley
Crash Creeley Month ago
Sure, Wyze will release more features... for a monthly fee... Don't try to watch your vacuum with the app for long though... if it's anything like the cam app, it'll crash and crash and crash...
TheDDogWonder Month ago
I'm a big fan of Wyze products. I have 3 cameras and their Wyze scale and this video convinced me I need a vacuum! Off-the-wall question: When it was vacuuming around your dinner table downstairs, I really like your wooden table and chairs! Where can I buy that and how much? Thanks!
D. Main
D. Main Month ago
Confused with the review. You mention no way to select a room for it's cleaning. Wyze site says app allows you to "Select a room and send your Wyze Robot Vacuum out for an impromptu cleaning." Another reviewer "WYZE Robot Vacuum Review - This Will Shake Things Up!" says area selection works. Maybe we can't designate different rooms and clean by name!?!?
D. Main
D. Main Month ago
Confused with the review. You mention no way to select a room for it's cleaning. Wyze site says app allows you to "Select a room and send your Wyze Robot Vacuum out for an impromptu cleaning." Another reviewer "WYZE Robot Vacuum Review - This Will Shake Things Up!" says area selection works. Maybe we can't designate different rooms and clean by name!?!?
D. Main
D. Main 13 days ago
@Steve DOES My bad. I think I mis-heard when you mentioned remote controlling for spot cleaning. You are right and this would be nice to have. 'sorry. BTW - we have been living with the Wyze for about 3 weeks now. It maps well and cleans well. Not the quietest, but we're not a library so it doesn't bother us day or night. One issue for us is that we have an open concept house where the dining area connects to the living area that connects to a hallway that connects to the kitchen that reconnects back to the original dining area. 'kinda like a donut, but where the center is a central floor-to-ceiling wall. This wall is where we have the kitchen sink/dishwasher/pantries (2x)/breakfast bar. The robot correctly maps the area, but does not allow us to separate the rooms. It seems to think the central wall is a piece of furniture and won't use it to split the 700 sq ft area. We are still waiting for Wyze to respond with a solution. Some tips for new robot users that we have discovered. 1 - Floor-length mirrors and patio doors can result in wonky maps with lidar. Taping paper to the bottom part during mapping or applying 6 inches of vinyl frosting film solved this for us. 2 - We have added floor cord covers to protect certain areas where we have extensions from walls to furniture areas. 3 - The Wyze charging station is vertical and I guess assumes vertical walls to secure against. But we have baseboards. Thus, the docking was initially unreliable because it bumped the station out of vertical. A small piece of foam at the back, top of the station solved this. Thanks Sir.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Month ago
I do? Can you give me the time i say that in the video because, yes, that's wrong. You can select rooms.
D. Main
D. Main Month ago
Another review "Wyze Vacuum - Does It SUCK? (see what I did there?)" shows room selection in use.
ldsmike88 Month ago
Nice set of scriptures there on the TV stand
Eric Hompe
Eric Hompe Month ago
Which robot vac is the quietest?
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Month ago
Out of the ones i used i thought Eufy was one of the quietest.
Jayson Nickols
Jayson Nickols Month ago
This thing is half the price of other LIDAR vacuums and the same price, or cheaper, than the Roomba 675. The 675 cannot map, has one power level, randomly bounces around, and is extremely loud. I think Wyze has done a great job.
Roberto Mezquia Jr
Roberto Mezquia Jr Month ago
The fair price comment is fair to say only because other vacuums are priced around there... What was failed to mention is that this vacuum punches way above it's class and is up there with the $500+ vacuums... So taking that into consideration, this is an absolute steal at $250...
RickGrimeZz Month ago
I own an S9+ and a Braava Jet M6 Mopper. I only have a small patch of carpet... and the rest of the house is travertine tile. So the S9 is the best robot by far that I have ever used... its wedge shape really does well on corners... the mopper is by far the best one I have ever owned... perfect for smooth travertine tile. I love my 1-2 punch for cleaning.... The auto emptying base is also super convenient and my first bag lasted me almost 4 months... and I only changed it because I felt that 4 months may need a change... no warning came up or anything... so it may have even lasted a lot longer... I just hate not being able to really see into the bag to tell (Just a small hole to peer into).. but overall... I would Rate the S9+ and Mopper Combo a 9.5 out of 10... I never give anything a 10... but this was the closest I have gotten to a perfect 10 (On Travertine Tile and 1 small square of carpet no more than 6' x 8')
RickGrimeZz Month ago
iRobot Owns the Patent on Dirt detection sensors in these robot vacuums. Only iRobot has dirt detection sensors. Also, iRobot owns the patent on dual rollers which is why all other vacuum robots only have 1 roller! Just wanted to throw that out there!
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson Month ago
Still waiting!! Cant even purchase one yet!!
mindsquint Month ago
They were back in stock as of yesterday. Mine's on the way. 😃
Rick E
Rick E Month ago
The 360 S5 and s7 pro are better deals in my book. $211 and $299 respectively. Better app, better specs
Andrew McQuerry
Andrew McQuerry Month ago
Was hoping that the vacuum could overlay wifi signal strength over it's path to get a really good map of hot and cold wifi zones for our house..
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Month ago
You can map your wifi with many free apps on your phone.
keybored101 2 months ago
Does the loudness equate to suction power?
Bill Kline
Bill Kline Month ago
100%. i am trying to do the Loudest (most suction) maybe 2X a week and the Quietest other times. I've had it a very short period of time; I am impressed thus far
James Hepburn
James Hepburn 2 months ago
thanks for video ...Can not get one from anywhere
Dave Raiman
Dave Raiman 2 months ago
I've had this vacuum for a while now. It only completes a cleaning one out of 5 tries. Primary failure is that the vacuum often gets confused about the orientation of the saved map. Usually it just gives up and drains the battery to zero since it cannot find its way home since it seems to want to find it's home in a new place-- even though it just left the charging station minutes before. Firmware is 1.6.97. I've sent Wyze many logs of failing events via the app but they've never responded to me.
Touring Midwest
Touring Midwest 2 months ago
I am looking at this and the roborock. Leaning towards wyze for the price but also because I love @wyze and want to continue supporting their business.
mindsquint Month ago
@Chase Chou Maybe. I guess it would depend on which model. The cheapest roborock I can find with lidar is $450. A company allowing another company to license its products under a different name, even at a cheaper price is hardly unprecedented-Costco's Kirkland brand is well known for this. Still, $450 to $250 for a brand that may be new in the vacuum space but has made such a big splash in the cheap consumer electronics space seems unlikely. I'd have to imagine they'd be concerned about giving a potential compressor such a commanding lead out of the gate by undercutting them this drastically.
Chase Chou
Chase Chou Month ago
@mindsquint This actually looks just like the Roborock and I wonder if it isn't just a Roborock underneath.
mindsquint Month ago
That's where I was yesterday. I was really leaning into the roborock but I wasn't sure how much it could do with just the gyroscope in terms of sticking to a path. I really liked what wyze was offering in terms of mapping and virtual boundaries. On the other hand, the roborock was actually available. 🤷‍♂️ Hardly any sooner than I decided to wait on the decision, I got an email from wyze saying their model was available again. I'm sitting there like "Oh man. Maybe their cameras are a little TOO good!" 😅
D1s0wn3d 2 months ago
Inaccurate. Just select the room, as shown on the LIDAR map, and the vacuum goes there an begins to vacuum.
Rizwan Awan
Rizwan Awan Month ago
What the whole video maybe
Sheri Jackson
Sheri Jackson 2 months ago
I have the Wyze vacuum. I've never owned a robotic vacuum before, so I obviously don't miss the features mentioned. We are satisfied with the noise level and the suction power. Once in a while it will throw some little item back out (like any vacuum). The part that puzzles me is that it quite often comes back and does something it already did before finishing the complete job.
Kirk Merritt
Kirk Merritt 2 months ago
Maybe I missed it, how well does the Wyze Vac clean in absolute terms and as compared to others you have tested. Kirk
Things You Might Like
Things You Might Like Month ago
@Drakon Daedalus He's made the video. Wyze vac is officially Vacuum Wars approved.
Drakon Daedalus
Drakon Daedalus Month ago
If you wait a few weeks I bet that "vacuum wars" is going to make a video on it. He does suction, carpet cleaning, hair tangle and more tests If you want to decide on a vacuum based on the numbers it is the best ressource I know of
SuccessfulGeek 2 months ago
I would so get the Wyze vacuum, great price with the lidar, but I would rather get the next model if it gets the emptying system once it docks.
Bill Kline
Bill Kline Month ago
i have an i7 iRobot and now the Wyze. the emptying of the bin is a minor annoyance so far. no denying the i7 dock station and the bin cleanout is a nice feature, but this thing cleans way faster and seems to do a better job so far. i'll take cleaning the bin over the "needy" Roomba, i have to interact with that thing a few times a week.
Adam Krupnick
Adam Krupnick 2 months ago
Great review! Thanks!
CrazyMoFo 2 months ago
It was too loud, but I want tons of suction power, but I’m home all the time....I don’t want to hear it! Want much? Would you hear your regular vacuum if you ran it? Then wouldn’t it be understandable that you’d hear the Wyze Vac too? Wow, first world problems!! We want we want we want, but I don’t want that that and that! It’s amazing, I read comments and so many people complain constantly about everything on every product! If you think you can do a better job get an engineering degree and go into manufacturing and build a better mouse trap....or Robo Vac! Not saying just you, the person making this video review, but you as well! I know it’s a review video but it’s crazy how many people complain about everything! Maybe count your blessings you have the $199 disposable income to have a “Robo Vac”! You could be living in a dirt hut w dirt floors and a thatch roof over your head and spend your whole day worrying about where you next meal will come from! But then again, if that were me I’d feel blessed I had the thatch roof and hut and that I had the ability to hunt and gather for my meals! Amazing!
Vortex Thewind
Vortex Thewind 2 months ago
This is outdated. We can designate which room to clean. Looking forward to multiple maps so we can take to clean basement basement. Also looking forward to dump bin.
SterlingRhodes 2 months ago
Thanks for the review. Used my Wyze vacuum only a few times so far but noticed a couple things - it slows down slightly when I step in front of the sensor (good for kids and pets running around). One time I had an empty milk jug in its way, the vacuum actually came back at the end of the cycle to re-clean that area once I moved the object. Not sure if those features are standard for Lidar vacuums, this little guy is my first one.
Alex Leon
Alex Leon 2 months ago
If you're using it on the 2nd floor, does it know not to fall down the stairs?
Mark Watkins
Mark Watkins 2 months ago
it sees the stairs with no problem
Larry Butts
Larry Butts 2 months ago
I have robot i6 for 6months and 3 week Wyze vacuum. I have 5 of there camera in my home as well. The Wyze vacuum battery is not meeting their spec. I just use Wyze in basement and vacuum only cleans about 400 sq ft before having to be recharged. Unit is in standard mode and the spec says it should do 850 sq ft. One issue I have with Wyze is their product support. I communicate via email support and they don’t seem to understand how to respond to customer complaints. It appears that I have a battery not meeting spec’s. One thing in all robot vacuum’s the biggest problem is battery issues. iRobot gives the option to change batteries. I assume the Wyze vacuum doesn’t. At least I don’t see it explained in manual. I also feel firmware needs improvement. I ‘m still on fence as to keeping unit or send back. Is Wyze as a company expanding to quickly and don’t have resources in place to support customer base?
Mark W
Mark W 2 months ago
Had mine for several weeks now. Even with the new firmware and app updates I have not been able to get a full mapping of my downstairs. Big problem is with it getting stuck under furniture while mapping. They need some type of clearance sensor. Will update
Mark W
Mark W 2 months ago
@Tony Osier finally have the downstairs mapped. Set up virtual walls and room dividers in map editor works great now
Tony Osier
Tony Osier 2 months ago
Had that happen too, but only on a couple recliner bases. Solved it by putting barriers where it was getting stuck at the recliners. Then it mapped fine.
Rafmil Polanco
Rafmil Polanco 2 months ago
Very Good video.
JOE 3PO 2 months ago
Enjoyed your take on the Vacuum. I've had mine for a month as well. I've been pleased with it and I also think that it's worth the money. Thanks for the content and I look forward to seeing more updates about the Wyze Vac 👍
Mr. BlueCreeper
Mr. BlueCreeper 2 months ago
Right now, I am using a ROBOROCK s6 pure and the navigation is top notch. I do have a ROOMBA 690 but that one is dumb. The s6 pure is very quiet and cleans very well. On my s6 pure, I could push and hold on the Home button and it would spot clean. Could you try that for your WYZE Robot Vacuum?
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
Hmm, i'll have to test that out.
Brady Ives
Brady Ives 2 months ago
I would love to hear more about the lidar and how well it avoids obstacles, I'm not really sure the benefit of mapping a room its obstacles mine has issues with. Also I've had a few rumbas over the years and they are easy to get replacement parts for, from batteries, brushes, filters. I wonder what that would be like on the Wyze, I'm guessing not great since you can't even currently purchase the full product from them.
Joe Pohl
Joe Pohl 2 months ago
It avoids tall obstacles like tables and chairs really well. Right now, it struggles with things that are higher than the sides of the vacuum but lower than the lidar bump, like a couch. But that’s easily fixed by dropping a virtual wall in those places, something that wouldn’t work well without the lidar. The mapping is great because it learns the layout and efficiently navigates the space even if it finds something out of place, like a chair or shoe.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
All great questions. I'll have to test out the object avoidance. As far as parts. They look very similar to the Roombas. I'll find out if the parks are the same.
Michael Rios
Michael Rios 2 months ago
You can have it just clean a room. If you want a single small area cleaned just pick it up
kyknekeer 2 months ago
I have a Roborock s5 max (€350), which even does some basic mopping and has all the features you mention, It auto detects carpets too.
CooloutAC 2 months ago
@Steve DOES I got the s4 one without the mop. Absolutely love it , does everything it says it does.
kyknekeer 2 months ago
@Steve DOES If you make the mop wet before mopping and do it a couple of times a week it's fine. Yet if it's really dirty it sort of drags the dirt around
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
Roborocks are really nice. How well does the mop work? My wife would love one with a mop but friends of ours said that the mopping wasn't worth it.
Chase Paulson
Chase Paulson 2 months ago
I have an old roomba and am ready to get rid of it! More problems than solutions using it.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
I think you'd be happy with this one. I think they are still selling it at the pre-order price of $199 too.
Vin Hennessy
Vin Hennessy 2 months ago
Good review. I’ll wait until Wyze comes out with updates. Compared to the $600 Roombi, this is a bargain. Thanks.
Steven Z
Steven Z 2 months ago
I have been using the Roborock S5 for over a year. I schedule it to run twice a week and it is still running great. Does spot or room cleanups using the phone app. More pricey, but well worth it.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
Yea, Roborock seems to have the best feature out there. I'd love to test them out one of these days. Just a little out of my price range. :(
myHomeKithome 2 months ago
I’ve stayed away from Wyse just because of a lack of HomeKit, but this vacuum might have convinced me otherwise.
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Month ago
I would say stay away from homekit, but realistically, to have a truly good smart home, you need multiple services anyhow.
jaspreet sall
jaspreet sall 2 months ago
@Steve DOES manvir blippi hi there is the kids in i'm
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
I love the Lidar scanning at this price point. It's worth considering even if you can't use it with HomeKit at this time.
Rossie Taylor
Rossie Taylor 2 months ago
I have the Wyze Vacuum as well and I would love to have a built-in remote control in the app.
Richard smith
Richard smith 2 months ago
Did you record the video before the update?
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
I did. Was just about to post when the firmware update went live so i quickly added the section about Map Editor.
LessThanHandy 2 months ago
But can it direct-deposit any change it picks up into your bank account? Now THAT would be impressive. 🤔
mindsquint Month ago
Maybe that's why it's so cheap. Wyze felt so bad they couldn't yet solve that problem, they're reimbursing you the change upfront.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
Hahaha that would be awesome!
Brian Haycraft
Brian Haycraft 2 months ago
Nice video we currently have two of the wyze vacuum's and have been using them for about 2 weeks. Have noticed the brush bar really picks up the hair. Have felt the need to clean the bar once each week. The tool is ok but I find myself having to use some additional tools from my toolbox to really get all the long hair off.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
yea i found the same thing, the blade in the tool didn't cut through the hair as easy as i expected.
Alice Qin
Alice Qin 2 months ago
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