Wyze Cam WiFi Security Camera Behind Glass Window Setup + Lighting To Prevent Glare

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2 years ago

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of comments and emails about setting up a WiFi security camera through glass or through a window. They want to setup a camera inside the house overlooking the outside. My usual response is to recommend to them to get an outdoor weatherproof camera. There are a lot of reasons why somebody wants a through the window setup especially if you are renting in an apartment or a house that the landlord stipulated in your contract that you are not allowed to drill holes inside and outside of the house.
Today, I'll show you how to setup the Wyze Cam as the perfect WiFi security camera that can be placed near the window so as to look and monitor the outside. I'll show you also a light hack that you can use so that the night time footage from the camera will be glare free. Glare from the infrared lights when the camera is in night vision is one of the issues why I usually don't recommend a security camera to be installed behind a glass window.
These are the things you will need to make this security camera through the window setup work:
Wyze Cam WiFi Security Camera - amzn.to/2WWsMEo
Stick On Shelves - amzn.to/2BvIai0
Another Plastic Shelf - amzn.to/2u3RANu
Over Lite Motion Activated Light - amzn.to/2Byk8mu
Mr. Beams Floodlight - amzn.to/2GoU01y
Mr. Beams Spotlight - amzn.to/2N41yaj
Lemontec Solar Lights - amzn.to/2E9aEjr
Home Security Lighting Tips - usposts.info/vision/i77Rrs64b4qnfa4/video
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Rene Valdez
Rene Valdez 8 days ago
Why does my security camera show light when there is no light ON MY NEIGHBORS PORCH?
dawn forrespect
dawn forrespect 18 days ago
Thanks man super helpful! However I bought everything you recommend got it all set up but I don't know how to fix the dang settings where I I can have motion detection that ONLY sends legit notifications. I get a motion detection push message every 2 dang minutes. Any advice?
Robert Flores
Robert Flores Month ago
You did a great job on this video. Thank you sir.
SMM Month ago
Do you have a current video about widow options????
LifeHackster Month ago
Here is my latest window setup -> usposts.info/vision/Yr6w1Libo6eii7o/video
Mike PC
Mike PC Month ago
Smart guy!
Capitano Corelli
Capitano Corelli 2 months ago
Suggest buying an outdoor infrared LED to floodlight the area.
Its Vess
Its Vess 2 months ago
Your videos awesome man keep up the quality
LifeHackster 2 months ago
Thank you.
Jerry RN
Jerry RN 2 months ago
Dam,genius set up. Wyze should hirer you! 👍
Sandy Luna
Sandy Luna 2 months ago
Where can I get the link for the window shelf mentioned in this video? Thank you.
claude bui
claude bui 2 months ago
People who are interested in doing this , can save money by using 90 degree metal bracket instead of the stick on shelf. Use a heat glue gun to secure it to a spot on the glass window then just place the camera bottom magnet on the metal. and position it securely up against the glass. Works great for me.
Gary Sumlin
Gary Sumlin 2 months ago
Will you do test with yi camera through window film
Haydans Mom
Haydans Mom 2 months ago
Do you ever sell any of the cameras you buy to review ?
Steve Hoguet
Steve Hoguet 2 months ago
Great video, I just wanted to mention that my wyze cameras came with a metal disc and the bottom of my camera is magnetic. I was able to stick to disc to the top of the window instead of to the glass like you did your shelf allowing me to still be able to open the window if needed. Great idea about the lights and turning off the infrared I did not know you could do that. I will be purchasing some lights thanks for the info.
SOAPY VAN SHOEY 3 months ago
I have just checked on amazon about the wyze cam and it says you cannot see through windows am i looking at the wrong wyze cam on amazon
S Younas
S Younas 3 months ago
Is there anyway to view the footage on a TV
Jonah B
Jonah B 3 months ago
Good review, but reluctant to get this camera after reading amazon reviews of people concerned about spying.
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth 3 months ago
Excellent video, demonstrations and descriptions too! I'm a WyzeCam v2 fan and hadn't yet figured out the through the window lighting options, with one really dark spot. This has solved what type of lights I can now use perfectly, thank you so much. ✌
speedlever 3 months ago
A new subscriber to your channel. I’d like to see you update this subject with the newest cameras like the Waze v3. I’m curious how it performs behind glass, especially at night.
Paul S.
Paul S. 3 months ago
thank you ! your reviews are super helpful and informative!
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 3 months ago
What a great idea to use a stick-on PIR light to fill the shadows.
Princess K
Princess K 3 months ago
nice direction I like the Over Lite Motion Activated Ligh it is something i was looking for thank you
Ron Tsumura
Ron Tsumura 4 months ago
You sure no your stuff can you come hook up my camera
Message Doctrine
Message Doctrine 4 months ago
I use wyze cameras facing out from inside and they work great, nice video
Message Doctrine
Message Doctrine 4 months ago
But inside the house your camera is safe from theft
Angel 4 months ago
Drew Bush
Drew Bush 4 months ago
Don't buy them! I have 5 cameras and now they want to charge me 19.99 for each camera on the cam plus program..... in the trash they go....
LifeHackster 4 months ago
You don’t have to have the cam plus subscription...the camera is fully functional without the person detection..and cloud recording
a c
a c 4 months ago
this work if have a screen in window
aaron fuksa
aaron fuksa 4 months ago
Need a simular setup for the rear vehicle glass window...(vandals!), but I'm sure a motion light would spook a fraction of people that something is taking place.
ETX Kevin
ETX Kevin 4 months ago
I've done something like this with mixed results. Is there a film or something to put on the window JUST in front of the camera to block light and reflections?
racegirl1972 4 months ago
On Amazon, the Wyze indoor cam says it does not work through glass
Huna Buggy
Huna Buggy 4 months ago
I use a hive indoor camera in my window facing outdoors, you can change it to motion or person monitoring best indoor camera would one hundred 100% recommend. Reason I can use outdoor camera my area is not safe and likely to be burgled/take
listentotheteach1 4 months ago
This guy is such a sweetheart.
Sirllortedlov 4 months ago
is the Blink mini a good option to do this set up? Great videos btw.
sarasayshi 4 months ago
This was incredibly helpful! I love my new Wyze cams and I am renting so I need to do it through the window. I love that 3m light trick on the outside of the window.
GunnyNinja 4 months ago
I put a black cloth or poster board behind my Wyze Cams to remove reflection of blinds. View through glass is much better.
kcat80 4 months ago
the overlight would be even better if it was ir rather than regular light?
Chris Sinclair
Chris Sinclair 4 months ago
They made sure Blink Indoor motion wouldn't work through a window.
Chris Sinclair
Chris Sinclair 4 months ago
I have the new Blink. I thought it was pixel based motion on this new one.
John B
John B 4 months ago
Hack the cam with a switch to turn ir leds on or off.
Daniel David
Daniel David 5 months ago
Buy A Dash Cam And A Battery Backup, I Recommend A Rexing Dash Cam And Battery Back Up That Will Charge While Using. I Have A Large Floureon Battery That Will Charge From Solar, Car Or Household Current. It Will Run And Charge The Camera Battery And Recharge The Floureon Unit At The Same Time Or Run My Music System Or Desk Top Or Laptop For About 12 Hours Even When The Power Is Out, It Would Run The Camera (Alone) For Weeks Without Household Power Or Charge Your Phone Etc. The Dash Cams Are Specifically Designed To Work Through Glass, Even At Night Or While Moving, I Never Even Cleaned The Window And The Quality Of The Video Is Far Superior To Any Security Camera Through A Window I Have Tried! My Windows Are Double Pane Double Insulated And Have Metal Screen Mesh And Storm Window Outside, Yet The Quality Is Great And I Have Numerous Street Lights Which The Glare Doesn't Seem To Bother The Quality Very Much Of The Night Vision! You Don't Have To Have The Camera Outside And Is Easily Movable To Any Window!
Sharon Ducci
Sharon Ducci 5 months ago
Just get a human detection camera they work excellent through glass not a problem now again I need something to hang it from a curtain rod anybody got ideas
Sharon Ducci
Sharon Ducci 5 months ago
Yes no one else has made anything like this I’m the first one this is my design no one else has anything like this and it works great I just wish someone would make something like this so it’s easy to put into like a hanging net without interfering in the Lenz and it holds the camera close to the window wall hanging on the middle of a window rod curtain rod and you can still open and close the curtains without disturbing the hanger or camera
Sharon Ducci
Sharon Ducci 5 months ago
What can I use to put a camera in and hang it from the curtain rod of a window and position it right up to the window it’s a pie it gets everything it’s perfect I rigged up hangers and tape but it’s really not a tractive is there anything that anyone has made that would help hang the camera and whatever Window you want without a lot of fussing with tape and hangers and bending
TheNilspatel 5 months ago
Hey LifeHackster. Hope you are well. Just watched this video as i wanted to set up my Wyze camera inside the porch facing front door. Im using small cut out velcro to stick my Wyze camera on window. That stand you using looks too big and doesnt look too neat. But velcro is a great option. Thought i share with you and your viewers. Keep up the good work.
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 5 months ago
Wow great idea?? Bet this will work great with the v3.
wolf30349 5 months ago
Great job explaining. What about a window screen? Having trouble finding anything on that
Xiomara Rosales
Xiomara Rosales 5 months ago
Perfect for my home 👊🏼👍🏽
Jim Weeks
Jim Weeks 5 months ago
absolutely perfect review. Thank you
N Bee
N Bee 5 months ago
Ok, so now I wonder if those lights will pick up motion if used inside the window. Lol. I live in a very cold climate during the winter and I believe the batteries for the light won't last long in temps as low as -20F.
Nicholas Pitts
Nicholas Pitts 5 months ago
Great video 👍 ✅ Research flat earth
Frank Locklear
Frank Locklear 5 months ago
Good stuff here! He provides very creative solutions to common home security camera issues.
nettie preezy
nettie preezy 5 months ago
I need your advice on what kind of light weight extension cord to use on my wyze camera that I need to install inside my garage door to secure alley driveway to back of my condo? I need to plug this to outlet on ceiling where garage door opener is plugged. Thank you. Any suggestion will greatly help.🙏🏻
Wootenomics 5 months ago
Thx. Worked well with my ring. Couldn't use the shelf since I needed to tilt my camera.
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 5 months ago
Thank you for well explain video
tom pennington
tom pennington 5 months ago
Nice! Super practical and simple solution for indoor cameras. The solar lights combo is excellent!
Meaw Pat
Meaw Pat 5 months ago
Sensor light that is a good idea for the night 👍👍👍
Khan Shad
Khan Shad 6 months ago
how to record through two way mirror..what percentage of transparency of two way mirror will be better..
Scouseinglasgow 5 months ago
Jena Brown
Jena Brown 6 months ago
This is a great vidi. Easy to understand.
s shapiro
s shapiro 6 months ago
Very informative, thank you.
Marilyn Duenas
Marilyn Duenas 6 months ago
That's why my 2 cams show blurred videos at night. Because its dark outside and I'm afraid it would bother neighbors if I leave the backyard light on all night
Rob Wiley
Rob Wiley 4 months ago
How you get yours to stop showing blurr
Sol Sanchez
Sol Sanchez 6 months ago
EXACTLY what I needed to know. I have 2 cams and 2 lites on the way. THANK YOU!
Dana Olive
Dana Olive 6 months ago
Thank you so much for your suggestions! I put a Wyze cam in the front bedroom to monitor my driveway. At night the glare was so bad I couldn’t see anything but the blinds. I turned off the night vision and voila, crystal clear! I didn’t need a light or anything. A happy customer here😆
Greg Settle
Greg Settle 6 months ago
Great video, great presenter!
bluedevilfool 6 months ago
In window so buster ass fools dont steal it
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson 6 months ago
thank you for taking the time out to go slow and steady with the explanations. I so appreciate the help
Peach Paree
Peach Paree 6 months ago
The motion light can easily be stolen though :/
Pluto's Forest
Pluto's Forest 6 months ago
Somebody tried breaking into my car last night, I was sleeping not 10 feet away from the car. Car alarm woke me up. Ran outside half naked and all I found were his tracks. My dog tracked his scent a little but I wasn't going to chase him down at 2 AM. This video is helpful because few people mention that PIR doesn't work well behind glass. You probably saved me $200, plus 2 weeks shipping and return time. Will be sharing the video.
Jason Lloyd
Jason Lloyd 6 months ago
Ring doorbell looks rubbish
Jason Lloyd
Jason Lloyd 6 months ago
You could have put the light on the wall? Great video
demarko9999 6 months ago
I'm updating my comment im using a black privacy window film on my window and the glare i had with the other non tinted window is gone. and it's not dark during the day i can see clearly even better, i used to be able to see the camera in the background but i can't anymore. i haven't tested it at night yet but i have outsided lights with motion sensors. i will update later
Jesse Elliott
Jesse Elliott 6 months ago
I really appreciate this video!!! I use the "Eufy cam" with the SD card homebase for "offline/off grid" in my rv. I recently had a car theft from my camp ground and only caught 6seconds of them pulling away in the car. Brake lights really, couldnt see the make of the car. Luckily, we caught the guy and recovered the car, but it did show me the flaws of "PIR" and made me go back to the drawing board and redesign my system. I settled on a 15led IR 12v floodlight and a 45w 12v "off road" spotlight and a motion sensor. Now that I am aware of how to turn off the "night vision" , I can properly adjust my settings and incorporate your tactics to benefit my campground area. I wondered if just adding "natural" light would compensate for the IR glare, and you showed that it did, and for that, I thank you!! My new parts will arrive over the next few months and come spring I'll have it all put together and mounted on a pole. I cant thank you enough for this valuable informative video!!!
Carolina Lomeli
Carolina Lomeli 6 months ago
I got some great outdoor security lights that are super bright and sensitivity is awesome. Battery operated of course and can be purchased at home depot brand name is beam's and they have a few options I got 2 with 2 lights and 2 with a single light 29.99 and 9.99
Gary R.
Gary R. 6 months ago
Just saw this video, was a great help, very detail and plenty of useful information , thank you so much, u just gained a new sub.
Debra Handy
Debra Handy 6 months ago
I just ordered the shelf and light for above my wyze cams but can you recommend a WiFi extender that I need to place a camera for my back gate. We had a recent intruder. Thank you.
Francois Bleu
Francois Bleu 7 months ago
Thank you for your most excellent video and reviews!
Cathryn Faith
Cathryn Faith 7 months ago
I have a Wyze Cam 2 for indoor but need to keep it behind my window because where I live it's risk someone may tamper with or try to remove the camera. This video helped me with some ideas, I ordered the stick on shelf. Will see if that helps so that way cam can sit above the screen in the window. :) clearer view! Thanks :)
demarko9999 7 months ago
i have tinted glass inside my house, it looks black outside during the day, i can see out but others can't see in. do you think something like this would work?
Alessio Oissela
Alessio Oissela 7 months ago
Is the over lite suitable for outside? Is it weather proof?
Steve Boyd
Steve Boyd 7 months ago
He's great. Comprehensive. Thinks of all the contingencies.
DavyDave1313 7 months ago
Damn it. Arlo pro 2 is exactly what I have. I thought if I had it plugged in I’ll be able to set up the geofences around my car at my apartment parking spot and it’ll work. Maybe if I have it placed tightly against the glass? I will test it out
Indigovox 7 months ago
What is the song playing in the intro of your video?
Wendy Wu
Wendy Wu 7 months ago
Thank you so much Sir! Your video is very helpful!
LifeHackster 7 months ago
You are welcome.
Kim Davis
Kim Davis 7 months ago
Wyze camera...I still have a glare with my night vision turn off. When the light comes on it’s impossible to see anything with the glare...How do i fix the problem?
Roberto Tapia
Roberto Tapia 7 months ago
Homerun video. Very well done and informative. Clear solution to common problems with these cameras.
black guy
black guy 7 months ago
Cool. Should have mounted the camera where that sticker was on the window. It would have hidden the tape.
clever name
clever name 8 months ago
So my pan tilt zoom cam isn't practical for an in window setup? Right now night vision not working properly is the problem I have in the dark. Unfortunately I don't see ther option to switch between regular and night vision.
John Doe
John Doe 8 months ago
thanks buddy!
Shirley Randolph
Shirley Randolph 8 months ago
Is there an over head light that can be stuck on the window from the inside that is motion detected? I'm afraid someone will just snatch the light off my window.
cal88usa 8 months ago
This was an awesome review. It was very informative and education. Sir you make great videos, thank you
21boxhead 9 months ago
21boxhead 9 months ago
LifeHackster 9 months ago
Oh Karen.. is it too loud for you?...hold on..try lowering down the volume of your phone or computer..yeah..that works too..right Karen?
Rex rock
Rex rock 9 months ago
Great solution thank you
Fishme7 9 months ago
I currently have both and Find the Yi to be better than the Wyze in terms of use, setup, and quality. Anyone else feel the same way?
prettybaby80 9 months ago
Thank you for this . Getting wyze. Don’t need the shelf. I have a window sill
prettybaby80 9 months ago
My camera is going to be set up on a window facing an outside hallway which has plenty of light. Garden style apartment. Would just the set up with the camera alone and window shelf’s work ?
Vervalicious 9 months ago
OK so if I have my security camera inside of the glass and all I see at night time is glare, if I add the light on the outside of this will stop the glare? Is this correct I have a light outside a porch light and it does not stop the glare so placing this motion sensitive light directly over the camera on the outside of the glass will stop the ir night vision glare is this right? One more detail I have the security camera inside of my RV. Which I live in full-time. And it has very very very dark tinted glass is this why I cannot get IR without glare?
TP Shimmons
TP Shimmons 9 months ago
so much for having a window! Why wouldn't you just put the light on the wall next to the window?
陈凌云 9 months ago
i want to have a talk with you…, is it ok?
Sami Oweis
Sami Oweis 9 months ago
Really nice review, and great tips. Thank you!
MaximusJohal 9 months ago
you can buy an external night vision light thats separate under 20 bucks
B. G.
B. G. 9 months ago
Man..great video. Freakin awesome suggestion. I use motion detection light bulbs but ill be picking those lights up for that purpose!!! Subscribed!
carlos paez
carlos paez 9 months ago
Can you recommend a camera to use in a apartment complex or condo. I being looking threw a bunch but there seems to be no correct answer to my problem
Kel M
Kel M Month ago
I would recommend the wyze cam v3.
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