Everything my Smart Home Can Do in 2021

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Tech With Brett

Month ago

After building my smart home for fours I am ready to show you everything it can do!
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00:00 Tech With Brett Smart Home Tour
01:28 Living Room
03:15 Kitchen
09:30 Hallway, Laundry Room, Bathroom
12:05 Bedrooms
21:02 Front Porch
21:49 Family Room
25:53 Garage
27:26 Smart Home Brains
29:30 Samsung SmartTag
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Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
What else would you like to see added to my smart home this year? What will you be adding to yours?
MACKFRAGS 5 days ago
@Smart Home Tech helo
Cameron Stark
Cameron Stark 6 days ago
Ultraviolet house sanitation
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
@James G These shades require to much power and don't have a built in batter. I will be wiring them soon.
James G
James G 22 days ago
Why not add a small solar charger to the window shades instead of battery?
north wiebesick
north wiebesick 23 days ago
@Tech With Brett so, I have a question, is there a setup you can use that will do everything that the google assistant can do, perhaps with an offline AI or some other techno-wizardry??? I know I have heard that phillips hue doesn't require the internet, but if I go that route, I'd be stuck using a tablet or something connected locally, and if I'm not mistaken, according to the little bit of research I have been able to do, it would require interaction with the associated Hue application, and I'm looking to eventually build a room in my dad's unfinished barn, that would be hopefully set up specifically for automation or at least partial automation. It only has 1 small window probably 16 inches wide, and 32 inches tall, but I'm thinking of ways to block out light in there, possibly with a removable wood panel, or some kind of automated blackout curtains to keep the privacy in the space... I'm looking at using a eufy biometric fingerprint sensor deadbolt unit, and looking at using strictly LED light strips around 3 edges of the top of the room, although there isn't much out there aside from the kind that would have the IR remote, that would work, again, because of the whole internet being required thing... The reason that internet is something it all has to work without, is because I don't have internet at home aside from unlimited hotspot on my phone, and it doesn't work very well, to share the internet signal on a device that gimps it's signal in preference to the devices on the hotspot, especially if the signal is slow, which, well, it's usually fast enough if I'm not sharing the signal, but it's still almost no internet bars of signal
Paul Donoghue
Paul Donoghue Day ago
That taps a classic😄
Brian Alster
Brian Alster 2 days ago
Are you able to determine why some lights jump to 100% brightness when turned on before dimming down to the desired brightness level? I have a similar problem with one of my Lutron Caseta's and 5 LED Retro can lights in my kitchen. I didn't want to swap out the lights if they weren't the problem.
Manager 2 days ago
minimalists' nightmare))
knop3se 3 days ago
Whoah, that´s a lot of smart stuff!
Mister Sport
Mister Sport 5 days ago
Hey Guys, I don't want to be rude, but isn't most of the smart things lights? Do you know anything about smart vacuum robots? And do you know when autonomous drones will be able to move things in the house? Thank you for your content. I like the smart water, if you combine it with a filter it could tell you about water quality. Happy Easter!
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 6 days ago
Brett Amazing Video as always, Glad you also mentioned the time because it does take time to get it just the way you want.Much respect for mentioning the names as well.Congrats Deb. 💯👌✌
juoig7799 6 days ago
12:20 Imagine if the kids find out how to use all these smart things and start messing with them.
juoig7799 6 days ago
1:38 A cat would probably go "What the **** is going on, why is the light turning on as I walk into a room and why do the blinds (shades) have their own minds?
Kendall Harris
Kendall Harris 6 days ago
That smart faucet was COOOOOL! I want! Love that you use Google Assistant - I’m just starting with Smart home stuff and building off my Google Home. I saw a friend really struggle with Alexa, I find Google better with voice commands so building from there. Gonna invest in some Phillips Hue & Wyze cam next. PS your home is gorgeously designed! Like a show home!
tyler tech
tyler tech 7 days ago
Awesome smart home but did anyone realize that the house is almost as good looking as the actual tech
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 7 days ago
Awww thanks!
Yorkshire Pud
Yorkshire Pud 8 days ago
The WIFI went down We were locked in !!! ......3 days the water would not pour....... the freezer door locked ........close to death we screamed out of the window....... No one helped ...... they were used to us shouting at devices all day and... all night...............The End
Chuck Zitting
Chuck Zitting 8 days ago
If you want a smart fan and light without changing the wiring use inovelli Red Series Fan + Light Switch. I have several and they are awesome!!
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 8 days ago
Have have one waiting for me to install. Hopefully I can get to it soon. Thanks for the recommendation!
Angela Crossen
Angela Crossen 11 days ago
Queen speed
What's My Status
What's My Status 13 days ago
Hey Brett, how do you use multiple Google hubs/home minis in multiple rooms which are nearby. Mine triggers in one room if I ask another hub from another room.
iApps Automation
iApps Automation 13 days ago
The “intelligent hembar allignment” for your automated shades is not activated. 😊
Rodriquez Mcclatchey
Rodriquez Mcclatchey 14 days ago
Wemo or lutron you helped me with my 1st wemo dimmer. The app for wemo sucks though. When connecting to wifi during set up i just get the wheel of death. I am think about getting all lutron.
Dalton Ridgeway
Dalton Ridgeway 14 days ago
Thank you for not saying "Hey Google" I can't tell you how many people other than me have turned off something in my house 🤦
Rahmat Hidayatullah
Rahmat Hidayatullah 15 days ago
Orang indo adakah??
Πανος Παππας
Πανος Παππας 16 days ago
You need smart kitchen... Check valcucine!
Brotherman Bill
Brotherman Bill 16 days ago
Voice controlled water is cringe and useless really dudes
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 16 days ago
I think it’s funny how all these tech reviewers awkwardly stare at their Google or Alexa when they give it a command and wait for it to respond lol overall good video
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan 17 days ago
Wow this is actually the future, today.
John Gouvalis
John Gouvalis 17 days ago
Please make a video on how you got your wife to cooperate with all the "smart home" stuff and stop flicking the hard switches off! That would be so usefull to know!!! :)
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 17 days ago
Good idea, my solution is use smart light switches and make it is normal as a regular home as possible.
Ciprian Nedelcu
Ciprian Nedelcu 17 days ago
to much cloud, i bet if your internet is down you will have a dumb house ...
River 18 days ago
OK I love your videos but I have one question how much Internet do you have or do you need to run your whole house with smart devices I have one gigabyte download and they are trying to say I have too many devices in my house that are running on the net work I am in Canada using Cogeco so I’m just wondering what you’re using to be able to run everything thank you ☺️
Peter Gao
Peter Gao 20 days ago
Its funny that you cut the video on every time after you say hi google, you are just too embarrassing to show to crazy long delay and the failure.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 20 days ago
The video is already long and those one second delays seem like forever while editing. I also wanted you to leave a comment about it. 😁
Andi Palmer
Andi Palmer 20 days ago
The tip with having smart light switches is so useful! I always end up having hue lights offline that I then can't control via my echo or phone because the switch is turned off. Really enjoyed watching the tour! :D
Petr Hájek - Emma SMA
Petr Hájek - Emma SMA 20 days ago
hello where please buy smart blinds and what is the brand?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 19 days ago
I am using the Tilt MySmartBlinds Automation Kid, and the Serena Shades My Smart Blinds. Full list here: techwithbrett.com/my-smart-home-tour-2021/
Alex T.
Alex T. 20 days ago
Hi, it’s a great video. What’s the brand and model of the small button you have at your room (the hidden one)
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 20 days ago
That was a SmartThings button. I'm not sure if they are available anymore.
William Chung
William Chung 20 days ago
is there any chance the google assistant from another room will pick up your voice commands? for example when you say "hey google, turn on the lights" when you're in the kitchen but the one in the living also picks up the voice and do the same thing. sry for bad English.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 18 days ago
Yes, but in the Google Home all you can change the sensitivity of each device.
Kohdii 20 days ago
Hackers dream typa home 🤣
T J 20 days ago
Where can I get that Govee light at 2:38 in the UK?
jeff cast
jeff cast 21 day ago
Electric bill must be high
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 21 day ago
Just as hight as normal. Probably less since I can have them auto turn off when I leave the house.
Tristyn Russelo
Tristyn Russelo 21 day ago
SmartThings used to run my home, now I have Home Assistant running on my unraid server. Now SmartThings is just an integration for Home Assistant. All the devices that could not be added into smartthings can now be automated together.
Tim and Lau
Tim and Lau 21 day ago
i didn't understand why you have alexa and google at the same time, does that mean you can't control the room with google? how did you manage to connect everything
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 21 day ago
@Tim and Lau I use Google but they can be linked to both at the same time.
Tim and Lau
Tim and Lau 21 day ago
@Tech With Brett yes, but when you do for control every lights of your house with alexa and google home ? Thanks for your answer
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 21 day ago
I use them both to test different features. The Echo Glow light does only work with Amazon speakers. But everything else I have works with Google or Alexa.
tenktorypisze 21 day ago
11:02 with smart outlet you can do something similar: smart outlet will send signal that washing machine power consumption has gone down and smart home app can send notification.
forex forex
forex forex 22 days ago
The light switch is wifi
Bálint Győri
Bálint Győri 22 days ago
Why don't you use Home Assistant with all your stuff's integrations?
Bálint Győri
Bálint Győri 8 days ago
@Tech With Brett contact me if you need help
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 19 days ago
It looks promising but I like to show the easiest way to do things. I might look into it soon.
Michael Spence
Michael Spence 23 days ago
Great video. What is the Phillips Hue dimmer product at 23:31 usposts.info/vision/qK_T1M67nJibjpE/video
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 19 days ago
That is the Lutron Aurora: geni.us/WZYyya
5G Vlogs Gaming
5G Vlogs Gaming 23 days ago
Hey Brett, here's a recommendation or a sequel to your 2021 Smart Home tour. Why don't you make a "Everything my Smart Home Can Do in 2021 (on my phone) video and show us a phone screen recording to show how you have your Google Home and Amazon Alexa apps setup and what devices are connected and which skills they use? Sure would be a great in-depth video!
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
We'll see. I have some similar videos already planned so it is pretty tough to get to them all.
5G Vlogs Gaming
5G Vlogs Gaming 22 days ago
@Tech With Brett I would also appreciate a shoutout in the beginning of the video and my name would be up on the screen with a snapshot of my comment.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 23 days ago
Great idea!
Fábio Minoru Makio
Fábio Minoru Makio 24 days ago
Nice video, but I have one question about the smart sensor in the bathroom. Does the light turn off during the bath or its sensivity is good enough to keep it on?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 24 days ago
If you are in there too long it will turn off. You then wave your hand and it usually comes back on.
5G Vlogs Gaming
5G Vlogs Gaming 24 days ago
Hey Brett, what's Eva as mentioned in your snapshot of Google Home in Living Room?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 24 days ago
That is my Deebot robot vacuum: usposts.info/vision/jK2d1q-tfoSPhJE/video
Waldorf Lip
Waldorf Lip 24 days ago
Nice job! We are going to take a lot of inspiration for our house :)
rizwan farhad
rizwan farhad 24 days ago
thANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT SAYING HEY google!!! Subscribing just because of that
RideorDie 25 days ago
It’s pathetic how lazy people are.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 25 days ago
You think this is lazy? You should see me watch TV.
hollywood1513 25 days ago
You should return all this stuff and use that money to build a wall and a door for you master bath...
Raghavendra Shivaraju
Raghavendra Shivaraju 25 days ago
samuel bridges
samuel bridges 26 days ago
Where can I get the canned lights from? And can they just replace the ones I got?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 26 days ago
In the kitchen or downstairs? If you already have cans in your home, I would recommend going with these from Ecosmart. geni.us/VZil
badsomething 26 days ago
To get smart blinds for my windows, matching the color and width of my shades, it's over $500 per window. My windows didn't cost that much, lol
MARK CARRI 26 days ago
Does it become an obsession?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 26 days ago
Yes, yes it does.
totow 26 days ago
why you don't use Home Assistant for better cross Platform communications?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 26 days ago
I've been looking into it. I might try it out soon.
badsomething 26 days ago
Please don't drink unfiltered tap water
Gabriele Mattioli
Gabriele Mattioli 26 days ago
best video of smart home EVER
CozyStorm 26 days ago
Looks pretty cool... with some caveats. Not sure I’d want auto-blinds, for one thing. Post-shower living room dash for clothes and all. Also a lot of this seems light based, which is fine, but in many cases, the effort to simply use a switch vs all the $$$ and time that goes into setup... for instance, do I really need my phone to tell me to put clothes in the dryer or can I guesstimate that after a half hour or so, they’re done washing? It’s interesting and it’s fun, but I think smart systems are so slow to become popular because they just aren’t necessary. Not yet. Anyone sorta feel the same way?
Justin Dufrene
Justin Dufrene 26 days ago
Gonna be a bitch when he moves ... lol
IanFireAlarms Life Safety
IanFireAlarms Life Safety 27 days ago
How to you mute the words alexa and hey google
IanFireAlarms Life Safety
IanFireAlarms Life Safety 26 days ago
I only use wifi smart devices beacause hubs are pricy
IanFireAlarms Life Safety
IanFireAlarms Life Safety 26 days ago
If i record with a phone i connect to a computer i will edit the sound so i can make a beep or reduce so i wont trigger your devices but is hard to make a whole smart home
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 27 days ago
I just edit it out after while I am editing.
wileu 27 days ago
Everytime when i watch film where I see american style home - mean from cardboard, I laugh from this.
Wim Schoenmakers
Wim Schoenmakers 27 days ago
You need a Athom Homey controller and connect that to your Google Hubs. Then you can use devices running on Z-wave, WiFi, Zigbee, 868 MHz, 433 MHz, bleutooth and Infrared. All in one controller.
Wenlo TV
Wenlo TV 23 days ago
Thought the same. He could replace like all the other "brains" with one homey
Joey D'Costa
Joey D'Costa 27 days ago
So cooooollll!!!!!
Kim Burgeson
Kim Burgeson 27 days ago
I need to remove a Feit outdoor smart plug. I removed it from my outdoor deck so I could replace it with Enbrighten Smart Plug to utilize more features of my cafe deck lights. Problem is I named Feit Plug “Patio 3” in room named “Patio 3”. I removed and reset the old Feit plug. BUT GOOGLE will not let me use Patio 3 name anymore and keeps referring Feit Plug. I did rename my new plug but it would be easier to use Patio 3 names as we upstairs, downstairs and underdeck patio. Can you help.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
Interesting. Have you changed the name in the Feit app and then asked Google to, "Sync my device"? Another thing you can try is to unlink Feit from the section where you link devices in the Google Home app.
vmnao 27 days ago
Im not good at English, however I understand it's amazing.
Andrea Speroni
Andrea Speroni 27 days ago
Could you give me the link of your water tap ?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
Here is the full list of devices: techwithbrett.com/my-smart-home-tour-2021/
MaL3K_XD 27 days ago
You must be FBI’s favourite person haha . Awesome video
OO 28 days ago
Quick question. Would you do anything different if you were building a brand new house? I will be doing that starting next month. With bare walls would you do else?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
I would stick with one brand so you only need one app for everything. I would wire ethernet to all the main living areas. I might have wires to smart shades but that might depend on what kind you can afford. Also, put some conduit behind your TVs so that you can easily run HDMI cables through the walls.
Sept Lorence
Sept Lorence 28 days ago
Great video
Delfin Achaval
Delfin Achaval 28 days ago
10:30 automatic, but can't wash and dry all by herself LOL.
robbie jimenez
robbie jimenez 28 days ago
lets hope your COX WIFI is turned off. IF NOT call cox and ask them to turn off the cox hotspot
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 28 days ago
I upgraded to Fiber now so that modem is gone!
16:43. Your ceiling fan is too low
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 17 days ago
We don't let money's jump on the bed.
David Griffiths
David Griffiths 28 days ago
Hi how do you get Google not to repeat the commands when turning off the lights ?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 28 days ago
Make sure you have the Google speaker and lights in the same room in the Google Home App.
SystemSky79 28 days ago
Love all the tech you have its fantastic...... BUT what do you do if/when your internet connection goes down?.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 28 days ago
Voice controls just stop working. That Is why it is so important to have the manual control portion.
Top Dog Outdoor Superstore
Top Dog Outdoor Superstore 28 days ago
I think having so many remotes would do my head in. I think you can go too far with somethings that doesn't seem smart. Good test is get your parents to stay the weekend and see if they can use the house. Automation and smart homes should be user friendly and not need a instructions manual to watch TV. You need to make everything smart and analog for the next 10 years or so . Especially if your Internet goes down.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
That's a good idea. I actually kept things very simple when making my parents home smart: usposts.info/vision/nbKnsZa5qW18ero/video
Top Dog Outdoor Superstore
Top Dog Outdoor Superstore 28 days ago
Amazing home by the way.
Cris Franco
Cris Franco 28 days ago
Can I get a link to the wall knob/switch in your TV room with the Phillips lights that allows you to turn the Phillips lights on and off without cutting off power to the wafer lights? Does that work with non-Phillips wafers?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
That only works with Hue Bulbs. Here is the Lutron Auroa Dimmer: geni.us/VtnW
Si 28 days ago
Loving the tour Brett. By the way, you have a really lovely home. Glad to see you vacuumed before recording! 😂
Si 21 day ago
@Tech With Brett Sounds like the story of my life. Two young girls, I feel the pain of your mess! Brett, keep up the good work. Still continue to watch every video you release. Even when I feel like I know everything about a product, I still always learn something new from you.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
We did a bit more than that. Took me a whole week to clean! Kids got it back to normal within a day.
DaB 28 days ago
Looking for a wifi controlled motor to drive my curtains/blinds ball chain cord, would have thought plenty of companies would make these but can only find Zigbee rubbish....
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
Good question. What about this: geni.us/HMdV
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ 29 days ago
*steps into garage* Not a whole lotta smart things in here. hahah jk jk. very cool stuff! I don't think I'll be getting a smart faucet, tho... For Now. 😂
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 29 days ago
Nice video Brett! I have one trick to share with you. Instead of using a bunch of AC/DC adapters, I'm using 5V and 12V (5 amps each) regulated power supplies from Amazon for $12 each. Makes for a much cleaner install ; )
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 28 days ago
@Tech With Brett I'm located in Southern California. Let me know if you ever want to team up on any of your projects. I do high end home theater, networking, and automation.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 29 days ago
Great idea!
Faik Cimen
Faik Cimen 29 days ago
Looks nice and convenient and I wonder, How much time and money you got to spend to buy those gadgets and what is the total time and money you spent all together at GYM for physical exercise that you missed with those gadgets? Or if you are not exercising, I wonder how much are you going to pay for your own health.
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ 29 days ago
mortalsting 29 days ago
This house can do almost everything! But can it make a sandwich? :)
Alex Gusmann
Alex Gusmann 29 days ago
Smart ist das nicht! Schrecklich so zu leben in der Abhängigkeit von einem Anbieter. Da gibt es was besseres.
Weird Flex
Weird Flex Month ago
link to the shades?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
Here is the full list: techwithbrett.com/my-smart-home-tour-2021/
Jo Sidarta
Jo Sidarta Month ago
Thanks for the sharing, perhaps you can check hubitat to reduce the number of your hubs. Ps: love the writing on the top of your bathroom mirror too, bless you brother!
Dennis van den Bosch
Dennis van den Bosch Month ago
Hi Brett, could you make a vid about how to name your rooms or products im kinda struggling with that in my own house...
Dennis van den Bosch
Dennis van den Bosch 29 days ago
@Tech With Brett that would be great looking forward to it.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
Great idea! I'll see what I can put together.
bdavies1995 Month ago
Lovely house!, thanks for sharing this, it will help me decide what I need for my new home!
AVM3798 Month ago
But does automating everything make you lazy and eventually gain weight?
Akisha Soyadi
Akisha Soyadi Month ago
Do you have a link for the philips recessed lights? they look bigger then the ones on the hue website?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 19 days ago
I have the full list here: techwithbrett.com/my-smart-home-tour-2021/
Lorenzo Clemente
Lorenzo Clemente Month ago
the delays between commands and action seem to be very long, since they are all cut
Lorenzo Clemente
Lorenzo Clemente Month ago
the writing on the mirror creeped me out
David Miller
David Miller Month ago
The sordid oyster intradurally produce because peak dimensionally fool outside a zippy paint. gamy, unnatural rise
Gamingpanda Month ago
Finally a youtuber that cares about their viewers smart device . Thank you for muting the magic word that will trigger our device (:
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 4 days ago
I wasnt sure why he muted but now I know.. thanks
John H.
John H. Month ago
Check out home assistant it's all in one. What I don't see much is a sensor in the mailbox to give you a notification when you got mail. I have that installed in mine. And it's pretty sweet
Saustinj Month ago
Hi, great accomplishment out there. Please, could you recommend a proximity sensor switch for dress mirror lights. One that will turn on the lights when one stands within 2 meter proximity, then turn off beyond that. Thanks
Khari Month ago
Instead of having the bathroom light on a timer to cut off you can add a door sensor and program it to cut the lights off when the door is open and turn on when the door is closed. This and maybe motion to cut it on when you just want to look in the mirror or something with the door open
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah Month ago
Not many folks close the bathroom door fully. I tried to implement this automation and it was never used as bathroom gets colder than bedroom with doors closed
Rod S
Rod S Month ago
Great for you man, you seem passionate about it - for me...Waaayy too much! No patience for this.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
Haha! It does take some work and there are certainly easier ways to do it but that process has been really fun
phil32757 Month ago
The smart faucet has to be the dumbest application of a smart home
phil32757 Month ago
All this computational power so that I won’t have to look anymore at when the bottle is full and turn off the faucet. What a time to be alive.
salkin43 12 days ago
Dan Hendriksen
Dan Hendriksen Month ago
Man - as I watched this I couldn't help but hear how many different systems, technologies, etc... you have going on. Feels to me like a lot to try and remember and manage (can your family really use this without you around to provide instruction?) - seems like it must be a headache. I'm curious why you wouldn't use a system like Control4, Elan, etc... to drastically reduce all those interdependencies? Does this work if the internet is down? Feels like a heavy reliance on the cloud.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
Good points. For my family it is not an issue. All they need to know is what Assistant is in each room and what the devices they want to control are called. Since I have everything organized in the apps they can also just turn on all the lights with a simple command. Is this the best way to do things? No it is not. Is it the most affordable? In many cases yes. Is it cloud dependant? Yes, but that is why manually Control is so important. If the wifi is down, the manual control still works. I will certainly take a look at some offline options and do some price comparisons. I would recommend watching this video which is a much more simplified approach. usposts.info/vision/nbKnsZa5qW18ero/video
Dan Hendriksen
Dan Hendriksen Month ago
Got to the end where you called out the cloud dependency and the myriad of different systems being a bad idea. LOL.
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores Month ago
Hey, can’t believe I found another lds youtube creator. I noticed your picture of a temple. Rough Stone Rolling, View of the Hebrews, CES Letter, Seer Stone-JS Papers. Sorry to burst your bubble, but just trying to save you a lot of wasted time. Best of luck.
JC James
JC James Month ago
Your house won't function if you ever lose internet
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 22 days ago
Only voice controls. Most things will still work.
Rajan Kannan
Rajan Kannan Month ago
Great video Bret. Very informative. Thanks for sharing it . I have a question . 1. Does Lurton caseta dimmers & pico remote work with Philips Hie lights ? 2. I loved your smart shades. What’s the most simple & affordable smart shades which does open & close during sunrise & sunset . Thanks in advance .
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah Month ago
No they don't but they integrate with Google so you can run your routines off of that. You can use a hub like smarthings wherein routines are way more powerful. Next level up is using webcore and smarthings
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