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2 months ago

Alright, I know a lot of you miss the theories, and so do I. So here’s one that at first glance will make you roll your eyes, but by the end of this video, I think you’ll be able to see a lot of the plausibility of things.
The more I write this theory, the more it makes sense, but first we need to understand a lot of lore and backstory, so sit tight, and enjoy this one with me.
In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu fell out of the window, and we haven’t seen the Jedi Master since. We saw a figment of his return in one of the Vader comics by Marvel which I have full coverage on with voice acting, if you can call it that, now this Mace isn’t really Mace, it’s some weird fragmented animated version of him....can we say he’s truly dead?
In this theory video, I’m going to say he didn’t die that day. The theory I have behind this, is that we heard his voice speak to Rey in the rise of Skywalker. You’re probably thinking, well…that definitely means he’s dead, right?
Sure, maybe, but, how did he speak to Rey? If it wasn’t for Qui-Gon Jinn, no one would be a force ghost. Qui-Gon Jinn met with the shaman of the whills, now these were ancient powerful beings, almost like priests of some sorts. During Qui-Gon’s life, they taught him how to transfer his essence beyond death. However, due to his untimely demise, he wasn’t able to complete his training, therefore only able to manifest his voice as a ghost, and not his body, until much later near a new hope which can be read in the book from a certain point of view. In Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon’s force ghost speaks to Yoda, it was cut from the film, but it was dialogued in the deleted scenes and written in the original script. That moment on Polis Massa where Yoda is meditating during Padme’s labor, to which Bail Organa, the future adopted father of Leia, interrupts Yoda’s communication with Qui-Gon. Once Padme dies and obi-wan and Yoda speak, we learn that Qui-Gon is now Yoda’s master, who has taught him how to commune with him in the force. To Obi-Wan’s surprise, Qui-Gon is still very much around in the force.
So, where did he go? The Star Wars galaxy is huge, and it’s possible that he fled somewhere, or went in hiding, just like Yoda, Obi-Wan and the rest of the survivors of Order 66.
What if he went somewhere to some unknown planet in the unknown regions somewhere to hide and train more Jedi? What if he became a Mandalorian? Nothing would suit his scarred and recognizable face better than hiding under a helmet.
This leads me to my next theory, what if Mace Windu is in The Mandalorian? What if he shows up in season2 or 3 or more? Mace Windu was unbelievably powerful, so powerful that he went toe to toe with the Emperor.
Now, if Mace is alive, seeing him as a Mandalorian would not just be cool, it would fit a lot of the story for the Jedi that could help reunite the child with his species. There is no person in the galaxy that knows Yoda better than Mace Windu. He sat with him as second in command, and in some cases, first in command. Mace in a lot of ways, was the chosen one. He used the light and the dark, he was the master of his emotions, and he had surpassed all of his teachers as a young boy, growing to become the most powerful Jedi just before Anakin could see his full potential until he lost to OBiWan.
Let’s say Mando takes The Child to Ahsoka, and she eventually tells him of someone who can really show him the way to reuniting the Child with its species, pointing him to another Easter egg hunt throughout the galaxy, to Mace Windu.Mace could be laying low, perhaps growing his crops and training those who exhibited force powers at an early age. Perfecting his abilities and learning more about all aspects of the force, and eventually along the way, learning a ton from Yoda who communed with him, and Obi-Wan after their deaths. Perhaps even, coming across Luke Skywalker and learning of the fate of Anakin and the Emperor. Teaching Luke so much about his father’s youth.
This could be Mace’s return, this could be how Mace fits into the Mandalorian. So you’re probably saying, well ok, but what about his death…well…What if while the Mando is finding the path to Mace Windu, he is followed by someone notorious flying the Slave 1 ship and once he does leave Mace, with the information on where to reunite The Child with his parents, Boba comes to him. How poetic would it be if Mace Windu’s death came full circle, and what I mean is, Boba Fett finds him, and kills him, transcending him into the force…avenging his father, Jango.

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Soarux 17 hours ago
Your Mace Windu theory sucks
Kris Leyssens
Kris Leyssens 17 hours ago
The Lazered llama
The Lazered llama 18 hours ago
Only problem is Luke takes baby yoda and there won’t be a a season 3 of mando
Maxman2107 Gaming
Maxman2107 Gaming 15 hours ago
ED5T4R Day ago
this video has aged terribly
Lego Wild Wolf
Lego Wild Wolf Day ago
Spoilers* i wish mace showed up instead of luke in the last epesode of The Mandalorian S2
Flashy Day ago
He obviously spoke to Ray in the force
Imadeanaccount justtosaythis
Imadeanaccount justtosaythis 2 days ago
This could go in my opinion because in the prequel trilogy, he is stronger than Anakin at his best we've seen. Anakin got limbs cut off and got his entire body burned. If Anakin can survive this, I can definitely see how Mace Windu can.
swiss trippin
swiss trippin 2 days ago
2:26 -two jedis and a senator react to easiest pacman level ever created
Glue Food
Glue Food 3 days ago
GoldLeader 3 days ago
Immortal 1776
Immortal 1776 5 days ago
i mean, kanan and ezra force pushed themselves before landing on a distant platform so windu might have done the same
Daniel Bepko
Daniel Bepko 5 days ago
This is wrong because the show already ended
The Swede
The Swede 5 days ago
I hope they Bring back mace at one point ,One of the better parts of the prequels
Joanne B
Joanne B 5 days ago
fuvk you get to the point
Robyn D
Robyn D 6 days ago
Well season 2 finished and no mace windu. So these theories seem really pointless to me. They are rarely ever accurate.
Brandon Funk
Brandon Funk 6 days ago
Uhmm mace can stand toe to toe with sidius but beaten by a bounty hunter who's father/clone stood zero chance against mace? If he survived the fall why not a death like yoda?
Drew Van Demark
Drew Van Demark 6 days ago
Bringing Mace back just to have him killed by Boba Fett is stupid. IMO.
3xtremeShot 7 days ago
this is a sick theory
Elijah Elijah
Elijah Elijah 7 days ago
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Charlie Souhrada
Charlie Souhrada 7 days ago
But grogu is with Luke now
i eat burnt potato chips
i eat burnt potato chips 7 days ago
Mace window fell out of the windu
Mr. BSO 8 days ago
But How Old Would He Be?
Erik H
Erik H 9 days ago
Please everyone, I know I am late but please like this comment if you think Palpatine is better than Mace, but dislike if you think Mace is stronger.
Truman Hicks
Truman Hicks 9 days ago
Please Disney bridge Mace Windu back!!!!
Zachary Werner
Zachary Werner 9 days ago
Well this didn't age well.
Robert Shipley
Robert Shipley 10 days ago
Have you written a book, star wars theory?
Settling Acorn
Settling Acorn 10 days ago
In all honesty, the sequels had terrible plot protection so for you so say that Mace’s voice talked to Rey wouldn’t be saying much.
Pharoyar 10 days ago
Great video, great ideas and thoughts.
Leon Cranson
Leon Cranson 10 days ago
Asoka was also among the voices of Jedi in ROAS yet we have no proof of her death. We know we didn’t see Mace in The Mandolorian.
Дмитрий К
Дмитрий К 11 days ago
daylin6607 11 days ago
notice that if you loose your hand in star wars its always your right hand never your left
William Alexander
William Alexander 12 days ago
We all know Mace Windu went to Earth to Assemble the avengers
michael snader
michael snader 12 days ago
Windu saved Guru and force healed his hand. Done.
RastaMasa 12 days ago
That was cool. I hope that was not a spoiler
Snow Crow
Snow Crow 12 days ago
This didn’t age well..
Ja'Colbi Lewis
Ja'Colbi Lewis 12 days ago
Samuel L Jackson dont do Pg-13 to many mfs 😂 but would be cool if they did put him in the Mandalorian
Sono Sung
Sono Sung 12 days ago
Mace Windu's most terrifying foe the window.
blinkz 12 days ago
u should direct a star wars film
Cosme Martinez
Cosme Martinez 12 days ago
i mean, just because mace windu talked to rey in rise of skywalker it doesnt mean that he is dead, like master yoda talked to ezra in star wars rebels, when he was still alive.
Still Sleepy10
Still Sleepy10 13 days ago
Hey you know the mandolorian is over for good right
M D 13 days ago
How can anyone draw a map of the star wars galaxy with so less informations?
SwirlingDragonMist 13 days ago
Last we left Mace Windu, his thoughts were of Anakin being the one to bring balance to the force. Perhaps after taking his fall, he ruminates on the meaning of "Balance" and finds a flow with the force beyond the dichotomy of Sith and Jedi. Perhaps the prophecy was fulfilled and Anakin did bring Balance to the force, and that Balance is Mace Windu. Seeing the mass death of force sensitive Jedi students, and a Galaxy ripped apart by war, where the Force sensitive are essentially turned to killing each other as ideological warriors of light and dark. Perhaps Mace dedicates his path and purpose to serving the will of the force and the balance of the force, tipping the scales of galactic events in subtle ways. It certainly suits the color of his lightsaber, and it certainly suits the purpose of storytelling to impart the wisdom of tolerance in a generation of unprecedented polarization.
Alex Dinu
Alex Dinu 13 days ago
That was better than what actualy happened in mandalorian
Pure Elite
Pure Elite 14 days ago
I reckon Fin is Mace Windu`s grandson cause how else would he feel the force if he has never had any training
Tortis 11 days ago
I just don't see a Jedi master mating with someone and making a family. It was against the rules before order 66 and maybe that rule still applys with mace after order 66 if he survived
Darius Hardy
Darius Hardy 14 days ago
Woah he spoke to Her
Jarjar Binks
Jarjar Binks 15 days ago
Easy. Check with the Coruscant Police Dpt for missing personnel
Mr Dukason
Mr Dukason 15 days ago
To be honest Star Wars theory kinda sounds like mando from mandolorian
Gavin Nephew
Gavin Nephew 15 days ago
I like to see Mace windu come back but I don't see him dying to boba
Isaac Sherwin
Isaac Sherwin 16 days ago
unfortunately not season 2 but it's an idea for season 3 or later
Eli Roberts
Eli Roberts 16 days ago
this would be soooo cool. however, it is a very touchy idea. what i mean, is that it would have to be executed perfectly to not turn out like one of the sequels. i think jon favreu and dave filoni could do it
Vladimir Vujasinovic
Vladimir Vujasinovic 16 days ago
Does anyone ever die in star wars?
calcmandan 16 days ago
i couldn't see boba killing mace. Lucas said Mace died. So he died.
Ghost_Slayer141 16 days ago
Mace hand chopped off an got electric to death an now back alive? This is confused
Lee Bee
Lee Bee 16 days ago
Mace Fell out window, got injured was captured by bounty hunters who sold him frozen in carbonite, and wont be rescued until after the rubbish last 3 star wars where Finn was robbed of being a Jedi, (a better story) its so sad that many cant except that Mace was more powerful, and it took a tricky situation to take him down. Mace Season 10 11 and dies in 12. training Finn and Ray
宋仁宗Song Renzong
宋仁宗Song Renzong 17 days ago
It is very simple, the Mandalorian finds Windu on Earth as the Director of Shield and founder of the Avengers.
Ashley Pageau
Ashley Pageau 16 days ago
well mace cant be died cuase of the avengers
Vanwolfster 17 days ago
Boba's going to end up like his dad.
RadzFman RadzFman
RadzFman RadzFman 17 days ago
Worlds Between Worlds saves Master Windu
cameraflyer 17 days ago
Thank god they didn’t do that. Such a stupid theory.
SAD SUPER MAN 18 days ago
Well we didnt get mace but we got ashoska (sry idk how to spell her name) and boba AND luke so it was as good tho i hope he comes in season 3 crazy how u got it all right exept ashoska leading to mace she lead him to luke
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee 18 days ago
The whole series is going to be about boba hunting mace in revenge for his fathers (jango) death
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee 18 days ago
Finley Richardson
Finley Richardson 18 days ago
He did survive
Scott Mackie
Scott Mackie 18 days ago
I Jackson in movies but mace sucked I’m sorry but I didn’t give a shit about him he got beaten even if he didn’t get beat I still don’t give a shit Jackson did well but yet I could tell he was still struggling with his dark side but still no shits given but good try
Derry 17 days ago
Windu by that point had already mastered his style, the council fully trusted him. Windu channeled the dark side of his opponents against them, he didn't actually use it.
the one and only
the one and only 18 days ago
What i would like to see is a older more somber mace. One who through order 66 and his exile realised the weaknes in the jedi order and grew wiser and more calm because of that. Imagine luke meeting him and having a talk with mace who tells him of the strengths of the order and what to avoid so the new one wont make the same mistakes. Then as he sends them of he is at peace knowing the jedis future is safe with luke and grogu and is happy that a skywalker balanced the force and then maybe with that peace he accepts his death afterwards like ben did
The Terminator
The Terminator 18 days ago
He'll be back
Boris Hinov
Boris Hinov 18 days ago
So cool theory!
alex norton
alex norton 18 days ago
Dude you should write for Disney you would make much better films and TV shows with a shitload of better twists
Nabil Abdulrashid
Nabil Abdulrashid 18 days ago
The idea of mace being killed by a lowly bounty Hunter doesn’t sit right with me
Isaac Sherwin
Isaac Sherwin 16 days ago
not just a lowly bounty hunter, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, who's itching for revenge
Eli Roberts
Eli Roberts 16 days ago
the scene would have to be designed for everything to be in bobas favor. I have no idea how that would work, but that seems like the most logical reason to bring mace into the mandalorian. if hes not there to die by boba, what really would be his purpose of being in the mandalorian? i have no clue how something like that would work out, but jon favreu would be the guy to figure it out.
Henry Parkin
Henry Parkin 18 days ago
U should just work with Disney. U r far better than them with coming up with ideas.
manofsteel33 18 days ago
Qui Gon's voice can be heard by Yoda when Anakin found his mother, & began slaughtering that entire camp of Sand people! He cries out, "Anakin, Anakin!! Noooooo!!!"
Sea Salt
Sea Salt 19 days ago
lol I guess you were wrong
Uncle E's Living Life
Uncle E's Living Life 19 days ago
So sad Luke didn't get a Royale with cheese at the end
Patrick Keena
Patrick Keena 19 days ago
make a video on what you think happened with grogu after luke trained him?
LoserJ7 19 days ago
I want Samuel... I meant Mace to cut up Vader other hand just like he cut Mace hand. That would be nice lol
Pag Dem
Pag Dem 19 days ago
Ok hear me out. Considering that mace used the dark side as well what if he used it just like palpatine did in the rise of skywalker so he could stay alive?
☣FalloutBoySVK☢ 19 days ago
If Windu survived all this time why wouldn't they put him in any movie from the latest trilogy ? It wouldn't make sense.
Dilynn Crocker
Dilynn Crocker 19 days ago
I don't think that Boba Fett should be able to kill Mace. Seriously, if Mace killed Jango Fett, he can kill Boba.
Billy Leger
Billy Leger 19 days ago
Lol well that was false.
Johnny Habana
Johnny Habana 19 days ago
they gotta bring him for Ahsoka Tano series ...its disney and it makes sense to use one of their starts aka Mr Samuel Jackson
Anthony Blome
Anthony Blome 19 days ago
But the mandalorian is set back when yoda was a child therefore windoo couldnt have been alive
☣FalloutBoySVK☢ 19 days ago
Ehm, it's Grogu not Yoda and Mando takes place after Return of the Jedi. Whadaya smoking?
Gilburt Torsiello
Gilburt Torsiello 20 days ago
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Ro Jay
Ro Jay 20 days ago
This is so wacky! But kudos on the effort
Delia Pasquariello
Delia Pasquariello 20 days ago
i dont really like mace windu he's just a jerk in star wars
Manuel 20 days ago
I rather see Mace as a grey Jedi. He was more open to fighting and testing his abilities than a Jedi should. Quite similar to Anakin. I think his loss to the Emperor / Anakin and the following order 66 made him realise the Jedi way failed. So if any he would build a new order.
88tightend xxx
88tightend xxx 20 days ago
Love Mace still being alive but hate he dying to a bounter hunter even if it's Boba. That is so unepic. I would rather he died like Yoda did. Just his time to go. He was in his fifties when he fought Sidious and the Mandalorian takes place several decades later putting him in his eighties or even early nineties. No one killed Yoda and that was perfect. Just have Mace die the same way and maybe even while talking with Luke. Would love to see him and Luke together. Talking about Anakin and Mace knowing how powerful and good Luke has become. Teaching him more about the force. That would be totally awesome and I think what I most want to see now. Having him die at the hands of someone who is not even a force users wouldn't be right even if it was Boba. I understand the idea because of Jango but this is Mace Windu. He dies in bed and then disappears. But before have some scenes where he is kicking ass first. Something with Luke fighting side by side would be incredible. Oh and even with Ashoka with them. Oh my God the 3 fighting together against hundreds of troopers and even some dark siders that have popped up in the story somewhere. Yes this would be acceptable and preferred by at least me, hahahhahaah I am not sure how others would like it but is a thought.
Wayne Filkins
Wayne Filkins 20 days ago
Yo why didn't Anakin, super powerful force user, just push Obi Wan with the force or w/e, then jump up there to even ground?
MeMe - AsAuR
MeMe - AsAuR 21 day ago
Well he clearly didn’t show up soo uhhh wrong
Evan Cawley
Evan Cawley 21 day ago
Tbh I'm very surprised you would say boba should defeat mace windu. Do you think he even stands a chance againts the most powerful duelist of all time
Evan Cawley
Evan Cawley 21 day ago
Mace needs to come back and we see boba trying to get revenge but mace is way to powerful for him and has to kill boba
Hola Amigo
Hola Amigo 21 day ago
We need to see windu coming back
dario ford
dario ford 21 day ago
Chief_ Trukalot
Chief_ Trukalot 21 day ago
If boba killed mace it would be because mace let him.
Mitch Droese
Mitch Droese 21 day ago
Boba almost killed him twice as a child. I would think he'd have a much better chance now.
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever 21 day ago
Uh oh 66k likes...
German Guerra
German Guerra 21 day ago
I mean if palpatine survived a fall and he's not as strong so he can
Simar Khinda
Simar Khinda 21 day ago
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Theshadowmaster 21 day ago
Btw I you watch mando don’t read this but LUKE TAKES BABY YODA NOT windu
Jordan Fauntleroy
Jordan Fauntleroy 21 day ago
If he comes back, then Vader most likely will be the one to put an end to Windu. I'll put my money on it, it would add to Vaders legend.
usssanjacinto1 21 day ago
Mace: "Mando, hand me my light-saber." Mando: "What does it look like?" Mace: "The one that says Bad Muthaf**ka."
mad Jdm freak
mad Jdm freak 22 days ago
Force ghost
Jason Carino
Jason Carino 22 days ago
Mace falls out the window and no one bothers to look for the body
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