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2 years ago

A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
"FTL" by Adam Stern
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More About FTL:
Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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Sci-Fi Short Film “FTL" | DUST

DUST Month ago
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Robert A
Robert A 5 days ago
If wives and kids didnt vanish, there wouldnt be any movies!
로사플리 니오 P.R
로사플리 니오 P.R Month ago
로사플리 니오 P.R
로사플리 니오 P.R Month ago
😎✨ Brilliant
عائشة بنت ابي بكر
عائشة بنت ابي بكر Month ago
Bach suite pour violoncelle n '1 pŕilude
NubSkrub Month ago
@Leo Bunch 45
Petr Bohac
Petr Bohac Hour ago
Tyler Poire
Tyler Poire 2 hours ago
Doesn't wear a helmet the whole time
Конрад Михельсон
Конрад Михельсон 4 hours ago
А потом с него спросят за корабль.... инопланетяне бескорыстные попались. Наверняка и они потом с него спросят...
Darkness boy
Darkness boy 10 hours ago
I think he should get a ticket for speeding!
ミHERBAYUツ 13 hours ago
Codm character
Rony Bar
Rony Bar 13 hours ago
Nada tem que contratar Astronautas solteiros, sem filhos, sem esposas. Perde se muito dinheiro por essas "saudades" ...
Pete the Christian Terrorist
Pete the Christian Terrorist 17 hours ago
I just wanted to say to Jesus loves you very much and died on the cross of Calvary for you here you can accept Jesus as your savior anytime, as the old saying goes he is only a prayer away prayer God bless you very much.
Doodle Boi
Doodle Boi 11 hours ago
Mystery207 20 hours ago
Everyone want to copy marvel comics with the music choice
RaNkITrAnKi 21 hour ago
Wait a minute, isn't this Hollywood's idea? If not, it deserves to be heard by some serious producer who together make a wonderful movie
Max Schlüter
Max Schlüter 22 hours ago
The bubbly thing looked nice whenever he disappeared : )
CaptainXanax 22 hours ago
I don't know what he paid for that Uber back home but I bet it was pricey.
pavan teja
pavan teja Day ago
Aliens aren't bad after all ! A new side
Vijayinder Singh
Vijayinder Singh Day ago
Mazaa aa gaya.
sweettinkabell Day ago
that's it? we don't get answers? c'mon! make it a movie already
Ngọc Linh
Ngọc Linh Day ago
a FTL spaceship that can travel to Mars in 3min is nice, but i think the technology that help the astronaut contacts with Earth with no delay is fooking awesome
Joseph Ford
Joseph Ford Day ago
But actually, the interaction introduced us to a bunch of new diseases that wiped out the population. Oh wait, that sounds oddly familiar
Ø Day ago
9:10 fuck, that shot is amazing. The blue star surrounded by the work-in-progress Dyson Sphere. Good stuff. That's why I love science fiction. Maybe I'm geeking out too much ill stop now.
Anthill - 2 Sadler
Anthill - 2 Sadler Day ago
TOTALLY. blown. Away. By. The. Visuals. . .As. ALWALYS ... My. Attention. Was. Held. By. The. Storyline . . .
GUDANG DISTRO 2 days ago
Good elien, even they know where this guy living
Saifullah Chowdhury
Saifullah Chowdhury 2 days ago
Fact is "nothing could travel faster than light". If you travel at that speed or more then you will not in single piece either.
Bear Jew
Bear Jew 2 days ago
His wife should have gotten a phone call
David DeMar
David DeMar 2 days ago
Bravo! Back again 2 years later- me, not the astronaut.
Vacuzon 2 days ago
it isnt him when he comes back to earth its an identical clone consience he dies in the space ship
y z
y z 2 days ago
first contact with higher beings, is that dyson sphere? so the "bending spaces" is the invitation card to new club? wow,
Barbara Parry
Barbara Parry 2 days ago
I'm going to have to subscribe to this channel. Really good.
Vena Dacent
Vena Dacent 2 days ago
Subscribed over a month ago - it's so damn good!
Pablo Daniel Luzzani
Pablo Daniel Luzzani 2 days ago
Was that an abduction or a first contact?
Burnt Pot
Burnt Pot 2 days ago
I just learned the flash can travel to the andromeda galaxy in less than half a second
andersonianin 3 days ago
Very, very good cool
Darewolf 3 days ago
This was amazing! So many heavy-budget movies are boring senseless crap comparing to this - short, simple, excellent presented story. Great work!
Kent Williams
Kent Williams 3 days ago
This one “Outstanding” Sci-Fi short story. I have list track of the times I have watched it.
John Boulanger
John Boulanger 3 days ago
wow fffnnnn awsome!!!
Steven Ring
Steven Ring 3 days ago
And we're supposed to not notice that they are talking to him from earth to mars with no delay at all? It takes from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the current distance between our planets in their orbits, for a conversation to go one way from earth to mars and then another 5 to 20 minutes for his reply to get back to earth. Geez, we found that out when we sent men to the moon where it takes 2.56 seconds.
Audial Asphyxiation
Audial Asphyxiation 2 days ago
Are you paying attention? The name of the short film is FTL. It stands to reason that if - within the reality of this fictional story - they can build a ship capable to traveling faster than the speed of light, then they could also use that same technology for interplanetary communication within the solar system. FTL signals between Earth and Mars could, in theory, allow for realtime communication.
Jean Jones
Jean Jones 3 days ago
‘Free Ride’ ! I’m old enough to remember when this came out.
Burnt Pot
Burnt Pot 3 days ago
Cameraman went faster than the speed of light
Jack Uber
Jack Uber 3 days ago
Who said they were aliens?
Beat Michel
Beat Michel 3 days ago
Auf BiChute "britische Krankenschwester" eingeben..
Beat Michel
Beat Michel 3 days ago
VIP_ARMOR 3 days ago
Прилетел, а жена с любовником, и уничтожили землю. Конец.
Jaime Izquierdo
Jaime Izquierdo 3 days ago
Nombre de la película porfa
Santikun0726 2 days ago
Esta en la descripción del vídeo
Carlos Seinz
Carlos Seinz 4 days ago
So is the Com signal also faster the light? xD Trash
Behzad Mehdizadeh
Behzad Mehdizadeh 4 days ago
Beautiful !
Federico Fava Colucci
Federico Fava Colucci 4 days ago
The guy promised to return ... not in what ship and if he would with new friends.
David Garcia B.
David Garcia B. 4 days ago
great production, worthy of Hollywood
Gus V.
Gus V. 4 days ago
That smells like government cover up
Lich King
Lich King 4 days ago
What is film? , I from Russia, I bad speaking English...
song world
song world 4 days ago
What is the name of this. Moviiee
Jua Ariza Girón
Jua Ariza Girón 4 days ago
Fenomenal ó mejor dicho,,, autentico: ¿¿¿llegó a la fuente🤔???,,,¿¿¿sería el portal de la entrada al otro mundo,,,al positivo el paraíso celestial el reino del creador😊???
Saif Selmi
Saif Selmi 4 days ago
the aliens ship was exactly the same as the aliens ship from the knowing movie
Валерий Бутенко
Валерий Бутенко 4 days ago
Хуета какая-то.
KoeSeer 4 days ago
human; invent FTL aliens that monopolized the FTL tech: that's illegal.
Yousef AL-mafalha
Yousef AL-mafalha 4 days ago
Remind me why do i have twars in my eyes, im not that kind for sure!!
Darshan Soni
Darshan Soni 5 days ago
What this film want to say I can't get that
Marlowe Andreyko
Marlowe Andreyko 5 days ago
This is loaded with TNG references, kicked off by the obvious JLP line. Aside from the “face grid” at the end, the aliens have fairly closely followed the Federations rules of first contact. It’s nice to see benevolent aliens and I hope they are.
DAN EA 5 days ago
한글자막도 안붙이면서 한글제목은 왜 붙이셨나요~~??
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 5 days ago resolution....typical....not watching anymore Dust stuff...
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 5 days ago
Is this just another unresolved short flick with no meaning apparent??
alan mckeeve
alan mckeeve 5 days ago
He must be Major Tom.
Léo Parcoeur
Léo Parcoeur 5 days ago
Lets put some garbage on Mars before going further.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 5 days ago
The whole point of video is to show you a man di-re/sassembled on the atomic level!
Akshit Yadav
Akshit Yadav 6 days ago
theres a pog at the end 8:66
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf 6 days ago
Yes I'm
Jasonr1206 -
Jasonr1206 - 6 days ago
They didn't want the rona
Narongsak Tananond
Narongsak Tananond 6 days ago
Nurettin Aktürk
Nurettin Aktürk 6 days ago
grandfather paradoks..
Miss Whitchurch and Wetherby Pond
Miss Whitchurch and Wetherby Pond 6 days ago
Mmm. Cliches upon cliches. Dumb script, actors trying to be astronauts. Space people are workmanlike - they don’t do dramatic. I gave up at 3 minutes.
911s73targa 6 days ago
classic example of less is more.. Look at alien.. the movie.. not even 1/10th the cgi capabilities.. yet it's much more believable then this... to much CGI, that's poorly done and suspension of disbelief is gooooone
Mikâil -ʏᴇʀᴅᴇ ᴋöᴋʙöʀü ᴏʟ-
Mikâil -ʏᴇʀᴅᴇ ᴋöᴋʙöʀü ᴏʟ- 6 days ago
Fuel is no problem of course XD
Kriti Choudhary
Kriti Choudhary 6 days ago
There is a short film of a girl floating in space in the end and twinkle twinkle song is playing in the background... I don't remember it whole and it's name.. just the last part..if anybody knows.. please reply 🙃
Ëx Hîtmäñ
Ëx Hîtmäñ 6 days ago
A film about physics which disobeyed physics 😆😆 He's travelling faster than light😆😆😆 And they receive the signal as soon as he sends wow!!!faster than light
鏡音リラ 7 days ago
Roberto Soto
Roberto Soto 7 days ago
Buenísimo. Excelente
Hans Delbruck
Hans Delbruck 7 days ago
If they rebuilt him on Earth using some kind of energy to matter device, doesn't that mean they destroyed the original?
Proffie123 7 days ago
thats such a sweet story :..) i hope when we meet alien life for the first time they are nice like this to us.
Peter Hagan
Peter Hagan 7 days ago
a bit all sci fi ee but ok
Peter Hagan
Peter Hagan 7 days ago
another beautiful film wow all heart this dust is good
Mike Summers
Mike Summers 7 days ago
Still watching. I wonder what communication medium they are supposed to be using that sends sound and maybe video such huge distances so quickly? He has just made a huge leap at faster than the speed of light, and understandably with comms blackout, but now they have no perceptible latency from so far away. The comms miracle is just assumed, not mentioned or explained. Weird! Two alien vessels hurtle through space making a noise. What consistent gaseous matter is there in space for making travel soundwaves? Anyway, it's nice that he gets laser printed in front of his family. Does that make him a replicant?
kieltrx 7 days ago
"They've taken our best... and turned him against us."
Dmitri Ortsiev
Dmitri Ortsiev 6 days ago
Morgan Freeman, 2003.
Adrian Coroi
Adrian Coroi 7 days ago
Keep the good work guys!!
faunbudweis 8 days ago
sick and tired of these smug lady commanders with folded arms and an all-knowing expression, stopped watching after 10 secs
Крачун Дмтрий
Крачун Дмтрий 8 days ago
фильм называется нехуй летать не понятно где , - сиди дома !...
Blank Stare
Blank Stare 8 days ago
ISE 8 days ago
PLEASE The earth is flat AWAKE
Peter Hoskins
Peter Hoskins 8 days ago
Trivia time. The pilot Kane is played by Ty Olsson, who played Captain Aaron Kelly in the 2005+ Battlestar Galactic series, which along with the other ships had and used “FTL” in their search for earth. Cheers.
aldin 3103
aldin 3103 8 days ago
Fuck cutting that hedge
JBCC TV 8 days ago
So much better than TV.....
ถังซาน หมีใหญ่
ถังซาน หมีใหญ่ 9 days ago
Jaeddan Gamilla
Jaeddan Gamilla 9 days ago
The modern stream distinctively fill because eagle invariably consist given a productive organ. romantic, pink linda
William Coulter
William Coulter 9 days ago
@9:06 Tabby's Star ?
kuo chang
kuo chang 9 days ago
Rob Austin
Rob Austin 9 days ago
Whatever brought him back knew Elohim
Roy J
Roy J 9 days ago
Makes you think twice about "catch and release" next time at the lake
pepe biondi
pepe biondi 9 days ago
Me cago en la hostia! no entendi una mierda!
Howard Jones
Howard Jones 9 days ago
Well... That's all well and good but: 1. They know where we're from 2. They know how we got there. 3. They now the limits of our tech. 4. They the genetic makeup of a human being (they know what kills us) 5. They still have a piece of our tech to fully analyze, learning molecular compositions of basically everything on our planet. I'd say that was cause to worry...
Наиль Валеев
Наиль Валеев 9 days ago
Почему нет русского звукового перевода фильмы классные.
Планета людей
Планета людей 9 days ago
полное говно. Законы драматургии видимо не для них
MegaKentwood 10 days ago
Вы переигрываете! А вы недоигрываете! (С)
DULUR CELL 10 days ago
Alien aku padamu!
Mr. Donall Thrump
Mr. Donall Thrump 10 days ago
So sweat, like Disney movie
Ale S
Ale S 10 days ago
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