How to Super Clean your Interior (Dashboard, Center Console, Door Panels & Glass)

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Learn how to Super Clean and detail the interior of your car. This is a full detail of the car's interior. In this video I show you how to clean your dashboard, center console, door panels, and glass including the windshield. The Super Clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we cleaning the interior but we are protecting it.
The key to SuperCleaning the interior is using detailing brushes, a good interior detailer, a good protectant and just paying attention to the little details.
Interior Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner:
Interior Plastic/Vinyl High Gloss Protectant:
Interior Low Gloss Protectant:
Waterless Wash and Wax:
Glass Cleaner (streak free):
Microfiber Towels:
Glass Towels:
Steam Cleaner:
Detailing Brush kit (including the vent brush):
Vacuum Straw Attachment:
Next Super Clean video (SEATS):
How to Super Clean your Carpets and Headliner:
SuperClean Exterior:
SuperClean Engine Bay:
SuperClean Windshield:
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ChrisFix 15 days ago
Here is the last video of the Interior Super Clean series "How to Super Clean your Cloth and Leather Seats":
Boy Panot
Boy Panot 6 days ago
Some detailers that i followed did a mistake.the use vacuum and brush to remove the dust in the gauge cluster I did it and find out the brush did scrath the gauge cluster I need just to use a sopt water and micropober towel
Samantha Tsunami
Samantha Tsunami 7 days ago
what is your technique for nail polish in carpet.
Hikari Suzuki
Hikari Suzuki 8 days ago
Hey Chris the detailing brushes are unavailable on Amazon would you have any other recommendations
Connor Carlson
Connor Carlson 9 days ago
@Kayden Lattimore I believe he posted a video where he talks about it. If I remember correctly the car was vandalized.
Kayden Lattimore
Kayden Lattimore 9 days ago
How did your car get that dirty
faze monkey
faze monkey Hour ago
Hey man looks good and i like this because my car is dusty and old from siting for a few weeks
Cheslin Engel
Cheslin Engel 2 hours ago
If only I was as passionate about cleaning the inside of a car 😔
tripleblast003 2 hours ago
This is super awesome! But I think on the windows cleaning part, it's better to clean all of the inside of the windows first and then proceed to the outside of the windows since the outside and inside of the windows will have different amount of dirt on it (and might be different type of dirt too)
Joshua Terintino
Joshua Terintino 5 hours ago
I BRushed tf out my car now 😂
Pierre Morin
Pierre Morin 10 hours ago
Good job Learn a lots thanks the brush took the show for me because I spray directly to the dashboard a big mistake for years I did the same mistake
janine hauraki
janine hauraki 10 hours ago
this was fantastic!
mark m.
mark m. 10 hours ago
The new Billy Mays! It's ok to be a notch less, but more.
LovingAtlanta 13 hours ago
👍⭐️Fantastic! Thank you. 💝
astralmir1 13 hours ago
great detailed video as always, please make a video on gauge cluster cleaning after damage from cleaners.
uhmeizuhngralphf05 18 hours ago
One thing chrisfix will never show on his channel a Tesla
James Henderson
James Henderson 20 hours ago
Hey Chris , how do you get the scratches out of the plastic guage bezel?
Ander Tan Bo Yu
Ander Tan Bo Yu 20 hours ago
Chris Fix what is 2 video of clean car you just do 1 video
jKat zz
jKat zz Day ago
I'm beginning to think I may be anal cause C/F is all about attention to detail and I find it satisfying. Please God. Help me (ha)
Elielmg8 Mg
Elielmg8 Mg Day ago
How can you use a del sol cluster as tester I need one
ChrisFix 20 hours ago
What happened to your cluster?
Dishiest Day ago
Yeah... so.....where you located...maybe I could just bring my car to you, as you are clearly a master at this...
ChrisFix 20 hours ago
That's why I make my videos! Now you know exactly how to do this by yourself and save a ton of money!
freddie cruz
freddie cruz Day ago
I bought a car that was not in bad shape , I disassembled the entire interior of the vehicle , clean piece by piece and lubricate all the electronic pieces , then I put everything together and protect the seats with protector and al the carperts , the car literally looks brand new !!!
Deividaz Day ago
ChrisFix in 2020 not even asking to sunscribe to his channel and having 7 million subs, other youtubers also in 2020 asking to subscribe to them and having few thousands of subs.. GOOD JOB ChrisFix!
neino36 Day ago
5:50 bold of you to assume I can afford a car with an infotainment system
Rose S
Rose S 2 days ago
This is so satisfying to watch 😍
ChrisFix Day ago
I'm glad you find the video satisfying!
Arash 2 days ago
17:52 Your face on the infotainment screen. I got you.
ChrisFix Day ago
shaesdad56 2 days ago
Chris, I am really impressed with the detail that you go to to clean a car! I retired from Honda Mfg. in Lincoln Al. after working 15 years in the paint department so I know the importance of taking the time to 'Super Clean' a car like you do. One thing you could do that might help with your super-cleaning process is to gently clean the glass channels at the top of the doors so that the top of the door glasses stay clean. Other than that your process is perfect. Great Job, my friend!
ChrisFix Day ago
Thanks for the tip and I'm glad you liked the process!
Sam Zolo
Sam Zolo 2 days ago
Chris if you are a car detailing shop owner you will go bankrupt quickly.
ChrisFix Day ago
I still get comments that people would rather take their cars to a detailing shop haha
ekhks 2 days ago
I am shockingly surprised about the steering wheel, I've always thought it was fading. Eye opener!!!
ChrisFix Day ago
You'd be surprised by what you can bring back to life!
msiam 2 days ago
Chris.. i have a RAM Laramie with black plastic trim that has turned from black to gray. What would you suggest for bringing back the black?
msiam Day ago
@ChrisFix thanks.. I'll give it a whirl
ChrisFix Day ago
I would try using a little interior cleaner: and that should bring back the color!
Heart & Soul Concerts
Heart & Soul Concerts 2 days ago
Nice video. Just curious. How is it that the doors were so dirty, but the carpeting was untouched?
Heart & Soul Concerts
Heart & Soul Concerts 3 hours ago
@ChrisFix much respect. Great Tut.
ChrisFix Day ago
Thanks! I cleaned the carpet first:
Limited Hunters
Limited Hunters 2 days ago
How do I make the lip of my rim on roblox chrome? Reply within' 30 mins' or else your house is going to get leaked/bombed. Thank you, chris.
SA_PYRO_714 2 days ago
Can i just use regular spray wax on shiny surfaces instead of wash and wax?
ChrisFix Here Bestest Car Enthusiast 😍, and Best Tricks for Maintain Your Own Beauty and Beast, thanks bro so much . May God Will Give You Growth Quick as possible keep it up. . Brother I have a concern, My Opel Corsa b facelift version 1.4 Petrol Car 2003 model (India) . 1st Self Start in morning is normal and Car start in Half self. . But after driving Her and Keep Her sit for few Time like an hour or couple hours or plus, She took little long self to start. . Mileage is drop. Performance is ok . But feels jerks in low rpm while press accelerator pedal light. . Engine check light glow on after around 5 miles or something kms of driving And mostly glow on while try to drive for mileage in city and on highway check light came on and turn off in between for few time and glow again. . Please help me🤘🏻
Black Tar
Black Tar 2 days ago
I would clean this once then tell my sister to clean her own nasty car!
Saulius Bruklys
Saulius Bruklys 2 days ago
now that's what I call an entusiasm
Katrina gaming4563
Katrina gaming4563 3 days ago
Love your passion. Great job, cheers from Australia 😀
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Thanks for the support from Australia!
Kenneth Ocila
Kenneth Ocila 3 days ago
This fella is super good in all his videos Great Job Chris You should open up a school You are a natural born teacher Even my 12 year old can do everything you teach Good video presentation
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Thanks a lot! Maybe one day!
Cameron swan
Cameron swan 3 days ago
good video, will be deep cleaning my car interior next week now lol.
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Awesome! Let me know how that goes!
bhongtastic 3 days ago
Let the ads run in full so this man gets paid!
mm carts26
mm carts26 3 days ago
Chrisfix the type of a guy that can fix your depression with just some common handtools
Fabian Rossini
Fabian Rossini 3 days ago
you are a genius
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Jacob Bannier
Jacob Bannier 3 days ago
Would you be able to do a video on how to clean the clutch pedal?
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Same exact process as the other pedals!
pardeep singh
pardeep singh 3 days ago
Hi, How would I remove scratches on an LCD screen gauge bezel (Mercedes s350). I keep reading about oils and what not, but I'm sceptically.
ChrisFix 2 days ago
You could try using some very light polish!
Mack Lulo
Mack Lulo 3 days ago
Can you do my car?
dheeraj mv
dheeraj mv 4 days ago
Julián Calatrava
Julián Calatrava 4 days ago
Muy bien!
ChrisFix 3 days ago
M _C
M _C 4 days ago
Please upload video of removing old and dried road paint from body and interior. Thanks
Kb 4 days ago
What exactly means: soapy water? Is it liquid soap for washing hands or something else, like dish cleaner liquid or something? Thx.
Worldwide Comparisons
Worldwide Comparisons 4 days ago
I assume dish soap like dawn since he said it’s a degreaser
a n i s s
a n i s s 4 days ago
"soapy wooder" shirts?! Ugh, guess I better get to actually cleaning. (= Thank you for great, inspiring content.
barangay bulsa
barangay bulsa 4 days ago
CheeZy 5 days ago
ChrisFix 4 days ago
Noah Fasthorse
Noah Fasthorse 5 days ago
Show your face please
ChrisFix 4 days ago
10 million subscribers and I will do a face reveal!
Colin Osborne
Colin Osborne 5 days ago
Dont you ozone your cars to get rid of all the smells?
ChrisFix 4 days ago
I was able to remove any bad smells by cleaning the carpet in this case!
James Henderson
James Henderson 5 days ago
Soapy Wooder????
ChrisFix 4 days ago
Gina Z.
Gina Z. 5 days ago
I thought I was obsessive about keeping my car spotless but I learned some great new tricks. Family members bring me their cars for cleaning because they know how I am 😁
ChrisFix 4 days ago
I'm glad you learned some new tricks! And that's awesome!
Alexander Taylor 2
Alexander Taylor 2 5 days ago
Awesome! super clean.
Daniel Rojano
Daniel Rojano 5 days ago
This guy always makes me want to clean my car lol
Joku tubettaja 5 0000
Joku tubettaja 5 0000 6 days ago
How to get soapy wooder if i cant find it in the store? (I live in finland)
Angeeelllaaa 6 days ago
Me watching all ChrisFix vids for super cleaning cat but don’t have enough materials for it. 😖😣
nicholas berari
nicholas berari 6 days ago
I have learned so much about car. How to maintain them and how to fix things on them just from watching your videos. Take to note that I know nothing of cars. I used to game a I'm spending more time learning rather than playing video games.
EGGY COQUI 6 days ago
Chris,why did you wear a motorcycle helmet when you were cleaning the inside of the windshield, you dont want to be recognized?
The small town life
The small town life 6 days ago
What camera did you use?
The Cynical Afro
The Cynical Afro 6 days ago
Chris try a product called surperclean degreaser
Osama Morsy
Osama Morsy 6 days ago
You're a bloody sociopath
Michelle Thomas
Michelle Thomas 6 days ago
Who thumbed down the video this is quality work..ugh u must want a dirty car 😡
Maad Hamdi
Maad Hamdi 6 days ago
2 million views? Seriously? It’s cleaning products advertisement
Вечно Молодой
Вечно Молодой 6 days ago
Очень интересно. Спасибо! 👍
Jerion Chism
Jerion Chism 6 days ago
Dude I have learned alot more do and don't.. Great Vid👍👍
john cao
john cao 6 days ago
take a shot everytime he says microfiber towel
Talavera Danilo
Talavera Danilo 6 days ago
It's fun that even my boss in auto shop watch this video. Some of the car we repair and clean are luxury and sport car's. We have repair, cleaning, and paint services, it's a customer choice. Also it's a coincidence that the video how to remove vandalized was very useful content in your recent post. Because most of our customers come to us, either have scratch, or vandalized the car by jealous people. You know luxury and sports cars are highly target by those jealous, or mad people. So we need to restore the car like brand new. Also I'm in the repair station, I don't do a cleaning and paint procedure. But I still watching this, for my car of course. But it's not a luxury or even a sports car.😊
Янислав Иванов
Янислав Иванов 7 days ago
I heard: all the difference maybe 20 times, its kinda annoying
tonythegasfitter 7 days ago
I love your videos! You sir are the master of clean! Really an inspiration. I used your 3 step process on the interior of my newly purchased used car and on my wife's dirty workhorse and the results were amazing! I'm a clean freak in training, my motorcycle gets equal riding and cleaning time... have you made a bike cleaning video?
T Rod
T Rod 7 days ago
So awesome! I wish I wasn’t so lazy!
Coutz 7 days ago
Rick Mendonca
Rick Mendonca 7 days ago
How do you like the steam cleaner you use in this video?
Anthony Li
Anthony Li 7 days ago
Wish this video was posted earlier i scratched my dashboard plastics a year ago. You are such as a pro 👍
Silvio Gobi
Silvio Gobi 7 days ago
sou do Brasil . Silvio latão abraços
Aiden Lui
Aiden Lui 7 days ago
chrisfix does stuff like a car maker.
Jimmy Barr
Jimmy Barr 7 days ago
Is Chrisfix sponsored by Meguiar’s yet? Goodness people, get on it!
Árpád Dombi
Árpád Dombi 7 days ago
its so satisfying to watch the whole vid :D
chapman 7 days ago
How much time can a clean like this take? Ans how would it cost on average? I would like to know how you do the whole car; the steps. Do you wash the outside first? Do you vacuum the carpets and then do the dash and console? I will check if you have videos about the carpets, that is the most difficult for me to get clean. Any suggestions for winter car soil like calcium stains? Thanks for the amazing video.
Alex kelly
Alex kelly 7 days ago
When we gonna get a driving vid
Valdeck 7 days ago
Looks like you "vandalized" that fairly new car, ...for the video content. Next time, try to do the real cleaning, of the 30-40 year old car. I would rather see that.
Methmal dhananjaya
Methmal dhananjaya 7 days ago
I need ChrisFix to fix my Single life.
Xamon 7 days ago
How do you fix scuffed or scratches on those plastic textured door panels?
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Try using a light amount of polish to buff out scratches on plastic!
Michael Urig
Michael Urig 7 days ago
Another great video about cleaning your car. Never thought about using a brush to get into the small cracks to get the dirt out of them. Question, you showed a small hand held window squeegee, did you get it on Amazon ?
Orfeas Pupe
Orfeas Pupe 7 days ago
I have a question is it possible to remove any scratches on the dashboard plastic and generally on the car plastic panels ?
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Try using a very light amount of polish!
Balaji Bala
Balaji Bala 8 days ago
its Carpet cleaner.. its interior cleaner.. its polish ..... its SOAPY WOODER...
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Works on everything!
Ambekia Agheneza
Ambekia Agheneza 8 days ago
I saw them in 2020
Ambekia Agheneza
Ambekia Agheneza 8 days ago
Have you ever did a infinity
Ambekia Agheneza
Ambekia Agheneza 8 days ago
And also Great job!, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Ambekia Agheneza
Ambekia Agheneza 8 days ago
I am glad I found this!
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 8 days ago
One more bonus step after cleaning exterior glass is to rub a clay bar on glass to remove the oils that turned to varnish from road tar and is the reason why wipers streak even when windows are cleaned.
Mahesh Bhupathi
Mahesh Bhupathi 8 days ago
Hey do you have OCD?
Let's go
Let's go 8 days ago
Valet: noo, you can't clean your car inexpensively. Chrisfix: Soapy wooder goes brrrr
greenerpasturesny 8 days ago
Just brought an E46 BMW back to life after siting in a garage for almost 7 years. The driver window was left a crack open all that time and the interior is prime to this sort of detail. Thanks for the great tips Chris ...
Worland 8 days ago
How often would u clean and apply protectant? @chrisfix
QueenSaphira 8 days ago
Holy smokes!!! And I thought I was a perfectionist🤔, I feel so much better about myself now🤗...
Gary G Garner
Gary G Garner 9 days ago
Outstanding Job!!
Cesar Jara
Cesar Jara 9 days ago
Can you use a brush instead of a toothbrush for the pedal?
Anthony F
Anthony F 9 days ago
This was by far the best car detailing video I’ve ever seen. I just “cleaned” my truck this weekend and after watching this I felt dirty. When you started pulling the seats out I knew I was in trouble. Lol. Keep up the solid work. Like the channel.
Gohot229 9 days ago
Blue man Review....
Gohot229 9 days ago
Very good Chris, thumbs up
roadtraveler68 9 days ago
Where do you get the brushes that you use?
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