How I Animated This Video

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Joel Haver

Month ago

Enjoy this video about how I made this video!
Here's links for everything you need -
Adobe Premiere:
Adobe Photoshop:
Davinci Resolve (Free Premiere Alternative):
Gimp (Free Photoshop Alternative):
RedGiant Effects:
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Month ago
Thank you so much for half a million subscribers. I hope this video strikes a balance between helpful and entertaining. I encourage everyone with the faintest interest in animation to try out this process, it's really fun and unique. It's okay to steal my style outright, imitation is flattery and the greatest jumping off point for finding your own style. Links in the description to everything you'll need! Much love
Seb’s Stuff
Seb’s Stuff 20 hours ago
Too bad it’s 800k
Skunkie McDunkle
Skunkie McDunkle 2 days ago
You are the best human, I love you guy.
Cristian Ferrari
Cristian Ferrari 2 days ago
Thanking for mouse clicks.. such a shitty trend
kei saboru
kei saboru 5 days ago
Thx man
Drummaboy 5 days ago
You are humble, I appreciate you
Neur0s1s 5 minutes ago
"Thas crazy" The most underrated phrase of the whole video.
Trey Lima
Trey Lima 34 minutes ago
Jimmy Valentine
Jimmy Valentine 55 minutes ago
Luana Santos
Luana Santos 58 minutes ago
way harder than what I thought
Dr. Hibbs
Dr. Hibbs Hour ago
Dude, awesome video, I am a 'couch content creator' and as I'm sure you know whether it's github for programming or vids like these or how to Garageband vids or how to Blender pixel art... I just love how most of us creators help each other. So many people are talented and are lacking either resources or time, as you said, everyone should be allowed to make art. Everyone! You shouldn't be limited by the fact you don't have a production team to whip around or a sleazeball Money Lord to back you. Love the sentiment here! Saving this, and if I ever have a video or video game project and end up rotoscoping something, totally throwing you credit. Much love Joel!
The Gaming Mack V
The Gaming Mack V Hour ago
Well then, i'd love to see the original camera shot videos without the animations.
Foxforch Hour ago
So this is how you make it look like shit
Dean O'Malley
Dean O'Malley Hour ago
Thank you for sharing
Yuki 2 hours ago
scuffed vtuber
TallmanMike 2 hours ago
Thanks for making this and your great films. I love your look and it's so unique that it'll be difficult for anyone to ever copy you, which is great!
Thanos Rat
Thanos Rat 3 hours ago
wow, that must take hours
Game Pirate
Game Pirate 4 hours ago
This man literally started a revolution with this beautiful animation style
jeenxd 5 hours ago
Loved to hear your thoughts on using new technologies to make art. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for showing us your workflow Joel
wakanda forever
wakanda forever 5 hours ago
How I animated this video: step one: turn every frame in the video into pictures step two: edit them one by one step three: finish
RamiCrafy 5 hours ago
This is an actual vtuber
Hubblegame 5 hours ago
hey this looks really nice and i've never seen animations like this anywhere else this may be somthing i'll try mabye not but its defiantly really nice and creative good job
Alien Minus
Alien Minus 6 hours ago
This is awesome! You must work pretty hard on these.
Alvin Velez
Alvin Velez 7 hours ago
“Blue blue flu flu”
Jordan I
Jordan I 9 hours ago
I'd love if you created a much longer step-by-step process for newbies for your animation creation. Great work!
user1nation 9 hours ago
That monitor looks like the playstation TV where you could play splitscreen without splitting the screen.
Dovahkiin 11 hours ago
you are like borat good
dormghost 12 hours ago
You could have kept your trade secret or trademark it for profits, but you didn't. You are a real gem of USposts!!!
Andrey Lear
Andrey Lear 12 hours ago
Well damn dude that's some cool stuff good luck dude really
Jess Yan
Jess Yan 12 hours ago
You are a treasure that's hard to come by, keep on keepin on buddy.
saiful issam
saiful issam 13 hours ago
Wow that is really painstaking process
Dunno 14 hours ago
Omg dud thenk you for linus tech tips moment help amog sus animation
Starry-p The Clown King
Starry-p The Clown King 14 hours ago
I like how this guys features changed throughout the whole video lmao
Jacob C
Jacob C 14 hours ago
0:33 Can't wait for the next manhunt!
topiboi 15 hours ago
Tried doing this, and now I'm scarred for life by the monstrosity I created.
SammyChanSonicMan 16 hours ago
So this is where the dev behind The Town With No Name has been after all these years.
spartan 187
spartan 187 16 hours ago
That's why all of his videos like this are pretty short because it's a pain in the ass to do
Fette Taube
Fette Taube 17 hours ago
nice, subbed
SAGE 19 hours ago
Ebsyth exported my files, but the folder is empty. Any advice?
Sm1le_Guy Animations
Sm1le_Guy Animations 19 hours ago
That’s crazy
Thomas Steenkamp
Thomas Steenkamp 19 hours ago
This makes me appreciate your videos 1000% more thats alot of effort!
Dash Rubberbear
Dash Rubberbear 20 hours ago
Joel, you beautiful soul 💜
Nicholas Sjerwood
Nicholas Sjerwood 21 hour ago
Your films seem like something you’d see on adult swim
Matt McConnell
Matt McConnell 21 hour ago
Another worthy contribution to the all.
Caz 21 hour ago
Joel Haver is going to be the Bob Ross of youtube videos
Boy Graffity
Boy Graffity 21 hour ago
4:39 You can see the exact moment he has a stroke due to all his hard work No but seriously, it's impressive how much work you put into your animations I admire you, bro.
Schremmer 22 hours ago
wow, nothing but respect for you my man I've only seen three of your videos so far including this one and I'm extremely impressed. the time you put into this you definitely deserve over a million subs
Kent James
Kent James 23 hours ago
🤔 Joel is God.
Dongmin Kim
Dongmin Kim 23 hours ago
Thank you for the video so much! So informative
CC B2 Day ago
These animations are awesome man!!
Alfredo Talamantes
Alfredo Talamantes Day ago
4:40 My new favorite word for 2021.
GSOGaming Day ago
So, do you have to completely redraw the character every frame that you choose for the expressions? Is there some quick method around having to do that?
creepersonrye studios
creepersonrye studios Day ago
I relate to that first line too much
Untitled Zed
Untitled Zed Day ago
good vibes - cool art - awesome joel!
Truth Day ago
This. Is beautiful.
ItzMichaelPhillips Day ago
I knew it was EbSynth right away the first time I saw your videos. There's no mistaking it!
David Jean
David Jean Day ago
thats a whole lot of work
Day ago
Can someone explain to me his definition of "shot"? Is it a single frame, is it every frame in one angle?
boomboompower Day ago
Every frame in an angle
Tyjedi Day ago
Joshua Seliane
Joshua Seliane Day ago
So that's why you don't blink in these vids
fackinsaxy Day ago
Holy shit this guy's a fucking legend actually
A I Day ago
yeye Day ago
Juju fufu popo
Rory E.
Rory E. Day ago
This man is like a Euclid class Reality warper SCP. Just call him SCP-053-JH, the Animated Reality Bender. Anyone near him has a 80% chance of being sucked into one of his videos, and they are the even more socially awkward character in the scene. Anyone transported in never comes back the same, they act like the characters around them depending on the stage around them; and they stay socially awkward and have dialogues with themselves while trying to fight rats thinking the rats have weapons.
Rory E.
Rory E. Day ago
his shirt... I thought i was going insane.. But its changing! Hes evolving... not just his shirt his entire being is evolving.
Not Joe Pesci
Not Joe Pesci Day ago
Really interesting, love your work
Owen Koelmel
Owen Koelmel Day ago
you are like a mix of jshlat and Eddie burback
BonBon_ Day ago
1:36 did u just smile
comeradecoyote Day ago
Ah yes, the labor intensive process of rotoscoping
paidprogramming Day ago
i was expecting a goody self aware video but instead but thoroughly educated in the most down to earth, best way possible - i’ll share this with my communications technology teacher and perhaps we can do something with this info in the future for our school! much love you’ll have 1M by the end of the year at the most, congratulations:^)
noctembra Day ago
"Anytime technology makes art easier to learn, more accessible, more efficient, we should applaud it. Art should be in the hands of everyone." Couldn't agree more, thank you for this!
Fraser Campbell
Fraser Campbell Day ago
respect bro, thanks for this.
Sylvain Massicotte
Sylvain Massicotte Day ago
This is like from the 19's
Crazy Goose
Crazy Goose Day ago
Mans a legend
Renowned Internet Racist
Renowned Internet Racist Day ago
Thanks for this informative video, Joel. I have another question: You call yourself “Joel Haver”, but how many Joels are you currently in possession of exactly? Does your reserve of Joels impact your videos at all? Where are you hiding them? Thanks.
RyStillTries1209 Day ago
you got the CRTTV look
Siferon Day ago
damn that's actually very cool
Kyle Gerald Bagtas
Kyle Gerald Bagtas Day ago
AR T Day ago
This channels going up like Bitcoin
Rado_Paradox Day ago
Thats angenius!
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike Day ago
The least I could do is throw you a sub
pan kekku
pan kekku Day ago
01:03 01:36
AA BB Day ago
This whole animation gives me A Scanner Darkly vibe.
winged wolf
winged wolf Day ago
This is a great example of rotoscoping
Zynth Day ago
Trendead makes really good use of this information. Thanks for sharing it, and have a good day.
Funny dude
Funny dude Day ago
HE DIDN'T EVEN BLINK seems like SCP-173 finally have a worthy opponent
The Bystander Guy
The Bystander Guy Day ago
You a big brain boy
Doomguy Faz3recon
Doomguy Faz3recon Day ago
This can’t be accurate
aber :v
aber :v Day ago
I though these animations were made trought a Kinect or something that captures movement, damn this Is even better and Also way harder
McAspie Day ago
Could anybody please explain how he colors in his face so easily around 2:50? I am having trouble at that part, thanks!
Lucyller Day ago
5:33 FUCK yes.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Day ago
He’s like, awkwardly nice and loving
Zack[] muhammad. Dzaki. arrandy
Zack[] muhammad. Dzaki. arrandy Day ago
0:32 dream be like
EpikLaginator Day ago
Guys i know this is confusing but i think the thumbnail is a jojo reference!
Missile Lermer
Missile Lermer Day ago
How am I just now discovering this genius?
Joel Hicks
Joel Hicks Day ago
I'm watching on Feb 25 2021, 34 days or so after the video posted. When he said "half a million" I looked and was surprised to find it's now 800K. This channel must just be exploding.
minsugageniusjjangjjangmanboongboong Day ago
“it gives it a lil life. a lil joo- ajoojoo abloobloo floofloOo” im crying. you are so silly oh my god. you are probably such a fun person to be around 😂😂
arron beeman
arron beeman Day ago
I've been having videos pop up in my feed thanks to this tutorial. All them call it Joel Haver style. Love it and love our lil Joel. Even if did he call his substitute teacher mom.
Berdeh 2 days ago
Tip: watch this channel if you're bored
Envar 2 days ago
I didn't even realise that this was posted on my birthday. kinda cool. Any video posted on your birthday feels like it was made for you, for some reason. idk.
Not_Necessary 2 days ago
Cant be the only one that thought he was holding a ak47 in the thumbnail
Bastian Dharma Irawan
Bastian Dharma Irawan 2 days ago
USposts recommends this and OK its pretty good
jon 2 days ago
Nah, art is more than a final product. Art is more than a story or an idea or a message. Art is also about ability, practice, capability, technique. But this is still great work, and I think it's art. But don't put down hard work, practiced technique, and superior ability.
Meta Maps
Meta Maps 2 days ago
Do girls animate like that? do girls do that?
Ricardo Farias
Ricardo Farias 20 hours ago
They can, but I think the answer is no
Yagurt Melon
Yagurt Melon 2 days ago
Reminds me of Rick and Morty for obvious reasons
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