The AIMBOT Sniper Class in Warzone! 🤯

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Month ago

The AIMBOT Sniper Class in Warzone! 🤯
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Виталик Нарейко
Виталик Нарейко 9 days ago
Michael Wargo
Michael Wargo 15 days ago
I want to go into a duo’s game and Nickmerces as my teammate and we ca. Pop off cause he’s like the best teammate you can ever have.
Mark Sliger
Mark Sliger 16 days ago
You have to absolutely say maan chill after you say like the video so aggressively it literally let's me down in videos that you dont do it that way haha
Spencer Taylor
Spencer Taylor 20 days ago
Isn’t the top stock better than the rear grip??
GRAYTER1 21 day ago
9:50 I know exactly how Nick Feels...always have that one teammate giving coms from a solo fight he's having across the if WE can be any help at that point..and of course it's soon followed by the sound of them going down and us having to buy them back..( I know Nick doesn't care, he's just trying to convey..."bruh we're no where near you"
xd koolkyle09
xd koolkyle09 22 days ago
I have been grinding to join FaZe with the snipes I have been hitting lately and they are crazy
GMAN AND THE BMAN 23 days ago
What a huge nerd
eli maguire
eli maguire 24 days ago
What reticle is that ?
Brandon 24 days ago
I don’t get it I have sniper scope in my 98 but why dosent it look like his scope is it about the pack?
Justin Hart
Justin Hart 24 days ago
Black tie affair scope?
Owen Perfetti
Owen Perfetti 24 days ago
Just won a game because of this kar lode out
hurleytom 26 days ago
The loadout is at 1:36.
Betty Valle
Betty Valle 26 days ago
Letr0x 27 days ago
Don't you guys see he is a fcking tryhard?
Alianafia Mariwa
Alianafia Mariwa 27 days ago
hit mark hitmark i wunt puncakes
Ariel Jade
Ariel Jade 27 days ago
I loooooooove my Kar98 ^.^
Jaced Cardona
Jaced Cardona 27 days ago
What’s the class?
Isenhour Outdoors
Isenhour Outdoors 29 days ago
What reticle is he using on this kar? Can’t seem to find it
KingGamez HS
KingGamez HS 27 days ago
Daniel Hane
Daniel Hane Month ago
Most sus intro of all time
Travis smith
Travis smith Month ago
FYI Im friending you on call of duty.. One i need lessons.. 2 the squeak.. 3 best channel on you tube hands down
Travis smith
Travis smith Month ago
F around I watch this too much.. Best intro ever..
Brandon Arachikavitz
Brandon Arachikavitz Month ago
What reticle is this?
Ilyas Moussouni Year 6
Ilyas Moussouni Year 6 Month ago
lmao using face cam for no reason
CD St.Hilaire
CD St.Hilaire Month ago
what happened to the old set up?
Mario Scopes
Mario Scopes Month ago
I was already using this🙁
Pooh Pooh
Pooh Pooh Month ago
i thought he was quitting warzone due to cheaters. and why is he still squeaking like a rabid groundhog during mating season? C R I N G E but gets the views and sponsors. he gets a sub from me.
LapeZ Month ago
why can't I see the kar98 in my loadout?
Davey Arceo
Davey Arceo Month ago
Billy Kerr
Billy Kerr Month ago
how do u get that reticle
TheAdypoker Month ago
Just the First Minute and I'm already LOL'ing
David Month ago
I see a dome I givem chrome
Joe Toe
Joe Toe Month ago
Can someone pls tell me what the reticle is
Rattling Duck845
Rattling Duck845 Month ago
Nicolas Robles
Nicolas Robles Month ago
Why stippled grip tape and not sports stock? Que pasa
Travis smith
Travis smith Month ago
Dear Nickmercs, I just want you to know that was the best squeak yet. The "oh, money" had us rolling. One day I will learn to squeak like you.
Turboman2923 Month ago
13:08 “hes going for the reboot” Lmao this isnt fortnite
Noé de Cominges Arce
Noé de Cominges Arce Month ago
what reticle is that on the Kar?
Ow3y Month ago
Yo nick it’s ya boi ow3y, try the ksp it’s ttk is crazy
Justeezy Month ago
Bro I didn’t even realize there was a 2nd channel I just click on his vids when they pop up 😂
Born Quicky
Born Quicky Month ago
Congratulations on your new signing 🥳🥳🥳🥳
kacper napieralski
kacper napieralski Month ago
This kid has no neck.
George Washington
George Washington Month ago
Half the screen is blocked by ads and his head
Thomas Autrey
Thomas Autrey Month ago
Nick looks like a hole ass linebacker
Richard Tiscoff
Richard Tiscoff Month ago
Iv got the exact set up on the kar98 but instead of the barrel I have FMJ
momo4044 Month ago
Good shooting bruh 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Brody Norman
Brody Norman Month ago
I want him to make a workout video so I can see what workouts he does to get that neck.
Ibrahim Marah
Ibrahim Marah Month ago
That was an intense game
SiciliaxITA_ Month ago
Big Shots Nick I like all your videos keep going i love watching you
Braden Holley
Braden Holley Month ago
It frustrates me that he doesn't show us his deaths, I want to see the bad with the good. Seeing how a player as good as him dies could help us all improve..
TypicalGamer69 Month ago
SPR class Tac laser 26 barrel 28mm sight Mono Lapua .338 mags
Iglehart_12 Gump
Iglehart_12 Gump Month ago
Your starting to act like a douchebag nicky mercs. Let your boys play.
ShowwTime Month ago
Kevin Loftus
Kevin Loftus Month ago
Hate how everyone is expecting PK to be on their hip all game like he’s not trying to create content too
muhieddine hammoudi
muhieddine hammoudi Month ago
Can someone please write his kar98 loadout
What is the name of the reticle in this gameplay?
Noé de Cominges Arce
Noé de Cominges Arce Month ago
idk im trying to find out
JorgePhloids Crackpipe
JorgePhloids Crackpipe Month ago
Worst thumbnail ever award goes to....nicmerx
Jada Mane
Jada Mane Month ago
How come the graphics looks so nice ?
Richard Tiscoff
Richard Tiscoff Month ago
The satisfaction i get when i rock a headshot with the Kar98 is something else 👏🏻😂
Lucas Roetert
Lucas Roetert Month ago
What scope is that on the kar
Shut It
Shut It Month ago
Sniper scope
Caden McGranahan
Caden McGranahan Month ago
love how i just wtahced this on tims channel
john capalbo
john capalbo Month ago
TheeNobleGamer Month ago
He could have a vlog channel called NickWORKS and clog his work outs and day to day crap
Trell Fuego
Trell Fuego Month ago
For some reason my kar doesn’t have the laser option anymore ?¿ answers ??
Carson Howard
Carson Howard Month ago
Nick: Kar98 is like aimbot, hits 5 snipes and uses Mac 10 for the rest
nadylaG Month ago
Josh Schwab
Josh Schwab Month ago
He sees easy lobby’s gets easy lobby’s
charlie Wilhelmi
charlie Wilhelmi Month ago
“He got rebooted” -pk
Eli Sanderson
Eli Sanderson Month ago
I’ve never heard of an aimbot sniper 😂
Loord Jayy
Loord Jayy Month ago
Your face on the thumbnail 😂
tom tommy
tom tommy Month ago
Tim doesn't even play. His chat plays FOR him. That's why he's always down....
Isaac Finn
Isaac Finn Month ago
no cap u suck at sniping but not to be mean and love your content keep up the good work
Efrem Cruz
Efrem Cruz Month ago
aim bot?
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Month ago
Use the bullfrog
saoud saoud
saoud saoud Month ago
This nickmercs guy is annoying where is nicky mercs
Terrel H
Terrel H Month ago
I used your Kar98 setup it's Deadly and what I did was I took off I think either the Laser or the grip and added the FMJ perk, I Love it.
Japheth Blankenship
Japheth Blankenship Month ago
Holy i got so agitated for Nick for the whole match
Sam Marquis
Sam Marquis Month ago
LOL i find it so funny how last night I played quads and held top train all game prior to watching this video. Hit some pretty nasty snipes with the SPR
Jordan Mcmanus
Jordan Mcmanus Month ago
How do you get this blueprint?
Allan Torrente
Allan Torrente Month ago
laVverg delYOUTUBEE
laVverg delYOUTUBEE Month ago
U got some guts lying with ir cheeeatimg @$$$$
Cole Hasslequist
Cole Hasslequist Month ago
Bruh nice variant in the intro clip to get hype and then the ugly red and grey old growth that we see every time
ATrueRock Month ago
Did he just say the V word 🤯
Anthony Fruci
Anthony Fruci Month ago
Love how PK is enjoying the game now
Galamoth_89 Month ago
Yooooo, that ufc was something else! Max Holloway is on another level!!
Unkwn.png Month ago
You gotta try the HDR it’s hits hard and goes so far
Cols Josep
Cols Josep Month ago
like a ''aim bot'' since he ''doesnt'' use one... LOL
Daniel Portillo
Daniel Portillo Month ago
The fact that he uses the same class set up for the kar98 and say this class is broken
zahardious Month ago
2:00 that little pause
TohkaGYT Matio
TohkaGYT Matio Month ago
What reticle are you using for the scope
Noé de Cominges Arce
Noé de Cominges Arce Month ago
im asking the same question
Michael Mackenzie
Michael Mackenzie Month ago
Yo Nicky, Just a little Timmy here letting you to do a video on this Streetsweeper Shotgun.. I'm running it and it's crazy bruh
socksOnUrFeet Month ago
God damn I love this gun. My absolute favorite
Aiden Rambadhan
Aiden Rambadhan Month ago
Too good
Nick Osuna
Nick Osuna Month ago
Him:say it with me Me: oh easy bet *suspenseful pause Him: like the video! Me: Que pasaaalike the video. Fuck!
TheBritishPleb Month ago
I've subscribed cause of that intro!! Love hearing it everytime!! 😂😂
Diran Rugunanan
Diran Rugunanan Month ago
"I see a body I bang a body" -𝙽𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚜 2021
Hardly Convinced
Hardly Convinced Month ago
Any reason for saddle horn vs a different blueprint?
Carraway Month ago
"I see a head, I rock a head" Misses the first 3 Kar shots in the video
Haze 215
Haze 215 Month ago
It is aim bot because you are aim botting
HippieSmashing -
HippieSmashing - Month ago
I been hitting clips with the Kar98 too! Uploads them on my channel!
JCrystalballzZ Month ago
I almost use this exact same build except switch the Mono with FTAC Stock
Zachary Gibbons
Zachary Gibbons Month ago
SPR is better, change my mind.
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