What Happened to Brian Cushing? The NFL's Worst Kept Secret!!!

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FlemLo Raps

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Brian Cushing was a solid NFL player with a not so well kept secret.
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scott chirco
scott chirco 4 hours ago
Let the fox in the hen house and he's gonna have chicken for dinner!
Cody Messerall
Cody Messerall 8 hours ago
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” - TLC
Tony Terry
Tony Terry 8 hours ago
Bottom line he me made millions
john o'neill
john o'neill 11 hours ago
hes a bum
Taylor Barrett
Taylor Barrett 13 hours ago
what is the instrumental in the beginning of this video? ive heard it in numerous others on ur channel.. great content btw keep it up
LTamazil 14 hours ago
i had to look up the roster for USC in 2006 just because from the image at 7:18 I thought there was a team that had Troy Polamalu, AJ Hawk, and Brian Cushing, and it made me cream my pants a little.
philly 215
philly 215 Day ago
Do one one DeSean Jackson
whileu slept
whileu slept Day ago
When u tell ur children u have 1 rule, never embarrass the family, what ur telling them is do whatever u want, just don't get caught, and if u get caught, dont admit to anything. If u teach ur children to be honest, compassionate, respectful of people, polite, and that success requires hard work, and dedication than u wont have to tell them to never embarrass the family, because u will raise a good person
David Lee
David Lee Day ago
I definitely think every single NFL player takes gear. Gimme a break man
Christian Fehr
Christian Fehr Day ago
Those white linebackers need to juice to get to the league no cap
Raven Day ago
Love that winstrol
R Messinger
R Messinger Day ago
You are a talented presentation. You state the facts fairly. Good job.
justin burgan
justin burgan Day ago
You're either on PEDs or you're falling behind in high level athletics.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Day ago
Although dungy might have said that once. He most definitely got it from CS Lewis. The integrity line that is.
uberlyrodney 2 days ago
Gyno is a tell tale sign of steroid use. Dude was definitely juicing his whole career
John Kramer
John Kramer 3 days ago
I try to remember that Tony quote every day man
Dissy 3 days ago
You don’t look like that without help.
pjam07pjam 4 days ago
Damn I didn’t know the Texans hired him as a coach. Either way, players will always take the risk when they know they can still make millions. Unless leagues are gonna start taking away money from contracts when they test positive then it won’t stop. This guy made millions cause he chose to do steroids
Goodfella Frank
Goodfella Frank 4 days ago
flen boy tryna look like lil durk lol
Sean Juan
Sean Juan 4 days ago
Nice work and well done..! Did you do one of these on Shawne DeAndre Merriman?
Charlie Bolden
Charlie Bolden 5 days ago
The dude now trains very hard in jujitsu and is a positive guy to train with
Alan Kaminski
Alan Kaminski 5 days ago
Google search says he's valued between one and 5 million dollars. Some people would kill for that kind of money
Brian L
Brian L 5 days ago
Why we acting like he is the only one? I would say 70% of the people in NFL are on steroids. NFL steroid test is a joke for good reason. Faster bigger stronger players equals more money. The NFL steroid test is to cover their asses. They only bust players when they need to get the heat off of them and show there testing works.
DW Raptorgeezus09
DW Raptorgeezus09 5 days ago
I'm so damn glad to have found this man's channel!! We need to get this dude to 1mil+!
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 days ago
Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!
Lawrence Apocalypse
Lawrence Apocalypse 6 days ago
Crazy in USA it’s completely normal to make a product placement every video he’s getting about what 600-1000 dollars per video he still needs more in our country you do that ones a month if not less
Shantee Coleman
Shantee Coleman 6 days ago
Yea I can see he's a Grown Up but ur Mommas & Daddys are ALWAYS gonna be a Influence on u Dead or Alive ull always want to Do Them PROUD I'm Sure when he has his kids he'll LOVE them more than his parents ever LOVED him an Will instill in them wht he wasn't taught THT THEY CAN DO ANYTHING THEY WANT WHILE BEING CLEAN Alot of times we go thru situations to so will be able to share an try an prevent or kids from going thru da same 💩🙋🏾‍♀️
dylanes21 6 days ago
Great video. Thanks
Corona 7 days ago
Dudes a GOAT, Lol
Jaquoby Joseph
Jaquoby Joseph 7 days ago
The main video begins at 2:45
IllNinoAK47 Arias
IllNinoAK47 Arias 8 days ago
I’m a huge Texans fan and he was one of my favorite if not my favorite player. But honestly I already knew he was taking them because of college. Oh and love the shirt bro! 👍 RIP Left eye.
Marcus Cox
Marcus Cox 8 days ago
The nfl should allow ped use for the three worst teams instead of waisting good draft picks on crappy organizations
Jordan Ace
Jordan Ace 8 days ago
The ultra anteater italy reply because leo parenthetically kick from a icy footnote. moldy, kindly paste
RDGZ Unleashed
RDGZ Unleashed 8 days ago
I have myonuclei too
John Dingler
John Dingler 8 days ago
Nice humanistic narrative; Shows a lot of heart.
Kemp Solo
Kemp Solo 8 days ago
Y’all remember that one time Flem Lo tried to switch up the intro music 😂💪🏾.
Cobra8529 9 days ago
What no cue the Wayne?
Ralph Riegler
Ralph Riegler 9 days ago
All pros on the juice some way or another, at one time or another straight up
ching ho
ching ho 9 days ago
The fixed vault extraorally play because flock oceanographically nest about a second-hand dimple. sore, murky asia
DEFI TIGER KING 10 days ago
90% of the nfl is on steroids 60% uses morphine at half-time steroids aren't a secret at all however morphine is.... how about you shed more light on that fact. no one in Houston is worried about Cushings steroid use
DEFI TIGER KING 10 days ago
hey I've got a poorly kept secret current is not the future of banking
Tyler Larson
Tyler Larson 10 days ago
Brian Cushing went to my high school
Generous G
Generous G 10 days ago
Those of us on HRT take Hcg to 'fluff up' the balls as they tend to shrink during test usage since no spern is being produced. HCG gives your balls a mild "kick in the nuts' to at least produce a little bit o' sperm.. Keeps yer nuts from shrinking to raisins. Part of test HRT protocol.
apierre6 10 days ago
I remember following recruiting when Brian was coming through. Everyone with a brain knew this kid was juicing. Heck of an athlete regardless.
Jeffrey Ruttibaker
Jeffrey Ruttibaker 10 days ago
I'll put Coco in a Chokehold, I'll go Loco if you want me to
Jeffrey Ruttibaker
Jeffrey Ruttibaker 10 days ago
Coco in a Chockhold I'll go Loco If you want me to
Tom Nally
Tom Nally 10 days ago
Sheesh. The "man boobs" at 5:31 and thereafter.
Ryan Stevens
Ryan Stevens 11 days ago
Who gives a fuck. All athletes should use ped's.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 11 days ago
Moral of the story. Steroids will get you paid.
Tom Whitehouse
Tom Whitehouse 11 days ago
yeah losing all ur gains in 5 weeks imo guarantees steroid use in his early years. Naturally gaining muscle takes along time but also a long time to lose it
michael bullard
michael bullard 11 days ago
Fun fact if you gain muscle and lose it then it’s easier to get it back
Norg1 11 days ago
suspension age and drugs happend loved watching him play tho
K0NSTNT CS 11 days ago
Jeez flemlo... you never cease to amaze me. Your takes are always so well thought out and insightful. Seriously gave me 👁 vibes with this one
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 12 days ago
Nice vid
Kyle Berry
Kyle Berry 12 days ago
When the Texans defense was fuckin HARD.
Michael Grattan
Michael Grattan 12 days ago
By the way I Subscribe. Great video 💯
Michael Grattan
Michael Grattan 12 days ago
Cush is the Man and he Jersey 💯💯💯
Eliot Montalvo
Eliot Montalvo 12 days ago
Reggie Bush was on steroids during this time as well there will never be a better back in college
Victor Hardin
Victor Hardin 12 days ago
Anything for views
Biiigッ 12 days ago
Why did I read this as brain crushing?
EimojiG3000 13 days ago
He should just go out to be a bodybuilder instead just drugs use are for bodybuilders not football athletes
James Mooney
James Mooney 13 days ago
Imagine making it seem like Cushing is the only dude in the league who uses PEDs 🙄
Old Man Doom
Old Man Doom 13 days ago
Steroids work, and if you use them you can play in the NFL. But it can’t suppress your innate impulse to be a complete shit bag and will often magnify the worst traits of these people
CallMe Instinktz
CallMe Instinktz 13 days ago
Great segway to looking into performance enhancement drugs
L Moore
L Moore 13 days ago
What is that mellow music in the background? I love it.
Cody Healing
Cody Healing 13 days ago
He also use to put cocaine in his mouthpiece in high school
globalbondfan1 14 days ago
This guys teaching real life lessons rn.
Cody Jones
Cody Jones 14 days ago
Your light you should do other sports to
ava graham
ava graham 14 days ago
The obscene purple holly disappear because bongo luckily enjoy qua a pastoral wilderness. solid, sudden fine
Nick Scheidt
Nick Scheidt 15 days ago
Jesus loves you
Josh Hunsberger
Josh Hunsberger 15 days ago
He dose look like he is on steroids, in highschool
Matt Joseph
Matt Joseph 15 days ago
He did mouth off to the Browns player after making the hit. Act like you’ve been there before and get back in the huddle. There’s too much preening and strutting in the sport today. It’s not necessary to act like you won the Super Bowl every time you make a nice play.
Matt Joseph
Matt Joseph 16 days ago
Can you imagine the chicks this guy must have pulled over the years? Steroids or not, I'm kind of jealous. Great channel! Love these videos.
Thanos Was Right, half have to go
Thanos Was Right, half have to go 16 days ago
Guys using steroids in a sport that demands brutality and quick recovery seems like survival. The owners of the team treat you as a business investment and will end your livelihood at the drop of a hat. They will pump you up with cortisone shots and prescription painkillers to perform, but steroids, which are also used for medical reasons are outlawed. Seems hypocritical to me.
Jabari Prevost
Jabari Prevost 13 days ago
marc777danielle 16 days ago
Bro, I'm from north Jersey and I played football. Steroids are RAMPANT amongst high school football!!!!! I'm definitely not surprised.
Matt Joseph
Matt Joseph 15 days ago
Especially in the 80’s and 90’s. There were some massive players. They might have cracked down a bit now because the kids don’t seem quite as big these days.
Fross 16 days ago
See to me, don’t embarrass your family means integrity, respect and all of that. But to this guy, it meant don’t embarrass daddy and mommy. That’s just the way I think. Maybe I’m wrong but when I put in a good word for someone I always say “please don’t embarrass me “. That means respect me and respect everything else.
Lucas Ryan
Lucas Ryan 16 days ago
Don’t use paycheck advance companies y’all. In case your daddy didn’t teach you. (Including “current”)
Jason Deppenbrook
Jason Deppenbrook 16 days ago
Welppppp if his balls are the size of pistachios then we know it's all true right?????😂😂😂😂
Bobby Monaghan
Bobby Monaghan 17 days ago
VERLYUSIS 16 days ago
Is the video about him? Tom Brady killed someone too
cajun26bc 17 days ago
I could care less if they take juice honestly.
Tommy Costa
Tommy Costa 17 days ago
I trust Jesus.
car guy
car guy 17 days ago
Bill Romanowski son! If he had one that played!
Aaron Birmingham
Aaron Birmingham 17 days ago
I love your videos man. Would love to see one on Lawrence Taylor.
Jesse 17 days ago
Cushing is a punk
Cinco DeManny
Cinco DeManny 17 days ago
From what I’ve read and seen on Docs, Roid rage isn’t a real thing, it’s the propaganda spread out on it similar to the Marijuana propaganda.
Talks With Dante
Talks With Dante 18 days ago
Bro your reaction to him winning the revote for defensive rookie of year had me dying
Ashton Oak
Ashton Oak 18 days ago
Imagine they tested him "randomly" 10 times a season and offseason like they do black players they didnt like for thc. Or eric reid. He absolutely wouldnt have lasted. His rookie year he should have been tested weekly.
Brandon Madden
Brandon Madden 17 days ago
@Ashton Oak ok
Ashton Oak
Ashton Oak 17 days ago
@Brandon Madden like your kind
Brandon Madden
Brandon Madden 17 days ago
Ashton Oak
Ashton Oak 18 days ago
Its crazy Brain was in school with Rey M the guy who was a poster of how to train and work in the nfl professionally as a linebacker and learned nothing
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only 18 days ago
5:14 You can lie about your steroid use all you want, but your body will ALWAYS tell the truth no matter what!
alex042687 18 days ago
Been with flemlo for a while now. Keeps getting better. Boss.
Steve Barnes
Steve Barnes 18 days ago
He reminded me a lot of Bill Romanowski
Moses Rosa
Moses Rosa 19 days ago
Love the shirt FlemLo.
Abacoa Fit Personal Training
Abacoa Fit Personal Training 19 days ago
Lol... You don’t have to say it. He has done juice. Just like the movie The Program
Corey Addison
Corey Addison 19 days ago
Does anybody know the song in this video?
duckey499 20 days ago
the dude hopped on the juice early lol
Google Poodle
Google Poodle 20 days ago
The problem is not Brian it’s the hate that circulates around, too many bums hating
Thomas Dietz - WPM1C
Thomas Dietz - WPM1C 21 day ago
I think Laron Landry beats him as the steroid king the dude got so big he couldn’t move his arms
David Kang
David Kang 21 day ago
The sore june expectedly punch because teaching only part but a tremendous lycra. tasteless, robust turnip
DEMOLITIONZ27 22 days ago
Im convinced now that Brian Cushing sabotaged my fantasy team. I was unstoppable until Will Fuller got suspended.
Brandon C
Brandon C 22 days ago
That ad was horrible. Encourage ppl to spend money when theyre living paycheck to paycheck
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