Food Theory: MrBeast Burger Is NOT What You Think...

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The Food Theorists

15 days ago

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MrBeast posted a video where he announced he was opening his own, mainly digital, fast food restaurant. It went over BIG, not only in the one brick and mortar drive through in his video, but with the food apps as well. I was fascinated and had to learn how he pulled it off, as well as if this is a move that could change the face of fast food forever. What I found, Theorists, is VERY interesting. I think I've figured out the SECRET to MrBeast Burger and it may not be what you expect...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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MrBeast 14 days ago
Order now!
Remo Dluna
Remo Dluna 9 days ago
TheguyEthan 9 days ago
AnonymousNebula 12 days ago
@P. Cake 7 did you win anything?
Not Dwayne
Not Dwayne 12 days ago
Cyno ArtsVA
Cyno ArtsVA 13 days ago
I'm heard slot about you be never looked into your USposts Channel till now and I'm hooked you earned my sub
Emon Khan
Emon Khan 5 minutes ago
this isn't actually a theory video
FireTukker 40 minutes ago
MÏke 40 minutes ago
wow and its actually buca in my city lol
The Golden Penguin
The Golden Penguin Hour ago
Bertuccis has best pizza tho
buddy3167 Hour ago
2:44 it’s Mr. beast you’re talking about
Lianliang Ma
Lianliang Ma 4 hours ago
I bet all the dislikes are because of the beginning of the video by MrBeast fans
Amy Rose
Amy Rose 5 hours ago
Now Food Theory- what's next
itzyvnq hunnids
itzyvnq hunnids 6 hours ago
i actually had it yesterday, my fries where literally burnt idk why they would even let them leave the store like that. i also got the chicken sandwich, the chicken literally tasted freezer burnt it was disgusting
frost fire gaming
frost fire gaming 6 hours ago
Wait what a waist of money I thought you got paid money to eat there
Best Street Food
Best Street Food 7 hours ago
► You Should know about these Best Street Foods out there:
IAmAKebab 9 hours ago
5:24 Grubhub perks gives you deals on the food you love The kind of food that makes you want to boogie *music intensifies* *cringy dancing intensifies*
ONI CHAN 10 hours ago
0:15 actually they pay YOU to eat them not to buy them
Ibby 14 hours ago
Petition to make mrbeast burger in other countries
Cheese 16 hours ago
9:56 Bruh that exists. It’s call Sister location XD
Mackenzie Cutshaw
Mackenzie Cutshaw 16 hours ago
Food theory beast burgers is just another ploy to make money for mr beast to pay off his taxes for all the money he gives away that he’s has to give back to the government
Eyuel Yiferu
Eyuel Yiferu 19 hours ago
I hate all lgbt people
Astrid Ramos Lopez
Astrid Ramos Lopez 21 hour ago
Omg didnt know that and i googled it and theres one in my city !!! I dont like Mcdonalds anymore
Robson Santos 050
Robson Santos 050 21 hour ago
Ok.. but..This is not food.
Duzzie Ashigana
Duzzie Ashigana 22 hours ago
They were there for the free money
Ignored 22 hours ago
What if I were to eat myself would I die or would I disappear?
Educational Games with Salah42
Educational Games with Salah42 23 hours ago
Wb all vids bout it?
Will Funderburk
Will Funderburk Day ago
We'd love to see a food theory (or film) on what it would cost to feed scooby doo and shaggy based on how they eat. Think it'd be really interesting, so wanted to pass it along-thanks!
Heather Garner
Heather Garner Day ago
Hey do u think u could tackle the question about pasta why theres so many types and why some types i had as a kid are dissapearing or only appearing in brands and not as just noodles. Ive noticed this at least ten years long before the pandemic. Wanted to know if u could get to the bottom of this mystery.
SkarmoryVEVO Day ago
I’ve actually heard this already
LalaPlayzRoblox Day ago
bruh i report
Said Gul Pacha Saidi
Said Gul Pacha Saidi Day ago
NO LIFE Day ago
It’s the best buger
Spider Man films
Spider Man films Day ago
I had the beast burger today it wasnt my favorite but I think it’s better than mc Donald’s
kingblue 911
kingblue 911 Day ago
A while back there was a bravo near me but it got shut down for some reason
Tamiris FR
Tamiris FR Day ago
I liked the content so much! I've been trying to find for a USposts vid similar to yours that explains the ideas in this vid. 🙌 That knowledge at 1:28 is my fav. Your video reminds me of the content from Dr. Ethan! Doctor Ethan's explanations are informative and I actually learned a lot for exams. He is a knowledgable Doctor in Europe. I recommend you see his channel out and give the Doctor a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanEducation
_tank_ F
_tank_ F Day ago
Mr Beast is Really a Mysterious Person
tuber Day ago
how did matpat go from solving game theories to food
Fereiro 1410
Fereiro 1410 Day ago
I can't stop thinking about Ifood
fnafvr boi
fnafvr boi Day ago
Who else isn't able to get a mrbeast burger
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
The best business theory of the month.
HI_ ImFriendo
HI_ ImFriendo Day ago
Can anybody tell me the music?it sounds really good
ben a
ben a Day ago
this is actually very smart!!!! so many unused locations not being used because of covid... now these bsuinesses can earn money
Samuel Valverde
Samuel Valverde Day ago
******book theory *******
C C 2 days ago
I just wanted to know if I can get them beast burgers :l
C C 2 days ago
*trying to do research to get a texas burger* hey I'm on break :l
Javier Plays Roblox And Undertale
Javier Plays Roblox And Undertale 2 days ago
mr beast is this true
Paul Mueller King
Paul Mueller King 2 days ago
why i live in germany? i also want beast burgrs!
Oofical Oof
Oofical Oof 2 days ago
I saw grubhub now I'm thinking of the grubhub ad
Jadious Graham
Jadious Graham Day ago
Vitalblaze 86
Vitalblaze 86 2 days ago
The dtf joke xD
Turtle RC
Turtle RC 2 days ago
How many likes can I get and him lol
Jeggur Knight
Jeggur Knight 2 days ago
Mr beast be like:👁️👄👁️
BAKAGAlJIN 2 days ago
You should make a video about MSG, since it has such a controversial reputation.
Thopaz Productions
Thopaz Productions 2 days ago
꧁Eirfan Cookies꧂
꧁Eirfan Cookies꧂ 2 days ago
Mr.Beast must have tons of buisness that we night don't know about... Tons of buisness that make him millions... A buisness that we maybe don't know... How much branching buisnesses he has? and how can he have zillions of money that seems unlimited? what is his secret? I need to exploit his secret buisnesses chains.. RESEARCHING TIME
FIFA MAESTRO 2 days ago
Noob gaming
Noob gaming 2 days ago
soo boring and good video
Flamez 2 days ago
Hampig History
Hampig History 2 days ago
Jason Stromberg
Jason Stromberg 2 days ago
Did he say there's a Mr. Beast burger in Pennsylvania 😱 (I live there)
Ramsey Schaffer
Ramsey Schaffer 2 days ago
If Mr. Beast is reading this, open up one in the San Ramon Valley. Preferably in the town of Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton, or Danville.
notyouraverage tommyboi
notyouraverage tommyboi 2 days ago
People trying to cancel you everyone else is talking about Covid to
DerpyWaffles 2 days ago
The guy who over thinks everything
Hassan Shahid
Hassan Shahid 2 days ago
The best thing about it is it actually created jobs
StarryGalaxyNight 2 days ago
Why I cant try the MrBeast Burger: Its a hour away I believe. So if we did order it, the food would be cold by the time it gets here. Maybe my Aunt can get a Mr beast burger but 1. We don't usually drive that far out 2. I don't think she knows about your channel lol
Yeetyda 2 days ago
8:16 grubhub 😳
Sally Ricci
Sally Ricci 3 days ago
Wow, my local Bertucci's is doing this. I just did a search of their address and Mr Beast Burger, Tyga Bites and Wing Squad came up. What also came up were all the one star reviews.
SuperSaood 3 days ago
This is not the world's first free restaurant noob watch Niko omilana
Ja’Crispyy 3 days ago
If I go to my local bertucci’s and ask for a mr beast burger do u think they’ll give it to me?
TheSadBadger 3 days ago
poor people from alaska
Jaden Galvez
Jaden Galvez 3 days ago
You just blew my mind , I never knew this
Kristof Karwinski the great
Kristof Karwinski the great 3 days ago
Kristof Karwinski the great
Kristof Karwinski the great 3 days ago
I expected GAME THOERY lol many vids from GAME THEORY
WIll Hoo
WIll Hoo 3 days ago
The lamentable spade family agree because scarecrow largely guide as a robust platinum. large, rural underclothes
Emily Aspen
Emily Aspen 3 days ago
I’m not American and this makes me really sad for these foods
crack pot
crack pot 3 days ago
So I made a round up of the whole vid Everything is positive about this vid
Apery 3 days ago
Grubhub... Ew
Devil Gamer
Devil Gamer 3 days ago
Jakob Donohue
Jakob Donohue 3 days ago
Grubhub gives
JUAN Gal 3 days ago
I feel like the burger came out of a cartoon, am glad it exists
Shaurya Kaushik
Shaurya Kaushik 3 days ago
Why are most of the comments by verified accounts
Brooke Bell
Brooke Bell 3 days ago
Hey you no
Logan King
Logan King 3 days ago
1:53 the funny thing about those places is they’re actually really nice and expensive restaurants.
Someone Unknown
Someone Unknown 3 days ago
It kinda is real
Breezy 3 days ago
Idk if you ever did this or thought of it, but maybe you should try to solve these coke recipe? I know that YOU know that would be epic
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 3 days ago
All of this just works.
A duck On the Internet
A duck On the Internet 3 days ago
More great content love it
Dj Magik Mike
Dj Magik Mike 3 days ago
Unfortunately loving MrBeast doesn’t make his food good. Had it in ft Lauderdale, Davie, and Miami. The food is below average.
Dhunedaprofit 3 days ago
I did not know that they had one in pittsburg
Gaming Crew Inc
Gaming Crew Inc 3 days ago
I love this channel cause they told us the truth I wanted to hear about Chuck E. Cheese, thank you for restoring my childhood. 😭
ZarcanRadiann 3 days ago
Can i Has a BigMat, a Medium PatFries and a Steflurry... Gottalove those {Food for Trough©} trivia's printed on those disposable napkins And don't forget the {Healthy Food that Feed your Brain©} section of the {FastHealth Menu©} at this fast food, Mmmmhhhh... delish! Here are 3 Subscription Bills Mr. Cashier...
ZarcanRadiann 3 days ago
Gotta have so many healthy lazy recipes at here if need and employer more in the kitchen...
ZarcanRadiann 3 days ago
Painted my Beef Patty with RedWine Balsamic Vinegar(slight sweet taste, i used the one from Costco Kirkland Signature) + lots of Garlic/onion powder/salt and some pepper on a already frozen beef patty, on both side (kind of stick to the patty if in that order), placed in a cookie sheet (no teflon... use cooking on the pan oil if need) and oven cooking from 20-30mins at 400-425°f depending on how tick is the patty (time is from frozen state ofc). Then Full Wheat (probl was a 40-60% full wheat) mini bread that is almost slammer then the cooked patty, just barely, lots of mashed onions, lots of relish, bit of mustard, lettuce (non-juicy tomato if desired on top), few spicy peppers slices, hot meat patty, few spicy pepper slices on the patty that will help keep the ketchup in there, then the ketchup, and the final bun part. Using a plastic sandwich bag(foldable type) to put the burger in it and keep fingers clean while writhing this recipe. Is also the first time i finally have a stuffed big burger without leaking (much) [the onions keep the relish and the spicy pepper ring keep the ketchup from leaking out by much.] Other then Heins ketchup, the rest can be brandless. Had no pickles slices left so i tried witouth them, idk if it would make better then this order. Spicy Cavendish fries from Costco, the 10Lb bag, probably would be great with those burgers. Used a Cesar Salad instead for health care. Was very good. Whaat ? your MatDonald's does not offer custom burgers orders yet ? your competitor($$$$$) does...
Pheonix_Ocean_ 3 days ago
All of your channels are trash
steelon the steelix
steelon the steelix 3 days ago
Dark Rose
Dark Rose 3 days ago
good thing there’s a bravo near me
lightsaber boi
lightsaber boi 4 days ago
so twitter was a lie
TTVcommanderT1064 4 days ago
Bro I wish they were in other countries
Crustless Bread
Crustless Bread 4 days ago
Social Theory. Social expirements.
light dog
light dog 4 days ago
my school is in one of the locations that mr beast burger is in lol.
Zodiac 4 days ago
McDonald’s lookin like:👁👄👁 write that down! Write that down!
Charlie B
Charlie B 4 days ago
I wonder if in the future mr beast burgers will be like old charizard Pokémon cards
Mile Navarro
Mile Navarro 4 days ago
DRIPPY PLAYZ 4 days ago
4:50 Grubhub gives u deals on the food u love
Tzuryc Draven Brave Baldonado
Tzuryc Draven Brave Baldonado 4 days ago
Because you don't live in the country
Beatdropkilla 4 days ago
imagine it in the uk
NotAllowedCalcium 4 days ago
Grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love.. the kind of deals that make you boogie
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