Wyze Band for Beginners (Super Easy Setup & Tutorial)

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8 months ago

This video is a full tutorial on how to setup and use the Wyze Band. We walk you through the process to sync with your phone, how to customize the menu, how to turn app & message notifications, and how to change the clock face.
📍Link to Purchase a Wyze Band: amzn.to/33Cqu39
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Our goal is to simplify the process so anyone can follow along. Leave a comment if the video is helpful!

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Jim Abbey
Jim Abbey Month ago
its not WAZE band its WYZE as i pronounced WISE .idiot
Vader Darth
Vader Darth 5 months ago
Can anyone find anywhere to buy a replacement wristband for this device or a replacement charger with a longer cable than comes with the device? Please post a link if you can!
Kylo 8 months ago
Such a great video! Content quality & visual quality 100% :)
Yoelle 8 months ago
Really like this kind of videos.. I learned a lot 👍
stewart00311 8 months ago
Can this be used without the wyze app, and just use bluetooth. Also what is battery life? Thanks
Vader Darth
Vader Darth 5 months ago
You have to use the Wyze app to interface with the device and perform any customization in display or function.
Tech Made Easy
Tech Made Easy 8 months ago
It needs to be setup with the wyze app for sure. Afterwards you may be able to use it without the app.
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