Vocal Coach Reacts to Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu

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Tristan Paredes

8 days ago

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Olivia Rodrigo's 2021 new song titled "Deja Vu" - a follow-up to "Driver's License." People are still speculating this song is about Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter!! What?? In this video, Tristan talks about how to sing Deju Vu like Olivia Rodrigo!
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Reaction
7:03 The "Breathy" Verses
8:40 First Chorus Falsetto
9:34 Olivia's Expressive Technique
10:33 "Belty" Angelic Chorus
12:05 Bridge Changes
13:54 Conclusion
Listen to ‘deja vu’ out now: OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/dejavu​​
Pre-order the debut album *O*R: OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/preorder​
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Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes 7 days ago
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Lheice Thessy
Lheice Thessy 2 days ago
Can you react to God's Menu by Stray Kids?
sydney green
sydney green 4 days ago
please react to overdrive by conan gray
Anum Furqan
Anum Furqan 4 days ago
Plzzz react to Met him last night by Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato....you won't regret it
Jay and Cay Jones
Jay and Cay Jones 4 days ago
Plz react to Nessa Barrett ft Jxdn La Di Die
Chaa 4 days ago
Hey Tristan! Amazing reviews and commentary as always! can you please react to "What?" By Sb19... please 🙏 I guarantee you will lovoe it as much as you did when you watched LiSa
Tina Halabian
Tina Halabian 4 hours ago
Using one hand to drive and the other for ice cream when you just got your drivers license GIRL
Yourtypicalbaddie ______
Yourtypicalbaddie ______ 8 hours ago
" girl you just got your drivers licence and you're driving with one hand and you got the nerve to record it , okay " 😂😭😭😭✋✋
pida siouy
pida siouy 9 hours ago
profits with her label and stuff, but SHE OWNS IT)!!
Dana Estrada
Dana Estrada 9 hours ago
You have to listen to Angelina Jordan in her song 7th heaven !! It’s so good and different from current songs
beauty belle
beauty belle 10 hours ago
You neeeeed to react to laufey on tiktok!!! Seriously her voice is so classic it’s insane!
pida siouy
pida siouy 9 hours ago
Dude I felt you so much like who is she, its cuz shes in like the past or something witnessing that she's doing what they used to do!
Emma Hess
Emma Hess 11 hours ago
I think he should react to Madilyn bailey
Marleigh Woodward
Marleigh Woodward 12 hours ago
When you said you’re on the right track but I think it is that girl is copying everything she does
PRISON COW 13 hours ago
Right after “in between the chorus and the verse” it says I love you very quietly turn your volume all the way up and you might hear it 3:20
Ece 13 hours ago
manuela Pinzón
manuela Pinzón 13 hours ago
You have to react to La Di Die of nessa barret and Jaden Hossler
A V 14 hours ago
"You just got your driver's licensse and you're gonna be driving with one hand for real? And you're got a nerve to record it, okay." *I was laughing so hard* 😂😂
Elise Liu
Elise Liu 17 hours ago
lol since when is this comedy
trash 19 hours ago
It actually changes a lot if you think about this song being about friendship. Like when your bestie finds another "Bestie" and she/he starts hanging out more with them and doing all the thingd they used to do with them now they are doing it with someone else and dey get lots of deja vus by making the same things every time
Joanna Roseline
Joanna Roseline 22 hours ago
I like the instrumentals but the lyrics don't hit right for me. I wish she'd sing about something else, it just feels like she re-used a version of Driver's License that didn't make the first cut.
Never Filtered Always Fabulous
Never Filtered Always Fabulous 23 hours ago
Watching you watching music is my fav.
Ness Blister
Ness Blister 23 hours ago
Julia xx
Julia xx Day ago
I wish I had you when I had to take a music class in college, you have so many descriptive words to describe the music and you explain everything so well
Zxon Day ago
okay but can we talk about the quiet "i love you" at 3:29
StickersBySaya Day ago
His face, I can’t lol I luv it
ThatCheezyKid Day ago
Dude I felt you so much like who is she, its cuz shes in like the past or something witnessing that she's doing what they used to do!
anjali.arjun shah
anjali.arjun shah Day ago
Day 5 of asking for a reaction to Johnny Orlando
Karine Hankir
Karine Hankir Day ago
Pleaseee react to Feel again by Jovan Perez
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Day ago
Jashira Rodriguez
Jashira Rodriguez Day ago
can you react to call me by your name :(???
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Day ago
A reaction to "film out" by BTS please.
Taylor A.
Taylor A. Day ago
“That ice cream looks naaaasty”
KaRmEn _st
KaRmEn _st Day ago
Just his face expressions 💀
Eva Fasick
Eva Fasick Day ago
Don't underestimate Olivia because all her songs are going to be amazing. 😊 Edit: ok sorry if that was mean. 🥺I didn't mean that.
youtube monitor
youtube monitor Day ago
Love this song it’s my favourite .your a good voice coach
Bian Sammito
Bian Sammito Day ago
You have to react skin live!!! IM JUST AMAZING
Anna Kula
Anna Kula Day ago
I feel like next Taylor Swift is coming! Really great songwriting and storytelling and she is such an amazing singer!
wannalive likeu
wannalive likeu Day ago
This song is mean as f. And hypocrites still praise the message and bash Skin for no reason
eilatan gnim
eilatan gnim Day ago
I HAVE BEEN WAITINT FR THIS PLS I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABT UR REACTION TO DRIVERS LICENSE :”) i wnted u to break down how she sounded like and what she ws trying t express through the song YAY
Feline Persoon
Feline Persoon Day ago
He got creepy I’m srry
Keily Hernandez Hernandez
Keily Hernandez Hernandez Day ago
Lol "the ice cream looks bad" Bye😂👋
Bridie Jones
Bridie Jones Day ago
Love her! Please pleasseee review lazybaby by Dove Cameron :))
Rey Kinda sew
Rey Kinda sew Day ago
Can you please react to Gulaan please on The Voice France 2018 🥰🥰
crap edits
crap edits Day ago
I think conan and Olivia are dueting
Leona Madureira
Leona Madureira Day ago
A reaction to "film out" by BTS please.
Cheerful Cloud
Cheerful Cloud Day ago
Chenuki GUNASEKERA Day ago
is it just me or does his videos just get funnier and funnier
Amina Begic
Amina Begic Day ago
This song is soo good, i love how she has similar style to both drivers license and this one. Its like you out them on radio and you know its Olivia😍
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Day ago
she's with you", and she and her producer/co-songwriter Dan Nigro just built a story off that. It's mostly fictional.
happy life
happy life Day ago
You should react to Euphoria by Destiny Rogers
Cinnamochi :•
Cinnamochi :• Day ago
Why does Tristan look so disgusted? Omg lol look at his face at 2:47🤣
Han Lin
Han Lin Day ago
I listened to Olivia then check his reactions after. I am all for sour expression whenever he likes a part of the song.
Notsoyes 2 days ago
4:26 we all always got GOOSEBUMPS!!!
Ashley 2 days ago
this gives me weezer, the strokes, grouplove in the summertime vibes
Seven Belle Days
Seven Belle Days 2 days ago
I like this better than Drivers licence, and i love that cuz it means she's not a one hit wonder.
Vale Lopez
Vale Lopez 2 days ago
i’m so happy for olivia , this girl is really talented
Mailin Lam
Mailin Lam 2 days ago
Me when I first started watching Tristan: *Uh oh he looks disgusted he must not like it..* Me now: *HE LOOKS DISGUSTED, HE LIKES IT*
Madi. Memko
Madi. Memko 2 days ago
Now it at 22m views
Emilee White
Emilee White 2 days ago
I want him to react to All I want by her. It’s really good to!
meghan! 2 days ago
it gives me Taylor swift vibes and I love it
Emery Hussar
Emery Hussar 2 days ago
k so i don’t like the song but can you PLEASE react to obsessed by addison rae? again i don’t like the song, but i want to hear your thoughts. also her performance on the tonight show?? most (including me) think it’s lip syncing but what do you think?
Drew Heath
Drew Heath 2 days ago
If she ever collaborates with Taylor or Lorde, I will die a happy man!
BriPK 95
BriPK 95 2 days ago
LOL the faces. Shouting melodically?
Anja Marker
Anja Marker 2 days ago
yes breathy and chill like LORDE we need a collab
Arisa's Potatoes
Arisa's Potatoes 2 days ago
it gives me such "Want U Back" vibes
ArequeI 2 days ago
i honestly think this should be as big as drivers license
Kalista Perham
Kalista Perham 2 days ago
Tristan: shes ab to pop off Me: oh you dont even know 🤚🤧
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor 2 days ago
Please can you react to nessa and jaden live performance on Jimmy kimmel :)
Dylan Michael
Dylan Michael 2 days ago
I really love your videos
Jérémy Perreault
Jérémy Perreault 2 days ago
Your face expressions are so funny hahaha. I find you very cute and i like your reviews
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 days ago
Olivia said that this its not her style but she wanted to try something different. We are in phase two :anger
Suuz 2 days ago
When she sings between the chorus and the verse she’s saying I love you
John john
John john 2 days ago
Plssss react to Jenzen Guino's cover of This City (Sam Fischer)💕 Jenzen is a singer from the Philippines who also do a lot of song covers💕😊 P.S. You will not regret watching & listening to him, his voice is sooo beautiful 😍
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 days ago
she proudly used her licence in this video
Tijana Prole
Tijana Prole 2 days ago
his facial expressions are everything!!!😂😂😂
Ela's Grzmot
Ela's Grzmot 2 days ago
So good! Not comparing her to anyone but ya’ll can’t deny Lorde’s influence to contemporary pop music - track, beats, lyrics, storytelling, vocals etc.
Matilda Suett
Matilda Suett 2 days ago
Pls react to la di die by nessa Barrett !!
Andreya Lintz
Andreya Lintz 2 days ago
React to her All I want video
Lilly Bernal
Lilly Bernal 3 days ago
please please please react to dancing with the devil by demi lavato
Iris Lomas
Iris Lomas 3 days ago
I’ve been waiting for this video!!! Yassss
nekko _
nekko _ 3 days ago
okay, i never usually listen to this genre of music, but this song low-key slaps 😭🤚
[insert name here]
[insert name here] 3 days ago
Rosy Gomez
Rosy Gomez 3 days ago
Please react to All I want by Oliva Rodrigo!!
Advait Singh
Advait Singh 3 days ago
the song is so unexpected and that’s wuts so good abt it
Yailys Consuegra
Yailys Consuegra 3 days ago
about300k of those views are from me
Alina Bishop
Alina Bishop 3 days ago
Someone please make a montage of Tristan saying his video intros
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 3 days ago
Olivia said that this its not her style but she wanted to try something different. We are in phase two :anger
Ellie Ward
Ellie Ward 3 days ago
It gives me Melanie Martinez vibes
brooks 3 days ago
she proudly used her licence in this video
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 3 days ago
i don’t think she’ll ever make a song i don’t like she’s SO TALENTED
Nicolle Schnapp
Nicolle Schnapp 3 days ago
Please react to Tate Mcrae!!!(it can be any of her songs) 💜
bandas mix
bandas mix 3 days ago
Im so sorry it took me two months to find a remix to this song Hopefully this masterpiece made it worth the wait
nikart 586
nikart 586 3 days ago
hey Tristan I have a recommendation for a reaction on a song, it's the joke's on you by charlotte lawrence, IT'S A BANGER, it's from the movie birds of prey, I know, it's been a while since that movie came out, but that doesn't mean the song isn't good, anyway, I'm just saying that it's a great song and love your videos btw, HUGE fan, love ya
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole 3 days ago
The "robot sound" is reminiscent of Heroes by David Bowie... or am I crazy?
marysmusica 3 days ago
Amazing, so so good! I actually just covered this song and could rlly use some feedback myself haha
belen valero bustamante
belen valero bustamante 3 days ago
Waiting for the call me by your name reaction
Krista Shayne
Krista Shayne 3 days ago
Okay but I also watch reruns of Glee 😍
Vale Hernandez
Vale Hernandez 3 days ago
the views were freezed cause in the actual livestream there were over 200,000 ppl watching
Sumoan Smith
Sumoan Smith 3 days ago
Am I the only one that thought that this song was giving Lorde vibes?
ABU'S TV 3 days ago
Whats Guud tristannnss🔥🔥
Chrris10_ Productions
Chrris10_ Productions 3 days ago
I can’t wait till the ep 💙💙
Adrian Mak
Adrian Mak 3 days ago
Madelief Mortensen
Madelief Mortensen 3 days ago
You shoud react to all i want its also made by olivia but its diferend then deja vu and drivers license
Nomad Land
Nomad Land 3 days ago
the way he simply loves music.
Laura Vivo
Laura Vivo 3 days ago
i don’t think she’ll ever make a song i don’t like she’s SO TALENTED
Kyara Heredia
Kyara Heredia 3 days ago
the robot bit😂😂😂
drrtyi jiogg
drrtyi jiogg 3 days ago
Olivia said that this its not her style but she wanted to try something different. We are in phase two :anger
Serenity Graves-Glass
Serenity Graves-Glass 3 days ago
So she is stalking Sabrina
phoebe jayes
phoebe jayes 3 days ago
6:22 omg i was thinking the same thing like your over with a relationship, and someone keeps saying more things, like im done
drrtyi jiogg
drrtyi jiogg 3 days ago
sir i saw ur on the ground reaction vid, pls do a another one for rosé’s Gone song 🥺🥺❤️
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