Black Ops Cold War PROP HUNT but this ladder is UNKILLABLE... *BROKEN*

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2 months ago

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Mars Enormous
Mars Enormous Month ago
Bru the ad I had was about a ladder 😂
Mars Enormous
Mars Enormous Month ago
@fourzer0seven yeah I did I shot at it 100 times it’s like it fazed through it
fourzer0seven Month ago
Hope you bought one, they’re invincible
bonnie Month ago
well at least that ladder is broken while in cod ww2 you can become a tree in a map with a big ass train on the middle
JuanCarlos Reyna
JuanCarlos Reyna Month ago
stupid is as stupid does
GhostlyGhoul Month ago
M C Month ago
I literally got an ad for a ladder and friggin died
Tango Romeo
Tango Romeo Month ago
I glitch jump all the time 😂 wait till nuke town and jump glitch next to buildings
Brogod Tv
Brogod Tv Month ago
Yea the Ladder is OP... Until your a Chicken on Cartel 😭😭😭
æ æ
æ æ Month ago
I got a ladder ad watching this vid 😂
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
3:26 Prop pay phone far left corner.
Dimplee Eazy
Dimplee Eazy 2 months ago
Those whistles trippin me out
Swamp Dog
Swamp Dog 2 months ago
whoever that guy is that the pink text is for is so fucking funny
Popular Elite
Popular Elite 2 months ago
Best cold war content out there
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan 2 months ago
Seen most of this..thumbs down
7Thegamer 2 months ago
The fr3ezing in the air thing always worked for me in modern warfare remastered prop hunt its the best
Ryan C
Ryan C 2 months ago
Prop hunt is the most fun you can have in cold war other than MAYBE zombies.
Lord Skribba
Lord Skribba 2 months ago
Remove sbmm and this game would be perfect
BakedPotatoVODS 2 months ago
Dude i lost it at "Guys this ladder had fuckin MOVES"
Jack Sindone
Jack Sindone 2 months ago
christopher roberts
christopher roberts 2 months ago
The ladder isn't op, its just a thin target
tyler ledford
tyler ledford 2 months ago
Anyone notice the guy he’s playing with sounds just like marksman?
ryan lapointe
ryan lapointe 2 months ago
cause it is him
ryan lapointe
ryan lapointe 2 months ago
exactly like hiim
IDont LikeTraps
IDont LikeTraps 2 months ago
Zombies,Prop Hunt and Campaign are about the only reasons to get CW
UtsuhoReiuji29 [StarDreamSoulOS64]
UtsuhoReiuji29 [StarDreamSoulOS64] 2 months ago
I’ve heard of ladder stalling, but I’ve never heard of an INVINCIBLE F***KING LADDER!! 🤣
SHgaming 1hunnid
SHgaming 1hunnid 2 months ago
Dude talking bout the ladder made me think soup was playing with em😭😭😂
ceos gamer 016 _
ceos gamer 016 _ 2 months ago
Now this is some good fucking content
MrBall414 2 months ago
fourzero stealin wildcats friends while wildcat hanging with panda😳 jkjk their all friends
Stephen Hollis
Stephen Hollis 2 months ago
aim assist doesn’t exist in this one if you go to turn it off it say that aim assist is always off in multiplayer
Breanna Torres
Breanna Torres 2 months ago
If you do another tik tok reaction, most of the jokes have literally become so dark, its offensive to a lot of people😭🤚 its literally something else now
Pedro Rocha
Pedro Rocha 2 months ago
Google Veterancheats and you will find working chets for Cold War. This is actually a legit website!
WormyBobcat 3
WormyBobcat 3 2 months ago
People playing Cold War: *sees floating prop Also people in Cold War: nothing outta the ordinary here
Little Timmy
Little Timmy 2 months ago
Howdy 91
L00KE 4T5
L00KE 4T5 2 months ago
There's always that one prop 😆
ExoVelcome 2 months ago
scotty dosn't know~
Addictive Gaming
Addictive Gaming 2 months ago
I will literally only buy this game for the china lake and prop hunt. That’s it
fourzer0seven 2 months ago
Well I'm pretty sure prop hunt is only a limited time lol
Nom-Kun 2 months ago
wait ladders regen health wtf thats op
Nom-Kun 2 months ago
@fourzer0seven damn I swear I played the other day and didn’t regen at all. Gotta give it another go then
fourzer0seven 2 months ago
All props
Caden Pommell
Caden Pommell 2 months ago
Dyhjay 2 months ago
Happy Hanukkah Scotty
XquiVo 2 months ago
Hey Scotty where’s the 20 min video we getting for our Christmas gift?😈😈
FuriousGamer 2 months ago
I’m sorry Scotty but really complaining about aimbot. You pc players complain like it’s fucking hacks. Cold Wars aimbot really doesn’t even work
ELIJAH FONDREN 2 months ago
Been chasing a ladder then at 4:38 he shoots an actual later 😭😂
Icedra 4444
Icedra 4444 2 months ago
We need more!
Ken Bladehart
Ken Bladehart 2 months ago
>No one tried Claymore.... but I guess thats killjoy
Ken Bladehart
Ken Bladehart 2 months ago
@fourzer0seven Ouh, is that so? I dont play the game, so I wouldnt know about it
fourzer0seven 2 months ago
You can’t pick a load out, you get what they give you
Travis C
Travis C 2 months ago
The most fun Cold War will ever be.
Stringnerd11 2 months ago is this the new mating call Scotty?
Isaac Gonzo
Isaac Gonzo 2 months ago
So is this actually in the game, or is it modded or something
Sandra no rifa
Sandra no rifa 2 months ago
You can, it’s a new game mode (:
Isaac Gonzo
Isaac Gonzo 2 months ago
Like can i acually play it online with randoms, or is it custom game only
Kampy 22344
Kampy 22344 2 months ago
Moving from literal 18+ asmr stuff to Scotty and Marksman yelling is eye opening
Luca 403
Luca 403 2 months ago
My friending he is the ladder
【Shihai_Ko】 2 months ago
Hi Scotty 👉👈
Christos Margaritis
Christos Margaritis 2 months ago
Plz keep making these
NickyBurgerTV 2 months ago
Kentaro from Wii Sports
Kentaro from Wii Sports 2 months ago
0:05 I’m sorry to be that guy but *mannequin
Echo X
Echo X 2 months ago
So theoretically if I say "Merry Christmas Scotty" I will get a like from scott?
THADZ 2 months ago
5:30 Is that soup? Or does he just watch soup? My friending this ladder my friending is op friending
nick webster
nick webster 2 months ago
Dude as the wheelbarrow was spinning and I kept hearing "do a barrow roll" lol
BullyBacon987 2 months ago
Just bought cold war today, definitely gonna play this XD
Mega Gamer62808
Mega Gamer62808 2 months ago
Is this a actual gamemod this is sick now i want to play it
Goose 2 months ago
I did the lock in place in the air in cod ww2 it was great
Dumoney 2 months ago
Godspeed to whoever was the pink commentary in the lobby chat
Shadow Force
Shadow Force 2 months ago
Am I the only one getting 2014 flashbacks to CoD4 MW prop hunt?
CloakerSnake 2 months ago
"Scotty gonna grab that booty"still haunts me to this day
Christian Walker
Christian Walker 2 months ago
Thank gosh finally ive been waiting for u guys to try this out😂
Dayland Wolf
Dayland Wolf 2 months ago
negate the stun so it wont stack it will only reset the stun
StarKiller9909 2 months ago
There is no aim assist on controller. It makes it interesting
KevinGreeneFawx 2 months ago
I gotta do more prop hunt on this game! These kids are blind as hell! XD
That one dorky kid
That one dorky kid 2 months ago
I was just playing earlier lmao. Found a ladder ontop of a bus, killed his ass.
El Gordo
El Gordo 2 months ago
The dude as pink captions definitely watches Soup
Practically Seth
Practically Seth 2 months ago
5:29 this guy watches soup or mcnastyw
JuicyHarambe16 Month ago
Bro that was the best
THADZ 2 months ago
You Poo snap?
THADZ 2 months ago
HHahah My Friending
Practically Seth
Practically Seth 2 months ago
I think they might have to make the spaces in the ladder part of the hitbox. Cause they have to hit one of the little lines to get hit markers
Miah J.
Miah J. 2 months ago
This was great
Jacob Elsenbrook
Jacob Elsenbrook 2 months ago
that one guy was pretty funny
ImSanti 2 months ago
360 + ladder = unkillable
Dat_Sik _Cty
Dat_Sik _Cty 2 months ago
Scotty and marksman make some very entertaining videos 📹 👌
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 2 months ago
DeadKing507 2 months ago
Evan playing Gmod Prop Hunt as a bottle
RT Wiles
RT Wiles 2 months ago
That moment when you hear a GOONS reference in someone else's video.
RT Wiles
RT Wiles 2 months ago
@Phineos 5:29
Phineos 2 months ago
Edgelord-senpai 2 months ago
That took me a hot second, but it made me spit drink everywhere when I realized. 🤣
Blood Space marine
Blood Space marine 2 months ago
Yeah I thought I was the only one who understood that reference
A.i 2 months ago
I have been playing so much prop hunt since last night
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez 2 months ago
Just got off work and love that i can relax and laugh with Scotty and his friends 😂.
jack armstrong
jack armstrong 2 months ago
Try win a game of prop hunt with standing still u always have to be moving
Jay 2 months ago
A sat here for like 5 minutes like "was that McNasty and dudes sayin My friend with that accent"....... swear I'm pondering to high for this haha
Dede Kurniawan
Dede Kurniawan 2 months ago
Thomas ladder
Braden Green
Braden Green 2 months ago
Still waiting for that 20+ min video for Christmas Scotty.
bonnie Month ago
@peyton hicks that is scientifically impossible unless scotty wants to
peyton hicks
peyton hicks Month ago
@fourzer0seven he wants a 20 min video
fourzer0seven 2 months ago
James McCleaster
James McCleaster 2 months ago
you guys made me laugh to death happy Christmas
Tone Rallings
Tone Rallings 2 months ago
Marksman was always a 'step' ahead
ZxE_MemezRDreams 2 months ago
Knife to meet you
Knife to meet you 2 months ago
This is most likely the only time we've seen them actually have fun with CW's MP.
John 'Soap' Mactavish
John 'Soap' Mactavish 2 months ago
@Swimmy marksman is bias as hell
Swimmy 2 months ago
marksman constantly talks about how he loves the cold war multiplayer and thinks its way overhated by the community
hua 2 months ago
@The Darkness Zombies is okay, I wouldn’t call it good though. The EE didn’t feel rewarding and the HUD is overwhelming
The Darkness
The Darkness 2 months ago
@John 'Soap' Mactavish in Multiplayer perhaps, zombies and campaign are good
John 'Soap' Mactavish
John 'Soap' Mactavish 2 months ago
Oof, because CW is mediocre COD game
Hilarious Turtle
Hilarious Turtle 2 months ago
Great video as always. Have a great Christmas homie
Landen Battista
Landen Battista 2 months ago
Wait is this an actual mode in the game?!
fourzer0seven 2 months ago
Kjmllc gaming
Kjmllc gaming 2 months ago
How many retards does it take to kill a ladder? We found out today in this video
Mvpickens 2 months ago
I'm convinced slappy cheeks was just soup with a voice changer
JD 439
JD 439 2 months ago
The thing was he sounded like soup when he made the G00ns reference
Jackie Leong
Jackie Leong 2 months ago
The thing that really sucks about this game mode is that you always get too many big props such as the arcade machine on the mall map or a tank’s wheels on garrison don’t you think?
Shone Boot
Shone Boot 2 months ago
It’s nice to see prop hunt in CoD again. Is this an actual game mode or just a mod?
Green Sniper
Green Sniper 2 months ago
Its a game mode, hope it stays :)
Hammerd Walrus
Hammerd Walrus 2 months ago
The ladders really "Rung" y'all out.
Mike Mena
Mike Mena 2 months ago
Oh my God prop Hunt is going to be so much fun when I got online this it's more funny when Scotty and Marksman play hit 😂😂
Wyatt Schultz
Wyatt Schultz 2 months ago
Great video, keep up with this stuff!
fourzer0seven 2 months ago
Thanks :)
ツKloqss 2 months ago
Hope you had a good day Scotty !
RustyJay117 2 months ago
Do more of these!!! + everyone is going to use the ladder now....
Kozuki Oden
Kozuki Oden 2 months ago
@RustyJay117 trust me it doesn’t props like the ladder and the reed on nuketown are op
RustyJay117 2 months ago
@Hyphen Frox that sucks
Raven TheShill
Raven TheShill 2 months ago
The ladder is just as rigged as the game its in 😂
YTW 2 months ago
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz 2 months ago
mr. fluffycheks
mr. fluffycheks 2 months ago
1:46 When scotty turns into a valkirie (the other option wa a biiiit to racist XD)
A doggo
A doggo 2 months ago
As a Native American I give you permission lol.
CarlosSSJ9K 2 months ago
I forgot that Call of Duty has prop hunt
NickyBurgerTV 2 months ago
So much fun!! I just made a video so great!!!
eef :3
eef :3 2 months ago
but this “ladder” is “unkillable” *LOGIC 100* to a normal person this may seem weird lol
Among Us but we get killstreaks...
Dream kills TommyInnit in DreamSMP PRISON
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