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Nicole A.
Nicole A. 2 days ago
Remember in 2016 when dressing up as clowns and scaring people was a thing 😂😐
Karen Wise
Karen Wise 3 days ago
That. Was. Funny. C. J
Christopher Leyba
Christopher Leyba 3 days ago
hi my name is lourdes and im on my nephew phone watching you which i enjoyvery much😁! and i experience that all the time and one day my nephew out if convo had mentioned the same thing happens to him, he looked it up on google and it mentions about being a slider look it up its a trip
Paul Humphries
Paul Humphries 5 days ago
Last video I get duped into watching
アリPrincess 5 days ago
No one: Cjs car screen: omargoshtv- I recorded myself keeping in hau...
DONKIN DONUTS 5 days ago
Patricia Henar
Patricia Henar 7 days ago
14:23 CJ:" look at this little thing here." Jasko would say "look at this placebo." 😆
Jamie McCauley
Jamie McCauley 9 days ago
It was ducks not a laugh.
Debbie Stinnett
Debbie Stinnett 9 days ago
Scary? Freak you out? No, nothing close! Just ....nothing!
Michael Dominguez
Michael Dominguez 9 days ago
Hey CJ was this before or after the hotel in Vegas video?!
Scott Groth
Scott Groth 9 days ago
CJ, you ever stop to think, when you say someone looks sketchy for checking you out, that they're thinking the same about these 2 strange guys in a honda with a camera (you and Dillan)???? Especially when you're bouncing back and forth between parking spaces looking like you're casing a place to rob or something????
Jamal Whitmore
Jamal Whitmore 9 days ago
When he said I’m sure he gets laid a lot I was crying
Keto4Life -
Keto4Life - 10 days ago
Choose marijuana for your intent
Hobowizard21 10 days ago
When I heard CJ say "I'm sure he gets laid a lot, *shakes his head*" I laughed my eyes out!!!!
Patricia Edwards
Patricia Edwards 10 days ago
suitcases/backpacks/Martians/ fairy tales
Nikii Fowler
Nikii Fowler 10 days ago
Says he hasn't had luck with the intent of "money" but when just looking around somewhere he finds a shoe with a crap ton of coins in it in a port a potty
Witchy Lady
Witchy Lady 10 days ago
Hey CJ street lights are on a timer , they go off periodically lol 😅 ❤️❤️
BLAKHARTZZ 10 days ago
They are probably fans of yours hoping to talk to you and now they don't want to cuz you are calling them weird
m 11 days ago
Melinda Ingram
Melinda Ingram 11 days ago
love the color of that hoodie cj
Steven Lind
Steven Lind 12 days ago
Kim Cordwell
Kim Cordwell 12 days ago
Love the sweatshirt CJ is wearing
Jack 13 days ago
@cj maybe when you get to the spot that been generated you should google to see if anything has happen there in the last day or to might help piece together what happed.
Stoney Drew
Stoney Drew 14 days ago
this dude is a drama queen
Neal Washburn
Neal Washburn 14 days ago
It's pennywise the dancing clown
TheArtBox 14 days ago
I can totally see CJ and SONNY doing a randonotica adventure, it would be hilarious and so funny.
Charlene Stoldt
Charlene Stoldt 14 days ago
And it's ok Cj, not everyone should have kids or pets. My daughter is 30 & knows she doesn't want kids,& people ask her why she doesn't have a litter, she just says that's not for me. My son has 4 kids ( 2 are his biological ) and he loves it & is an amazing father & husband, very proud momma of both my kids!
Charlene Stoldt
Charlene Stoldt 14 days ago
I love Waffle House!!!! I use to work there & met the love of my life there!!
JLA.eXtEnDeD 15 days ago
holly heck u actually found a clown!!!! thats freaky as 🤡🤡🤡🤡
JLA.eXtEnDeD 15 days ago
oh no cj.. u hate clowns lol
John Mc
John Mc 15 days ago
That laugh at 56:50 or so sounded just like this creepy robot clown I had in the 70’s
Novice Price
Novice Price 15 days ago
We have people that clean trash off the side of the road. They sit it till a truck comes back to collect it.
Novice Price
Novice Price 15 days ago
Coins for the ferry man for your toll across river stix
Novice Price
Novice Price 15 days ago
Maybe a filament is dieing
Big Tiddeh Goth Girl
Big Tiddeh Goth Girl 16 days ago
Im 25 (going to 26 this year) and I dont have kids. Im just not ready for it. Plus alot of responsibilities too.
Brittany Ericsson
Brittany Ericsson 16 days ago
Sometimes car lights that are set to high or bump in the road that makes your car lights go up can turn the lights off because they are set to off at daylight.
Naomi Selena Postma
Naomi Selena Postma 16 days ago
Well, when you guys were at the playground and found the (child's) watch and you had dark secret as intent I immediately thought about maybe that someone lost their kid at that playground. Or maybe in the past there were a lot of kids whom got missing at that place or something. Or maybe there was a child serial killer or anything, or someone who kidnapps kids over there
Geri Anne
Geri Anne 16 days ago
This will be fun to watch because I've seen all of yours. I will comment later on your conclusion. I had thought this about a UK guy ExplorewithFighters. He has a channel here. Well in watching yours and is some twisted people and the game is truly nefarious and dark. How much darker you want it you get it!
Geri Anne
Geri Anne 16 days ago
Go to Maine and play there around the Ft. Knox Area. Verona Island.
cathy dodd
cathy dodd 16 days ago
I’ve seen coins on a lot of graves over the years.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 17 days ago
speaking of kids if anyone here is a parent or guardian please treat your kid or kids with respect and be patient with them and don't abuse them in anyway
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 17 days ago
i can relate with cj on the kids thing i'm 27 also and am not a father either i'd like to be someday maybe if i meet the right person to have them with but for now i am single and childless
Maisi Oneal
Maisi Oneal 17 days ago
Okay but I am SO EXCITED to watch this video bc I live in laurel!!!
Maisi Oneal
Maisi Oneal 17 days ago
But in the beginning of the video you were in town of laurel, it’s just a lot of traffic all through out the night they people would never hurt you 😂
Kristina Shelton/Burns
Kristina Shelton/Burns 17 days ago
Maybe u should look up the history on the addresses to these places maybe that will give u more insite!!??Also i love those calendars i collect them thats sooo cool!!!!!!
Sheri Coley
Sheri Coley 17 days ago
The app could have people on twitter telling you what to pick. Do it on your own and see what happens
Sheri Coley
Sheri Coley 17 days ago
I don't understand, you say you do haunted graveyards but in this one you say you don't know anything about them.
Rick Hunt
Rick Hunt 17 days ago
Sheri Coley
Sheri Coley 17 days ago
The lights are motion sensor so when cars get close it turns on so they can see then they get away it goes off to save energy. All our street lights do it
Pamela Whiteside
Pamela Whiteside 17 days ago
Cj u always have me in fits of laughter u are so funny
Judy Torgerson
Judy Torgerson 17 days ago
Someone at the cemetery is probably named Money, or Bill.
Kevin Schell
Kevin Schell 17 days ago
As for kids when it's time it will happen.
Kevin Schell
Kevin Schell 17 days ago
What a mess lol . Maybe you'll find a pair of pants & some new shoes. Good luck , I have no luck. A little at first but , early this morning no luck randonauticaing .
elizabeth kusce
elizabeth kusce 17 days ago
Here I’ll say it for you bank of Montreal yes they are shit lol.
Desie Mendenhall
Desie Mendenhall 18 days ago
lol I love that the lights keep going off. Every time my daughter and I drive past the cemetery in our town the lights go off one at a time as we pass them so that the street becomes really dark.
W A R R I O R - - P O E T
W A R R I O R - - P O E T 18 days ago
"WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS SHOWN TO BE THE MAP'S CENTER" once more, as it was told before, with notorious finds placed in torrid lines - nothing you see in places of reach shall evermore bring less horror, sent to seek.. this adapted, random 'beast' is more than most know, but not from retreat; that one fact is an episode, black & represents lifetimes you view, not intact.. cannot the darker world, following high, plot where you drive, then dare why you're alive - connected by wire & continuing in dire : consequence hidden in sight, blind of fire.. eventually, it gives you what to learn, but drips the clues through the flames that cause your burns - that intent is the one, unchosen, to all expending the total cost, closed in.. your team may grow over time, very slow, and never dispose a true answer, imposed.. the picks and destined effects, so done, are bruises to reckon with, and damage to stun - tomorrow and nightly, it gives what you are & glimpse into windows showing at least not too far.. the makers of devious tales are geared & keep attentions by placing them near.. none visible, directly, is ever said, clear, for what you are doing is built of fear - no possible escape, in that moment, it comes to & after enough success it allowed you; the final gameboard is written by you, every experience that gives what you're into & behind the curtains, an army awaits, readily fashioned as clones sent, before you.. belief does not form the shell bringing your hell, as denials or doubts make nothing, ill or well - in the end, your doppleganger closes down all sides & includes into numbers, sent others whom ride - claiming a score of more, lost to the riptide; a value not cared for, when the living comes, terrified..!! ~WarriorPoet~
Witchy Lady
Witchy Lady 19 days ago
Lol street lights are on timers they do that here to ..❣️😊
Hellzdoll 19 days ago
Lights turn off when they need to be changed. They will go on and off. Sometimes it is an overheating thing. Where they turn off to cool off and its a safety feature. It is totally normal thought so don’t freak out 😃
Tiffany Patton
Tiffany Patton 19 days ago
with the graveyard
Tiffany Patton
Tiffany Patton 19 days ago
CJ you said because sometime there is motive behind there sometime it's money.
Toni Johnson
Toni Johnson 20 days ago
The lights have a sensor on them. Your headlights or the light from the camera are making it seem like daylight therefore shutting off the lights
TheShagdog1313 20 days ago
16:50 c.j. kids? You cant even walk right, how can you have kids when you cant walk right? LoL just kidding c.j. you will be a great father. I have one kid I fall all the time. 🤣🤣🤣 Love the videos c.j. your the best.
Janice Torres
Janice Torres 20 days ago
I can walk under then and they will either explode or go out
Janice Torres
Janice Torres 20 days ago
Boston Strangler
Janice Torres
Janice Torres 20 days ago
Please work with. Strange or serial killers Al Capon
Janice Torres
Janice Torres 20 days ago
Oh know another Waffle house freak Im one too but at my house I could eat them 24/7
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker 20 days ago
It's a duck
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker 20 days ago
I miss your haunted vids.
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker 20 days ago
I miss your haunted vids
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards 20 days ago
Lights are on timers
This is my second time watching this video. I thought that I missed something.
Who let the dogs out? woof woof woof growl. Oh I guess that was a vehicle on the road and not a growl. Yep, some hot rodder.
CJ, you’re so hilarious. You’re like a gift that never stops giving. One surprise after another.
I would’ve sh*t my pants if that funeral homes doors opened after you were yelling “Hey Bennie, You open?”
Criminal activity can be the trash bag. The prison guys were out on Friday picking up trash on the side of the road. They have guards watching them from their vehicles.
CJ, you probably don’t realize that you have a virtual girlfriend in your car. Please fasten seatbelt. It’s like you can hear that bell 🛎 in your head and in your sleep.
CJ, it’s a child’s treasure box.
CJ, even if a place is semi lighted, a flashlight 🔦 beam can reflect on something shiny or something or other.
CJ, some 409 or shout will clean your jeans with no problem.
NEWARK767 21 day ago
@16:57 Instant Karma for talking smack! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏼
NEWARK767 21 day ago
CJ is gonna have some serious PTSD after all them street lights. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
NEWARK767 21 day ago
The exact way how CJ explained this app and you guys are still playing it at night. And the other 2 cars in the parking lot with them they're most likely playing the same game sketching each other out...... I guarantee you the same thing that CJ's saying while he is in his car driving through the parking lot, Those 2 other cars are saying the same thing about you guys. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Evan Wattam
Evan Wattam 22 days ago
CJ I’m 27 and have a 5 year old son so I must say how happy I was when you busted ass right after saying that! But love you bro stay safe 😂
Malitha Mortensen
Malitha Mortensen 22 days ago
If your on the east coast have you thought about useing this app to find big foot or any other legends like it
Turid Kjønvik
Turid Kjønvik 22 days ago
Have you heard about,the seriar killer,who killed peopel like an Klovn ?That was in 1962 He killed dogs and peopel
Turid Kjønvik
Turid Kjønvik 22 days ago
Many peopel,like Animals better than Human I greatfuel for my Son,he is my Life But a cat or two,is better or a man And we hav a good life,if we have a good work and pay the bells self Thats the life
Dawn 23 days ago
Dude ya'll have nerves of steal. I enjoy your video and actually feel that adrenaline as your doing your thing. Keep it up till we or you figure out this crap! I'd offer ya to come to Michigan an stay but you really don't want to do this app around this town, can ya guess which one it north of Detroit I'll give ya that much. 🤔
Sadie Mullen
Sadie Mullen 23 days ago
i think he would make a fantastic dad. no offense
Melinda Worrell
Melinda Worrell 23 days ago
Usually there are garbage bags from either inmates or city workers picking up trash and putting in bags, then garbage truck picks them up.
Wendy Swingle
Wendy Swingle 24 days ago
maybe the last name money
Susan Wollner
Susan Wollner 24 days ago
My Grandfather-in-law was a Zor Shriner clown and drove those tiny cars around for all parade events. A friend from high school is a Zor Shriner clown and has the same clown name. Chuckles the Clown.
Robin Curtis
Robin Curtis 24 days ago
Be careful, there could be a meth lab back there.
Ambragino Vincenzo Dominick
Ambragino Vincenzo Dominick 24 days ago
it's your energy same thing happens to me pretty much everyone in my family going to under light or by the street light it goes out goes back on we going to the store grocery store and you will go on aisle and they'll be no one in there turn around a minute later it's packed with people that weren't there a minute ago I had a lot of that in my family psychics psycho kinesis psychic sensitives but anyways yeah it's like Sunny is your protector he doesn't subconsciously without even knowing like you noticed a lot at the farm where you would go separate from here like when you went and did your own little thing in there and your sister was there and your sister mentioned that he was here you know they didn't like him being that I want him gone cuz he protected you and when you went in there do the ghost box every time you were like separated from someone you were by yourself you look like you were a trans like you're mesmerized and they always catch you like disoriented and discombobulated because that's how they want to cling to you that's why they always attacked sunny cuz he didn't want him there because he was protecting you never anyways I just wanted to get that out I've been watching you since you started your channel it's awesome big UPS much respect God bless and golly gee much love
Diana CHAMBERS 24 days ago
Dawg dawg dawg.....omg so annoying and had nothing to do with the intention. You say we don't call you stupid.....
Marianne Abraham
Marianne Abraham 24 days ago
In the spot where you found that box that looks like a book with the watch could be from a missing childs that got kidnapped or killed or something.keep in mind where that spot was just in case it could be for something really important ok.stay safe be careful.god bless you.i love your videos.i am a big fan of yours From Michigan
Happy Savage
Happy Savage 25 days ago
When you were at that place, with the clown calendar, it sounded like, in the distance, a woman screaming for her life to be spared. Thought I'd...tell you that.
Happy Savage
Happy Savage 25 days ago
Police investigators, and private eyes, could solve cases and such, using this app, honestly. It's a theory of mine I just came up with too.
Happy Savage
Happy Savage 25 days ago
Those two SUV's...could be a secret meeting, involving a homicide. Honestly, in my realistic opinion.
Evan B
Evan B 25 days ago
And bro bro , just some advice , this whole randonautica series is starting to get ridiculous .. because 90 percent of the time, it makes u look paranoid and trying to make a connection with the most random and simple things lol. Sometimes you guys find some cool stuff but it's the other 90 percent thag is kinda of embarrassing lol. I think you should go back to doing paranormal videos. Just a word of advice though, :P
Evan B
Evan B 25 days ago
Damn CJ.. reading comments on your videos, I've realized you have a lot of haters lol..
Tammy whynot
Tammy whynot 25 days ago
Street lights will shut off if they get too hot. I googled this, street light turning off are normal. Why do street lights turn off randomly? As the pressure gets higher, more voltage is required to keep the electrical current going, and eventually the streetlight kicks out. When it cools down sufficiently, the gas condenses and the voltage is sufficient once more. The streetlight turns on, only to turn off again when it heats too much.
Khalyཧཧ •༅࿔《『A Song of Nerds and Writers』》•༅࿔
Khalyཧཧ •༅࿔《『A Song of Nerds and Writers』》•༅࿔ 25 days ago
My aunt has a lot of those false books around our house. They’re really fun to hide things in. No one even thinks about searching them generally. That looks like it’s in good condition, despite being outside. And that watch looks pretty old, compared to the “book” itself. Little sketchy. That’s a child’s watch, too. I can tell because it’s small enough to be too big for my wrist (and I actually have to wear kids watches often, because I’m built like a 12 year old - yes it’s confusing when people learn I’m 30.) Intent wise: what if the dark secret is, that was left there because the child was grabbed and dropped it? Maybe that belonged to some sort of child victim. I would of taken it and done a spirit box with it, just to see if there was a connection made to the items. Perhaps shed some light on a missing person’s case.
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