The Hottie And The Nottie: A Disgusting Paris Hilton Film

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Elle H
Elle H Day ago
This made me feel so ugly and awful. I mean like... wow, this is such a terrible movie! Also, it doesn't help that only two real ugly people are the two male main characters, not only they mean, sexist, leaning towards pedos, and rude, but they also look like shit! One has a bowl cut! Also, the lesson personality matters more than looks doesn't work either, because you know one glaring problem? Paris Hilton's character isn't mean in this! Usually, these movies have the girl/guy the main character is pining after be a huge asshole, but Paris isn't mean in this at all she actually roots for the guy going back to the stereotypical "pretty" girl. Even if Yohan was a piece of shit, he wasn't as big a piece of shit as Nate was! This movie couldn't even the generic lesson well. This movie sucks!
Aiden Ginger
Aiden Ginger 2 days ago
Yo why you calling me out like that bruh, starting the video saying “Stephanie”
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 2 days ago
You just made me buy some damn Gfuel with your 30% off. Goddammit. 🤣🤣
CJ brewer
CJ brewer 2 days ago
I really hope the fans who shirts got picked are also getting some of the revenue
Zack Karma
Zack Karma 3 days ago
This film makes being ugly seem like such a blessing tho, despite all the bullying, she isnt being stalked by creeps or ogled
SuperChelsea29 3 days ago
So I tacked my crush like you said and em she screamed called the police and now has some virus or something wierd
Mister Justice
Mister Justice 4 days ago
I've tried so hard to get into this channel but I just can't decide if I like this dude or not.
Catastropheshe 5 days ago
6:35 I just say I *was* eating...
Catastropheshe 5 days ago
1:10 that's like 30 noises 🤣
Catastropheshe 5 days ago
0:37 we all know what she was famous for 😏😏😏
【WONDERLAND】 7 days ago
I really don't like movies like this, that make fun of ugly people being born a certain way (even though June is just unhygienic). You should teach teenagers that ugliness isn't in a mirror and it's the personality that counts, not garbage like this.
Caitlin Snowfrost
Caitlin Snowfrost 10 days ago
"Ugly" June isn't even that ugly, she just needs a bath. They could've at least given her *some* sort of prominent feature that doesn't go away post-makeover. Hell, I'd settle for "she wears glasses and the glasses *don't* come off".
Chi Fang
Chi Fang 10 days ago
Am I the only person who thought the younger and older version of nottie was still adorable in her own way? It's not hard to just ignore someone's "ugliness", I've had chances to talk to a lot of "hot popular kids" multiple times throughout my school career, and besides being basic friends with them I've never had a certain pull towards people just for their features. Seriously why does everything have to be superficial just be funny and nice and that's good enough for anyone with a brain
Eleftheria Louiza Lagoudaki
Eleftheria Louiza Lagoudaki 11 days ago
Can anybody tell me: why USpostsrs belch in their videos ? Its fucking disgusting 🤢 . Ps I love bionic pig 🐽 but this is awful
AstroYash Senpai
AstroYash Senpai 11 days ago
i saw this while eating food. Yeah i ate snack early
Chux 12 days ago
June grew hair in 3 weeks. Mad.
Skitty Beeper
Skitty Beeper 13 days ago
Honestly the ugly best friend stereotype isn’t that inaccurate I mean have you seen two pretty best friends
Lusus Naturae
Lusus Naturae 12 days ago
@Skitty Beeper It isn't but go off I guess
Skitty Beeper
Skitty Beeper 12 days ago
@Lusus Naturae lies
Lusus Naturae
Lusus Naturae 12 days ago
solmon no
solmon no 13 days ago
words are noises
DeludedDesktopAlien 14 days ago
I love your ads if you did ads I would definitely buy the ads shit
Ian Strong
Ian Strong 14 days ago
Who can even really remember first grade all that well?
solisium 14 days ago
Putrid toe nails in your mouth. Every time that you see toes remember that. Now you’re cured from the fetish. You’re welcome 🤮
EclipseSeth 15 days ago
This movie is like an alien making a movie trying to shout: LOOK, I KNOW HOW NORMAL HUMANS FEEL AND ACT! ISN'T THAT SOOOOO HUMAN?
EclipseSeth 15 days ago
Even the girls' relationship is all messed up. Whoever wrote and directed this movie must have never had any relationship at all.
brisa 15 days ago
wow i never realized why this movie got low ratings until now it’s brutal
Cloverblossomed 15 days ago
Wow. Nate is a terrible person.
Allen Xav
Allen Xav 15 days ago
I literally had to paws this video to finish eating
jezzy x
jezzy x 16 days ago
Paris is average just wears lots of makeup and had surgery expensive beauty treatments etc. Also nail infections can occur even with good hygiene since those who clean or use water a lot can get fungus infections too. Its a dumb movie for dumbed down audiences.
Cookie 4811
Cookie 4811 16 days ago
the foot part started and I thought you were suddenly broken. I was concerned.
Young MC
Young MC 16 days ago
This movie came out in 2008. That means this movie is not only as bad as it is, but it has to compete with: Doubt Waltz with Bashir The Dark Knight Bronson Synecdoche, New York Kung Fu Panda Iron Man Milk Slum dog Millionaire The Wrestler Role Models Lake Mungo Burn After Reading Food Inc Clover field In Bruges The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Body of Lies Gran Torino Pineapple Express Tropic Thunder Speed Racer The Incredible Hulk Hancock Hellboy II Revolutionary Road Changeling Martyrs Wall-E Hunger Just... wow. This movie was no doubt in the running for worst film of 2008.
Ben Surrwy
Ben Surrwy 16 days ago
Oh god and I used to watch this as a 6 year old
Maryanne Dzvonik
Maryanne Dzvonik 17 days ago
Kind of reminds me of "there's something about Mary" but this is more creepy
knee-chan 17 days ago
Oh my god...why did i watched this when i was a chilled. Why did this was shown in my country? And why i didn't realized how disgusting this film is and why did i though it was funny? Why, just why...
The Awesome Game Box
The Awesome Game Box 17 days ago
nanny mcphee vibes...just me? okay..
- Niks0ro -
- Niks0ro - 17 days ago
Hey bro, you ever seen DUFF? It’s the same kinda concept. Kinda
Grayve Rose
Grayve Rose 17 days ago
The fact that its the guy from Grandma's Boy who dresses like Neo and acts like a robot, might make this worth watching
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 17 days ago
This is just such a weird premise for a movie.
Ann Giddings
Ann Giddings 18 days ago
I saw this when I was a kid 😳
Loading Mikke
Loading Mikke 18 days ago
4:50 he's just started using social media before it was cool.
Emily 18 days ago
oh no it's the taming of the shrew. oh no. I'm sorry Shakespeare
Guy Moore
Guy Moore 18 days ago
If a girl was having all those problems why didn't she go to the doctor
Echos 18 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks Paris Hilton isn't even _slightly_ attractive? If anything I'd say she's kind of unattractive. She's too...I dunno, angular? Yet people seem to act like she's hot, I don't get it. Plus who she is inside isn't too attractive either 😑
Asia Palmer
Asia Palmer 18 days ago
this movie inspired The Duff except awful
hanna w
hanna w 19 days ago
Lmao I remember this movie 🤣
Soldier 19 days ago
This is sick
•w• yass
•w• yass 20 days ago
1:13 when you've been playing The sims for too long
Please Don't Feed The
Please Don't Feed The 20 days ago
Sir...that was a series of noises. To be fair, so is that movie.
Decay 20 days ago
The Boring Life
The Boring Life 20 days ago
I can’t believe that got me.. respect but also🖕🏻
Experience the blessings Of nature
Experience the blessings Of nature 21 day ago
June is kinda cute
Miss Muffin
Miss Muffin 21 day ago
This is bad even for early 2000s standards
Bumblefritz 21 day ago
Review of this movie in one word: "Æugh"
Dorin Loubel
Dorin Loubel 22 days ago
"I ain't never seen 2 pretty best friends, one of them always gotta be ugly"
lavars 22 days ago
Doing a contest for an art piece and the winning price was only 100$?
ur mom
ur mom 22 days ago
you look good in that hairstyle doe
Martine Van loon
Martine Van loon 22 days ago
How did I get sucked into this lol
RPGLover87 22 days ago
With Paris spilling wine on her dress and farting I expected the Inverse Law to be coming into effect and thought the idea was as June was becoming more attractive it was dragging Paris down to a more average-looking person. That would have been more interesting, to end the movie with a balanced scale where both women are neither supermodels or ogres, just normal people stripped of the aspects that made people think of them as cartoon characters.
Stephanie 22 days ago
Omg why does he know me in the first 2 second of the video 😳
CHKNSkratch 23 days ago
the hottie, the nottie, and the thottie, the sequel to the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Soledad Cano
Soledad Cano 23 days ago
I wish I looked like Paris Hilton.
Alexis Perry
Alexis Perry 24 days ago Come già più volte accennato, le caratteristiche chiave della struttura del progetto sono state oggettivamente riviste dalle autorità competenti. Le caratteristiche chiave della struttura del progetto sono considerate esclusivamente nel contesto dei prerequisiti finanziari e di marketing. Nel tentativo di migliorare la qualità della vita, dimenticano che la convinzione di alcuni oppositori offre ampie opportunità per lo sviluppo graduale e coerente della società. Improvvisamente, gli elementi del processo politico sono ambigui e saranno funzionalmente suddivisi in elementi indipendenti.😍 もちろん、最新の開発手法では、最優先の要件を分析する必要があります。考えるべきことがあります:大企業の株主は説明を求められます! 現在の国際情勢を考慮して、一部の反対者の信念は、優先要件を開発するための重要なタスクを実行することを可能にします!生活の質を向上させるための彼らの探求において、彼らは専門家のチームの連帯が標準的なアプローチの関連性を確実にすることを忘れています。
Erin 24 days ago
is it just me or does Nate kinda look like the guy from ratatouille
Sciallo Life - Fruitorsch
Sciallo Life - Fruitorsch 24 days ago
I can understand having a picture of a girl you liked when you were a kid, but the "hotter every year"? Nah fam. Go away.
Rebecca M
Rebecca M 24 days ago
Paris looks so hot in this film, such a bombshell.
Iqqy Hassan
Iqqy Hassan 24 days ago
Could you react to the movie Wieners.
Kiki Pacheco
Kiki Pacheco 24 days ago
B.F.A is a song baby...get your facts straight before trying to drag her
Can't talk right now brain go bzz
Can't talk right now brain go bzz 24 days ago
Off-topic but Bionic's hairstyle gives me season 4 AoT Jean but dyed blue. I love it.
Violet Starfirix
Violet Starfirix 25 days ago
Who asked for this movie? I don't get it why did they think the world needed this movie??
OpqHMg 25 days ago
I regret watching this video so hard ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg
Asna B
Asna B 25 days ago
i remember this movie
Hazeydaze22 25 days ago
So the winner got $100, but how much did you earn off their design?
Eli Taylor
Eli Taylor 25 days ago
Psa: HATING on Paris hilton makes you clinically ugly and NOT hot!😍🙈‼️
Anhela Anhela
Anhela Anhela 25 days ago
"Guys don't act like this" As a woman, I can say boy you're so wrong.
Sui Generid
Sui Generid 22 days ago
@Null_IG22 it's fine ♥
Null_IG22 22 days ago
@Sui Generid No. I dont. And if its ok with you id like to so that I can support anyone whos been through this better. However, I shouldnt have been so sharp and so unwilling to hear you out because it made it look like I was against you. Instead its just ive had this occour a LOT (like...a lot) so I kinda just snap into "oh for fuck sake" mode before hearing where they stand on the situation. Thats not fair to start it up that way, and I apologise for my tone.
Sui Generid
Sui Generid 22 days ago
@Null_IG22 oh I think you don't understand me. There are SOME man, not all of them, who like to stalk girl and follow her. Do you know what kind of experience you get if you are blonde girl in Turkey?
Null_IG22 22 days ago
@Sui Generid Ok id like to do a thought exercise. If I called you either a sandwich maker or a baby maker what magic word comes to mind? Sexist right? And that would be fair. The definition of sexism is judging someone on their gender, not judging women. Its not fair for women in society, yes I agree. Im on your fucking team so please...let us be allys please. Im on your team...oh and dont even pull any cards cause im an ace who doesnt want to sorry but ive literally put a similar point on this already
Sui Generid
Sui Generid 22 days ago
They do act like that and stalk you...
Patrick Kelmer
Patrick Kelmer 25 days ago
This movie looks like a fake trailer one might see in a South Park or Family Guy episode
Bradley Russo
Bradley Russo 25 days ago
Ohhh god, I usually avoid negative reviews but this must've been quite an undertaking and I admire you for doing this, I rant about stuff like this in private only, but it warms my heart to see someone else expressing it. When I see movies like this I get legit outraged for a minute, like, "HOW??.. NYAAAH! GRRRR!". And on the reals, I didn't even watch this one (yet😬). Cheers! ヾ( ◉ ᴗ◉)
Aya Almaghrabi
Aya Almaghrabi 25 days ago
Damn I should've had a crush in 1st grade now I'll be single forever
Aya Almaghrabi
Aya Almaghrabi 25 days ago
Damn I should've had a crush in 1st grade now I'll be single forever
Frames Can Talk
Frames Can Talk 25 days ago
I remember watching this movie in my childhood and my 12 year old mind was disgusted by the hero when he started to love June after the makeover.
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols 25 days ago
Paris looks like a Male to female transgender who is starting to become more obvious after these last years.
Antonia Cowan
Antonia Cowan 26 days ago
Everyone in this movie is gross
Lexa A
Lexa A 26 days ago
At 1:53
Lexa A
Lexa A 26 days ago
And again at 2:49.. Great descriptions I love it
Accidental Warrior
Accidental Warrior 26 days ago
Omg another youtuber with my hair! My hair colour! lol.
Ayah F
Ayah F 26 days ago
You remind me of Patrick Dempsey
Aamu Aurora
Aamu Aurora 26 days ago
I watched this movie when I was a child on HBO, late at night when sick. To this day I thought it was a fever dream.
Caitlin is tired
Caitlin is tired 26 days ago
Oh my god I completely forgot this movie existed why did child me watch it
Sofía González
Sofía González 26 days ago
Me and my best friend are equally ugly :c
Weronika 26 days ago
you look like my brother wait I don't have a brother
Potato Butt
Potato Butt 26 days ago
My name is Stephany and I thought I imagined the intro-
Compel Red
Compel Red 26 days ago
Are you ComcernedApe's alter ego?
J Stone
J Stone 26 days ago
Who were the script writers? They should not be allowed to join any union or guild representing the arts. This film is a crime against humanity.
GeFeHeDe 26 days ago
G fuel is shit, it's all about that gamer supps.
Chelsea Bangs
Chelsea Bangs 26 days ago
Really tried to watch this but that constantly crying sounding voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
six likesgore
six likesgore 27 days ago
1:13 - when i make a new sim in the sims creation section and start giving them weird outfits.
aaml05 27 days ago
"if youre ugly, just be attractive!" is EVERY ugly to attractive transformation movie's moral ever
Blake Braswell
Blake Braswell 27 days ago
Ngl kid Nate was so adorable his reactions made me laugh more than anything
Peep z
Peep z 27 days ago
Sure Shane Dawson directed this 🤣
MarzMonkey 27 days ago
So you did the Annabelle Creation contest to your audience. Nice!
San Moro
San Moro 27 days ago
i dont get disgusted easily,but i almost threw up at the toe nail part. omg
Anonymous 27 days ago
hahahaha ``that's not okay, that's not normal``
Frank Status
Frank Status 27 days ago
Boricua Warrior
Boricua Warrior 27 days ago
While you were pretty accurate about boogers, cootie, doo doo in first grade. To say boys didnt have a drive and found girls hot or attractive in first grade that part is wrong. Maybe you didnt but when i was in first grade i had crushes and asked other girls out or for their number ALOT(though i did it in a way where i came off as creepy as well as not asking a girl out properly) it was more of a "hEy GiRl LeMmE gEt YoUr NaMe AnD yOuR nUmBeR" , simultaneously though when a girl showed me an ounce of attention back i had no idea how to handle it and just got shy and if i got rejected id curse her out. Luckily when i hit highschool shit changed and i got out of my shell more and got more girlfriends and had better experience on how women should get treated. Now that im an adult i can say im a little bit more of a pro and can pull women like crazy and handle rejection properly instead of being disrespectful.
GothCat Butt
GothCat Butt 28 days ago
Im high and the toenail scene almost made me puke
Zach Boardman
Zach Boardman 28 days ago
So the premise of the film: Bullying is okkay and acceptable...
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