India claim stunning series win, end Australia's Gabba streak | Vodafone Test Series 2020-21

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Month ago

Rishabh Pant was the hero as an injury-ravaged India ended Australia's 32-year undefeated run at the Gabba, executing a record-breaking final day chase to win the Test by three wickets and the series 2-1.
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rishi TULSIYAN 18 seconds ago
I love my India ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nagesh Gurupadgol
Nagesh Gurupadgol 20 minutes ago
I was watching this video atleast 10 times but still I am not boar
PULASTHI PRESENTS 40 minutes ago
Best playing gill
Bibhuti Bhusan Majhi
Bibhuti Bhusan Majhi Hour ago
08:10 epic handshake
Aditya Saha
Aditya Saha Hour ago
This highlights never gets old
siddharth Chaudhary
siddharth Chaudhary 7 hours ago
Hats off to pujara taking those body blows but still standing there 🔥
INDIAN heart
INDIAN heart 8 hours ago
Rishab such a x factor. I agree. what about you ?
Mrinal Sen
Mrinal Sen 8 hours ago
Just listen to the commentator.. @08:08👍
1 1
1 1 9 hours ago
Finally India is winning abroad. The 1991, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2012 & 2014 tour down under were all unsuccessful. After that team India had won in 2018 & now in 2021. Waiting for the hatrick. What an impressive improvement abroad. Salute for immense experiment done in solid opening partner in form of Mayank Agarwal & Shubhman Gill. Again Retaining Rishabh pant inspite of many failures. Appreciated team management.
Badal Patel
Badal Patel 9 hours ago
It was really unclear that we are going for a win or we will save this match. But rahane stepped out and hit that six against Nathan’s ball, that was damn clearly indicating that we are going for a win. Atleast i thought this way🙌🏻
Sourabh Suri
Sourabh Suri 11 hours ago
Amazon will surely revisit this Series -Can't make a Better Documentary than - for this one.
Angshuman Bhattacharyya
Angshuman Bhattacharyya 11 hours ago
Chor ko bhi police aaise nahin marte🤣🤣
Maurice Dcosta
Maurice Dcosta 12 hours ago
This test series truly gave many life lessons❣
amitjain11000 13 hours ago
Starc was a stark failure of the series
dinesh Nalli
dinesh Nalli 14 hours ago
Tim paine throwing it to the boundary😀😀😀🙈.
dinesh Nalli
dinesh Nalli 14 hours ago
Man of the match is pujara -who soaks the pressure on the team by squeezing opponents patience.
dinesh Nalli
dinesh Nalli 14 hours ago
Falling is important for that scoop 06:52😀.go and watch you can enjoy.
TheAsiaCentury 15 hours ago
when Gabba got raided by lesser known Indians, and they stormed away with all the jewels, history will remember and cherish these forever, Thanks for the memories
Sandeep Agrawal
Sandeep Agrawal 15 hours ago
India's plan for the test on the last day was simple. Test match play till lunch. Limited over match till tea. T20 cricket in the last one hour.
Ch Mohan
Ch Mohan 15 hours ago
Purja is the real hero
Aditya Dande
Aditya Dande 15 hours ago
Sradha Suman
Sradha Suman 16 hours ago
4:27 turning point
Jay Garaiya
Jay Garaiya 17 hours ago
Tim Paine: meet me gaaba Ashwin: are you comedeny
Son Goku
Son Goku 17 hours ago
The partnership between sunder and pant was crushal
Kanha Parida
Kanha Parida 17 hours ago
Paine is challenged Aswini to came gabba this is how the team India accept his challenge and breaks their gabba streak
Manoj 18 hours ago
This is what we call it as a "BEST VS BEST"
mahender BANALA
mahender BANALA 18 hours ago
Gill played well in the starting
KRSNA SHARMA 19 hours ago
Greatest test series ever in the test cricket history 😍😘 Proud of our Indian team😭🙏
Mohamed Suhail Irfan Khazi
Mohamed Suhail Irfan Khazi 20 hours ago
This series will be remembered for generations to come.
it's Dipak
it's Dipak 21 hour ago
Cheteswar Pujara is the most important batsman in test for India ❤
Adventure Fun
Adventure Fun 21 hour ago
Complete team effort... wow what a display by team india ❤️
truth triumphs
truth triumphs 21 hour ago
C.pujara pathetic s.rate, in test at least 50 sr shud be maintained.
memestar23 12 hours ago
U r so dumb lmao
Sathish Kumar.B.N
Sathish Kumar.B.N 22 hours ago
I don’t may more than 50 times I watch this video I felt we win more then World Cup kick what display by young Indian team unbelievable fight back series @BCCI n @Indian cricket team making strong bench
Smeet Vaidya
Smeet Vaidya 22 hours ago
In ending When starc was not getting over Starc: bye bye me jara bbl khelne
Arnab Sen
Arnab Sen 22 hours ago
This is my 1000 th time 😄 but still want to see again
Rahul Kelkar
Rahul Kelkar 23 hours ago
Even after watching it like 10th time.. The last boundary.. Never fails to pump my fist in air with joy
Gaurav Goyal
Gaurav Goyal 23 hours ago
Hangover of this win is going to stay little long. India beat England in 3rd test at motera couple of days ago. But joy of watching India winning this gabba test is much much stronger.
Ravi Chauhan
Ravi Chauhan 23 hours ago
Fortress Gabba😂😂
venkateswararao Bommidi
venkateswararao Bommidi Day ago
This win is more than getting a world cup. Goosebumps at the end. I am keep on watching this highlights everyday.
Debasmita Nandy
Debasmita Nandy Day ago
The sheer arrogance and the ego of the mighty Australian team was shattered to pieces that day at the gabba
Narala Dharmesh
Narala Dharmesh Day ago
Beauty places
Beauty places Day ago
sunil kumar
sunil kumar Day ago
Forever goosebumps 👍
Akash Dayre
Akash Dayre Day ago
What a proud feeling ❤️❤️
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari Day ago
The immovable force is gone but the unstoppable force wins it for India !
Sriram Kumar
Sriram Kumar Day ago
A test match better than a t20!
Subhradeep Sonowal
Subhradeep Sonowal Day ago
Where are teporjjes
Travis Smith
Travis Smith Day ago
I'll never tire of watching these boys thrashing the aussies at gabba! ❤️ Jai hind! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Manu Srivastava
Manu Srivastava Day ago
Ye "dislike" vale aatankvadi hai kya ???
Aneeb Nk
Aneeb Nk Day ago
"He got a injured groin" Thats an over optimistic commentary "their pain man😀😀😀
Alok Raj
Alok Raj Day ago
Whenever u feel down just watch this video❤️❤️
Rishabh pant is the star ***********
Jaydeepsinh Vaghela
Jaydeepsinh Vaghela Day ago
Greatest victory in the history of cricket ! Superb win 👏 at the Gabba !! Cheers Team India
K T Day ago
More you watch.... U want more 😁
Ullas Mohan
Ullas Mohan Day ago
7:14 Washington trusted Paine you know
mayur kulkarni
mayur kulkarni Day ago
watched it about 20 times now never gets old😂
Babu Joseph
Babu Joseph Day ago
What a irritating commentary of that woman 🤬🤬
New Bie
New Bie Day ago
Shabana Asgher
Shabana Asgher Day ago
The *temporary captain's* time is over. Bring Steve Smith back into captaincy. Atkeast Smith won't waste all the overs on Nathan Lyon so that Lyon can get his 400th wicket. Tim Paine wouldnt remove Lyon from bowling and bring in Cameron Green or Cummins, Lyon couldnt even reach his 400th test wicket in even 6 innings why let him be the main bowler. The worst captain ever.
AKASH Srari Day ago
What a classical knock of young Subhman Gill... Such a talented cricketer.. upcoming megastar of indian cricket team indeed..
Kaustubh Havanur
Kaustubh Havanur Day ago
This is the most viewed video of this channel
mdnadsy Day ago
I was 1 when india won this great series
emanual edmond
emanual edmond Day ago
Asylum cricket Board . ACB
nishant verma
nishant verma Day ago
Whenever I feel low I watch this highlight nothing is impossible 🤘🤘
Jaison Antony
Jaison Antony Day ago
Welcome to Gabba 😂😂😂
Dipyaman Majumder
Dipyaman Majumder Day ago
This match highlights longer than pink ball test of india england
Sujit Sahu
Sujit Sahu Day ago
Here after England eliminated from WTC final
Shikher Kandpal
Shikher Kandpal Day ago
Bad boys for life
Udith Melethil
Udith Melethil Day ago
One And Only Rishab Pant 💓🔥
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Day ago
Wow i have seen this match highlights for the first time but i am a fan of pujara from now what a brave man he is really hats off to him love from pakistan
ujjwal pandey
ujjwal pandey Day ago
Today is 26 Feb 2021 and still the feeling was same when you see this !😁
anjaney yadur
anjaney yadur Day ago
I wonder which match is better.. this one or Eng vs Aus 2019 test match, stokes final day..
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Day ago
who keeps on coming here every single day because they can't get enough of this amazing match
Somanath Parida
Somanath Parida Day ago
You very it o
Lord Dakshinamurthy
Lord Dakshinamurthy Day ago
KArma :) 🔱
Nakul Anand
Nakul Anand 2 days ago
Don’t worry you’re not the only one watching for second time :)
Nakul Anand
Nakul Anand Day ago
@oiuet souiu no doubt
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Day ago
Rishabh Pant is super star ..
likhith mudili
likhith mudili 2 days ago
“After the heroics of Sydney, hes the main mam here at the Gabba” 😍 Pant is something else
SpiderPant Media
SpiderPant Media 2 days ago
Belive me this is the best and last thrilling series of the decade frankly speaking especially Sydney and gabba 💥💥💥
Vihaan Mishra
Vihaan Mishra 2 days ago
whoever disliked this are Australia fans who cant admit that India were on top this test
ThunderGamez 2 days ago
shardul thakur ke out hone par commentator pagal kyo huaa
Nikhil Majukar
Nikhil Majukar 2 days ago
I will come back after many years, read this comment and feel lucky enough to have witness such an enthralling match.
among us man
among us man 2 days ago
Pujara you are amazing!!
Karan Chawla
Karan Chawla 2 days ago
This one’s for the record. This match & series win is for the ages to come. History is written by the victors. Lest we forget.
Hemantha Dasam
Hemantha Dasam 2 days ago
The Hero came at 56.5 overs
Hemantha Dasam
Hemantha Dasam 2 days ago
If either 24 spokes or 4 lions on the head, everybody would feel responsible! if they lost their head!!!. My sincere feelings.
udaya kumar
udaya kumar 2 days ago
Total 50 time see this video
SIRENJEEVI *சிரஞ்சீவி
SIRENJEEVI *சிரஞ்சீவி 2 days ago
38Million Views....
Vikash Thakur
Vikash Thakur 2 days ago
I came here today after 2 days test match at ahemdabad 🙏
Agnideep Sarkar
Agnideep Sarkar 2 days ago
warner and umpire ruined the final winning moment camera angle. dammit warner!
iamAdarsh AD
iamAdarsh AD 2 days ago
I am here 01/2021
Rishabh Pant is super star ..
MY AVIATION 2 days ago
*Who is here after India won against England too* ❤️❤️🙏
Shrek 2 days ago
Legends say that some ppl are still watching first test highlights
Ashutosh Chahar
Ashutosh Chahar 2 days ago
Who is here after India defeats the England in third test at NMS.🇮🇳🇮🇳
anubhav ghosh
anubhav ghosh Day ago
In less than 2 days bro
Manjeet Kr.
Manjeet Kr. 2 days ago
Pujara... you are the immovable force 😂😂🇮🇳❤️🇮🇳
Rudransh Singh
Rudransh Singh 2 days ago
Was so lucky to watch this match live 🙂
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 days ago
32 Cutlets 24 Pattis and then we skip 😅😅
Purvesh Patil
Purvesh Patil 2 days ago
5:21 *Pat Cummins has broken through the IMMOVABLE FORCE* And the way Saini was running even with Groin injury
Mayank 45 Gamer
Mayank 45 Gamer 2 days ago
"India Incredible"
Satyabrat Behera
Satyabrat Behera 2 days ago
I was seen 100 time this highlight Anyone else hear🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 days ago
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