DETECTIVE BASICALLY ON THE CASE - Among Us w/ Courage, Valkyrae, Ninja, DrLupo, and more!

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4 months ago

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Trent Fitzpatrick
Trent Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago
Rae: Marcel is 4th imposter All of humanity: How
assassinated assassin
assassinated assassin 7 days ago
rae: you died to o2 ha! the countless times that rae has lost to o2: we ain't gon talk about that?
CyberKnight_Miky 8 days ago
Marcel : 5:29 "How the f do you get in there"!? Me: Idk, maybe go to storage, up and to admin where you shall fix it. Anyone else felt the *"cringe"* when Marcel just not seeing how to get there while the map shows you how to.?
JRedBoss 9 days ago
YoU gUyS lOsT tO o2 😂😂😂
Copyninja 16 days ago
Nice video man
US and CA Railfan 2103
US and CA Railfan 2103 18 days ago
3:35 Did Valk just scream "meow"?
Gavin Thompson
Gavin Thompson 23 days ago
Holy walking speed
Nicki Sans7
Nicki Sans7 24 days ago
When Rae called Marcel out for faking Shute in Caf, I thought “For someone who plays this game and knows a lot about it, she sure doesn’t know that Shute is a 2 part task
Izzy Raymond
Izzy Raymond Month ago
I'm eating Ice Pop. xD
Jeremy Partlowe
Jeremy Partlowe Month ago
Valkyrae might be the most annoying person to have ever walked on this planet.
VibePlug Month ago
topdog 9817
topdog 9817 Month ago
Y did marcel get called the 4th impostor? He was right about brooke and hitch
Trent Fitzpatrick
Trent Fitzpatrick 2 months ago
“Is it because I’m brown?” LMAO
Marissa Roth
Marissa Roth 2 months ago
Brookes existence kinda just annoys me. Idk why
Aziz Morales
Aziz Morales 2 months ago
Dude what does valkrae mean she is like the number one third and fourth imposter like she is basically all the imposters
theiDr0p 2 months ago
U should do BrookeAB and marcel best imposter !!
Jonathan Benitez
Jonathan Benitez 2 months ago
Where does Marcel stream.? USposts.?
El_ N00BIS
El_ N00BIS 2 months ago
Valk. When a task is 0/3 or 0/2. You have to to finish all of the tasks for the bar to go up.
Simply Complex
Simply Complex 2 months ago
Its like SnD but you gotta wait 15 mins before you can re spawn. The games gay
Cass Velazquez
Cass Velazquez 2 months ago
Idk what it is but I don't like brooke... Is that bad?
Kuzakikun 2 months ago
Ninja’s annoying
TyJuan 2 months ago
If I was in the session I would have cursed out rae
Xander M
Xander M 3 months ago
25:48 he sounds like the docter in Star Wars the clone wars who created the blue shadow virus Plus Rae is super dumb in this game
Escanor 3 months ago
By far my favorite
David Coste
David Coste 3 months ago
Among us videos have made me notice a phenomena: if it's from someone's pov, everyone else looks bad. The comments "loosely" support this because they all scream at someone else, but it could just be that they don't like a certain personality. I've seen the same games played on multiple povs where one person acts like a dumbass, but when you see what they saw, they had to act on it. I guess what I'm trying to say is if people comment on how bad or annoying other people play when it's view from a different angle, don't try to go too hard. Either, they saw something sus and had to act on that info (it could've been wrong info, but the player doesn't know until after), they are impostor and trying to win, or that's just their normal personality. And let's remember this; since they've played a lot of this game, everyon (Marcel, Tyler, Jack, Rae) has had big brain moments, and small brain moments.
Finch ze Key
Finch ze Key 3 months ago
19:00 Would Crinja be saying that if Marcel did freak out about being falsely accused
Luis Lorenzana
Luis Lorenzana 3 months ago
i wanna see marcel watch these videos again and compare to how he plays now
Megan McCarty
Megan McCarty 3 months ago
02=admin here lol
I will defeat arcade assassin
I will defeat arcade assassin 3 months ago
Marcel: *asking how to get in there* Everyone: 😭😭😭
TheLibraQueen 3 months ago
I don’t know what’s more disappointing, how often he just assumes without facts or how mad he gets when people tell him he’s wrong
derpy frog gamer
derpy frog gamer 3 months ago
Hitch walks down 17:34 walks down from weapons at 17:45 😕😕😕😕
Egg 3 months ago
Is it me or is valkyrae's laugh annoying?
Bricky Saxton
Bricky Saxton 3 months ago
Marcel will never make it out the hood I see y hes MIXED
masterdiego93 3 months ago
6:04 little pet/ person walks out of ship lol
T-Dat-King1 3 months ago
When you do a 2 part task the task bar won’t move until you fully complete it
Fighter X259
Fighter X259 3 months ago
Personally I don’t think Valkyrie should’ve been freaking out that much about losing O2
Alien 3 months ago
Ninja,"I just saw Blake fucking".
Ayman Daror
Ayman Daror 3 months ago
Marcel is sooo funnny lolll
deadlocks8 3 months ago
I like how marcel saw brook and hitch walk to Navi with Rae and he forgets who went there and ninjas like: MArCeL
D Clover
D Clover 3 months ago
Aye I’m kinda shock on how big they expanded their friends group with both fortnite you tuber and other USposts’s that I didn’t know if to now
Reaper 3 months ago
camera's need to go. ppl just camp them. and emergency meeting should have a LONG cd
Antonio Gamer
Antonio Gamer 3 months ago
His did marcel not know it was hitch and brook from the beginning lmao honestly marcel threw the game
J_ Stackz
J_ Stackz 3 months ago
Ninjas annoying idk it’s probably the sound of his voice
Violet Cruz
Violet Cruz 3 months ago
xdsepticon ごあt
xdsepticon ごあt 3 months ago
Im still waiting for marcel to get that 12mil contract
Dusoik 3 months ago
ツboop_d 4 months ago
You literally saw brooke and hitch with rae in beginning and then rae died. I wonder who it was...bruhhh
Random name generator
Random name generator 4 months ago
Rae hella annoying
SeichOfLacanGetter Yamask-Rider
SeichOfLacanGetter Yamask-Rider 4 months ago
This Valkyrae chick is funny
PandaisBad 4 months ago
Ninja is so trash at this game. Every time I watch him play he’s always the third imposter
Daniel Pedroza
Daniel Pedroza 4 months ago
I actually cringe when marcel didn’t know the names of the locations
M Var
M Var 4 months ago
Idk why Rae called you the "third impostor" at 25:00, you literally accused Brooke, and she was the killer. That same meeting, they voted Marcel out on Brooke (the killer's) suggestion Lol. The Ninja hit was warranted. He was trying to big brain it, and it was a pitiful attempt that hindered crewmates doing tasks. Sometimes it's like people's brains get shut off having to be suspicious for this long.
Sxyx 4 months ago
In my opinion Ninja isnt the only annoying person. I think Rae is quite annoying too.
Akuma 4 months ago
tell ninja to go back to fortnite where he belongs. fortnite is all he will ever be
David Kelley
David Kelley 4 months ago
I think it’s interesting how much everyone here is commenting about disliking ninja
JiZu 4 months ago
I feel like if you swap out ninja with nogla this video would be so fucking entertaining. Ninja kinda ruins it.
Brandon Medina- perez
Brandon Medina- perez 4 months ago
Ninja is more annoying than Nogla
Cody McNeil
Cody McNeil 4 months ago
Rae is lowkey annoying tho
Mohammed Hussein Agegnehu 10B
Mohammed Hussein Agegnehu 10B 4 months ago
I can’t believe that Brooke and hitch became the imposters again and Marcel got revenge on them from last game
Bobberty Bobbo
Bobberty Bobbo 4 months ago
Marcel, that ahield task is visual, you gave yourself away so hard
Monkeyman 303
Monkeyman 303 4 months ago
Most annoying award goes to Ninja🥳🥳👏🏼👏🏼 congrats dumb ass👏🏼👏🏼🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 4 months ago
In my opinion Marcel being called out as the imposter because he didn't do the lights is the stupidest thing I've seen in Among Us
DrGreenRed 4 months ago
For all the people roasting ninja in the comments, now, i am in no way shape or form defending him in anyway because i dont even watch him, but i feel like his audience is comprised of 5-12 year olds and to keep them from watching his stream he needs to sound 'funny' and 'energetic' to keep his fanbase happy, because again, its made up of 5-12 year olds. To older kids he seems annoying but he has a reasoning to it.
the names jerbun
the names jerbun 4 months ago
Alot of simps are going to get triggered for this but valkerae and ninja are annoying AF
Jay Savvy
Jay Savvy 4 months ago
Marcel is hilarious man
Ayush Pant
Ayush Pant 4 months ago
Bruh... This game doesn't bad peop... I mean Ninja.
TJ Steger
TJ Steger 4 months ago
How is ninja so popular he’s annoying af
Pppp 4 months ago
How people mad about ninja and not Val bro she is so obnoxious
Jonathan DuVal
Jonathan DuVal 4 months ago
Ninja is always wrong😂
Ajani _
Ajani _ 4 months ago
Why does ninja think he's a fucking detective every time? Mans literally a imposter even when he is a innocent, it's kinda sad
Jorge M
Jorge M 4 months ago
Nick Kellum
Nick Kellum 4 months ago
Ninja def third imposter every game
Mitchell Farinosi
Mitchell Farinosi 4 months ago
The fact that ninja is always on cams is so borinh
Goldy Sama
Goldy Sama 4 months ago
Im starting to not like the girl
Nannerclip 4 months ago
Please quit playing with ninja
PeRRXX 4 months ago
Marcel obviously enjoys it, why would he?
DARKLIGHTNING0-0 4 months ago
Bro marcel is just goated at this game man
Angel’s Fate
Angel’s Fate 4 months ago
17:36 you see valkyrae and brook and hitch and who die valkyrae those 2 wore the imposores
Diego Macias
Diego Macias 4 months ago
Please drop Ninja, he makes me the videos so fucking annoying
PeRRXX 4 months ago
If Marcel enjoys playing with Ninja, why would he stop?
JustTheBoyz 1216
JustTheBoyz 1216 4 months ago
we should all come to a compromise and admit that rae is extremely good at this game
1 Solo R6 YT
1 Solo R6 YT 4 months ago
Ninja annoying but rae is kinda the same
Fizzin Live
Fizzin Live 4 months ago
Marcel the second O2 is in admin
CT Music
CT Music 4 months ago
And marcel you aren’t bad at imposter it’s just these ppl will vote off anyone for the slightest little reason lol.
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 4 months ago
Marcel be like “Watch out imposters,Detective Cunningham is on the case”.
Slaymyface135 4 months ago
Lets all is fucking obnoxous
YOURS TRULY 4 months ago
NEW WAYS YOU GUYS SHOULD PLAY Chaos Mode: Lowest visibility settings for all players and fastest player speed (adjust imposter cool down as needed) Emergency Roulette: Everyone stays around the button to call an emergency meeting, in the meeting the players votes off a random player (no one knows who votes who) keep going until all imposters die or imposters win. (LIKE SO THEY SEE)
xd Radboy
xd Radboy 4 months ago
3:44 Ah Ninja New Hit Single On Why Blake should have went in da vent lol 😂
John Giese
John Giese 4 months ago
Marcel just got so much respect from me this video i would have popped off at ninja
John Giese
John Giese 4 months ago
Ninja racist bro
FN0118 4 months ago
Ninja got the wrong game this ain’t fortnite
AK Dummy
AK Dummy 4 months ago
So obvious when Blake was imposter that hitch was also imposter because Blake said he was walking around with hitch ... such dumb moves
Ghost Havoc
Ghost Havoc 4 months ago
Mar:“Wanna say I didn’t vent btw” Valk: Mutee!!!!
SMOKEY HAZING 4 months ago
Literally all of y'all are toxic asf 🤣🤣 y'all just jump on one dude just because someone said he "saw something" Without any evidence or a hard accuse
Brett Li
Brett Li 4 months ago
unsubscribed to ninja after once it hit the 21 min mark
Conceited 4 months ago
What does he stream on?
Shannon Reed
Shannon Reed 4 months ago
Ninja needs to let other people talk just because hes a big youtuber doesnt mean he can talk over people
RasNation 4 months ago
Stop playing with ninja please.
PeRRXX 4 months ago
He obviously enjoys it, why would he?
Logan Wick
Logan Wick 4 months ago
Stop playing with ninja
PeRRXX 4 months ago
He obviously enjoys playing with Ninj, why would he?
Shironn Kaito
Shironn Kaito 4 months ago
3:34 I thought I hear Valkyrae shout "MEOW!"
Braylon Velasquez
Braylon Velasquez 4 months ago
no kiss what thats whats seals the deal
Isaac thomas
Isaac thomas 4 months ago
can yall stop playing with xcq and ninja? literally the most annoying people on the planet
PeRRXX 4 months ago
Why would he, if he enjoys it?
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 4 months ago
‘Sliced him in half like a samurai’ Is that a coryxkenshin collab teaser?
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