The worst headphones I've bought.

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ItzTime 59 minutes ago
Imagine this with airpods lol
Baldo Hour ago
Should of tried these with the airpods or even better the BEANS
BluntBoyz 2 hours ago
Mom : We have headphones at home The headphones at home :
Tony Flies
Tony Flies 3 hours ago
That cable though. Genius!
Astroid Buster
Astroid Buster 7 hours ago
As soon as I heard the earpud headphones I felt like my ears where cloged.
Mik 10 hours ago
2:45 switching from 720p to 480p
Miguel 10 hours ago
When you hear the audio of the headphones you can also see a dusty camera ooooh
Eggo 10 hours ago
CMDR unematti
CMDR unematti 17 hours ago
try this with the galaxy beans
Sympl on YT
Sympl on YT 18 hours ago
Im listening with the air pod maxes rn and those sound terrible lol
Za Groovy Phrog
Za Groovy Phrog 18 hours ago
Can someone tell me what the headphone testing song is called, I've been looking for so long
Catboi9000 19 hours ago
Cyberpunk 2077.
Matei Mazilu
Matei Mazilu 19 hours ago
HD600s are so squished down it sounds like ripoff cheap headphones
XxGOMEZxX 14 21 hour ago
“But like I need some big ovaries” I swear I didn’t hear that 😂
Purple_Chalk 23 hours ago
Off topic but I was just wearing some headphones my dad got me and my mom said “TAKE THOSE OFF! *something about radiation*” Me, wearing a pair of KIDS headphones: 👁👄👁
Steve The Fox
Steve The Fox Day ago
Me with Superlux HD681 listening to the Superlux HD681 getting tested: Yea they sound nice
dalekman9999V2 Day ago
Would these fit airpods? 🤔
666makasin Day ago
As hilarious as those are don't blame them. Blame the customers! Chinese know exactly what they are producing, how much profit they will get etc. Those are for people who are lacking any common sense and believe in miracles or for those those who doesn't have resources to buy actual headphones but want to look like they can. You know the people who buy iPhone knockoffs and try to brag like they have a real thing. Idk why tho because as you shown you can buy actually cool and functioning headphones for smaller price but whatever.
Gravity Bear Music
Gravity Bear Music Day ago
My God, I love when you test mics with utter nonsense, bro. Hilarious!
PiggyInAMinecart 123
PiggyInAMinecart 123 Day ago
This is real count:3
Collin Lawson
Collin Lawson Day ago
Do you have any sort of tier list for all the headphones you've tried? Like a category for budget bluetooth and non budget bluetooth. Then a category for budget wired and non budget wired? Maybe even a third category for like studio headphones or other preferences
Explosions Central
Explosions Central Day ago
The founder of ZaanU made a response video lmao
Puzzlick Day ago
7:11 will there be a video?
mon0railbredpig 2 days ago
Are you the dude who makes the MiningBoom vids?
nepsA_66 2 days ago
Someone thought this was a fantastic idea. Lol.
GEENUS 2 days ago
Do they work with the beans
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
im digging the oneodios and superlux hd681
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
what gets me going you calling 3.5mm ends guitar amp ends dingus lmfao
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
and a microphone to yell into lmfao fucking killed me
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
you just destroing you ear buds and headphones and headsets by having eq set too max like that not good when you dont have back ups or dont have cash to do that sort of thing or keeping the quality good in whatever your using
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
could just clip a bit off if ya can find a good way to do it
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
i dont mind seeing the manufactor indents just as long they themselfs didnt fuck up the product and sennheiser HD600 had better clarity and had little more bass too it but those other things for in ear didnt sound too bad as i thought as well
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 2 days ago
lmfao my first video by you and im already enjoying the content or should i say jokes and content
Appollo /KB
Appollo /KB 2 days ago
It sounds like flat sprite
Alex 2 days ago
I can really hear the difference. You should do that more often
Victor Drummond
Victor Drummond 2 days ago
I went out and bought the Superlux HD681 because of this video
Wulfleyn 2 days ago
The demonstration had me going from vibing to not vibing to vibing again and back.
nikki callaghan
nikki callaghan 2 days ago
Ooh do they give a stadium effect?
Angelo morgos
Angelo morgos 3 days ago
Just put airpods in this
Angelo morgos
Angelo morgos 3 days ago
Decent quallity
Ron Adriel Carillo
Ron Adriel Carillo 3 days ago
Swimmer 2020
Swimmer 2020 3 days ago
Damn some weird looking airpods max
d4 archi
d4 archi 3 days ago
the crummy headies sound like its playing from a speaker in a local groshery shop
Noob Valley
Noob Valley 3 days ago
dirty ears for these
Cody Herdman
Cody Herdman 3 days ago
For the past 4 years I've been using Phillips SHP9500's and I still prefer them to almost anything, and their only 50 bucks.
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 3 days ago
$75 now in USA, or $160 here in Canada.
Christian 3 days ago
OH SHIT OneOdio is the one I have
Christian 3 days ago
I don't like apple earbuds but you know what I do with those? Not get apple earbuds
prowokator 3 days ago
That dual plug design is pretty damn brilliant!
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin 4 days ago
Those embiggeners sound like mall speakers
Heartwell Roots
Heartwell Roots 4 days ago
My earbuds never fit in my ears... I mean, I just bought headphones to compensate.
random crackhead
random crackhead 4 days ago
Sorry if you get a lot of these 'review this' comments but if you see this cloud you try to find soundcore vortex headphones i want to see if you would like them
Brandon Sánchez
Brandon Sánchez 4 days ago
coolman9i6 4 days ago
You’re videos are the only 10+ min videos I watch
Agung Wirasatya
Agung Wirasatya 4 days ago
Ü ö
Ü ö 4 days ago
commenting to help the youtube algorthm since this is some funny shit
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 5 days ago
He sounds like Jack SepticAussie when he gets excited. Lolol.
RAZANGARD 5 days ago
is this real? im not sure
Gilgamesh LFX
Gilgamesh LFX 3 days ago
It's real and you can search on USposts. The creator of this "headphones" even made a (butthurt) video response to this video.
Robert E
Robert E 5 days ago
I've got a set of Oneodio headphones because I'm a broke cheapass and for the last year or so, they've been great. Genuinely surprised that such a cheap pair of phones works so well.
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 5 days ago
How did I actually notice a distinct drop in quality whenever it was the Zannus. Lmfao.
Robert E
Robert E 5 days ago
Brendan Ristau
Brendan Ristau 5 days ago
cApItAlIsM bReEdS iNnOvAtIoN
Cancer in California
Cancer in California 5 days ago
JjSylvC 5 days ago
“‘Please keep away from children.’ Keep away from everyone.” LMFAOOOO 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tradin War Stories
Tradin War Stories 5 days ago
I saw this goofy sht on Amazon
Kimberly Jacobsen
Kimberly Jacobsen 5 days ago
Bought the hd800s and they are amazing
SlimSam 5 days ago
The guy that made the product is pissed off lmao.
X wisdom
X wisdom 5 days ago
Vacuum formed plastic no styrofoam. Hmmm I smell cut corner. For money reasons obviously
Sforzando 5 days ago
I have a $25 pair of dirty buds that I think sounds quite good. I have no idea why someone would spend more money on a pair of the headphoneys.
Selrisitai 5 days ago
Anyone complaining about the audio tests, where he uses the ear-shaped mics to record, is being absurd-for a couple reasons. 1. USposts actually equalizes audio volume, it doesn't smash the audio. If the audio has a high dynamic range before it goes onto USposts, it will retain that high dynamic range. 2. USposts lowers the audio quality to 128Kbps, which lowers overall sound quality, but as long as he uses the same source, all of the headphones should still be equally good (or bad) relative to one another. 3. We're not trying to measure the precise way that the earbuds or headphones sound in real life. We're also not determining their audio quality. We're trying to determine their quality _relative to one another,_ which again, provided the same audio source and same recording method is used, is a sound method. Finally, when he plays these recordings with the different headphones, the differences are pretty profound. If USposts destroys audio quality that much, then why can we hear clear differences? It's because there are differences between each of the headphones' sound quality, which we are able to perceive.
Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez 5 days ago
i just made this account so i could talk lol
i just made this account so i could talk lol 5 days ago
The Zaanu's sounds like someone recorded their device playing music.
William1234567890123 Cook
William1234567890123 Cook 5 days ago
Was honestly expecting that these would just be terrible headphones, then you would open them up and find that the speakers are literally just a pair of earbuds
Rishi The Gray
Rishi The Gray 5 days ago
Wait are you seriously telling me that I can get 9/10 Razer Kraken X headphones for $1 less than those non headphones? That’s not just cheap that’s deceitful and a ripoff
Ana Likes Tortillas
Ana Likes Tortillas 6 days ago
Dirty Bud Embiggeners sounds like a penis enlargment pill
colter robinson
colter robinson 6 days ago
So they make elevator music sound more authentic?
Vanilla4Gorilla 6 days ago
There's a pretty big USpostsr called MattDoesFitness. He released his own headphones similar to the Raycons but says they are better quality. Would love to hear what you think.
Frostie 6 days ago
I- it took me far too long than I will admit watching through this video and finally making the's over ear. Not ovaries. Okay cool.
Wòofy Wòoflez
Wòofy Wòoflez 6 days ago
review koss's lineup, the ksc75, kph30i and porta pros
KylerBro12 6 days ago
another example of good idea, but bad execution
Joe Payne
Joe Payne 6 days ago
sounds like elevator music
zUltra 6 days ago
Bro you have a Sony Mavica, sick.
TorresMedia 6 days ago
Wait hear me out take these headphones and use the Airpods with them
EyeSeeEverything 6 days ago
Apparently you've entertained me throughout this whole video. Impressive!
Iphone 7 days ago
Take the mesh out of the apples headphones and try it then you won’t need it no more because of the cloth
Melee Mccloud
Melee Mccloud 7 days ago
Woah I can hear a huge difference between 2 of those
Mateo Roovers
Mateo Roovers 7 days ago
do airpods fit in there?
AlphaSeagull 7 days ago
Now we just need the "wireless" earbuds that are just airpods with headphone jacks directly on the bottom of them without a cord
Hazin Bran
Hazin Bran 7 days ago
All your eggs in on egg bag
Ali modz
Ali modz 7 days ago
sounds like you’re saying ovaries
iBallisticClock 7 days ago
Son: Hey DAD? Dad: Yes my son? Son: I appreciate the headphones you bought me, especially since its the ONLY thing you've ever bought me. Dad: That is true, I even made you buy your own clothes after birth. Son: Pretty keen on taking my listening experience to the next level, I've got dreams of hearing *NSYNC like I've never heard before, but like, I need some big overears, and these are kinda, like, inears. Dad: SON! I spent a FORTUNE on your only possession, $29, that's 29 trips thru the McDonald's 1 dollar menu! That's a month's good eating right there. Son: No offense, dad, but like, you've never even bought me food, and like, I really mean that this is the only thing you've ever bought me. Like, I've had to search for my own food in the backyard for the past 18 years. Dad: Yes, me and your mum do enjoy watching you survive in our backyard. But OKAY son, I suppose I could buy you just ONE more thing, and then never hear you complain again! Son: Oh jeez, thanks Dad, I hate this family. Dad: But these buds are still good, SURELY there's still a way to use them.. 0:00 - 0:56
Version 0.111
Version 0.111 7 days ago
I bought mpow Bluetooth headphones from Amazon for $35. I've been using them everyday for almost 2 years now. Now I'm not a big sound quality guy so I don't know how they compare to good headphones but I'm sure as shit they're better than this garbage.
Shay Speer
Shay Speer 7 days ago
2:45 me vibing to the music w/ the Sennheisers: the damn Zaanus: :)
The Slavic immigrant
The Slavic immigrant 7 days ago
my fucking akg k92 cost £30 brand new. what the fuck.
Grant P.
Grant P. 7 days ago
And for just some AirPods later, they're wireless lol
Damian B
Damian B 7 days ago
Now you gotta try to put in some airpods
Richard 7 days ago
Dirty bud embiggeners. Brilliant, now patent it.
Rimothy Logbone
Rimothy Logbone 7 days ago
Those Odios are sexy as hell for the cable alone.
Frosty Mcnuggets
Frosty Mcnuggets 7 days ago
Sounds like i put in ear plugs to shut out the noise and then my best bud just turned up the volume to 12. Cuz ya know if he has to hear shit so do i lol
Jenny Tokumei
Jenny Tokumei 7 days ago
dirty bud enworsener
Worsedragon 7 days ago
Put AirPods in them
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