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It's time to continue the quest to win with all 32 Nfl teams! Today we are trying to win with the worst division in football: The NFC East...
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YoBoy PIZZA Month ago
How are you guys liking this series so far? Also what division do you want to see next?
Football man
Football man Month ago
NFC west please please please please please please please please
Kelly Bakk
Kelly Bakk Month ago
NFC north
Asa Bailey
Asa Bailey Month ago
AFC north and I love the series
Cheater Cilantro
Cheater Cilantro Month ago
NFC North
Marvin Sneedjr
Marvin Sneedjr Month ago
AFC south
Itz J J
Itz J J 2 days ago
I love how this is Shorter then the AFC North lol so he got it quicker lol
Samuel Grady
Samuel Grady 3 days ago
NFC North
ItZ Salty
ItZ Salty 4 days ago
U should do NFC West
OddBigKingB 5 days ago
Are you gonna do the other games in the afc east
Kody Crews
Kody Crews 5 days ago
AFC west
Adam Likes Tomatoes
Adam Likes Tomatoes 6 days ago
Go Washington
Clark Friedman
Clark Friedman 6 days ago
I am a Dallas fan.
Lucia Fragoso
Lucia Fragoso 7 days ago
Do NFC West
Gg People a
Gg People a 9 days ago
If you win I’ll sub to your USposts if I win I get to be in one of your USposts videos
Gg People a
Gg People a 9 days ago
I want game of madden pizza me vs you let’s see who wins
Crystal Corcoran
Crystal Corcoran 11 days ago
Nfc West
Donald Hunter
Donald Hunter 11 days ago
Your a steelers fan and the WFT gave them the first loss. Soooooooo
Cade McGowan
Cade McGowan 11 days ago
you know if i had to chose between u and my favorite team the packers it would be close
Gavin Strausbaugh
Gavin Strausbaugh 11 days ago
I like dis
Farah Rahman
Farah Rahman 12 days ago
worst afc teams
Critter Smith72
Critter Smith72 12 days ago
The redskins are good
Makenna Mills
Makenna Mills 12 days ago
Stealers lost to washinting and the browns
Jutai Jones
Jutai Jones 12 days ago
Washington was good enough to beat the steelers lol
Arks 12 days ago
Fun fact the NFC east is the best division but we didn’t have a good year NFC east the only division to have every team win a SB we have the most SB wins and are tied with the AFC east in appearance
D3Blizzard 12 days ago
Joey Lemoine
Joey Lemoine 13 days ago
Nfc south
Kai Durica
Kai Durica 14 days ago
Keep doing this please!!!!!!
PsychoGamer6434 14 days ago
People thinking the Eagles fans are mad but in reality we completely agree.
Fshy 14 days ago
Can you pwease do NFC West
Cooper Riemenschneider
Cooper Riemenschneider 15 days ago
Yiadlamdon That isahic yaidom
Jandi Campbell
Jandi Campbell 16 days ago
Pizza you said Washington is bad what about that beat and they got on y’all
Nadir the gamer Othman
Nadir the gamer Othman 16 days ago
AFC north.
Chrisean Brown
Chrisean Brown 17 days ago
Hold so everyone in 2021 i realized my team gave the steelers therw first lost the washigton football team so we aint poop
Erin Yaap
Erin Yaap 17 days ago
NFC west
Ez money Gaming
Ez money Gaming 22 days ago
AFC north
Griffin Miller
Griffin Miller 22 days ago
NFC West
Wyatt Gretschel
Wyatt Gretschel 23 days ago
Ur cringey stop saying yeet its disgusting when u say it
Da bois bois Bois
Da bois bois Bois 23 days ago
AFC south
Beluga_Jesse 24 days ago
If your the eagles why didn’t you tank?
Ethan Vollertsen
Ethan Vollertsen 24 days ago
NFC north
Braxton Moore
Braxton Moore 24 days ago
Santino Pullella
Santino Pullella 24 days ago
fuck you pizza and everything you stand for for saying the eagles are bad and I am unsubcribeing
Gavin Rosser
Gavin Rosser 24 days ago
Like the saints division
Gavin Rosser
Gavin Rosser 24 days ago
Can u do NFC north
Paula Bernstein
Paula Bernstein 24 days ago
nfc west
Darth Stalin
Darth Stalin 26 days ago
NFC South
Kim Bass
Kim Bass 27 days ago
nfc south
Agent Eight
Agent Eight 28 days ago
9:46 I like it
Arjun Jetti
Arjun Jetti 28 days ago
Weakly Goal: play with the 49ers.
Arjun Jetti
Arjun Jetti 28 days ago
Weakly goal: score a touchdown blinded
Arjun Jetti
Arjun Jetti 28 days ago
You said least. Its east.
Nick Graver
Nick Graver 29 days ago
I still love eagles no matter how they play
Sports Media Mark
Sports Media Mark 29 days ago
Do AFC South
Lindsey Mitchell
Lindsey Mitchell 29 days ago
ITZ STORM 29 days ago
How dare u hate the eagles
HR Emilio-_-12
HR Emilio-_-12 29 days ago
NFC south
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 29 days ago
Nfc north
Rooniesop Gamer
Rooniesop Gamer Month ago
packers are my boys
Rooniesop Gamer
Rooniesop Gamer Month ago
nfc north
GREEN FORT Month ago
Jeffry Rosinski
Jeffry Rosinski Month ago
AFC West
Gamer king
Gamer king Month ago
Yoooo 🍕 don't disrespect my boys
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Month ago
NFC North next
Keith Hill
Keith Hill Month ago
afc north
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy Month ago
NFC south
Whiplash Month ago
Alicia Rodriguez
Alicia Rodriguez Month ago
The best team division
Pr0xxyz Month ago
Giants are my favorite team and Saquon Barkley is my favorite player
SPR NYC Month ago
3:51 His NAME IS Issac Yiadom young cornerback for the Giants
Ferren Mullins 828
Ferren Mullins 828 Month ago
NFC west
ItsYoBoiDaffy Month ago
You calling the Washington Football team bad when they beat the Steelers lmao
ViZioN Slice123
ViZioN Slice123 Month ago
4:20 HEE HEE
andrew leiva
andrew leiva Month ago
So close but yet so far Dallas every year
Alden Jones
Alden Jones Month ago
Me: Seahawks fan Pizza: beats the Seahawks twice with nfc east teams Me: 😔 Go hawks
T J Month ago
We did lose to the giants in real life tho
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Month ago
Cassandra Lee
Cassandra Lee Month ago
#god1 you are trash disrespecting my nfl team
The Boys
The Boys Month ago
Best Division
The Boys
The Boys Month ago
Zahir Playz
Zahir Playz Month ago
How dare u say nfc east is the worst division shame shame on u LOL
Tiktok raider_gang4life
Tiktok raider_gang4life Month ago
AFC west please
Jackson Toal
Jackson Toal Month ago
does anyone else hate that he picks on the eagles so much like I'm an huge eagles fan also question how come when yoboypizza uses the eagles they do better then I was using them none of my WR were catching and my defense did nothing
DoodBro99 Month ago
NFC west
Jorge Quiroz-Rosales
Jorge Quiroz-Rosales Month ago
Jorge Quiroz-Rosales
Jorge Quiroz-Rosales Month ago
Ryder Sadler
Ryder Sadler Month ago
Ryder Sadler
Ryder Sadler Month ago
Rick Veon
Rick Veon Month ago
NFC West????
Apple 9089
Apple 9089 Month ago
NFC west?
Alexander Meisler
Alexander Meisler Month ago
NFC south
Joey Estrella
Joey Estrella Month ago
NFC south
Josh Morris jr
Josh Morris jr Month ago
AFC north I know Im late
Tayte T
Tayte T Month ago
Nfc west
Hudson Yakubik
Hudson Yakubik Month ago
John Farrell
John Farrell Month ago
Do NFC north, good luck with Goff and the lions. ;)
Rohan Shingala
Rohan Shingala Month ago
NFC south
Hunterbeast 47yt
Hunterbeast 47yt Month ago
Yoboy boy
Nate Seger
Nate Seger Month ago
Can you do nfc north
Weakly goal: fix ur title
Heidi Sarver
Heidi Sarver Month ago
Do the AFC north
Sports Galore
Sports Galore Month ago
NFC south
Lucky Wilson
Lucky Wilson Month ago
A 6-10 team getting snubbed out of the playoffs 🤣🤣
Lucky Wilson
Lucky Wilson 28 days ago
@lay marrow eh I guess but eagles had nothing to play for expect draft spot. I mean I don’t blame them honestly
lay marrow
lay marrow Month ago
It’s more so the sense of disrespecting the game, and the giants coach said they had 16 opportunities
S1 Kyogreslash
S1 Kyogreslash Month ago
afc west
R.L. Dykstra
R.L. Dykstra Month ago
Modern Method1
Modern Method1 Month ago
nfc west
Jennifer Roach
Jennifer Roach Month ago
I love this series
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