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Corpse Husband

3 months ago

how 2 vent #amongus
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Maine Sugawara
Maine Sugawara 2 hours ago
Among us loves corpse ✊😩😛
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 3 hours ago
The historical chess astonishingly train because jaw perioperaively want out a easy gray. wakeful, disgusting windchime
_Coockie_Wolfie_ 3 hours ago
2:00 Look at pooki putting on her make up while playing among us hahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Also love ya CORPSE you are my favourite youtuber !!!
Joshua Armijo
Joshua Armijo 3 hours ago
You have so many subs and get alot of views you could really do something big with this channel... What happened 2 the scary videos too?? Your Among us videos did amazing also but the scary ones are the best
Darshana Raval Shah
Darshana Raval Shah 4 hours ago
I love how corpse puts the devil's number in the title 😅🤣 Love ur vids
Jeremiah L.
Jeremiah L. 4 hours ago
Last time I played among us with a bunch of my friends on the big map with lava and when I became the imposter there were people in the tree area and I killed a person on the tree and hardcore vented out and my imposter mate was sused out and it was the first kill of the game and I ended up clutching and won the game by hardcore venting the entire time
Poly Phony
Poly Phony 6 hours ago
Spoopi was annoying asf second round
Jason De Los Santos
Jason De Los Santos 6 hours ago
I love how poki was doing her makeup during the first round 😝😝😝
EXP CLAN 7 hours ago
I love how poikmain is doing her makeup in the middle of a conversation
꧁ᴄᴀʀʟᴀ ᴘᴀʀʀᴏɴᴅᴏ꧂
꧁ᴄᴀʀʟᴀ ᴘᴀʀʀᴏɴᴅᴏ꧂ 8 hours ago
Ur voice is the only thing that keeps me awake at night 💀
Simone Grollimund
Simone Grollimund 8 hours ago
0:53 beep. beep. beep
Idk Name
Idk Name 8 hours ago
lol I was telling people about corpse having “GERT” I just realized I misspelled it everytime
the tubbs Family
the tubbs Family 8 hours ago
Brooo why do he sound like batman 😂😂😂😂
fungalwater 9 hours ago
Corpse is the reincarnation of stealth
gacha snow
gacha snow 10 hours ago
Hey corpse I just want to say your amazing and I dont care how you appearance is your a kind hearted person pls dont be insecure like me be happy with your appearance god made all of us special and amazing I love you corpse 😁🤗🤗🤗❤❤💖 I'll murder anyone who dislikes 😈👿
crazied 11 hours ago
Samira Sarah
Samira Sarah 11 hours ago
Everyone is simping for corpse xd I think it's cause his deep voice- :o
Cloudzy 12 hours ago
Corpse all the way❤️
CHARLIX RAE 12 hours ago
I love how poki is just doing her make up lol 2:00
CHARLIX RAE 13 hours ago
Ok but like I am kinda way to obsessed with corpes’s voice lol
Hogwarts_25 13 hours ago
Poki fixing her makeup🤣🥺
BLUD 14 hours ago
Thank u to all of my new friends *not even two seconds later* Here’s clips of me killing my friends Lol
Lillian Malaeb
Lillian Malaeb 15 hours ago
Corps did you voice over in venov plzz tell me
Idk Name
Idk Name 8 hours ago
I haven’t done much research so idk if it can be stopped
Idk Name
Idk Name 8 hours ago
This is actual voice, he has severe GERT, basically there’s acid in his throat burning his vocal cords, he’s slowly losing his voice
Rosemary Gicheru
Rosemary Gicheru 16 hours ago
13:05 that UGH for me
iTz-_-DeathX 16 hours ago
Can we just say that Corpse is a man with no fear
hunter hall
hunter hall 17 hours ago
face reveal
Bunneh 18 hours ago
25:55 his laugh omg i love it
This guy always is impostor
Wow he is 👍
Keisha Gayshaw
Keisha Gayshaw 19 hours ago
Wy can't you show your face Don't show it yet ok 😉
KAYLEE.REYES 102572 19 hours ago
vanessaupward 19 hours ago
CORPSE and Toast when they're both imps is a nightmare come true
Goldine Fequiere
Goldine Fequiere 19 hours ago
I think this channel has the mosttttt comment other youtubers have lol😂 But love you corpes as a friend of course because I think of you as Friend even though you don't know me..👁👄👁
Joe Krisej
Joe Krisej 19 hours ago
Joe Krisej
Joe Krisej 19 hours ago
I'm one of you bigest
Joe Krisej
Joe Krisej 19 hours ago
And I like your songs
Joe Krisej
Joe Krisej 19 hours ago
You are the best
Jasmine Yeng
Jasmine Yeng 21 hour ago
No one Poki :ImA dO MaH mAkEuP DuRiNg ThIs eMeRgEnCy mEeTiNg
renxira 22 hours ago
holy shit. the last round was absolutely amazing lmfaooo everyone accusing each other except corpse. that was hilarious to watch!
jimmy moreira
jimmy moreira 22 hours ago
I feel like corpse could murder someone in front of me, vent away, call a meeting, then convince me that I did it. 'copied for no abs reason
Lilly Weberg
Lilly Weberg Day ago
Poki literally fixing her makeup in the middle of the match.
Finbob 2006
Finbob 2006 23 hours ago
BoppyBoi Day ago
Corpse's voice sounds like rough silk I love it
Idk Name
Idk Name 8 hours ago
yeah. Enjoy it, he has GERT, basically he’s losing his voice slowly, causing his voice to be this deep, he could lose it soon
jaheda begum
jaheda begum Day ago
He was imposter so many times!
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Day ago
Why the hell his voice makes me... Question myself??? 😱
Spudd Day ago
I love how the richest guy here is using a mic attached to a headset.
Chun Tse
Chun Tse Day ago
Corpse is so smart and cool
Felix Nuñez
Felix Nuñez Day ago
Or are you just corpse friend
Felix Nuñez
Felix Nuñez Day ago
Hi corpse remember me Keisha that's me
EnhosArt Day ago
Sykkuno gets killed like 2 secs after he says he trust Corpse which is hillarious and im dying guys, like that killed me
Pluto Day ago
Corpse laughing is heart warming but the same time it feels like its the devil himself
Jordan Grenier
Jordan Grenier Day ago
Hey, corpse can we do face reaveal some day
Ma Cristina Baylon
Ma Cristina Baylon Day ago
Bruh, My Idol Is Corpse
Ma Cristina Baylon
Ma Cristina Baylon Day ago
Why Your Only 7M Sub
Little Miss Wolfee
Little Miss Wolfee Day ago
Corpse during discussion you should put your little demon bunny on the screen with your name under it :P
Jordyn Muller
Jordyn Muller Day ago
Grease: He's getting some big bucking montage plays *This literally being a montage-*
¿¿?? Day ago
💫El comentario en español qué buscas💫
Paula Ojala
Paula Ojala Day ago
Please do more music, please please please??? 🙏
manavia Day ago
i ship jack and corpse, as best friends.
CoolBoys_Playz Day ago
poki was just doing her makeup lol
Gacha _Kitten
Gacha _Kitten Day ago
Is it just me or does rae look sad
Samantha Salamanca
Samantha Salamanca Day ago
Poki: does makeup* 💄
Isabella Edralin
Isabella Edralin Day ago
2:00 Poki casually doing he make up😂
Milo Elapzy
Milo Elapzy Day ago
Corpse what a interesting number in your title
Remy Chapman
Remy Chapman Day ago
Oml forgot Jae played Among Us with Corpse 😮🙌
TheSarcasticModerate Day ago
If I ever get murdered, please include Corpse as a suspect just to be safe.
Dyeani Faith
Dyeani Faith Day ago
beep beep beep corpse oct 17 2020
Robert Dacy
Robert Dacy Day ago
Luna Noname
Luna Noname Day ago
omg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
ThAtGuYwHoLiKeS aNiMe
ThAtGuYwHoLiKeS aNiMe Day ago
No one: *Poki chilling doing her make-up
Giselle Gonzalez
Giselle Gonzalez Day ago
I love you Corpse i your fan
scep plays
scep plays Day ago
corpse deserves 10 mil
Yui_san Yui
Yui_san Yui Day ago
James charl her
SHRIYA LAHA 2 days ago
Me: types sykkuno My keyboard: sykkuno who? i only know sakura
Brianna Blando
Brianna Blando Day ago
Illuminati IQ😂
Rosabela Hernandez
Rosabela Hernandez 2 days ago
I just started the video- and i see Corpse saying he's doing download not diverting power... :)
Jeremiah Morris
Jeremiah Morris 2 days ago
Anyway here are clips of me killing my friends such a good line
i million likes wow
Midnight meztli
Midnight meztli 2 days ago
How did they not see him kill in admin IN BROAD DAYLIGHT
Idk Name
Idk Name 8 hours ago
Lights were off
creation time
creation time 2 days ago
corpses voice makes me feel some type of way and none of it is faithfull to my boyefriend
patrick chapman
patrick chapman 2 days ago
Best imposter I’ve ever seen
sebastian delfavero
sebastian delfavero 2 days ago
Please be careful if your really going to Las Vegas
allen clarise ilagan
allen clarise ilagan 2 days ago
I can't stop watching this lol every day ;w;
Jeancarlo Castaneda
Jeancarlo Castaneda 2 days ago
can you teach me are moring voice
Fatehsolar 2 days ago
*Corpse's getting imposter again* Corpse:oh shit ...fuck my life dude Me:your VERY lucky my dude
TTV Mac8453
TTV Mac8453 2 days ago
What happened to corpses voice
Idk Name
Idk Name 8 hours ago
He has GERT, basically he’s slowly losing his voice, his voice will get deeper and deeper until he loses it, his vocal cords will be ruined by acid in his throat
Tiffany Pulcino
Tiffany Pulcino 2 days ago
my man sounds like an autotune setting
Sonia The blue hedgehog
Sonia The blue hedgehog 2 days ago
Corpse, you should work as a narrator and deal with that drama 😺😹
barto barto
barto barto 2 days ago
The pushy bengal disappointingly post because armchair numerically fence midst a tan cheek. responsible, towering sweater
Lilly Biggs
Lilly Biggs 2 days ago
I love you corpse
Truejay 19
Truejay 19 2 days ago
Hey corpse I have a question how can you tell if your fans like you for you or do they just like you for your voice my friend told me to watch you and I did and I really like your content not just because of your voice but somewhat because of your personality
I'm pretty sure corpse voice is a thousand meters away from his looks, I am so sure corpse is not a huge guy, his probably a small dude though, yah his voice it's a soothe . I tell you the day corpse will show his face it will be exactly as I described, round head, abit chubby , dark hair, maybe curly hair or slight curls something like that, black hair with a slight brown tint, height his 5.8 ft or below that. I may not be so accurate on the height but his face I'm pretty sure that's his look. But seriously we all agree on the soothe deep voice.
tcb430 gamer
tcb430 gamer 2 days ago
damn 1m likes nice job corpse
Nellie smith
Nellie smith 2 days ago
i fell bad for him:(
Nellie smith
Nellie smith 2 days ago
Hes fans are mine some.times not all fans but sum are
Dracon Dragnel
Dracon Dragnel 2 days ago
I don't want you because PewDiePie's your friend I watch you because you're awesome
Noobtape Gaming
Noobtape Gaming 2 days ago
0:31 daaayyyum That plot twist in the whole thing😂
Jade fox
Jade fox 2 days ago
I am i the only one that finds poki a little annoying??
happy halloween
happy halloween 2 days ago
Corpse: exists Everyone: Wowww (clapping hands intensifies)
Arielle Wasiak
Arielle Wasiak 2 days ago
I found Corpse through Jack/Sean (who I also recently started watching) and I freaking love the content!
Kadence Bennett
Kadence Bennett 2 days ago
I think corpse deserves recognition not only for content which you know he spends time to make watching enjoyable for us viewers but his sympathy for these other youtubers/streamers is not something he had to do but did. Hopefully the channel grows for you corpse and please everyone definitely continue watching his content
Nadja Ilic
Nadja Ilic 2 days ago
Nobody: James: " i was doing my cute lil scan 🥰"